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  1. Welcome to TGO and thanks for your service! I have long had an interest in Amateur radio, but have still not gotten my license. Was into shortwave and listening to ham, but with the internet, I never never did the licensing. Morse code initially kept me away, but now i have no excuse, lol.
  2. I know you are right, beebee233, 100%, and this ole world just keeps getting...shall we say, curiouser and curiouser. This is off topic kinds but related. There was a time not that long ago, maybe 20-30 years, when one neednt to think this way. It was good enough that the shepherds thought that way and could protect the flock. Nowadays, the flock is ever so much more vulnerable as well as targeted for attack, both by common criminals/hoods/hard cases, but even more importantly, by those that are philosophically and diametrically opposed to the Christian way and American way of thinking. Terrorism has already come here, but it has not come here the way its come to other parts of the world, but mark my words, its coming and coming sooner than you think. Whats happening in Europe WILL happen here. Our open borders and passive 'refugee' immigration practices have actually encouraged it. And once they are here in large numbers, it'll be almost impossible to stop, without a massive infringement on our civil liberties that the constitution guarantees us.
  3. I had hoped so, but when I read military ID i think active duty...i tend to expect the worst then be surprised if its better than expected, lol. But thanks, good to know,.
  4. Good advice, but also dont forget that God gave you eyes to see and a brain to think with...
  5. Well S***! THATS whats been happening to mine too. But mine, when they do this, have somehow gotten access to my bank account and deplete that also. Wish I knew more about how to stop this...oh, well guess I'll just have to live with it...
  6. Much as I despise flying anymore, there are occasions where i must, and my retired military id im noit sure if it will work...ill probably get the new license...
  7. Havent heard of one anywhere in any of the onlione sites i visit or mags I read, but I hope they heard you say that! Id probably buy one for me. My wife loves hers in .380.
  8. Went to the Gun Crew today in Hermitage and they has SOOO many things I wanted to buy. They had a 12 Bull pup, they had a double barrel AR style rifle, they had...well they haD everything, LOL. But, what followed me home from the Gun Crew Gun Store was brand new Sig P-365XL! Its so cute and friendly, just like a new puppy! I think I will keep it and name it Sally and love it and hold it and shoot it and clean it and...lol. Comes with 2 flush 12 round mags and the 15 round ones i bought before fit perfectly, and comfortably. Ill probably be carrying with a 15 either in it or in a spare pouch after I break it in and start carrying it. May not get to that til next weekend, Anyway, nice gun i think. Its very much like the basic 365 but the size is just ever so much longer and taller for a better grip, and the flat trigger is SOOO much better! I cant wait to shoot it with that trigger!~I may possibly sell one of my P365s. On a DIFFERENT topic , I spoke to the range guys at Royal Range and am on track to get my LEOSA range qual done soon! Overall, a pretty good day!
  9. Please let us know what you think of the 365XL!
  10. I had a similar issue with mine last year. I subscribe to the Blast level of internet speed from Comcast, and they promised "up to" XXX speeds. Well I had an older computer and their rented modem, the kind that also supports the phones, and wasn't getting anywhere near those kinds of speeds. Repeated calls to customer service helped not one bit. Then one day while trying to self-diagnose, i wandered into a Comcast website that listed modem compatibility and their associated speeds. Lo and behold if the dang modem that Comcast provided me wasn't supported at higher speeds, but at that time, it was the only one that also supported their 3 in one phone system/plan. Well since I didn't even use the Comcast phone system, i went out and bought my own Motorola modem at best buy and saw a modest increase in speed right away. After several more calls to customer service I stumbled upon a knowledgeable tech support American guy, lol. No, seriously, they are NOT unicorns, they do exist! No offense, just joking...sorta kinda...anyway, once he properly "registered my modem, i got really really fast speeds. Flash forward a few years. I started having other problems with internet connectivity, and a tech guy convinced me to get the Comcast rented all in one modem/wifi/phone thing in order to get a new plan. He absolutely stated that i could get the new plan with out it. So i fell for it and dont use the phone part, i dont even have a phone handset n the house anymore for a landline. Anyway, the wifi and modem combo works pretty good. It sometimes hangs up and requires resetting but not all too often, really and usually only after a cable interruption of some kind. Just did a speedtest usiing both http://speedtest.xfinity.com/ and speedtest.com and they average 178 dl, 12 ul and ping 8. Thats pretty consistent with me anytime, and i have a LOT of wifi connected devices...cell phones, ipads/tablets/computers, tvs, surveillance cameras, etc...My contract with comcast says "Blast!® Internet Download speeds up to 150 Mbps", but im getting a little better than that. If you go through comcast, id just warn you to be aware that their sales folks dont often know much other than what it takes to sound good and close a deal. Thats not always the case though. When i was first calling comcast to try to fix my issues with speed, they kept telling me that if I upgraded to the next higher level of speed/service, id see up to xxx speeds. but they didnt seem to understand when i explained i was not even seeing the current up to XX speeds, if that makes sense the way i said it...
  11. Not sure if it will work or not, but its a big change thats for sure. I went from 7 to 8 to 10 and probably like 10 better than 8, but not as much as 7...if i remember there are addons from 3rd parties that can make newer systems mimic the look and feel of 7...i had one for a while when i had 8, but finally decided i wasnt going to learn if i didnt just jump in...i actually find myself doing most of my computer surfing on my ipad. So much so that at times when im on my computer ill reacj out to my non touch screen computer monitor and try to make it work...embarrassed to say it never does lol.
  12. I am wanting to sell some of my guns, not buy new ones, but the Sig 365XL really looks good. If i see one locally at a decent price, I might get one...I already have several 12 round mags and 3 of the 15 rounders...
  13. Yep, choir practice used to start by 0730 after shift change...have a few beers with the team, recapping the shift, then off to bed!

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