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  1. I think he's afraid of rampant voter fraud stealing the election form him when he makes those kinds of statements. I like him, but I do wish he'd just shut up sometimes. I think he's turned out much better than I expected to be honest. He wasn't my first choice, but he has stood up to the liberals for the most part.
  2. Im not sure whether or not they 'should' ask those questions, but i must admit its interesting to see the stats on what the demographics are for HCP holders in the state...
  3. Willis68 is a good guy to deal with and the Adamas is an awesome knife!
  4. Ive been interested in Ham for many years. I have an older grundig Satelite 700 multiwave radio that picks up most everything, ham and shortwave included. I keep putting off the license. I used to be afraid of learning code but i dont think thats required anymore so Im not sure why i still procrastinate. I need to get on this.
  5. Forgot to ask which test you took?
  6. Defender


    This is doable. Plus as you make more you can increase your contribution. The real secret is NEVER touching it. I have a few friends that did that and they are sitting pretty now. I knew better but I didn't do it so i'm not as pretty now, lol. One thing that irks me though, is that I suspect that SS would come close to working if they didnt tap into it for non SS issues and maybe tightened up on the SS disability for some so called disabled people. We all know folks that are truly able to work but have managed to convince others that they cannot.
  7. I EDC so much dang stuff that my pants will fall down, even with a good carry belt, so i had to get a few pairs of quality Perry suspenders. I got the ones that hook under the belt, as the clip on ones always come loose. WHen I was in the military, I used a harness to help hold my web belt up so this works similarly. My normal wear in the suspenders over a tucked in T shirt with a loose overshirt worn untucked. This works well with either an IWB or OWB holster. Surprisngly comfortable. Here's the ones I like: https://www.duluthtrading.com/mens-perry-original-y-back-suspenders-50872.html?&srccode=GPSHPMN&chnl=ps_prospect_pla_mn&region=in_region&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqfz6BRD8ARIsAIXQCf0vVcZ-yVixehRHooqnlLLWe4AijaOrcg9BV4jQZerGQn39hEDNMjwaAmCKEALw_wcB
  8. It wont happen overnight, but will be more of a slow, spreading, progressive burn. I live inside Davidson County, though on the outskirts. That decision is one I regret greatly not rectifying years ago. Living in a 'burb, not many ways to defend really, unless enough neighbors are of like mind, though i'll try, and am stocked enough to do so. Food and water and other consumables though, that's another problem. Guess the best to hope for in my case is that it dont get this far or last too long before order is restored. As Thomas Paine once so aptly said, "These are the times that try men's souls."
  9. Very similar on the regular shield vs the sig. Guessing the weights are about the same within an ounce or so, it seems like anyway. The shield with the laser/flashlight is heavier tho and felt recoil seems a little less on it. The grip on the Sig is way different than the shield. I like them both, but the sig for edc for extra capacity.
  10. I love my 2 9mm shields. One is equipped with a crimson trace green laser/flashlight combo, and it is within arms reach when home at night. But my edc is now a Sig P-365Xl, with a 365sas slide with 15 + I and a spare 15 round mag, with others readily available as needed. Prob will never need that much amp, but one never knows.
  11. I also usually carry extra. I keep one spare mag for my primary on me, and several more along with an extra box of ammo in my bag, as well as 2 spare mags for my backup. If things keep going sideways, I can see taking a long gun along as well.
  12. Cant go wrong in these days to think about these things. I err on the side of carrying a little too much stuff. Seems like there was a really good podcast on our sister site here about church security issues. You might check it out, Also, I think you are right about liability and also the training status of fellow churchgoers. I'd suggest seeing about forming a committee of like minded folks who might be interested in helping. At the least, I would want to know where the other 'guns' are in case I had to sue mine there, and have some kind of idea of what they will do. Lastly, I saw this online and it might give you some ideas: https://sheepdogchurchsecurity.net/church-security-guide/
  13. Wow. $350 is a lot of money!
  14. Almost new, shot 5 rounds one time.$1100. Original condition with 5 round magazine. BONUS: Will throw in 2 extra hicap mags and a hicap drum to sell quick. Need to sell to fund auto repairs so no trades.

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