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  1. His record will hurt him, if they are allowed to bring it up in trial. What was damning in my opinion, is that he started shooting, BEFORE he knew of a gun, and then moved to the front of the car, after he had already started shooting so it sure looks like he wont be able to say he shot in self defense because the guy was using his car as a weapon... In today's political environment, there's little room for benefit of the doubt at all. I suspect soon we wont have LEOs that engage criminals...
  2. You are 100% right! I will make it a goal this weekend to get them all out of the safe, make pictures and decide on prices. Thank you for reminding me.
  3. I have a couple of the cheapies from Harbor Freight. They look a lot like the one that Ronald_55 mentioned, but i paid almost 20.00 for them. Mine attached via a cable that loops through an attachment point. My vehicle has a series of cargo rings in the back and I currently have it attached to one of those. I am not happy with that though as I have to exit the vehicle to stow the weapon, and Id rather not broadcast to the world what Im doing. My front seats are not high enough though to attach it there. I may look at some kind of inside the console lock or box, eventually.
  4. Cool! Please keep us updated on how this turns out. Good luck.
  5. Methinks he's in for a hard row to hoe with this. I recommend he NOT try to buy a gun yet, until he's 100% positive it is legal. Expungement doesnt necessarily do it. He could be charged with a crime for trying. This document may help, or not: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/attorneygeneral/documents/ops/2015/op15-75.pdf Will's recommendation, above, to get a lawyer, is sound advice, and GET ONE THAT KNOWS THIS STUFF, NOT JUST ANY LAWYER.
  6. What does it have on the inside? electronics seats etc...
  7. 1 spare mag for my primary and 2 spares for my backup, plus 10 more mags in my bag for the primary. Old habits are hard to break.
  8. Bingo. ThEM, and any other terrorist outfit that is able to get a nuke WILL use it...whether its a ICBM or a rusty freighter or just a bomb hidden in one of our cities...
  9. I dont understand. No on e is saying the wall is a panacea that will solve the problem. But it would help.
  10. No matter how careful you are....sometimes Murphy strikes. Once I was reloading some 9mm rounds back into the magazine and was gonna reload some 380 right after. Dunno how since they are visibly 2 different sizes, but I ended up loading one of the rounds int he wrong magazine...fortunately I caught it before shooting, but I think I didn't catch it until I was reloading the other magazine and the rounds would not fit right...started pulling the rounds back out and saw i has loaded the wrong one in earlier...could have been tragic and I always thought i was too smart for crap like that.
  11. This is a great price for this pistol.
  12. I tend to do it...I have a Shield in 9mm, .380 EZ and a Bodyguard .380. Have a CZ P-09. PO-7 and a P-01.

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