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  1. Well, that was quick. Guess I'll dig a bit deeper in that drawer.
  2. Going through the knife drawer. These two are no longer made, have never been sharpened or used or carried. Just sat in the drawer, except when I took the Fred Eichler Signature knife to the NRA convention to have Fred sign it. You can barely see the signature in front part of sheath. Black sharpie on brown leather not the best contrast. The Eichler has G10 grips. The other is a Kissing Crane 615 (stag grips) made in Solingen Germany. $75 each, or sell both for $140. Will ship on your dime, or FTF (extended on a six foot pole out the truck window) in Murfreesboro area.
  3. What's the weight (poundage) of this bow? Never mind, see it now ... 70lbs!!! Can't even pull that much weight! LOL
  4. Gosh, I could set up a meet and greet ... just bring guns.
  5. I actually kept score with this one ... for awhile. I had a marker and cardboard box by the gun rack in the garage. Every squirrel got a slash (base ball score hash). When I hit 100, I stopped marking it. It has waaaay more squirrel kills than that. Everyone with a CB Long. Never took it beyond the backyard because I didn't want to scuff it up, used my vintage 10/22 Deluxe for those further out hunts. I figured I'd put it out here for a Winchester collector. 1963 was the last year they made these, so it's old. Can't run down an exact year of manufacture because they didn't serial number the 69s. The stock had been refinished, but I believe the bluing to still be original because the the factory lettering is still so sharp and deep. No cracks on the butt plate either, which is rare.
  6. One of the nicest 69A's I think you'll find. The walnut stock is unbelievably nice considering that this was the middle grade Winchester under their flagship Model 52. Chambered for short, long and long rifle. I've feed this a steady diet of CCI CB Longs and it's almost like shooting suppressed ... and deadly accurate to boot. My backyard safari rifle for the past 10 years. Squirrels fear this rifle. A little history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Model_69 $400 $350 FTF Murfreesboro area.
  7. Bump for the original black rifle. This was the baby boomer's (guys my age) version of a 10/22. It was a hot seller for Remington and every kid in the 60's wanted one. Mine is long gone, but I remember it well. The lightest .22 rifle you'll ever hold.
  8. Glad you sold it, it was killing me. Now if you'll go to EDIT and change FOR SALE to AD CLOSED, it'll be appreciated so all these S&W collectors won't keep opening it up and saying "aw, it's already sold"
  9. Turned 16 in 1971, bought a 1966 Opel Kadett LS for $400. A lot of money back then for a teenager working at Micky Ds. But when you think of it being only 5 years old, that be liking buying a 2015 car today. Did inflation really get that high!? Man, that was a bargain after all! ... link below is even the same color. Glory Days. LOL https://www.etsy.com/listing/218457399/1966-buick-opel-kadett-car-continental
  10. Off of Middle Tennessee Blvd., which is off of 231 E in M'boro.
  11. Bump for price change option. No longer trade option, got all the .22s I need.

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