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  1. Two words ... Shop Vac!
  2. Not familiar with the XL. I believe the weight limit was about 275lbs. on this, just know it was Summit's bowhunting version of their Viper model, but this one doesn't have the bar loop around the front of the seat, to allow for shooting a bow. I'll mark SPF for you unless you decide otherwise.
  3. A dozen Easton XX78 Super Slam 4" feathered 2216 arrows. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1007433349?pid=835272 $50 Murfreesboro area
  4. Bought new, used twice. At almost 65, I've decided to hunt from the ground for the rest of my hunting days. I don't bounce like I use to. This Summit MSRP is around $250, google it. I'll take $100 firm. Murfreesboro area.
  5. My rarest Smith, teaser gun for Greg (TripleGGG) ... 8 3/8" Model 29 DX.
  6. 52 gr. Sierra BTHP with 4198 with the trusty .221 Fireball, but then really, ANY .22 centerfire recipe put in the RIGHT spot will drop yotes quicker than lightning. Make the shot and they will drop.
  7. Bump, because I moved, still unpacking and forgot I had this. Up for grabs.
  8. CrossBreed OWB holster for Glock 17/19 and IWB Kydex for Ruger LCR .38 SOLD. Thanks TGO
  9. Anyone have a Ruger 10/22 stock laying around for sale? Cheap is good. Factory wood preferred, but can need refinishing.
  10. Grayfox, that sounds like me when I bought a Weatherby Ultra Lightweight in .300 Weatherby Magnum. It kicked so hard, I had my big brother sight it in for me that fall. Killed a buck and sold the rifle afterward. Yes, I am a wuss when it comes to mule kicks on my skinny ass shoulder! I'm real happy with my 7mm/08. It's actually enjoyable to shoot, and it kills deer like lightning struck.
  11. .375 H&H is badass. My buddy, Tim Farmer, who hosted Kentucky Afield outdoor show,invited me to tag along while he did an archery boar hunt segment on Ted Nugent's ranch in Michigan. It was January and unbelievably cold. Nugent put us in a blind, while he took another client on the other end of the ranch where he had a buffalo herd (big ranch!). The client had a brand new Browning BLR, .300 WM I believe. When it came time to pull the trigger on the big buff, it went "click." Can't remember if something broke, frozen, whatever, but Nugent handed his back up rifle to the client, an A-bolt .375 H&H. He later showed us the video playback of the .375 hitting the buffalo (broadside lung shot) and the steam vapor exiting from the entrance and the EXIT hole at the moment of impact ... at 100 yards+. The buff went right down. Definitely a caliber that punishes from both ends. LOL

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