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  1. MTSA will host a Multi-Gun match on October 31st. Check in at 8:30. match start at 9:30. 6 stages that have a total of 62 paper targets, 51 steel plates, 6 long range steel (100 yards) and 6 clays. Paper requires 2 hits or 1A, plates must fall or ring and clays break. Their are 9 divisions to choose from. Anything from PCR only, 2 gun 2x4 gun and the regular open, tactical and heavy classes. No slugs allowed for this match. No steel core rifle ammo. $25 match fee. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-multi-gun-match-1/register
  2. MTSA will host it monthly IDPA match on October 3rd 2020. 75 rounds, 5 stages. Check in at 8:45, match start at 9:30. Match fee is $20. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-october-match/register
  3. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on Sept. 5 2020. 5 stages around 90 rounds. check in is at 8:45, match start is at 9:30. The bays have been finished and are in great shape. Parking is improved too. https://clubs.practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-sept-match/register Robert
  4. MTSA will host a UML multi-Gun match on August 29 2020. check in at 8:45, match start at 9:30. 6 stages, 75 pistol, 75 rifle and 50 shot gun using bird shot. All UML classes allowed. PCC only class, bring 200 rounds. Long range at our pistol area is limited to 100 yards max. for the rifle shots. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-august-2020-multi-gun-match-clone/register
  5. MTSA will host its monthly USPSA match on August 22nd. 170 rounds, six stages with classifier, 18-07. $25 entry fee. Match start is 9:30, check in start at 8:30. The final finish work on the pistol bays is completed. The bays have been graded to promote proper drainage, new fine crushed stone has been applied, size of bays has been expanded and parking has been expanded. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-august-uspsa-match/register
  6. Our monthly USPSA match is July 25th. Around 175 rounds, Six stages with classifier CM 18-02. $25 match fee for non-members. Match start is 9:30, please check in by 8:45. I have approval and funding from the board to finish the bays. This will start soon, so good bye rough bays, better parking coming soon along with Steel Challenge. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-july-uspsa-match/register Note: we still have openings for club membership. We currently have 6 pistol bays, 42 station rifle bay out to 400 yards and 2 trap stations. Some form of competition most Saturdays. All competition
  7. I am so sorry I did not see your post. So FYI yes, Walk ins are welcomed. Next IDPA match is August 1st.
  8. MTSA will host its monthly IDPA match on Saturday July 4th. Check in is 8:30-9:15, match start at 9:30. Six stages, around 100 rounds. Non-member match fee is $20. Member match fee is $10, we still have open slots. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-july-match/register
  9. Late notice: Our monthly IDPA match is June 6 2020. 6 stages, 102 rounds. Match fee is $20. Shooters meeting at 8:45, match start at 9:00. Walk up welcomed.
  10. MTSA will host an USPSA match on May 23rd. 120 rounds, 6 stages. Match fee is $25. Start time is 9:00AM. Classifier is CM 99-53, Triple Play. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-uspsa-may-match/register
  11. I will be holding an IDPA SO class on May 16 2020. Start time is 8:00AM, class runs all day. You will need to bring food and water. The student will need to take and pass the online SO test on the IDPA website. 6 month membership is required. This is the rescheduled and moved class for the Green River Gun Club. New location is the Middle Tennessee Sporting Association Range in Dixon Springs TN. https://practiscore.com/events/green-river-idpa-so-class/participants/create Robert Standley A08148 SOI
  12. MTSA will host the long IDPA classifiers for pistol and PCC on May 2nd. Set up is at 7:00, shooters meeting at 8:45 with rounds down range by 9:00. Match fee is $20 for the fist gun, $10 for each additional gun. A separate entry is required for pistol and PCC and for additional guns. I will be running a 92 round fun run after the classifier is finished. No extra charge if you shoot the classifier, $20 for just the fun run. IDPA membership is not required to shoot this match, only if you need it to shown in the IDPA records. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-pistol-classifier-match/reg
  13. The March USPSA match At Middle Tennessee Sporting Association (28th) will be canceled and push back to April 25th. The IDPA match scheduled for April 4th is also canceled and moved back to May 2nd. Thank you for your understanding. Robert Standley
  14. February 22nd is USPSA. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-uspsa-february-match/register February 29th is Multi-gun. 3-gun and 2 gun. Tact-opts, open and heavy. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-multi-gun-match/register March 7th will be the IDPA postal match. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-postal-match/register Robert
  15. The January USPSA match at MTSA will be Saturday the 25th. Round count around 170. 4 field courses. 1 speed stage and Classifier 99-48. Shoot house will be a 40 round stage this month. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-uspsa-jan-match/register
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