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  1. I thought about that, and wasn't sure if it was worth it, for a small amount of shot separation. I have researched some of the other shotgun sites for reloaders that may have already solved the problem. Most of them were separating larger quantities of shot. I may try taking an awl or ice pick and punching some holes in some hard cardboard.
  2. Greg, you're probably right. It may not make any difference in the way the load patterns. I was planning on loading the #6 for squirrels, as they have tough skin and need the higher pellet energy. I may just load it mixed and use the shells for the bunnies.
  3. I have been on various shotgun web sites and some of the people are reclaiming hundreds of pounds of reclaimed shot...presumably shot at a skeet range. I only have a few pounds and was hoping for a simple and inexpensive way of separating them. I may wind up just loading them mixed, as the rabbits or birds may not know the difference!
  4. Yep! You are probably right. It may not make that much difference in the pattern if they are mixed. I was just hoping that someone had used a simple/inexpensive device, like a flower sifter or the like, and had found that it worked.
  5. Thanks, sounds like these guys are separating a lot of shot on a continous basis. Hopefully, these are the only ones I'll have to separate. I did enjoy reading the posts and the sieve pics. I can see where these sieves would pay for themselves if a person had hundreds of pounds of reclaimed shot.
  6. Red333, thank you for your suggestion and I can see the logic behind it. What I'm dealing with, apparently was 2 bags of Lawrence Brand chilled shot, that sat so long the bags rotted to the extent that when attempting to lift the 25 pounds, each bag tore and ripped at the point where they were grabbed. Fortunately, for the bag of #6 shot, this is almost 2/3rds of the way to the top. The #7 shot bag ruptured about half way down. I'm not sure if the bags were full, but they were sitting in a plastic bucket, so they spilled out together. Looks like there may be 7 or 8 pounds of mixed shot to se
  7. Thanks for all of the comments. Has anyone loaded mixed squirrel shot and bird shot before and patterned to load? If so, what was the effect of mixing the shot sizes if any? I know there are reclaimed/repurposed shot sold. How do they separate the different sizes, or do they just sell them mixed?
  8. I bought some old Lawrence Brand chilled shot in what I thought was all #6 shot. When we met, the bags were old and torn and there was a mixture of #6 & #7 shot in the bucket holding the shot bags. Not wanting to sit for hours, separating the #6 from the #7 size shot, does anyone know of a screen separator available on the market? If so, who might carry such an item for sale. I'm looking for something inexpensive, or suggestions on how such a device could be made inexpensively. I'm in the Murfreesboro area, and any direction/help would be appreciated. I can envision even a crack in two boa
  9. I have had many transactions through Gun Owners Club without any problems, and never had a "no show". Everything on there, right now, seems to be way over priced, but then it is every where else also.
  10. Just goes to show that when a person is given something for free (money), as opposed to working and earning it, they will foolishly spend and squander it with little or no care for it's real value.
  11. Luckyforward, did you buy the Browning SA-22? They are at the top of my "interest" list, right now. I'd like to hear what you think about yours and if it shoots accurately. We cam PM, if you feel more comfortable talking about it that way.
  12. Thanks guys, for all of the posts. I've been off of here for a while. I did find a stainless convertible, like new, in the box and took it home with me. Due to COVID, I haven't been able to get out and shoot it. I don't mean I had COVID. I'm an old dude, with a couple of underlying medical conditions, so I haven't gone to OK Corral since this mess started. I can't wait to shoot it. I found a real old one too, and brought it home...sweet trigger, with flat loading gate. I feel like I hit the mother lode!
  13. I just went through the same thing. My S/N was inside the butt plate, where the magazine rod comes out. It had a T and two numbers on the top, three numbers on the bottom, and a number out on the left side all by itself! I think it's a 1961 manufactured rifle. It's a take-down model. If you need to adjust your barrel nut, read instructions and watch videos first. Finally, don't let that little spring and plunger get away from you!!!! It's easy for it to pop out, and I've been looking for mine all day! It's in this room full of carpet somewhere... but I don't know where. JFYI
  14. Used to hunt in a lot of areas close to you, back in the 60s, when I was stationed in Millington. Definitely a different Memphis these days!
  15. In that case, it ought to be a real good price for an airdale sailor, huh?


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