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  1. FN makes good stuff. I've still got a FNP-45USG, which is an absolutely awesome gun with 15+1 rounds of .45 ACP goodness,. lol.
  2. I don't get HBO, so will have to wait on this one, but I will probably watch it when i can. I read the book as a kid and liked it. I was way into SYFY. Didn't care for the first movie too much though.
  3. Is that an M-1 variant standing to his right?
  4. I have also used it for years to buy/sell/trade occasionally. It was so simple before the change. I complained about the change and got a pretty quick response that said: I understand people are resistant to change, but updates are necessary to operate on the constantly evolving internet. The old website technology was obsolete. The software company that developed the core codebase stopped providing updates and discontinued support in 2018. The majority of our audience uses a smart phone to browse and shop the Gun Owners Club. The old website was not designed to fit on smaller screens. Google started penalizing page rank in 2015 for websites that did not have a mobile friendly layout in 2015. We did our best to keep the website similar to the old platform while making it mobile friendly and adding improved messaging, image uploaders and many other new features. There are instructions available to help you in our FAQ https://www.###.com/faq If you need additional tech support, we are here to assist you.
  5. Love Reese and Brandon at the Gun Crew. great guys, I've bought many guns there.
  6. I agree. I read his book and it was obvious he was a little bit more political while in the Army, but still, a good man.
  7. Do you like this speedloader better than the one from Uplula?
  8. First time my daughter shot a handgun. She shot one of my S&W Victory 22s and also my Glock 45. I think she did awesome for her first time. She listened and applied the shooting techniques i told her. She only missed once, and that was at the smaller number 2 target area in the upper right. I reckon she stopped this bad guy!
  9. I, for one, am not a fan at all of all this. There's nothing wrong with staying small towns and rural. our great state is being ruined, and our politicians are doing all they can to hasten making our state like the the others. Really sad.
  10. Defender

    Glock 45

    Went to the range Saturday and shot a few of my guns that I'd not shot yet. Both of my S&W Victory .22s shoot beautifully, with no issues. Also shot my Glock 45 for the first time. Ran 50 rounds though it flawlessly. I can see why everyone likes this gun.
  11. Recently bought a G-45, and then found a sale on Pmags. Today I got around to loading the first one. For some reason I could only get 17 rounds into it, no matter how I tried, despite using a Maglula loader. FINALLY, I realized that they were 17 rounders. Lord, getting old has it's challenges.
  12. No need to be so condescending. But then of course you are ever so much smarter than me, I'm sure. I said I took the vaccine and booster because I thought it was best for me, at my age and with my health. I just don't think it should be mandated for several reasons, not least of which it seems at least in some cases that it can be spread by a vaccinated person. Here's the link you wanted, at least one of them: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/08/10/us/covid-breakthrough-infections-vaccines.html Mind you, this is from a very liberal, woke organization, so if they are printing it, I would imagine the numbers are higher.
  13. Seems like I'm reading and hearing about a lot of vaxed people getting Covid and many that die. Plus Im reading that vaxed folks can still spread it...I g9ot the Moderna and the booster, due to my age and health issues, but I'm really wondering about this whole issue. I also wear a mask inside places that require it, but Im reading much about how that might also be ineffective...I HATE that this whole issue has turned into a political thing, but come on, man. Where's the truth?


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