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  1. Did you ever get any suggestions for baton training? Im also kinda interested in less lethal options as well.
  2. I’m vacationing in the Gatlinburg area this week. They are very veteran friendly here. Several restaurants are giving half off any meal for vets, all month.
  3. Know any details about that? I'm guessing you mean gun buyers rather than gun owners though, as it would be hard to figure out who owns guns.
  4. What is the one on the left in the second pic from top
  5. Sig P-365XL, S&W M&P .380 Bodyguard, Benchmade Auto Adamas, Aand a Kershaw Launch 4 auto.
  6. If you are talking about the requirement to have a REAL ID to fly...The new deadline for REAL ID enforcement is October 1, 2021.
  7. Black Water by the Doobie Brothers.
  8. For any retired LEOs on here, Tennessee now offers a free Retired LEO Lifetime HCP. I just got mine. At my age, I wasn't going to spring for the fees for a lifetime permit, but, for the time to complete a little paperwork, it was worth it for free.
  9. You are right. I have a LEOSA credential, which is supposed to enable me to legally carry in all 50 states, but the fact is some states still dont want to recognise it. Heck, some wont even let off duty current officers carry.
  10. Defender


    I think I've got too much time and money invested in 556 plus Im too old to change now, lol, but I've been seeing alot lately about 6.8mm. I think there are some great 6.8 ARs to be had right now, but I read that the military is currently testing three 6.8 mm prototypes by General Dynamics, Textron and Sig Sauer, and plan to pick one to start fielding to troops in 2022. Watched a few videos and reviews of the cartridge and its pretty impressive. Overcomes many of the limitations of the 5.56 as well as they say outperforming the 7.62 but at less weight than the 7.62. I saw one on TV last ni
  11. Im always a day late and a dollar short, lol.
  12. I looked at it just now and it says 73.79. Did i miss the deal or am i doing something wrong?
  13. My mom, who lived through the depression as a child, and later became a single parent raising 2 kids alone, taught me to conserve and stockpile when you can. The prepping concept added fuel to that, but alas, I never made much headway. However, the single area I was good at was in toilet paper. Lol. We prefer Scot or Scot type generics and only because i hate other brands/styles, I always keep a couple huge pkgs in reserve. So when the \drought' hit, I did break down and but a big pkg or two of whatever was available when it was, but still only keep that for emergencies and still only use


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