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  1. no wand, big signs posted on the doors. I went anyway as I was invited by someone else. they will not get my money in the future. Bill
  2. Going tonight for the first time(at someone else's invitation). Thought I should check with them and they said no. This was AFTER i checked online and saw nothing. RANT ON: If you are a business and feel like you need to prohibit gun owners from bringing their weapons and have policies as such, be proud of it! Put it boldly across your website, "We are a safe space!". Unless, you want to make money and dont want to turn somebody off that tries to do the right thing....RANT OFF. Bill
  3. B+B in Murfreesboro DOES NOT do nfa engraving. Talked to them last week and they said they tried once but they could not do it to the requirements so that is one less source. ffr1910
  4. Stock 10/22 receiver with a Kidd barrel. Factory profile laminate stock modified to fit bull barrel, pillar bedded as well-Bill
  5. My great grandfather took a mule team and wagon down to Dupont and purchase six granite containers that were reputedly used to store acid for making gunpowder. He, and them my grandfather, used them as cattle feeders on the farm. I now have one of them in my yard that I use as a flower planter-Bill
  6. I dont have a specific reference, but I think I heard it from a church security webinar that our church insurance company offered for free. It was something like an armed congregation member is one thing, but they are not to considered "security" for the church due to legal issues. DO NOT quote me on that BA
  7. I am in the process of installing a wireless security camera at the front of our church right now for that very reason. I used a Foscam camera that you can monitor on an Iphone. I am going to monitor it during the service(along with anyone else who wants to monitor it), The idea being it would at least hopefully give us a couple of second time to prepare. I have heard that if a person with a HCP is in the congregation that is one thing, but they are not to be considered "security" from a legal standpoint. IANAL but I am sure there is some info our there on that aspect. BA
  8. I have the SSA-E in my 45acp ar which I know is overkill on a pistol carbine, but I have no complaints. Palmetto State Armory is running a special now for $179, 4th of July sale. Mt last trigger I installed was one of my own doing and the whole process cost about $20. There is a tutorial on how to do it on AR15.com. After my experience with that process, I WILL NOT buy another aftermarket trigger. I am posting a copy of the link below, the pics are gone unfortunately, but I emailed the posted to see if he could update them. The results were that good-Bill http://www.ar15.com/forum
  9. not that iut matters at this point, but there was a coupon code at the home page that took off the hazmat. it still mentioned the hazmat in the chekout but did not charge me for it. mine will get here friday-bill
  10. I just saw it myself, CCI primers, no hazmat charge and FREE shipping. Coupon code on the home page-Bill
  11. Did a search and didnt find is already listed. Almost broke my neck turning around to leave-Bill
  12. 2hrs when I have done it. Get off 24 at the south pittsburgh exit.
  13. James, Nice to meet you as well, enjoy the bullets-Bill


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