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  1. Sidewinder

    Radio Control.......Memphis

    There used to be a lot of RC flyers at a location East of the base known as the "Wagon Wheel". I used to be the inbound reporting point for all Navy Flying Club (Tiger Aircraft) returning to the base. I was a flight instructor in the club, when it was a "large" club... in the '70's. Would like to touch base with some club members from back then. Rip Collins was the manager at that time. I don't think the club exists anymore.
  2. Sidewinder

    Radio Control.......Memphis

    Sounds like you might be talking about the "Wagon Wheel) that the Navy Flying Club used to have to report over, when returning back to the base at Millington. Have reported "Over the Wagon Wheel" many times, as I was a flight instructor for the Navy Memphis Flying Club for years. Would love to hear from some former club members.
  3. Sidewinder

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    Thanks for the suggestions offered by everyone. Based on these replies, and some forums I've researched, apparently the 22 Hornet is alive and well. Now, the task at hand is to find the right one.
  4. Sidewinder

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    Yeah, the scope was the last straw! I'm an old dude that has to have a scope. I saw a guy with a "Raging Hornet" on U-tube, that tweaked my interest in a 22 Hornet pistol... and it had a scope.
  5. Sidewinder

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    After an afternoon of research on the Winchester 43, I've determined that I'm not really interested in buying one. My old, much less expensive, Savage matches it's accuracy for a whole lot less money. I'm not a collector, I'm a hunter/shooter, so a gun with the same or better accuracy, at about half the price, is my cup of tea. For late model 22 Hornets, the Savage Model 25 is appealing to me. I haven't researched the Remington 798 Express, the Springfield 840, the Kimber M-82, the Savage 322, or the Walther KKJ-HO yet. I'm basically looking for the best bang for the buck, in a 22 Hornet.
  6. Sidewinder

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    I have been keeping an eye out for a Raging Hornet for some time. Never had one in my hands, but would love to put a few rounds down range from one. I have a 10" Hornet barrel for my TC Contender that's a tack driver. If you run across one that you're not interested in, please send them my way. Thanks.
  7. Sidewinder

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    Gregintenn, I've heard of the Winchester 43 or M-43 being mentioned, but don't know a lot about it. Those that have mentioned owning one proclaim it to be the "bee's knees". Does it have a box mag or a removable mag? How many shots? Was it drilled for a scope from the factory? What do you think one could be bought for... in a reasonably nice condition... not a pristine collectors grade gun, but a shooter? I'll have to do some online research on it. Thanks.
  8. Sidewinder

    What Make & Model 22 Hornet Would You Buy?

    Thanks for your reply. The Cooper Western would probably be outside my budget... or at least more than I'm willing to put into a 22 Hornet rifle. I think the same can be said for the Browning Micro, even though I probably have one of the nicest Browning Light 5s in existence in 20 gauge vent ribbed example, from the mid 60's. I really like the Savage and hear a lot of good things about the CZ 527 and the Ruger 77-22. I'm always looking for a Savage in 22 Hornet, but think I'd like a CZ 527 as well. I'm partial to wood furniture... and yes, I understand it gets scratched up in the brush, chasing coyotes.
  9. Sidewinder

    Trapping Coyotes in Middle Tennessee

    I was just curious, as I did some trapping in my teen years and enjoyed it. Of course, the only coyote we saw were in the cartoons, and he was always chasing a roadrunner. Thanks for your replies.
  10. Please educate me on the most effective method and trap for successfully trapping coyotes in the middle Tennessee area.
  11. I'm into guns and pretty much like anything that goes bang. But, I'm fascinated with an old cartridge, the 22 Hornet, and any gun that shoots them. I have a Springfield M6 22 Hornet over a .410, a Savage 342 Bolt in 22 Hornet, and a couple of contender barrels in 22 Hornet, but just need one more...for now. Tell me your choice of make and model that you would pursue and your reasons. I realize these are older guns and that new ones won't likely be found on the racks at your local gun store. I've done quite a bit of research, and find this an interesting little cartridge... one that I wish was more common these days.
  12. Sidewinder

    Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    Thanks for your support tnhawk.
  13. Sidewinder

    Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Cracking

    Just to follow up and say that today is May 11, 2018 and I'm still waiting for a replacement stock to show up at my door from Rossi. I'm an old dude, but there was a time in my life that a company lived or died by their reputation for keeping their word, or keeping their promises, quality of their product, and customer service. In the case of Rossi, the message is... we're going to go right on blowing smoke up your butt, with a straight face, with absolutely no concern for the truthfulness of our promises... you're only "one" disgruntled CUSTOMER, and we could care less what you think of us, our product, or our company reputation. BEWARE - BEWARE -BEWARE, Rossi customer BEWARE!!!
  14. Sidewinder

    AK-47 Front Sight Adjustment

    OK, guess I won't be posting pics of mine after all.

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