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  1. Death penalty is too mild a punishment for these animals.
  2. My eye dr recommended a different strength for computer use vs reading...i might can find the paper he wrote it on and let you know the way it works...i cant remember which one should be stronger at the moment...
  3. Yes, I remember.Judging by what all i see in the news I think we have forgotten who did this and why..and so it will happen again...
  4. I saw on Facebook one of those funny memes about how Walmart had banned auto parts in an effort to prevent automobile accidents. Makes about as much sense.
  5. Not a folder, but I got one of these a while back and i like it just fine so far...most reviews are good on it... Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Coyote Brown
  6. I use Ring doorbell cams on my front and side doors, they cover those areas well and the motion detection is adjustable in different ranges and directions or zones. Drawback on mine is having to charge the batteries every few weeks or so. I also use Belkin and wyze inside cams aimed outside the windows to cover the other approaches to my house. Ring now offers solar chargers for their outside cams.
  7. One down side is that I had bought several 12 round mags for my 365, and i discovered that they do not fit the 365XL becasue of the butt plate being made to fit the 365 better...hard to explain. BUT, sig now has the replacement flush fit butt plates on their web site so i ordered some of those and will swap them out soon. I guess I really need to sell one or both of the 365s now...
  8. I saw on the news that the cook guy who threatened to shoot up the Marriott Hotel had an 'arsenal', and hundreds of rounds of ammo. Hmmm. The picture they showed looked like 2 or 3 long guns and 2-or 3 pistols. Thats an arsenal? Not saying he couldnt do a lot of damage with that, heck it just takes one gun and some ammo to do a lot of damage. Wonder what the news media would think of some or the collections of guns belonging to people on here, lol. I had more guns than that and plenty of ammo for each caliber before they were all tragically lost in that boating accident in the lake...
  9. That sure seems liker a deal! Ive got 3, so im not interested, but someone will snap this up, i would think. GLWS~!
  10. My experience with gun grabbers is that they entice you with compromise on what they cal 'reasonable', then you compromise, and they keep pushing and taking. They dont want us to have guns period. Everything is a step towards that for them. I dont care one bit about bumpstocks, but that was a step...
  11. Now that could prove to be a smart move!
  12. Its only a matter of time i reckon. The ARs I have are ones I want to keep. Wish Id held on to the ones I sold but I am not going to invest now in something to sell later. I do want to 'thin the herd' a bit, though, on other guns, both long guns and pistols, but like i said no ARs. Ill probably hold off for a little bit as i dont want to lose money. Seems like used guns are at bargain basement prices right now. Not looking to profit, but dont want to go backwards either.
  13. I agree with you. I do. But the damn ATF makes it confusing as hell for people who KNOW about guns, much less those that don t. You mean its legal to own a 5.56 mm firearm that looks like a scary assault rifle and has a barrel length of 10.5 inches with no special licence, but if you have a short barreled rifle with a barrel that length it DOES require a license, stamp form, whatever? Come on, you have to admit that makes no sense. Only possible justification for the ATF to make the rules so weird is to confuse folks with an end goal of discouraging ownership.
  14. Envious here! I need a suppessor badly for it, and I also wish, in hindsight, that id went with .300 blackout...at the time i want sold on that caliber yet.

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