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  1. I bought 400 rounds from Academy this morning. Luckily the lot numbers do not match any on the recall list.
  2. My neighbor has electric driveway gates. UPS and FedEx just leave his packages on the ground outside his gate. So far no problems with theft. They do get rained on occasionally. I would think some type of lockable drop box would be ideal.
  3. I have a Maverick 88 defense and a 590. I like the Model 88 just about as well as the 590. And the Maverick 88 cost half as much. Academy gets the Maverick 88 Defense model in fairly often for about $199.
  4. I sold one the other day on Gun Owners Club. I have used it several times in the past with good results but it seems most things for sale on there are in West Tennessee. You have to register to see the pictures but it is free.
  5. I had an FFL 8 years ago. I had TICS turn one guy down who was using a Tennessee Handgun Permit as his ID to make the purchase.
  6. I decided to have a new house built on the lake in Lenoir City. It was a constant stress headache for a year while building and ran 20% over budget. If I had it to do over I would buy one already built. Good luck and I hope your build goes smoother than mine did.
  7. Or worse yet, some new administration could do away with handgun permitting and implement a rule that as all permits expire none of them will be renewed.
  8. No those would be 5 gallon buckets. They are only passing out 1 gallon buckets.
  9. There is some truth to that. This country is like the Titantic. We have already hit the iceberg. The Republicans are handing out buckets to bail out the water. The Democrats are drilling more holes in the hull of the ship to let the water run back out. Either way I fear we are going to go down.
  10. There is a Facebook page TN Preppers.
  11. Eray


    Actually surveyors have plastic caps that they hammer down over the end of the rebar. Makes the end about 2 inches wide and a lot safer for kids.
  12. Eray


    I have a long property line that goes over a hill. I could not see from one end to the other. I had a surveyor mark the line in a couple of places and drove in two steel posts to mark where I should mow to. After about a year my two posts disappeared. I got it surveyed again and this time I put two 8 ft pieces of telephone pole 4 feet in the ground with concrete. They have been there several years now. If my neighbor had come to me and asked me nicely to remove the steel posts, I would have. If I was sure he was the one that pulled them up without asking, I would put up a barbed wire fence alo
  13. This. I got the lifetime at age 67. Moneywise it did not make sense but aggravation wise it sure did.
  14. I ran into the same problem last night. Saw a S&W Model 617 .22lr revolver for $500. When I tried to contact the seller I was notified that I would have to upgrade my membership. I really wanted the gun but the buyer did not provide a phone number or email address.


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