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  1. Dustbuster

    Backpack Rigs...Post them up!!

    To find lit cigarette butts on the ground, or trip wire. saying ouch at the wrong time can be lethal ya know! ( kidding)
  2. Dustbuster

    Anthony Bourdain Dead

    My youngest stepbrother offed himself at the old age of 32, his mother offed herself when he was 4. She had a pain killer issue, and a mother who had terminal cancer, of whom the amer .cancer society wouldnt help out. Sometimes its easier for folks to check out than face the perceived demons and reality that haunts them.Its sad because they take themselves out, but hurt everyone around them 10 times as bad. It a selfish, chicken sh*t thing to do. Some problems wont ever go away but most problems can be fixed or diverted to help ease what they percieve to be intolerable issues. It worse when theres no explanation.My brother recorded a 20 min video. which we found 6 mos later. He got his last words in w everyone.I mean he really got it in. I was unscathed, but I couldnt stop him. The only clue i didnt recognize was when he called me out of the blue to say whats up. I didnt sense anything was wrong, but hindsights 20-20. At east he admitted was his problem was and that he didnt want to fix it. At 32 he wanted to be w his mom.... Im the same as macgyver, ill fly, truck or bike it to help someone that cant find answers. Its not easy to help, Those we love sometimes give up on help, best thing to have is an open door policy and chat w someone you know is going through a rough time. Hi profilers put their panties and skivvies on like the rest of us. For them its typically a ego blowing act to ask for help.... RIP AB. enjoyed your work!
  3. Dustbuster

    P365 primer strike

    I just posted to share w the group. Some of the stuff Ive seen lately is amazing. The best is how the P320 just fires by itself when dropped or better yet: pulled out of the holster......being glock 43 and 365 owner, each one has its quirks....nothing worth ranting over
  4. Dustbuster

    P365 primer strike

    Heard guys bitching about it, but took my new 365 to the range today. Ran 200 rounds of crap 115 gr ball rounds through it. Couple of fte”s that’s it . Ran flawless w 124 gr. 109 rounds no issues. So. Whatever the u tubers wanna come up with .... whatever, mine ran fine, I trust it. There ya go. PS the black casing was a 124 gr round, 1st one fired out of the box
  5. Just wanted to post this, with my company being 2A friendly, I have some classroom space avail in case someone needs space to run ccw, nra, anything in a cozy cool spot off of I 24 and Harding place in Nashville. were 5 minutes from the airport. Ill have a big screen, projector, WIFI, coffee, fridge and a numeric lock for easy entry. Im not looking to sell the space but if someone needs it to run a 20 student class or meeting, contact me off list.Well be using it for our own training but just wanted to offer it up for use by fellow members.Heck we may even have TGO coffee meets there! post thoughts or suggestions pls Thanks! DB
  6. Dustbuster

    My new Knife from Grand Torino and sheath

    awesome piece!
  7. Dustbuster

    ad closed Closed

    Parkers or safehouse in nashville will both move them for you. money well spent, less than health insurance deductible for broken bones and blown out joints!
  8. Dustbuster

    Dead Zero 3-Gun?

    Raleigh and el guapo Run awesome three gun match, if you attend you won’t be disappointed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Dustbuster

    Let's see your old Military Pictures

    Don’t pass this around... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Dustbuster

    A Sad Day. Billie Graham is Gone.

    When we were kids we used to play billy graham and Ernest angsley and heal the neighborhood kids. Lots of fights ensued... anyhow thanks for the inspiration rip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Dustbuster

    Good FFL in Nashville

    What is your ffl transfer fee? Left a msg a few days ago... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Dustbuster

    Good FFL in Nashville

    Need a recommend for a good ffl in Nashville. I was using a certain pawn shop but am tired of having to coerce them to send a ffl copy in to the Corp seller. On another note, I ordered a p365 from brownells and they’re threatening to kill my order if I don’t send a ffl in within 3 days for a fng pistol that’s back ordered for at least a month. Am so pissed. I used brownells to save 50 bucks, and have to put up w their crap to buy a friggin pistol.... they should stick to selling the usual junk instead of pressuring customers w their ADD bs....for a pistol that’s not even sitting at their location. The class 3 guys don’t even do that and they sell serial numbers that aren’t even completed yet...argh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Dustbuster

    Parris Island

    Show up on graduation day, don’t ask or tell about personal weapons, Parris Island is a crap hole and always will be, it’s part of training. Best offgoing to Beaufort until graduation day. Congrats on your son, semper fi !! I spent 14 weeks at PI, it’s a place you don’t ever forget.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Dustbuster

    Netflix series

    Netflix rocks, dare you to watch all of: el senor de los cielos Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Dustbuster

    Shooters on Murfreesboro Pike

    It is,they’ve cleaned it up, it’s not an Art Deco kind of place but it’s good for getting in and out quickly Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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