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  1. This is my favorite gun ever! Its a great shooter, but I dont carry it, she's a safe queen.
  2. 1958 Buick that I paid 95 bucks for when i was 15, lol. It was a tank! Rode like a boat too. My mom was gracious enough to let me drive her 68 Mustang on most dates though. Big difference in those cars, lol. Despite showing off and driving way too fast in her mustang (it had a 289 high performance engine with a 4 speed tranny)I never wrecked it. The buick was another story. It was huge and hard to maneuver in tight spots. Cleaned out a bunch of ditches with that beast. Only thing I ever did to it was put in gas. Oh and eventually had to wire the doors shut because of damage, lol. Used to have to slide in like the dukes of hazard! Then traded in in on a pimp mobile, a 69 Cutlass Supreme convertible with a three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic 350 tranny. Wasnt really a muscle car, but it was hot and it could run!
  3. Defender

    AR15 for dummies?

    I didnt know that myself, how does that work?
  4. I would prefer to carry a full size pistol, butr to be honest, my weight and lack of hips make it very uncormfortable to carry a full size. I carried a full sized FN FNP-45 plus 2 extra mags OWB for years but got to the point that even with suspenders and a great gunbelt, my pants either kept sliding down due to the weight or the stress on my shoulder blades form the suspenders hurt too much. Went to a smaller gun like the 365XL and carry IWB and its a whole lot better!
  5. Iran doesnt surprise me at all, because snakes, well, snakes usually act like snakes. What DOES surprise me is some of the reactions in our media and congress, even on the republican side. Those very public disagreements on both sides of the aisle, but particularly the Republican side, give ammo to our enemies, and Iran is certainly our enemy. Again, its like its ok to kill us thru proxies, but let us kill one of them and its suddenly wrong...
  6. Old thread, but I would imagine that the owner of private property has that right, whether the law stipulates it or not, just as they have the right to ask you to leave.
  7. I remember this one...I wonder if the officer and then the prosecutor knew the law and were just trying to get a 'bad guy' to forfeit his gun, or if they just didnt understand the law... If the latter, thats scary, if the former, thats also scary because who's to say who is considered a bad guy? I dont do drugs at all, but I do guns, ...which some folks thin k makes me a bad guy. If I remember correctly, that PLR-16 did not have a brace, it was strictly configured as a pistol...I do remember drugs were involved, but I also seem to remember that the pistol owner wasnt the one with the drugs?
  8. The militia formerly known as the Tennessee State Militia, was reformed and renamed as the Tennessee State Guard, organized under the Tennessee Department of the Military several years ago. Yeah usually a bunch of older guys, but not always. Supposedly they can be activated by the Governor, but dunno if they ever have been.
  9. Merry Christmas to all, hope you each have a blessed Christmas, and that you're able to spend it with loved ones.
  10. I would love for OP to repost this with pictures!
  11. I hate Comcast. LOL But I pay them a bunch of money every month. Lousiest customer service ever. Not long ago, I was getting their Military History channel and it was one of my favorites along with the History Chanel and a few others. Then they decide it was a mistake to get it and to keep it i needed to add another package includin g a bunch of sports channels i dont watch.
  12. https://www.akti.org/state-knife-laws/tennessee/ "In Tennessee, it is legal to own almost any kind of knife. Tennessee has not place any restriction on the possession or sale of any type or style of knife. Moreover, a person is permitted to carry a knife either open or concealed. At one time, automatic knives were prohibited in Tennessee; however, that law was repealed in 2014, and it is no longer illegal to own, buy, sell or carry a switchblade for law-abiding purposes." Is this not true? Oops, I see KahrMan beat me to this.
  13. Defender

    It's snowing

    I did too in 1973. I was stationed in upstate NY for my first military assignment. Drove a Olds Cutlass Supreme convertible for two winters up there, lol. Never really got stuck or had an accident and there was LOTS of snow. Of course, I say never got stuck, but there were days when I couldn't drive to do being snowplowed in, lol. Then lived in Europe in colder climes, and also in Greenland well above the arctic circle and then in Michigan's upper peninsula, before going to Europe again. Well Miami was squeezed in there, but no snow there. Anyway, like someone said earlier, patience, taking your time, and reasonable speeds will help a lot in bad weather. Up north, when I was there, the snow seemed easier to drive in than here. Im thinking that is cuz round here the roads usually have a sheet of ice underneath the snow. I know that ive had as much difficulty driving in the little we get here as I did in the bunch we got up there.up there. Up there the big deal was digging your car out in the first place. Once you did that, the roads were usually plowed and if you exercised caution you could get from point a to b. Michigans UP seemed to get almost as much snow in the same period as we did in Greenland, what with the normal winter snow and the lake effect snow from being between two Great Lakes!
  14. You're tight about that. I guess its oil and money that keeps us "friends", but like someone said above, we are not really friends. The saudi kingdom/government made a deal with the devil (the Muslim radicals) to stay in control. They train and educate extremism and then export it. If we need oil and dont have enough here, then just go to war and take it, for crying out loud, stop pretending that they are friends. But Ive read that between whats under the continental US and Alaska's north slope, there's plenty.

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