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  1. I need help finding a set of choke tubes that will fit a 16 gauge Remington 1100. I prefer RemChokes, but would consider other brands, as long as they fit flush with the end of the barrel. I've heard that 16 gauge tubes for a Remington 870 will fit. Any information to a source would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    Yeah, tnhawk, this is a huge problem with Rossi... one that they won't admit to and just keep putting people off. Don't think I'll ever buy another Rossi either. At least I didn't send them my gun! Worse case, I'll have to repair or replace my buttstock out of my pocket. I feel sorry for those that have sent them their guns.
  3. My new varmint rifle for 249.99

    Sorry, I can't remember if I answered this or not. I was contracted to appraise all the airplanes of a Tennessee university some time back and have been under pressure ever since. I go back to Winnsboro when I can. I still have cousins that live there. My graduating class would have been 1959. I'm an old guy! We were the "Winnsboro Wildcats" when I went to WHS. I always ask if folks from Winnsboro have any pics of the area on their computer. If you do, I'll give you my email address.
  4. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    Climber I made a post about hunting around Big lake, Hog Lake, and close to the Tensas WMR, but don't see it.
  5. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    I haven't been to Monroe in many years. My best friend, Tommy Earl, (RIP) used to live over there and a first cousin lived there also. The last time I was there, I met a first cousin at the Pecan Land Mall. I think that was the name of it. I also have a first cousin that works at the Dodge dealership there.
  6. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    Born and raised in Franklin Parish, Winnsboro. I don't get to go back home too often. Most of my old childhood hunting grounds are now plowed fields with row crops... no woods. We didn't have a lot of deer, back when I was a teen hunting, but had plenty rabbits, quail, ducks, and squirrel. Most of my deer hunting was over around Big Lake and Hog Lake.
  7. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    Just realized this is an old post.
  8. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    Glad you put his deer chasing...and probably deer killing... days to an end. I was raised hunting in the woods in North East Louisiana and never saw a coyote...except on TV back then. They have wiped out the rabbits where I live in Tennessee. I haven't seen one cross the road at night in years. What part of Louisiana did you hunt in?
  9. Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    I appreciate your suggestion, but I want Rossi to replace a faulty product they sold. There have been some pretty bad shattering/splintering of these butt-stocks as witnessed by Face Book postings. Maybe it will take someone loosing an eye before they will accept responsibility for a faulty product. I don't want to see them sued out of business by some slip and fall lawyer. I don't want any money... all I want is a safe gun that I can use. But... if after all I've been through for over two years, just to get a $75 faulty butt-stock, and my Rossi Circuit Judge butt-stock shattered and took my eye out, I'd sue them for every cent they had. Somewhere out there, it's going to happen, if they don't replace these faulty...unsafe... butt-stocks, if it hasn't already. Mine isn't the only one, there's lots of them. Just check out the gun forums. They're telling me that they are "looking" for another company to build their stocks... but, I have been getting that same script for over a year now! As far as sending them my gun...no way. When I'm lied to once, trust has been broken and the party that lies to me has no credibility. Rossi has no integrity as far as I'm concerned and I believe a lot of other people feel the same way. A company like Boyd's Stocks could have made replacement stocks long ago. Maybe they should go back and review a little history on the Ford "Pinto" and it's exploding rear gas tanks. I would challenge anyone to look at the shattered stock pictures and tell me if you'd want to fire a Rossi Circuit Judge with that happening within an inch or so of your eye. Rossi has a responsibility to it's customers ( and a liability also) to sell them a safe product. Words come easy for them to make verbal promises, but check out the rest of the Circuit Judge owners that are either waiting for replacement stocks of a replacement gun, after sending theirs in over two years ago. Rossi doesn't deserve my business, nor anyone else's.
  10. Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    I'm no spring chicken, so maybe they should get on it before too long!
  11. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    I may have to go that way... was hoping for Rem-Choke tubes. Thanks for the info.
  12. Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    Rossi Circuit Judge update. Still no stock from Rossi... but, they're claiming to have sent either some stocks or guns to some customers that were waiting. I've been waiting since October 26, 2015... so, I'd sure like to know who some of those customers were, and how long they have been waiting. I've had a couple of friends that have witnessed this "run around", and have told me they'll never buy another Rossi. Before Rossi, I had been treated real good by Taurus, on at least two or three occasions. They upheld their "Lifetime Warranty".
  13. 16 Gauge Set of RemChokes

    I've been hunting with shotguns my entire life, but never owned nor shot a 16 gauge. Recently, I obtained a Remington 1100 in 16 gauge and would like to know where I can buy a set of RemChokes for it. I would be most interested in a three tube set in Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder choke. I'm interested in shooting my new to me gun, and called Remington. I was told that they no longer made the RemChoke tubes for the 16 gauge. I've heard that they are now making the 870 pump in 16 gauge, with RemChoke barrels. I would think that these choke tubes should also fit the 1100 16 gauge barrels also. Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain a set of 16 gauge RemChoke tubes for my Remington 1100? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Dove Season Opens in One Week!

    How many braved the elements (rain) and made it into the dove fields on opening day? How did the rainy weather affect the availability of flying birds? How about some opening day reports and some photos. Didn't seem to be as many TWRA dove fields published this year.
  15. Is everyone ready for Dove season? I'll ask for opinions here... and non of us are in short supply with them...what do you think is the best gun for Dove hunting and why. Will you be using a 12, 16, or 20 gauge...side by side double, over under, pump or semi-auto? Will you suit up in camo or just wear regular clothes? How about decoys, pin on the fence wire ot limbs, or the ones that the wind makes their wings spin (sometimes) or the battery powered models? What shot sizes...7 1/2, 8, or #9 bird shot? Are you using a dog for retrieval or just trying to find them in that cut corn yourself (good luck)? Where will you be hunting...private land, friends place or TWRA Dove fields? What are the best TWRA fields in Middle Tennessee? Are you planning on being out there at noon on Friday September the 1st? Finally, how do you like your dove breast prepared to eat? Good luck, be safe, and good hunting.

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