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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but they are too expensive for squirrel hunting.`
  2. Yep! That'll work. We'll be hunting with a trained squirrel dog. But I did a lot of the kind of hunting you described when I was a teenager.
  3. I appreciate the information MacGyver. I just picked up 200 paper plates a Wally World and planned on doing exactly what you suggested, using various load combinations. I was hoping a 2 1/2" shell would do the job, but have my doubts. So, I plan to work up some 3" loads as well.
  4. Xsubsailor, I went through Afun P School (Aviation Fundamentals Class P school) in Norman. The friendliest and kindest people of any of my duty stations, in my Navy career. Will always have a warm feeling for those people. Were you shooting the 2 1/2" or 3" shells? What brand did you have the best luck with? What brand shells? I hand load and will try to duplicate the factory loads.
  5. Thanks for your input Luckyforward. I like those Savage combos too. I have them in quite a few calibers . My grandmother cooked them like her southern fried chicken recipe. tasted like squirrel by Col Sanders! It was good. I have had it in rice, but never had the stew. bet it's good too.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Some like hamburger and others like chicken. Squirrels can be prepared a number of ways and can be very tasty.
  7. Thanks for the reply Auavodus. This kind of information is helpful, as I will try to duplicate the factory loads in my hand-loads. I had my doubts that "any" load in the 2 1/2" shell could get the job done. I appreciate your reply.
  8. I have a Sheridan Blue streak, I bought new in the mid '60s. It takes a 5mm sized pellet. The .177 cal pellet would probably fall right through it.
  9. Do any of you guys squirrel hunt with a .410 in Middle Tennessee? If so, I'm interested in the ammo you use to knock these gnarly little rascals out of the tops of our tall trees. I'm a re-loader, so I'll be trying to mimic the factory loads that are successful in 2 1/2" and 3" shells. I'm interested in feedback from hunters that have actually hunted and killed squirrels in Middle Tennessee with a .410. I will be hunting with a friend and his squirrel dog. He takes a .22 rifle and usually takes the first shot, unless they are running. If he misses, I take over with the shotgun. I have been using a 20 gauge, but want to use a .410 this year, if it'll knock them out of the tallest trees that we have around here. Sharing your experience of hunting squirrels with the .410 would be greatly appreciated. I can always go back to the 20 gauge, if necessary. Thanks and specifics on ammo would be appreciated.
  10. Guys, I have a few .410s, from single shot break barrels to semi-autos. Recently I have become very interested in hunting squirrels with a .410, when the season opens of course. I have all of the other gauges from 12 gauge on down, except for 28 gauge, but have decided I want to try a .410 this season. More than likely it will be hunting with a friend and his squirrel dog. So, many of the squirrels go to the top of the tree with a dog barking and running around. I like to reload and have one MEC 600 Jr Mk V set up for 2 1/2" shells and the other one set up for 3" shells. Here's my question: what loads do you guys find to be effective in the 2 1/2" and 3" shells for the height of the trees here in Middle Tennessee? My primers will mostly be Cheddite 209, but I do have CCI 209s also. My hulls are a mixture, some AAs, some Winchester HS, some Remington, and some scrounged from the range. I'm old school, so I like to shoot squirrels with #6 shot in other gauges. I had planned to do so in the .410 also. I have a fairly good assortment of wads as well as powders. But I had planned to use mostly Lil Gun in the .410. We have some pretty tall trees around here and some pretty small squirrels. Can the 2 1/2 " shell be safely loaded with enough umpf to knock a small squirrel out of the top of our tallest trees. Or should I just forget the 2 1/2" shell and go right to the 3" shell? If so, what is the best load for squirrels in the 3" shell? I have no narratives here, nor any wayward intentions. I'm sincerely asking you loaders and hunters for some good load advice. Naturally, I would not use an unpublished/untested load, as it looks like these little .410s can jump up to some high pressures in a heartbeat. Thanks for your help.
  11. You're a good man/friend Dirtshooter. Wish more people were like that. I was raised in the country on a farm, and we were taught the culture of helping and sharing with each other. When we killed a beef or some hogs. all of our neighbors got some free fresh meat.
  12. PoofNoEyeBrows, I realize this post is almost 6 months old, but I have a Ad on GOC, looking for some .410 shotgun powder, that I just posted tonight.
  13. Thanks Dirtshooter, your compassion for the cause is overwhelming. I'll store that helpful bit of information in the proper place.
  14. I thought about that, and wasn't sure if it was worth it, for a small amount of shot separation. I have researched some of the other shotgun sites for reloaders that may have already solved the problem. Most of them were separating larger quantities of shot. I may try taking an awl or ice pick and punching some holes in some hard cardboard.
  15. Greg, you're probably right. It may not make any difference in the way the load patterns. I was planning on loading the #6 for squirrels, as they have tough skin and need the higher pellet energy. I may just load it mixed and use the shells for the bunnies.


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