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  1. Ameriglo CAP sights

    You don't really shoot far enough in IDPA for the sights to matter much as long as there is enough light around the front sight so you can pick it up quick for transitions to movers.
  2. More on the Hudson H9 from Triggercon

    I'd want to shoot one before I plunked down the cash. It's interesting but not $1200 interesting without a test drive or 3.
  3. Double Barrel Shotgun question

    The lever turns easy and it unlocks good dropping down about 1/4 of the way then it gets stiff and you have to 2 hand it pretty good. It's internal hammers.
  4. Pair of MAK 90s

    Nothing like an AK made in a factory that makes nothing but AKs! I wound up selling my heavy barrel chicom AK to a friend who just had to have a good AK.
  5. Double Barrel Shotgun question

    We've all seen smooth old doubles where you hit the lever and the action just slides open so smoothly. We've also seen some where you just touch the lever and they fall open. Well I've got one that you can break it over your knee and its still a pain to open! What would you polish/buff/fluff/sprinkle with hoodoo magic to get it to open smoothly? It's a EEA Bounty Hunter II made in Russia.
  6. He put the sin in syndication

    1st time granny was in the hospital there was a very nice grandmotherly lady in the other bed. Sis was flipping through the channels and told Granny "Hey Jerry's on". We used to turn it on and watch her laugh at it. Well the nice grandmotherly lady said her grandkids have been on that 3 times. Well when they came to see her they gave us the low down about it. If you got enough people and dream up a good story you can call the show and they will put you up for a week. They were working on a real doozey for their next "vacation" when their grandmother got better.
  7. Sounds like it's time to step up to "herd of goats" and just roll with it.
  8. 1992 Shooter's Bible

    Shooter's Bible and Paladin Press catalog were my 2 favorite things.
  9. Arming an Army after it falls apart

    I thought you were supposed to build a fort with the boxes of 22 ammo......
  10. Arming an Army after it falls apart

    I'd take it a step further and get a bunch of mossberg MVPs.....they take AR mags. Then again you can build ARs now for stupid cheap so you could have a bunch of PSA parted up ARs. I think if you're building an "army" you'll want everyone shooting at least the same mags and ammo.
  11. High tension power towers as shelter?

    Didn't work out too well for the old dude on Tremors!
  12. John Wick Chapter 2

    IDK I think Winston like John more than any of the others......and he does have a hole card that will come into play in maybe Chapter 4 I will say that the 3 gun stuff didn't really tickle my fancy. While it looked cool and was executed very well it just didn't fit the character. Maybe it was the quad shell holders and then he didn't drop deuces or quads and he just halfassed it like me reloading a shotgun on the clock. He did have as good a weak hand shell stuffing reloads as I've seen anyone else have.
  13. My google fu is weak and I've been looking for a leather or good nylon sheath for a Cold Steel TrailMaster bowie knife. Anyone got any ideas about where I could start looking?
  14. They couldn't....maybe in a few of the major cities but with that many dead there wouldn't be enough soldiers to do much. I think a lot of the books are way to "pie in the sky" on that aspect.
  15. Top 50 Women Shooters

    Randi Rogers isn't on the list and she wins any Cowboy match she goes to and does really good in IDPA.

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