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  1. I am still laid up with a broken leg, and bored, LOL. I have been thinking again that I want to ceracoat my Sig P-365XL/Macro Spectre. Mine is the original no comp distressed stainless finished slide that changed to a macro grip module. I’d love to find someone local that could do a distressed ceracoat to my grip module. I really don’t want to send it off somewhere non-local. Anyone know of someone in this age that does this?
  2. Prayers for both you and your family.
  3. This is good to hear. My daughter went thru a rough spot a while back and is on probation now. Once she’s done with that her felony is supposed to be expunged. I want to leave her a couple of my guns, so o guess I need to start figuring out the process for her.
  4. I’d like either a hat or a shirt, last time I bought a insulated mug, but it got stolen.
  5. A friend of mine’s dad gifted him one of these and he was wondering about the quality and reliability of these guns. Can anyone help?
  6. When I was stationed in the UK, the GLCM missile thing with Russia was going on. There were many ‘protestors’ rushing bases, and the word was that they had been infiltrated. Of course, US policy is neither confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons on a base, but we had areas that were deadly force authorized to prevent entry. In order for us to carry weapons in the jk, even on our bases, the status of forces agreement (SOFA) stipulated that in order to protect U.S. citizens, we had to verbally deliver the UK Challenge prior to opening fire. That challenge consisted of a few sentences that started with Halt and were to be repeated 3 times. Also we couldn’t shoot to kill, only to wound. So our play was if we got into a deadly force situation, we;d yell, halt, then start shooting, then finished the up challenge so we could say we did. Also we were trained to shoot tomstopenthe threat by aiming center mass.
  7. All well said. Wish our State government agreed. The Governor, the dept of labor and dept of ecd along with tourism and others and the rest , spend a lot of money enticing transplants. First they go after businesses, and while many say yaya, better jobs, most times, even if they hire local people, the better jobs are brought with them, or if they are new jobs, then there’s not enough qualified locals to fill positions so then the companies start recruiting out of staters to move here. Nashville has 100 folks a day moving here, and that’s a conservative estimate. People say that like it’s a good thing, but it just isn’t. The infrastructure can’t support it, despite the almost constant road construction and other infrastructure, I don’t thing the bridges and sewers and water and definitely the electric grid was designed to support these numbers and it cant keep up. We’re heading for disaster. Add to that that the political landscape is rapidly changing as well. Over time, people move to a new place and sooner or later seem to want to make it like the place they left, because they remember the good parts of that place not the bad. Look at the nashville traffic, better yet, drive in it. Its very busy and steady at all times of the day and night, then locks down at peak times. If there’s an accident then the local roads and highways are swamped to. As someone said above, the suburban areas are usually more conservative but not so much around nashville. Everyone wants to bring more peopl, offer more stuff then struggle to keep up the infrastructure. We’re gonna end up with a state income tax, mark my words. It’ll start small, but it’s coming. Sales taxes aren’t gonna be able to keep up with infrastructure needs. I so wish I’d bought some land back in the day, way out instead of living so close to nashville. I figured there was plenty of time, then all of a sudden, boom the housing thing happened. Who can afford to buy a house with decent amount of land these days? Californians, I’d say, LOL.
  8. Yep, I did that and didn’t think ahead. Had to run back to the gun store to pick up a holster to last me til I could order one I really liked. And I am glad I switched. Got one on a Glock-45 and another on my Sig P-365XL Spectre/macro.
  9. I have my LEOSA credential issued by the USAF and it is lifetime. It was a grueling process but they did do that, for a hefty fee that is. My issue is I retired from the USAF, with my last base being out of state, well out of country, but the issue is getting LEOSA paperwork signed so that the range will let me qualify and send my paperwork to the state. The POST commission is so difficult with this stuff that many Leo’s tell me they don’t even bother. They just go the HCP route. On the plus side, the state dept of safety were resistant to giving me a lifetime retired LEO enhanced permit, but I was able to make contact with one of the handgun units senior people and after I explained the catch-22/almost impossibility of getting the LEOSA range paperwork signed, he made the lifetime LEO permit happen, so I’m very, very thankful for that. But as you know, there are places that the HCP won’t cover and places that the LEOSA credential won’t cover, so the best bet is to have both if you can. Once you retire from the military, all the contactsbstartbtomevaporate and it’s different than keeping up with local contacts. Heck, all my contacts were in Germany when I retired, and only dealt with the LEOSA USAF folks via emails. They in San Antonio and are under contract with the USAF. They are all retire also, so they tried to be helpful, but more so If you were local to them probably. Anyway, that’s the story, LOL.
  10. Are they showing up yet in stores?
  11. No no, I was just asking. I see the differences now. I was drugged up in the hospital when I posted my first response. like it and I think it looks very cool.
  12. Yeah I was trying justify in my head the costs of lifetime vs 8 year, when the state solved it for me. I got a free retired lifetime LEO permit. I guess the state feels bad for making it difficult to get the LEOSA credential firing card so they figured this makes up for it. LOL. So I have a no expiry LEOSA card and a lifetime retired LEO permit. I would like to get a range card but…
  13. I could use that for sure! Mine got rusted somehow and I need a new one.


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