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  1. 20 minutes ago, Snaveba said:

    I can tell you that none of the teachers I know want to carry in the school, much less the classroom. While they all would sacrifice themselves for their children, carrying in the classroom is not and should not be their responsibility. And if they do carry, will the school district cover their legal fees if they did have to use their weapon?

    I don't think they are going to force any teacher to carry a gun. That being said, I know a couple of local male teachers who are firearms owners and regular shooters. With the responses from law enforcement to school shooters lately, I would feel better if these teachers had a gun to try and protect my kids. I can see valid points on both sides of this issue.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Garufa said:

    Well, the term “common sense” has been in use forever.  Those who throw it around the most usually don’t know what they’re talking about.

    I guess you could say, the problem with Common Sense Gun Laws is that the people pushing them don't have much common sense.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Links2k said:

    Pretty close. Also, if you all remember how crazy inventory and prices started getting out of hand some years back. I started the practice for redundancy and spare parts if things had gotten as bad as some had predicted. I was always the contrary optimist about that situation, but I wasn’t crazy enough to not be prepared. It just became a bad habit. 😅


    My wife loves to travel, so guns are the most affordable things I can purchase for myself. 😀

    Also if one is not working correctly you have a spare to compare it with in order to find out what is different.

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  4. His buying in pairs is OCD. I have it as well. I bought 2 new Ruger Mini 14;s, 2 new Ruger Mini 30;s, 2 new CZ Redhead Premier O/U shotguns, 2 new Stoeger Coach Guns, 2 new Rock River AR's, 2 new PSA AR;s and 2 new PSA AK-47;s. Who would have ever guessed I would have something in common with Links. 

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  5. I am one who does not have a lot of trouble believing it. I just counted and I have 34 guns right now. About 2 thirds of them I bought new. I have shot 3 of them. I just like collecting them. I used to be a class 3 dealer back in the 80's and had dozens of machine guns. I played with so many full autos that I am no longer much interested in firing an ordinary firearm. On top of that there is no convenient place to shoot around here. Your situation may be different.

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  6. Sometimes this being active doesn't work out. I am 73 and work outside regularly. I stay on a tractor or using a chain saw. Two weeks ago I was trying to cut a stump down close to the ground. I twisted my knee while getting down low to saw it and my knee has been hurting for two weeks now. If it ever stops hurting, I plan to start seriously slowing down.

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  7. 35 minutes ago, Sleep profit said:

    66 B 88 B and one Billion how. does a nation that’s 36 Trillion in debt and is having to borrow money afford this   They can’t.      We should not even remotely consider this. Money would be better used for helping Americans.  Roads.   Hospitals.  Housing for Americans  Veterans  Military and Law Enforcement. EMS. 

    The Democrats are looking at this long term. These 25 to 40 million illegals will eventually be able to vote. They already can in some elections, just not federal elections. AT LEAST NOT YET, Once they get to vote there will never be another Republican elected and the Democrats will have the Socialist government that they are working toward. 

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  8. 38 minutes ago, Nikiski Dave said:

    Been aware for years. Not going to happen in my lifetime but my sons are setup for it.

    Like you, I used to think it would not happen in my lifetime. I could not have imagined how fast everything is escalating. Now I fear it will happen in my lifetime.

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