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  1. As a Locomotive Engineer, I hit an automobile at a railroad crossing. Train always has the right of way. Witnesses testified that crossing lights were working , locomotive headlight was on, and whistle was blowing. Case was settled for 6 figures. Settling out of court no longer means much to me. Bill Clinton settled with Paula Jones and we know he was innocent. As a Trump University Grad, how do I claim my share of the settlement.
  2. Trump should be thrilled that it failed. As it is, Obamacare will fold within the next year or two and then Trump can say I told you so. If Trumpcare had passed, it would suffer the same fate. 4 years from now he will look much better if Obamacare collapses on his watch than if Trumpcare collapses on his watch. He can still claim to his base that he tried. He has the best of both sides of this thing.
  3. Works for me.
  4. Once you owe so much that you can not pay your bills the amount no longer matters. If I owed $1,000,000 it would no longer matter if I owed $5,000,000 because there is no way I could ever pay either amount. The debt works out to $166,000.00 per taxpayer. The average amount each family in this country has in savings is $9,600. I'm not an accountant but I can see a problem here. How many taxpayers could come up with their $166,000.00? There is no way this country can ever pay off 2o trillion dollars so what difference does it make now whether we owe 20 trillion or 40 trillion. We are headed for bankruptcy as soon as interest rates return to normal levels either way.
  5. When Trumps debt increases exceed Obamas, I will get concerned. Until then, I am on the Trump train and enjoying the ride.
  6. When you think about it, Think if you will feel like standing in line 45 minutes at the DMV to renew your permit when you are 95. LOL
  7. To quote a famous politician " At this point what difference does it make." We owe 20 trillion thanks to Obama. The ship is going down no matter what Trump does.
  8. You're assuming that they never go up in price. They could pass constitutional carry or politics in Nashville could change and 5 years from now they might be $100 a year. I just eliminated the gamble. By the way Oh Shoot, I'm not taking any financial advice from you since I listened to you before and bet all my money on Hillary.
  9. I got the lifetime at 66, because I am afraid they might not let me out of the nursing home one day to go and renew it.
  10. I just went and renewed today. Bought a lifetime for my wife and myself. At age 66. Had to go in person as they wanted a new photo.
  11. Around McMinn County it runs about $100 per yard. In Loudon County where I am building a new house and just had to buy 40 yards, it runs $140 per yard. Quite a difference. Seems like I was told a yard would pour 84 square feet 4 inches deep. Looks like you might need about 11 yards. My guess for the concrete would be $1200 to $1500.
  12. The pilot has the copilot locked out of the cockpit.
  13. It's worth mentioning while the pilot and the plane are on the ground. Once you are in the air you just hope for the best. The Trump plane took off weeks ago. Time to cheer for the pilot now.
  14. Not in the least. I have a builder right now building me a new house on the lake. I plan to spend the rest of my days fishing and let the world worry about itself. I am 66 years old and have seen a lot of things that worried me more than Trump. They all worked themselves out and this will too.
  15. I guess I fail to see the big picture, because I couldn't be happier.

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