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  1. I got my first one already and am getting my 2nd on the 15th.
  2. Think I saw something about it being covid death related.
  4. My EDC is a Sig P-365 XL, but with a P-365SAS ported slide/barrel assembly instead of the original slide/barrel. I love it. I carry it with a 12 round mag with the 15 rounders as backup.
  5. The other day, Governor Lee called again for Constitutional carry in his State of the State speech.
  6. I've got a close friend in the tricity area that is late to the game and looking for an AR. Not looking for a straw buy, just want to locate a reliable seller and connect the two. I haven't seen anything in the rules that disallow this, but, if this isn't an allowed, please let me know and delete it. He's a good guy and a co-worker of mine. He has had issues finding one in stores at a reasonable price.
  7. Benefactor here, TFA member and Lifetime NRA member. In retrospect, I wish I'd put that lifetime NRA money into Lifetime TFA instead.
  8. Nice. The auto version price is creeping up there...
  9. I see why too. The left is starting to label conservatives as terrorists and white supremacists. Employers are firing them.
  10. I'm, shall we say, slim-challenged, lol, and rarely can find pants of any kind that fit like id want. My wife recently picked up a couple pair of men's Goodfellow stretch jeans at Target for me. Just to not upset her, I reluctantly tried them on and wow, to my utter surprise, I love them! They give in all the right places and are the most comfortable pants I've ever had. I wear my EDC in and IWB holster and usually ahve to wear a slightly bigger waist pants to accommodate that. Not now. Highly recommend you try them as far as comfortableness goes. Haven't had them long enough to see
  11. I've had a few of them. My current EDC is a Sig P-365 XL with a Sig P-365 SAS ported slide and barrel on it. The XL frame gives me a better grip for my big hands and higher capacity, while the SAS slide/barrel assembly is shorter with no snags by front sight, plus the ported barel/slide helps with felt recoil. Probably not for everyone, but it works well for me.
  12. Sadly, Im sure you are right. As soon as I saw/heard Biden say its time for us all to come together as one country or words to that effect, I thought, geez, where were you the last 4 years, dude? Of course he says that now, in an attempt to head off opposition or free thought and speech. I'm telling you guys, social media is the medium folks communicate with these days, for the most part, and the same guys who are telling you that these are private companies they can do what they want to, are the same ones that a month ago were screaming about private companies need to shut down because of


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