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  1. Remington 870 28" vent rib, fixed modified choke, 2 3/4" shells. Has been ported by gunsmith to also be used on Sportsman 58 or 1100. $75 Murfreesboro area
  2. This one slipped beneath the waves... bringing it back to the top.
  3. Interesting! I've only seen wood stocks on BL's. Didn't realize they made a synthetic stock version. Like a Nylon 66?
  4. That was quick. Gosh, maybe I should price more like GunBroker. LOL
  5. Project gun, but could be made pretty again with a lot of work. I've only fired it once with shorts and long rifle to test for function. Worked fine and the shorts were fun, so quiet. The good: If I ran the serial number correctly, looks like it was manufactured in 1952. It has the fatter forearm than the later models. It works, the walnut has some nice grain, and it's got potential. The bad: Looks like some idiot used the forearm for a hammer. The butt plate is not correct, a Fajen, not a Marlin. It will need a total re-blue and stock finish. It has to holes drilled and tapped in the receiver, which I imagine was for a side mount. $400 no haggle, if you look at the big gun sites, you know what a pretty one is bringing.
  6. I believe the biggest thing we should be concerned about is Chinese hackers getting into our infrastructure and shutting down the power and water to major cities. Our government is a bit dumb in that all major municipalitie's infrastructure is ran by computers. In the old days, maybe 30+ years ago, switch and pumping stations were much more mechanical and separate from one another (had a buddy who worked for a water plant and told me a lot). Maybe its time to get a mechanical backup in place for such an event.
  7. Clean T/C Hawken .50 muzzleloader. Nice bore. GONE Would trade for a T/C Patriot muzzleloader pistol (I know that's a long shot) FTF Murfreesboro
  8. Lets stack all the 70s up here. LOL
  9. So my understanding is pre-64 has controlled feed and post 64 has push feed. It be interesting to know where the line was during 1964 to switch. Which feed does yours have?
  10. Sad news indeed. I liked his music and loved what he did for our soldiers in all the USO tours he did. Most people don't realize how much he did for entertaining out troops. I got to see it first hand during my stint in Army Public Affairs. Got to meet him, very cordial guy, and he loved crappie fishing too. RIP Toby Keith.
  11. 1978 Winchester 70 XTR .264 Win Mag with Leupold 3x9 AO and two boxes of factory 140 gr ammo. This was an estate rifle of a good friend of mine. It was used to hunt for more than 40 years and shows the battle scars of the great outdoors to prove it. Not a safe queen, but a great rifle to continue the hunt. $700 This one's gone.


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