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  1. And if you are over 60, you can print an application for a vote by mail ballot here.
  2. Mailed my ballot in two weeks ago. Mail in voting is one of the few benefits of being over 60.
  3. I like the idea of having two 500 pound Liberty or Cannons then hanging 4 or 5 $200 rifles on the wall. A thief would grab an armload of the cheap guns and run leaving the safes and better guns behind. He will almost always choose the easier option.
  4. Great deal. Wish you were a bit closer to Knoxville and I would make you an offer on the pair.
  5. Good price. Wish you were a bit closer to Knoxville.
  6. eRay

    Getting Old

    Sometimes this being active doesn't work out. I am 73 and work outside regularly. I stay on a tractor or using a chain saw. Two weeks ago I was trying to cut a stump down close to the ground. I twisted my knee while getting down low to saw it and my knee has been hurting for two weeks now. If it ever stops hurting, I plan to start seriously slowing down.
  7. The Democrats are looking at this long term. These 25 to 40 million illegals will eventually be able to vote. They already can in some elections, just not federal elections. AT LEAST NOT YET, Once they get to vote there will never be another Republican elected and the Democrats will have the Socialist government that they are working toward.
  8. Like you, I used to think it would not happen in my lifetime. I could not have imagined how fast everything is escalating. Now I fear it will happen in my lifetime.
  9. Your best bet is Lanbo's Armory online. I got a few not long ago. They were $25.42 each with no sales tax and flat rate $10 shipping.
  10. I use a Desantis Thumbsnap Side Scabbard. Like you I prefer some type of retention strap. I also like a scabbard style as it holds the gun close to the body and keeps it from banging on everything while climbing on and off the tractor. Provides enough coverage to protect the gun and fairly reasonable price for a leather holster.
  11. I think just about all of us want a CZ.
  12. Lots of things going on in this country these days are getting a little " Out There".
  13. I'll take it as per our PMs.
  14. I don't think the question anymore is, Will things get bad? I think the question now is, When will things get bad? We have half the world mad at us and Russia, with even more nuclear weapons than us, threatening us. Everyone thinks Russia would never attack us with nuclear weapons as that would lead to mutual destruction. The problem with that line of thinking is Putin is totally in charge. He is an old man with not a lot of life left to live. He is not winning the war and knows he will not as long as NATO backs Ukraine. If he does not win this war, he is done. What does he have to lose. Even if Russia doesn't we still have Iran and North Korea who would. We have an election coming up and America has not been this divided since the civil war. The Democrats and the liberal media are trying every dirty trick in the books to stop Trump before the election even begins. They have tried impeachment, criminal charges, are are now trying to keep him off the ballot. I don't know if the election was stolen or not, but judging from the left's current behavior, I tend to think they are capable of it. And I can see where, if Trump loses, many will believe they did again. We are $34 Trillion in debt. Two of our biggest debt holders, China and Japan are both concerned about our ability to repay this debt and are selling our debt instead of buying more. The social Security Trust Fund was investing their surplus funds into government bonds and now account for 3 trillion of the government debt. Social Security is no longer running a surplus and will be cashing in their debt to pay their monthly obligations rather than investing more. Less people are willing to buy our debt. This will drive up the interest rates we have to offer to get investors to buy. In order to hold rates down, the Federal Reserve will have to buy more of our debt. Problem is the Federal Reserve does not have the money. That means they will have to print trillions more dollars leading to hyper inflation.
  15. I think it was $35 per year to join the NRA Business Alliance. I got a million dollar liability policy and $50,000 theft coverage for $1,900 a year. ATF does not require this coverage to get an FFL. If I were doing it again, I would just form a corporation to protect my personal assets and forgo the insurance. They were really big at that time on zoning. You need to make sure you can get something in writing from your local zoning authority stating you can operate a business in your location.
  16. Yep. 10 years ago, I bought mine through the NRA Business Alliance. It was with Lloyds of London and was about $1,900.00 a year. It covered liability and theft.
  17. When I got an FFL 10 years ago, after I submitted the application an ATF inspector came by to interview me and inspect the premises. He went over all the rules with me to make sure I understood them. He then required me to get a letter from the city codes enforcement officer stating that I was zoned for business. I had a funeral home on one side and a motel on the other, and my building had been a real estate office when I bought it, but he still wanted documentation that I was zoned for business.
  18. My advice would be to put back about 3 months worth of food and enough ammo to protect it. You may have to stay put at home for a couple of months after the election. If Trump wins we may have the 2020 summer of love in every big city across the country.
  19. I think where you and I have a difference of opinion is with the Democrats willingness to quit once we give in to some of their demands. If we compromise on red flag laws they will have gained one step and will move on to the next. Next will be so called assault weapons, then next high capacity pistols, then lever action rifles and pump shotguns. They are never going to quit and every time you compromise with them you just move them one step closer to their goal of no private gun ownership. We are like Israel trying to negotiate with Hamas. It is hard to make a deal when the enemy's ultimate goal is to wipe you off the face of the earth. It is just as hard to negotiate with the gun control zealots when their ultimate goal is to wipe all gun owners off the face of the earth. Every time we give up a little bit, we are just moving them a little bit closer to that goal.
  20. I think it depends on the shooter. Someone who is really interested in guns might do well with a .380 or 9MM semi auto. On the other hand, someone like my wife who is not big on shooting and only fires a gun about twice a year is better off with a small frame 3 inch .38 revolver. She has no desire to learn about how a pistol functions and does not like having to chamber a round. She loves the simplicity of just opening the cylinder loading the rounds closing it and pulling the trigger.
  21. I'm sure I am not the only one here who buys accessories for guns then never gets around to using them. 2 New In the Factory Packaging Ruger American 4 round mags for .308 Win, 243 Win, 6.5 Creedmore, 6 MM Creedmore, and 7MM-08. Price is $40 for the pair. Like New in the factory packaging 30 MM matte blue steel Ruger Scope Rings. Product Number 5B30HM. Fits Mini 14, Mini 30, 44 Deerfield, 77/22, Redhawk, PC 8, PC 4, MK II and MK III Pistol. $40 for the pair. Must meet fairly close to Lenoir City as I can not afford to travel too far to sell a $40 item.


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