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  1. That It for Butch?

    Yeah another coach they'll have to buy out. Tennessee fans are fair weather fans at best.
  2. Barrel change question

    308 and the current twist is 1 in 12. I'm planning on shooting the heavier match king bullets. I looked at aftermarket barrels and everything I saw when it comes to Rem 700 and Heavy is the price or more of a new gun.
  3. Barrel change question

    Just the twist.
  4. Yeah the rule is get you and your family out and only draw your weapon if you are confronted by a shooter because responding officers will think you're the shooter.
  5. Which would be cheaper......a new Rem 700 heavy barrel with 1 in 10 twist OR Boring out, installing a liner and cuting the rifling? The barrel is a Remington heavy varmint.
  6. Sagging pants explained

    And here I thought they were like me.......belly too big and hips too narrow.
  7. Apparently he's supposed to be a reserve cop or something according to another forum.
  8. Stupid carries on

    Mark shove your hand up Gabby's butt and work her mouth like the good puppet she is.
  9. I like the .45 Colt...

    Nothing like a good Hard Caliber. I got a pair of old model Vals and I like it better than my 44 mag.
  10. Perfecting my carry gun

    I was going to do the same thing to a draco but sold it before I got around to it. Didn't really have anything that would drill good into it to mount the folder.
  11. Used guns in East Tenn

    Since Farnsworths has closed I'm looking for a gun shop with a good selection of used long guns. Something that's been used a couple of deer seasons and then traded in on some new hotness. A shop between Knoxville and Chattanooga would be best. Anyone got any suggestions?
  12. No no this gentleman passed away 20-25 years ago. He just spoke about it at church a few times and that's why I read the article/threads over there on it. Figured out real quick it wasn't the same thing but was still interesting in a way. Kinda like how I looked into Islam the 1st time I read Dune.
  13. They'd go for pages with "I'm whiter than you!" "I'm a true white man!". It's amazing what you can find to get into when you're bored and others are bored too.
  14. I have no clue what that means.
  15. Back in 05 or 08 it was fashionable for ARFCOMER to troll Stormfront like they do Democract Underground now. Most of the general discussion was around "how white is white". Mostly it was the "pure blood" Euros arguing with the "muggle born" Americans. They'd throw around percentages like "Well 96% white might as well be black" and crap like that. Ton's of the stupid #### you'd expect from that bunch. Usually we just hammered them in the firearm section where the topics were "what's the best cheapest AR?" or "Which tapco stock for my AK". There was a couple of interesting threads on Christian Identity which I read because there was an older gentleman around here who thought America might be the lost tribe of Israel. But overall it was basically just watching the idiots fling their verbal poo at each other. Then we'd all post back on ARFCOM the stupid comments they made and who they ban from the site that week.

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