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  1. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on June 1st. 6 stages, around 100 rounds. Check on opens at 8:00 with match start at 9:00. $20 match fee. If match shows full, sign up. I will place you into another squad or create an addition squad. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-june-idpa-match-2/register
  2. MTSA will host a PCSL 2-gun match on March 30th. 5 stages, around 200 rounds. 2-guns required for each stage. Two divisions, Competition and Practical. Check link below for rule set. $25 match fee. Check in opens at 9:00 in bay 1, match start at 10:00. Rifle steel at around 60 yards. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-pcsl-2-gun-match/register https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xsBOWkxrRF9W0jj92PBJh08zEVqM5RK_XicYEYgU9Ps/edit#heading=h.t7uliy68q88k
  3. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on March 2nd. 5 stages around 98 rounds. Stage 4 will be the 5x5 classifier as part of the match. $20 match fee. Gates open at 8:00, check in open at 9:00 with match start at 10:00. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-march-monthly-idpa-match/register
  4. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on Feb 3rd. 5 stages, around 90 rounds. Check in open at 9:00 in bay one. First rounds down range at 10:00. $20 match fee. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-feb-monthly-idpa-match/register
  5. MTSA will host its monthly USPSA mtch on Jan. 27th. 5 stages with classifier 22-05 Win Some Lose Some. Usually around 145 rounds. $25 match fee, please bring cash of check. Gates open at 7:00, check in opens at 9:00 under the cover of bay one. Match start is at 10:00. Weather may be a problem, if so I will sent out notices ASAP. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-uspsa-jan-monthly-club-match/register
  6. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on Jan. 6, 2024. Check in is at 9:00 with match start at 10:00. 5 stages, around 90 rounds. $20 match fee. Weather may be a problem (ice). I will cancel if condition warrant. Cold rain will not. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-january-2024-idpa-match/register
  7. This will be MTSA first try at PCSL (Practical Competition Shooting League). This is very similar to a USPSA match. This will be a one gun match. 5 stages, around 150 rounds. No classifier for this league. We will be using hit factor scoring, the same as USPSA. All guns must use pistol ammo for one gun matches between 9mm and .45. No power factors, all scoring is minor. We will be using the PCSL targets that have the K zone that gives a one hit to neutralize option. PCSL uses shooting areas/boxes. This will also be a NO match, NO no shoot targets and No hard Cover targets. However Steel will abound. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-pcsl-one-gun-match/register
  8. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on December 2nd. 5 stages, around 85 rounds. Gates open at 7:00, check in starts at 9:00 with match start at 10:00. $20 match fee. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-december-idpa-match-1/register
  9. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on Saturday November 4th. CHECK IN IS AT 9:00 WITH MATCH START AT 10:00. 5 stages, around 85 rounds. $20 match fee. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-november-idpa-match/register
  10. MTSA will host its monthly USPSA match on October 28th. 5 stage, around 145 rounds. Classifier will be 18-01, Of Course It Did. CHECK IN IS AT 9:00AM WITH MATCH START AT 10:00 UNTIL LATER NEXT SPRING. $25 match fee. Range Officers are needed, match fee is comped. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-oct-2023-uspsa-match/register
  11. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on August 5th. 5 stages, around 86 rounds. Check in runs 8:00 to 8:50. Match start at 9:00. $20 match fee. Summer rules in effect (no cover garments)Open to new/first time shooters. Walk ups are welcome. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-august-idpa-match-2/register
  12. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on July1st. 5 stages, around 85 rounds. Check in is at 8:00 with match start at 9:00. Hot weather rules (no cover garments). Bring cold water, I will have some if needed. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-july-idpa-match-1/register
  13. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on June 3rd. 80 rounds, 5 stages. Check in is at 8:00AM, match start is at 9:00. $20 match fee. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-june-idpa-match-1/register
  14. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on May 6th. 5 stages around 85 rounds. Check in starts at 8:00AM, match start is a 9:00. Shooters meeting at 8:55. $20 match fee. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-may-idpa-match/register
  15. MTSA will host its first of the 2023 5th Saturday 2-gun matches on April 29. 5 stages, around 200 rounds total for both guns. (100 each). Lots of Pistol steel and mini Paper targets for the long guns. All within the bays. No long range steel for this match. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-2-gun-match-1/register


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