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  1. I posted a gun on there a few days ago. When you log in and go to publish the ad it will let you list a few each month free. Like you I was a bit concerned about the $2.99 charge but it did not ask me for any info or credit card information. I believe it is still free for occasional listings just more complicated. I just went over there. Went to top of page and hit PUBLISH button and it took me right to the listing page. Try it. I think it is working.
  2. Here's you something to think about. Trump had great policies and if he could have controlled his Trump personality just a little bit better, he would still be president. I really believe if I were this woman's neighbor we could get along. I believe I could shoot on my property without pissing her off. The problem with people today is everyone is so defensive that they can not see the other person's side. It is always better to try and work with your neighbors than fight with them. I've had bad neighbors and I've had great neighbors. If you want a great neighbor, be a great neighbor. In the end it is worth the extra effort.
  3. That would have been the start of a great relationship with your neighbor for the next 20 years.
  4. A few years ago I had a 35 acre farm that I used for a shooting range on occasion. First thing I did was go knock on the door of the elderly widow who lived next door. I explained to her that I would be shooting at times and that I would call her before hand to make sure she did not have anything going on that my noise might interrupt. I also assured her I would have a proper backstop and would never be shooting in the direction of her house. We got along great. I had no legal requirement to clear it with her but a little courtesy goes a long way towards having good neighbors.
  5. I would send it to Smith & Wesson. They would probably replace the frame for a reasonable price and send it back to you. Then it will be done right.
  6. My son in law was a county deputy for awhile. He said people shooting after dark or shooting without an adequate back stop can be charged with Reckless Endangerment.
  7. When that chip gets into a blood vessel just under the skin in your arm it looks just like a mole burrowing across the front yard.
  8. Try buying a new truck. I went to my local Ford dealer last week. I was informed that they were selling all new vehicles at MSRP and there was no negotiating the price.
  9. If I were still young and had a mortgage I might consider it less of a problem. I could pay back borrowed money with money that is now worth less than it was when I borrowed it. Unfortunately I am now 70 and living off my savings which are becoming worth less each day. The bank is paying me 1/2 of one percent interest and inflation is going to eat away 10 percent of my savings each year. I am a bit concerned.
  10. I sort of share your affection for the old style. In 2012 I called Rock River Arms and had them make me a pair of A2 rifles with the carry handles. I got them with fixed stocks. I like the shorter 16 inch barrel but don't care for the looks of the carbine handguards and I never was crazy about the triangular handguards, so I had mid length gas system and handguards put on them. That made them look like a full size 20 inch rifle even though they are only 16 inch barrels. I still have them both in the safe. Even though I have never gotten around to shooting either of them I still like to get them out and look at them occasionally.
  11. I just checked their website and it shows them out of stock right now, but keep checking, they have been getting them back in every few days.
  12. I got mine in Knoxville. If they don't have one in Knoxville, you can buy it online and they will ship it to the Knoxville store free.
  13. Academy Sports has been having the Mossberg 88 Security lately for $199. That is the best buy in a defense shotgun that I have seen. I have a Mossberg 590 and a Remington 870 both but bought a Maverick anyway at that price.


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