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  1. I get an email every morning with pictures of each piece of my mail. Been getting those for years.
  2. I like this! Do you have one for HCP and enhanced HCP?
  3. Goodlettsville Gun Shop had some today.
  4. Its a shame that in todays environment, a person that likes to help others takes a huge risk in doing so.
  5. I see it on my end, but since both of you cant, it must be something i did wrong. try going to this web site, mine is just like these: https://www.mountsplus.com/muzzelite-bullpup.html
  6. Had this on an old 10/22 that I've since sold. Works great, and easy to install. Really shortens the over all length of your 10/22. Looks similar to this, but no optic or mags come with. Uses regular mags or the longer ones.
  7. What do you think about the Maverick? Do you still like it? How is it size size inside? Does it have all the tech?
  8. Was that the one in an old Uncle Buds place?
  9. I like my Governor for this, but I can totally see my PMR-30 as well doing that job.
  10. My EDC is a 365XL, with a 12 round mag with pinkie extension and a Hogue grip sleeve. I also have several 15 round mags as backups. I have big hands and the grip sleeve helps me get a better grip. I like form factor and looks play into things (my XL is a Spectre) but its not ALL about looks. Like you said, to each his own. I notice on some of the Facebook 365 pages I'm on, there are many folks on there who flat out belittle folks who don't have their exact same configuration...I say, whether i get it or not, if you like it and it works for you, go for it.


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