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  1. Thanks guys, I just have a 44 special revolver and was trying to buy a carbine that would shoot both.
  2. I am looking at an old Winchester rifle in 44 mag to buy. The only thing is that it will not load 44 specials. I thought it should feed both. Am I wrong?
  3. bayouvol


    Does anyone one know if they are making an extended threaded barrel for the compact yet? Are there any other mods that you would recommend?
  4. I am not exactly set on the small mags but I do need a flat plate for the small mag I have. Then I wouldn't have any problem choosing a larger mag for my spare.
  5. I don't know where to put this, but here goes. I recently bought a sr9c and it only came with one mag. I was wondering if anyone here (especially around knoxville) had extra mags they might sell at a decent price. 17 round or 10 doesn't matter.
  6. I know they are not the same caliber but of the gun manufacturers which would you choose? Same price. Carry concealed and home defense both. I also have the chance for a conversion barrel for the glock to nine.
  7. How good were the old Dan Wesson revolvers? How close were the internals to smith and wesson? Just curious if they are worth it at 350? 4 inch barrel with no others. Just gun.
  8. How good is the quality on these pistols?
  9. It does but I wa hoping to leave it original. Anything else?
  10. I am looking at an argentine made hipower but the trigger sucks! Hard and heavy. Can these be lightened up and are they an ok gun? Do they hold up good? After all, I don't know how many rounds have been put through this one.
  11. I believe the smith is a snub model 15. Blued
  12. Forgot one to go above. Argentine hi power (350)
  13. Choices are: smith wesson 6 shot 38 special snub with adjustable sights and the pin on the hammer (350), ruger sr9c stainless (3560), glock 27 (399), or sig p250 45acp compact (449), all the pistols have only one clip. Which would you buy and why?
  14. Friend of mine says he killed deer at 60 yards with 124 grain hollowpoint from hipoint. Does that sound feasible? I really like the idea of one caliber through the house, but I know the sks is more powerful at a greater distance.
  15. I meant that the smith mags would fit in keltec. I am used to the Keltec so I don't know if I could get used to having a safety to swipe off. I do like the browning pistol though.


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