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  1. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    Just go this months issue of NRA's Shooting Illustrated magazine, and it has a review of the Keltec CP-33.
  2. Why not in the next few years?
  3. Loves me some Puddles Pity Party! The original of this is my favorite, but this is a good rendition...
  4. I emailed her recently and she responded almost right away. You dont often see that kind of customer service in government.
  5. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    As my old pal, Plato used to regularly say to me, "Necessity is the mother of invention". LOL
  6. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    I had hoped to not have to buy any guns for a while, but this CP33 and that dang shorty 20 gauge have both caught my eye...
  7. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    lol. My sarcasm didnt show in my post! They DONT look at all alike, which only serves to make me not understand how I did it. I think 22plinksters range reminded me of Hickok45s and I had just been watching hickok45. Thats my story and Im sticking to it, lol. But, it was a pretty good review anyway.
  8. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    Sorry, guys. My mistake. It was actually the review mentioned above 22plinkster. I had been watching the Hickok45 youtube channel and it took me to 22plinksters. Like they look or act at all the same, lol.
  9. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    I've got their . 22WMR rifle and pistol, and love them. If they get more available and at a decent price, I may pick one up. Would be nice to have one with a suppressor.
  10. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    Using the search feature on the front page showed no results for this. Has anyone seen/shot the new Keltec CP33 .22LR pistol? I picked up a S&W Victory earlier this year or late last year and have not been in the market for a new .22 since then, but this little pistol looks sweet. Just watched a video of it on Hickok 45's youtube channel and it looked awesome. Comes standard with 33 round mags and has an add on for a 50 round capacity. Has a threaded barrel and his ran flawlessly pretty much for the most part. I understand they are in short supply, of course, and not sure of the costs but supposedly under 350 or so.
  11. I hate to see the organization fold, but if they dont get right very soon, i see no recourse. The liberal states are just looking for ways to shut them down, just because of the gun thing, but will use anything to attain their goal. An to be honest, if they are doing as I'm reading, they deserve a drastic restructuring.
  12. Yeah, I think ya had to be there. I wanst and Im not justifying the officers actions, but I am saying that I have no earthly idea why anyone would want to be a LEO these days. They simply cant win, because of the Monday morning quarterbacking from the media, the politicians and their own chain of command concerned about optics over right and wrong.
  13. That would be illegal...people dont just break laws...do they?
  14. Mississippi's enhanced sounds like it IS enhanced...

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