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  1. Sorry, didn't realize that I had this listed as for trade. I'll pm you.
  2. Somebody needs a nice Sig! Still for sale!
  3. I'll try and snap a few this evening. But it's, like the others, in great shape.
  4. Got dang thats pretty. Love functional "art". Those things were always such bricks but they just work.
  5. Awesome home defense/ bump in the night/ shtf/ suppressor host/ mini sledgehammer. Light goes with it. 4 mags and the mag extension sleeve things (though I think it looks cooler without). 900.00 in Nolensville
  6. Really nice scattergun. Tube extension already installed. $1600.00 in Nolensville Not the best pic, but its like new.
  7. Like new. Beautiful. Classic. There are many like it but this one is mine. (Can be yours) $500.00 in Nolensville
  8. We're gonna find out where my pain threshold is today!
  9. Like a dream! Only thing better would be a parrot or czechmate.
  10. Dang. Didn't think I'd sell this one. $1600.00
  11. Another one from the vault. Great gun! $800.00 in Nolensville.
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