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  1. 232 mags spoken for, others still available.
  2. From left to right: 1 FIE Titan .25acp mag 1 (new in pkg) Phoenix Arms HP-22 Mag 2 brand new, 1 gently used Sig P-232 mags Interested in trades for stuff I can use: S&W Shield .380EZ mags 9mm Self Defense Ammo, preferably Hornady Critical Defense, but open to others AR Mags Other stuff, make offer
  3. I have 3 of these that are brand new, never been on a magazine. These are all black and add 2 rounds to your Shield 9mm mags. Hyve sells them for 29.99 each. https://hyve-technologies.com/product/2-mag-base-pad-for-the-shield-9mm/ Interested in trades for stuff I can use: S&W Shield .380EZ mags 9mm Self Defense Ammo, preferably Hornady Critical Defense, but open to others AR Mags Other stuff, make offer. If no trades, Ill let these 3 go as a package for 60 bucks. That's a savings of about 30 bucks over the manufacturer's price, not counting tax
  4. I've always been a proponent of carrying plenty of ammo. As was stated several times above, better to have it and not need it than need it an not have it. I carry with 15+1 in my EDC and an extra 15 round mag on my person. Also keep several loaded extra mags in my bag along with a box of ammo and a maglula in there as well. Not to mention a NY reload. Doubt very seriously I'll need any of it, but you never know. I worry as much about a zombie apocalypse as i do about everyday threats, lol. Seriously, there is a very real threat of a EMP type situation occurring, whether it be a solar fl
  5. Im a former drinker. Quit 10 or so years ago after I realized I liked it a tad too much, lol. But I think it should be the same as for driving. I see nothing wrong with having a drink with dinner or something, as long as you are ok to drive. Same should apply here.
  6. What is the capacity of this one, how many shells does it hold?
  7. commercial ads on the site, not the listings.
  8. Not new to slings, but also interested in improving what I have...
  9. A close friend of mine was a USN Corpsman and other than one tour at Paris Island, spent the rest of his 20 on a variety of both attack and missile subs.
  10. Got a few friends who were submariners. Some great stories. I have respect for those they can do that. I couldn’t. Prayers.
  11. Defender

    Keltec P-50

    Anyone see these yet? I've always been interested in this cartridge, but FN's prices were always just too high for me. Ruger's entry was interesting, and this one is too. Still doubt I'll get one, but i do like it.
  12. I wish this red state could manage to pass one comprehensive gun bill that would fix all issues at once. The way our HCP is only a defense against charges of going armed is ridiculous. Also it being a crime to carry past a gunbuster sign is also ridiculous. Also why cant this bill prohibit completely lawsuits that were deemed legal by the legal system? Why cant a red legislature with a red governor do this right?
  13. I used to go on Volksmarches in Germany regularly. Most were from 5-20 kilometers, usually on easy terrain, but went on a 40 kilometer Polizei Volksmarch once. Wasn't prepared for this one at my advanced age, lol. (I was 38) Participants were all police officers, mostly German civilian, but also American and German military well. This one was on roads, in towns and in country, wooded trails and in places required the use of hands to help pull you up steep inclines. By far, this one was the toughest volksmarch I had been on. I was the oldest on our team, and no matter how much I wanted t


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