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  1. Eray

    A1 style AR?

    I am about like you. In 2012, I called Rock River and got them to build me two AR-15;s. I got the fixed buttstock and the M2 fixed carry handle. I like the shorter 16 inch barrel but like the longer handguards better than the short carbine style. They suggested a mid length gas system and longer handguards. I rally like the look. It looks like a full size 20 inch, but they are a bit too heavy. I still have both of them unfired in the boxes. Back then I had an FFL and I think the cost was $775 each. You might check and see if they can put together what you want.
  2. I built a new 1900 sq ft house two years ago. Builder figured it at $250,000. Ended up costing $310,000. I would have been in way too much but for the fact it was on the lake and the lot has appreciated enough to make up for what I lost on the house. I love the house but if I were doing it over, I would have sold the lot and bought an existing home on the lake. Building is a losing proposition.
  3. I have a Simmons straight 4X on a Savage 93 FVSR and it has been a great combination. Had it 8 years now. Shoots great.
  4. The Netflix series " Ozark ". It is pretty good.
  5. I have a Mark II FVSR that I bought new about 8 years ago. From a bench it is a tackdriver. Shooting it offhand the barrel is too light and I have trouble hitting with it. I would go with a Ruger 10/22 if I were doing it over.
  6. I used to be a firearms dealer. A denial is fairly common with the Tennessee background check system. This state has it's own background check system. I probably had about 5% denied. About 80% of the denials were approved within 72 hours of submitting an appeal. The TICS people are probably overwhelmed by all the gun purchases going on right now. I would not be too worried about it for a couple of days.
  7. Best trade I ever made was guns for a boat. Twenty years ago I traded 25 new in the box Sig P series { P220, P228, P229, P226) pistols for a new pontoon boat. Kept the boat in the water all the time at my aunts dock on the lake. When she passed away she left me the lake lot. I built a new house on it two years ago and will live out the rest of my days here. Still have a pontoon down there in the boat dock.
  8. I'm about to turn 69. I sold most of my guns 4 years ago and used the money to help me upgrade my old house to a new one on the lake. I don't get around as well anymore and figured I should spend the rest of my days sitting on a boat dock. So far, I have not regretted my decision. I don't have a son or grand kids to leave any guns to and my daughter would rather have the house on the lake. I'm just glad that I sold them before the gun market bottomed out.
  9. Lets throw another murky question out here. I live on a 2 acre place on the lake. I recently learned that my property is zoned A-2 agricultural. My next door neighbor is zoned R-2 residential. Since my 2 acres are zoned agricultural and I grow a garden, would I qualify for the fishing exception? Not that it matters as I have a lifetime license. Just wondering as there seems to be no minimum property size.
  10. I heard the neighbors dog barking up a tree a while back. I walked over to see what he was barking at and was greatly surprised to see a big groundhog about 30 feet up in the tree. First time I had ever seen one in a tree.
  11. I retired early. First few years, I was bored to death. A couple of years ago, I had a new house built on the lake. I am finally at peace with slowing down and taking life easy. I would recommend figuring out what you are going to do in retirement before you pull the plug.
  12. I used to get a lawyer to make all my deeds. Last couple of times I just went to a title company and told them I just needed a deed made up. They did it for a lot less than an attorney. I sold a farm a few months ago. The title company charged me $ 100 to make the deed and notarize my signature. Buyer pays recording fees when he records the deed at the courthouse. Seller usually pays for the deed preparation.
  13. I don't believe that government officials can do whatever they want. I do believe that a lot of them believe they can do whatever they want. Therein lies the problem.
  14. It would if it wasn't the government doing it.
  15. I bought a plan F from UnitedHealthcare. My wife bought a plan F from Farm Bureau. Hers was about 25% cheaper than mine. After 3 years both have paid every medical bill with absolutely no problems. We are both happy with our supplemental policies.

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