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  1. I have some 17 HMR rifles and would like to use one of them for longer shots. From the pics I have seen on the squirrel hunting sites, the tips (bullets) designed for varmint hunting blows their heads into a scrambled mess! Not knowing this would happen, I bought lots of the V-Max, Varmint and other explosive rounds. I understand there are 17HMR Game Points, Hollow Points and Full Metal Jacket rounds. Does anyone have actual experience in squirrel hunting with any of these 17HMR rounds? If so, would you mind sharing your hunting experience, especially head shots? This information would be very interesting to me and possibly others.
  2. I need to be able to fire all three shells in succession. I'm not a trap shooter, I'm a hunter. I have fashioned a "deflector" out of thin plastic, that will be held in place with Gorilla tape. Haven't tried it yet, but hope it works. Thanks for your post.
  3. Thanks Gnarlytoes. I appreciate the information.
  4. I have three Belgium Browning SA-22s that I'd like to nail down the date of manufacture on. One of them has the wheel rear sight. The wheel has numbers from 1 to 4 on it to set the elevation on the rear sight. I'm kinda guessing that the number 1 is for 25 yards, the number 2 for 50 yards and so on. Any experts on the Browning SA-22s on here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 10-Ring, thank you so much for that information. I will contact Mr Saltzman. Any idea if it's a pretty safe place to hunt alone, or should a person double up for the hunt? Thanks again.
  6. Looking for an area to do some old fashioned type squirrel hunting in. If you have squirrel hunting woods in the area and would allow me to hunt in your woods, or join you for a hunt, just let me know. I'm a senior citizen (old guy) and grew up hunting and respecting others property. I enjoy still hunting and just being in the woods. I grew up on a farm as a kid. With the irresponsibility I've heard about some of today's hunters, I imagine it's a long shot that anyone will reply. Can't say that I blame you. If you do, I look forward to meeting a new friend and doing a little squirrel hunting.
  7. Rob, your dad's may not be a wall hangar. Have you considered a rebuild kit? I installed one in my Blue Streak a few years ago and it works fine. I bought mine from Steve Reckers 5325 Fairmount Ave. Downers Grove, Il 60515. The job requires two special tools, which can be purchased with the reseal kit. It's been a while, so I don't remember what I paid for all of it. I bought my Sherridan Blue Streak new in the mid '60s.
  8. I'm still working on this "knock down pin" system for a Remington 1100 LT 20. Does anyone have one of these guns in the "trap" version? If so, would you be willing to take a good pic of the inside of your barrel extension and post it on here? Thanks for your help. Remarms seems so scared of legal action that they will not offer any information and said that they no longer sell parts. At 75 cents to a dollar a shell, it's important for me to be able to recover my hulls for reloading!
  9. Thank you again. I'm still trying to get pics of a "known" factory pin installation. I'll keep trying and researching. I called Remarms today. They couldn't help, but directed me to Joint Force Enterprises (904-800-6333) in Jax Florida. Too late in the day to call East coast.
  10. Chances, I'm using it for hunting and therefore want to be able to run the legal number of shots through it, if necessary. A shell catcher for a Remington 1100 would be the bees knees. But I haven't seen one for sale yet. Thanks for your post.
  11. Mp5_Rizzo, thank you for taking the time to take these pics for me. You are exactly right about the Recoil/Action spring. I pulled it and instead of 15", it measured just a tad over 14". I stretched it out to just a tad over 15" and reinstalled it. I doubt that remedy will last long, so I'll be ordering a "new" replacement spring. Is the knock down pin on your barrel a factory installed pin? I understand that Remington used to sell these pins to the public. I'm thinking they probably included some kind of drawing with the dimensions for the exact location. I have a friend that's a retired machinist, but not a smith. But with the exact location for a 20 gauge, I believe he could install the pin. I'm guessing the actual pins were the same for 12, 20, and 16 gauge barrels. Again, I want to thank you for your help and apologize for the delay in replying to your post. Thank you very much.
  12. Is there anyone that has a Remington 1100 with a trap/skeet barrel, that can take some high resolution pics of the inside of your barrel extension? I'm interested in the location and configuration of the "knock down pin", or bump that deflects the hulls toward your feet. Pics would be very much appreciated.
  13. Yes, the duct tape - cardboard solution may be the best solution for now. The noted gunsmith, that used to make these barrel extension mods, mentioned the possibility of a "JB Weld" bump inside the barrel extension, similar to the ones in the trap barrels. If I could get the precise placement location, I might give it a try. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Looking at the cost of 20 gauge shells lately, I figured a lot of people would be dragging out the MEC 600 Jr and reloading. Maybe not.


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