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  1. I’m so tired of voting for republicans because they’re the lesser of the two evils. I made the mistake once of voting for an independent (Ross Perot) which got Bill Clinton elected, and I’ll never vote for a Democrat, but Lordy, is it too much to ask to get a truly conservative GOP who will follow through? Bill Lee sure suckered us in his first campaign and we had no real choice the 2nd.
  2. I appreciate you too. I wish we could at least decriminalize carrying past a gunbuster sign.
  3. Ran across this ad just now and had to share. This is for a new variant that fits the Sig-P-365. Regardless of how you feel about their products, this ad is without a doubt a great one. Watch til the end as the outtakes are as good as the ad. It’s hilarious.
  4. Well I sure hope we can get the ATF to read up on this decision!
  5. I just read an article about SCOTUS overturning the Chevron Doctrine and while this particular case had to do with fishing, it seems to me that it could, or maybe should have a very direct affect on the ability of the ATF to make up all their silly rules. I don’t see how this ruling can apply to some Federal agencies and not others. What do y’all experts think?
  6. Me too, brother, me too. I started with a Sig P-365, then sold it to get the original P-365XL Spectre (non-comp), then swapped out the grip module for the Macro so I could use the 17 round mags the way I wanted to. Now I’ve got a P-365XLSpectreMacro. Lordy!
  7. Yeah, I wasn’t sure what differences there were in those guns compared to what’s offered already. W1 round mags re interesting though, and that 320 thing, don’t want one but it was pretty different!
  8. Just got an email from Osage County Guns, with a link to several new Sig guns. Not sure what’s new about a few of them, but they have a 320 pistol that’s way crazy! Anyone else see those? https://osagecountyguns.com/blog/what-the-flux-are-these-new-sig-sauer-guns.html
  9. I want to see that one. I like Tom Hardy and wasn’t Austin Butler in Masters of the Air?
  10. She is not my district, but as is often the case, we’re faced with voting for weak republicans or democrats. Very often, I vote for republicans when I’d rather vote for someone else, but there aren’t other choices.
  11. But at least there’s always a tree vine hanging with it reach so you can save yourself, or just walk on the train rail like Cleavon Little did in Blazing Saddles!
  12. That’s the way most dads feel about daughter vs sons. I’ve got 2 boys and 2 girls, all grown, and the daughters are 25 and 49 and both of them are still daddy’s little girls, LOL.
  13. The SCS Carry came in today so I installed it on my EDC P-365 Macro. I installed the freed up EPS Carry on my Glock-43X. There were no nubs on the Glock-43X and the EPS fit perfectly, however, I stripped one of the screw heads when tightening down the screw. The other one is tight to the recommended inch lb, and the stripped one is close. Before I carry the red, I’ll function test at the range to make sure there’s no issues, but as far as the stripped screw goes, what do the TGO experts recommend? Should I leave it on as is, or take it to a gunsmith to get it extracted and another put in? So far, I like the SCS Carry. The reticle is set up the same as on my EPS Carry so there’s no getting used to a new visual. The size and all is very close. It only has one button but functions similarly as the EPS carry. One difference though, is that the SCS Carry lacks the ability to manually adjust the brighteness and stays on auto.


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