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  1. Thanks red ill check it out. After i did a complete breakdown, it needs some polishing and “tuning”...hate this thing
  2. Got a black aces tactical rem 1100 12 ga shotgun, it jams like no tomorrow, and cant get the barrel To seat property. We have a resident expert/ gunsmith that can get this beast proper?? Thanks!!!
  3. whats the diff between this and a C2??
  4. i like the ring cams for quick down n dirty deployment. the 100 bucks a year for storage is nothing. best part i like is when neighbors complain and send warnings out like shots fired, gunshots heard etc, its even more fun when you fire a bunch of rounds in your yard,and watch them go crazy on the neighborhood ring group bitching about it. what sucks about all of this junk is the resolution is so low, good luck reading a license plate from 30 feet away. if youre serious, invest in some nice megapixel cams and have them professional installed....
  5. have been so friggin busy finally got a chance to breathe.. other HK’s still avail
  6. Was at regal range yesterday to snag some pepper gel, they were out. They were also out of everything! Saw some blackwater ammo which is old and rare, but they were literally wiped out of most of their gear! Had a few 509’s but man minimal stock!!Couldnt believe it!!! Did obama come back to guns sales or what!?! Lol
  7. Thanks to everyone. I think it will be about timing to get another pup. Hate it being so quiet around the house. Always had the notion in my head to always,Always, help these little creatures. A lot of us on here hunt fish and love our pets, Thats why i wanted to share what i know and post a bolo for another future canine friend i could use. I know tons of rescues, but sometimes a friend of a friend can help out just as well if not better. Thanks again...
  8. Lost my little girl this last weekend, She almost made it to sweet 16. Ill say this. Be careful using Nashville Veterinary Services on Sidco Dr. I brought her in for a nagging cough.I knew she had CHF, and a collapsing trachea.It happens to small breeds as they get older. I knew her days were numbered but not by hours. They doped her up so bad, I got her back she was like a zombie and could barely walk. The plan was to keep her overnight on O2 and Lasix to reduce fluid around her lungs and heart. They basically popped her w a load of Trazodone, and left her in a cage w oxygen for a day. They charged me for 100 mg of trazodone, proper dose for her weight should have been 3.5 mg ...yah really. The bill was supposed to be firm at 1169.00 with a phone call if anything extra was needed. They didn't keep me posted, I had to drag info out of them, when I got there the next day, the bill was jacked up to 1469.00 Caught em charging me for 28 doses of one med on the bill and disputed it on site. They dragged it out to charge an extra 100 per 8 hrs they had her.They jacked me around for an hour till i gave in and paid to get my pup out of there.( paying by card has its advantages). She was a doorknob for a week. So doped up, staggering around... coughing started again,breath was short so I figured we'd try one more time to get her leveled out.Took her to Banfield in Smyrna. They already were aware of her condition, as I took here there first about a month ago. They gave her a liquid lasix injection, and gave her back to me. She wasnt real happy and was breathing hard.She went in to CA, and died in my arms while driving up 24 to the house, 10 mins after I pulled out of Banfield. You know I am not real happy. Thats an understatement. Lost my bff of 15 years, and got treated like crap by a money grinding millennial staffed pet hospital, that sucks ass. It aint over yet. Dustbuster knows how to clean house with a pen and not a sword. So, being part of the community for a while, and knowing a lot of guys on here personally and professionally, If you see someone that has a young chihuahua, pref short hair applehead that needs to be rescued, or has non puppy mill pups DM me. Its too soon but hopefully one of y'all will remember this and think of me. Itll be a timing thing, but Ive always been a keeper of the lords little creatures. So looking for a new friend,, AND whatever you do in Nashville, or Clarksville, avoid Nashville Veterinary Specialsh*its like the plague. If you have to use them make them commit to pricing, so they don't play on emotions like they tried with me. Hold them to what they say, but Ill get a glass of icewater in hell before I ever use them again.. Thanks !!!
  9. I use Music City pawn as well, have been for 4 years, or guns n leather greenbrier depending on what it is. usually pickup at the hwy 96 location in franklin, no pressure theyre on a lot of ffl lists that belong to the big online shops

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