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  1. Defender

    FN’s New 15-Round FN 509 Midsize

    Think I have too may 9mm pistols already, so probably wont go after this one. I do love my FNP-45USG though. Shoots anything i put in it, and way better than I do. Even likes that cheap Russian ammo, lol. As I age, though, I find that my fat body just doesnt carry the extra weight these days...New daily carry is my Sig P-365 and the S&W Bodyguard .380. I can carry both of these easier than I carried the FN with extra mags...
  2. I see no good outcome here.!
  3. Defender

    for-sale S&W Governor and 640 - price drops

    Interested in any trades for the Governor?
  4. Defender

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Im a firm believer in looking at the facts in deadly force cases.
  5. Defender

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    Officer Delke was doing aggressive police work. Thats how good crime fighting works. You cant simply show up after the crime and clean up the mess. If you want to inhibit future crime, you have to aggressively proactive. Most traffic stops are for this reason. Seriously, do you think it really matters that much if one of two license plate lights is out? No, it is because many many times, once the traffic stop is effected for a minor violation, interaction with the occupants reveals reasons for further interaction, often resulting in arrests, and...crime reduction. If this trend keeps up, we will see an increase in crime. LEOs will shy away from being aggressive and who could blame them? I wouldnt be a LEO today and I have retired LEO friends across the nation who say the same thing. In my time we were always told we were held to a higher standard...we accepted that. But these days every single action and reaction that happens in a split, stress filled second is Monday morning quarterbacked and analyzed to the point that the criticism for action is overwhelming. The end result is going to be inaction. Its dangerous enough for LEOs out there now, but this after action over reaction will ruin law enforcement.
  6. Defender

    Hello Folks

    I loved England when I was there! I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, but lived in the local communities before eventually moving onto the airbase. Of course, it was a different England back then...there were 2 BBC and one ITV channels that went off the air fairly early each night...no satelite or cable, and the pubs closed early as well, but i loved England and my English friends. It was a simpler time...fond memories.
  7. Defender

    Hello Folks

    Welcome to TGO and to Tennessee! As for an AR... Quick correction, please: AR's are not assault rifles. Assault rifles are usually capable of burst or full auto firing and are made for the military.The modern sporting rifle called an AR made for the civilian population are actually Armalite rifles, based on the original manufactures name I believe. The ones mentioned in earlier posts or most any other flat top would be a good base to start with, adding optics, sights and other accessories as you decide what you need. Where in England are you from? I lived for several years in Suffolk, courtesy of the USAF. My youngest son has dual US/UK citizenship, and while not ALL countries recognize dual citizenship, of those that do, not with all other countries, Im fairly certain both the US and the UK do, in fact allow dual citizenship with each other.
  8. Defender

    Kentucky Officers Mourn Loss of Doughnut Truck

    I like it when someone can poke fun at themselves....Here's an update on this story: https://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Krispy-Kreme-offers-to-console-Lexington-Police-with-more-donuts-after--503772381.html
  9. Defender

    RK Gun Show Franklin, TN

    no, they ask you to check at the door and they put a tie in it.
  10. Defender

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, TGO folks!
  11. Defender

    sold Lasermax- Smith and wesson Shield

    Haw hard is this to attach?
  12. Defender

    Sig 365 ?

    Me too. I even carry mine in my go bag for emergency reloading. I have several of their products, including a mini upulula for loading .22 mags.
  13. Defender

    Sig 365 ?

    Thats a great price.
  14. Defender

    Sig 365 ?

    Well, that DID sound bad didnt it? Lol, maybe not accidentally, but he said he had ordered one and it wasnt due in for a while then ran across one in stock locally so he bought that one. Then discovered there was a high restocking fee on the backordered one even if he cancelled it. So to avoid the extra fee, he went ahead and bought it and sold it to me at cost.
  15. Defender

    Sig 365 ?

    Not sure why I did it, but i picked up another 365, lol. Ran across someone who had accidentally bought 2 and got it from him at his cost, which turned out to be a little bit less than i paid for my original one. Gotta go shoot this one next weekend, I hope. The wife wants to shoot her Shield .380EZ so it may be a range date!

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