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  1. Allowing any governing body, to take anything (within reason) from someone just because a 3rd party claims they've been threatened, or they "feel" they may be threatened is just pure insane. Its as stupid as an alleged DV victim moving back in with the bad husband/bf/etc....Red Flag is a means to the end, and should be fought at all cost. WE don't purposely disable bad drivers cars, and we allow those convicted repeatedly of dui, to drive, AGAIN, This red flag crap wont end well.....
  2. hey guys, if you need to track your fleet, kids vehicles, trailers etc, let us know, we just partnered up with 2 new companies that offer gps tracking services for less than 20 dollars per month! Any questions? let us know! .615 .251 .0441 Thanks!
  3. Hey gang, Was signed up to shoot this match in the amateur division.Moms big birthday falls on those dates and her wish was: all kids here for this one.. so, w that being said, family first, slot is open, if you want to shoot it, let me know, or contact Linda Chico through the pro am registration site for rockcastle. Match entry is 175.00, helluva match, next year.. thanks, hate to miss it but first things first,,
  4. Hey folks, just wanted to post a friendly reminder; If you or your friends need any help, with anything regarding gps tracking, for fleets, side by sides, ATV's, trailers, boats ,motorcycles etc, contact me off list. We are based in Nashville, and service the mid south, and southeast and have many options that can help save money, recover stolen rolling equipment, and keep an eye on the kids while they're out and about. Of course were pro 2A, and like to work with folks just like ourselves.Ill be posting specials offered by service providers we work with so we can pass savings on exclusively to TGO members! www.gpsnashville.com Enjoy, and have a Happy 4th weekend! DB
  5. awesome pistol, i have a matching black one id trade, they didnt have eb when they 1st came out! but glws!!
  6. I have a handful of DVR's and cameras if anyone want them, 1, 16 channel and a couple of 4 channel machines and some miscellaneous camera pieces, pick em up at my shop in Nashville, am not shipping. good for sheds, safe rooms etc.. weve switched to different formats so this stuff would be great for someone to tinker with, or on a budget.stuff all works Free 16 channel dvr 4 channel dvr 4 channel dvr hidden camera hidden camera hidden camera
  7. Good for 15 bucks off purchase of 150 or more. Won’t work on trijicon and some other things but just wanted to share it OPBIF995815 theyve been sending it for the past month w stuff I ordered. Merry xmas
  8. Issued to Qualcomm Wiretapping Firearms Through a Wireless Network Abstract Methods, systems, and devices for tracking firearms in a wireless communication system may include a firearm configured to send sensor data to a non-recording telephone device via a telephone call to enable a CALEA server to intercept the data via a wiretap. The firearm may include various sensors that collect data about the firearm's location, use, remaining ammo, and any other information regarding its surroundings, which may be sent via the telephone call. A CALEA server may store the firearm data obtained via the wiretap. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20140378088A1
  9. von zep builds a nice cutting jig to use w the hf saw, cool to see hes upped it to the anodized blue alum setup! nice buy!
  10. Minimal training for new CCP applicants bills just passed; nice but Id rather see them do more than hit a target at 25 feet: Self-defense legislation House Bill 1264 /Senate Bill 705 have now officially passed both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly. This legislation will soon be sent to the desk of Governor Bill Lee for his signature. The NRA thanks Rep. Andy Holt and Sen. John Stevens for their leadership and commitment to preserving and protecting your rights in Tennessee’s. Senate Bill 705 /House Bill 1264, sponsored by Senator John Stevens and Representative Andy Holt, would create a new concealed carry permit in Tennessee that would make it more accessible for Tennesseans to exercise their right to self-defense. The new permit will allow for concealed carry only and will not apply to higher education campuses. Further, the training required in the bill can be a hunter education course or firearm safety course, and can be taken online. By creating a new concealed carry permit, Tennesseans are able to choose which permit option is best for them and their lifestyle in order to exercise their constitutional right to self-defense.
  11. Buying used means u save 10% plus over retail, these are all in pristine condition! Thanks!
  12. Price drop, need to make some room. Open to reasonable offers. No trades, CIK,These are personal items. HK USP 45 w 2 mags like new less than 100 rounds through it 650.00.00 HK USP 40 full size w 2 mags mint condition less than 500 through it 650.00 HK V9 w 2 mags like new w trigger and fiber sights less than 500 rounds through it 600.00 Galco holster SA XD 9 compact 2 2 mags like new less than 200 rounds through it 450.00 Nice Galco holster Glock 35 has a lone wolf 9 conversion barrel, zev tech trigger, fiber sights, and runs great, good starter for idpa etc 475.00 I have holsters and goodies for all of these, am downsizing, these are all in mint condition. Buyer must have THCP. No Trades, Not Shipping. If you see it here,its still available! Thanks. PM me w contact info or intent and ill get back asap thanks!!
  13. Anyone on here familiar with older RR crossing lights? Have a friend who uses one at the gate to his place. The lights are supposed to go yellow when the gate is opening and then turn green when its ok to enter when the gates open. Old bud at csx isnt w us any longer to help on this, If anyone knows someone that can help pls mssg me off list thanks!

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