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  1. I will be running an USPSA match at Rattlesnake Ridge just outside Clarksville TN on March 17th. Match start is 9:00AM. 4 stage plus classifier. Pucker Factor, CM09-04. 104 rounds min. $25 entry fee. Open to all. https://practiscore.com/mcts-rattlesnake-ridge-uspsa-march-2018/register
  2. MCTS will host a falling steel match at Eagle Eye Shooting Complex in Mt. Pleasant TN. February 24 starting at 9:00AM. $25 match fee. 5 stages of all steel. All hand guns, PCC and Shotgun.
  3. PCC match at MTSC 12/31

    We will see................. I may come and hobble around.
  4. PCC match at MTSC 12/31

    I plan on being 3 weeks into a new Left knee, otherwise I would make it. New owner of a PCC.
  5. Gallatin Gun Club will host its last indoor match at Sumner Gun and Supply on November 8th. Start time will be 6:00PM, set up at 5:00PM. 70 rounds required. 4 stages, all IDPA rules apply. No match will be held on November 22nd. Steve Murphy will take over for the December 13th match under the Sumner Gun banner. Please give Steve and Doug your same support that you have given me. I want to Thank Sumner Gun for allowing Gallatin Gun IDPA to operate at their range. Gallatin Gun is still looking for land and will most likely reopen as a different Club at an unknown location. I must step down to take care of some health issues for a couple of months. After that I have agreed to take over as match Director over the USPSA matches for MCTS. I will Retire from my job at NES after 38 years on the job on December 1st. I plan on making a full time commitment to the shooting sports sometime next year. Thank you all. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-8/register
  6. Gallatin Gun will host an IDPA match at Sumner Gun and Supply on October 25th. Start time is 6:00PM, set up at 5:00PM. 72 rounds min. No concealment garment required this match. 2 stages will be shot entirely from the kneeing position. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-7/register
  7. Gallatin Gun will host an Indoor IDPA match on October 11th starting at 6:00PM. Match location is at Sumner Gun and Supply indoor range in Gallatin TN. Set up starts at 5:00PM. 4 stage IDPA match taking around 75 rounds. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-6/register
  8. Gallatin Gun Club Range

    Well. I am back from the lets just listen to one side planning commission. I sat through and listen to several tell their lies and half truths. Even one guy that bragged owning an AR-15 and how much fun it was to cut trees down with it in his back field, then explained how we just cannot have a Gun Range here, where would the bullets go and all that lead, the guy that has a trap range on his lot but having a Professional built range in the area with safety officers is just out of the question. One lady admitted to being an NRA member. or my kids just would not be safe.... or the poor Deer's we hunt. We are thinking about going to the full board and by passing this local group. They had no interest in hearing our response on the issues. We have 500 members needing a range with over 400 on the wait list. I cannot see 12 locals overriding this if we can satisfy all the requirements. End of Rant. for now.
  9. Gallatn Gun IDPA at Sumner Gun

    Hey guys, if any of you can make the Planning commission meeting on September 26 at 5:00PM on the new Gallatin Gun Range, please come by. 355 N. Belvedere DR. in Gallatin. Thanks......
  10. As some of you have heard, Gallatin Gun has meet stout resistance every place we have tried to build a range. We have found an ideal location for a range, but again the Facebook crowd has gotten the locals fired up. The usually lies and misinformation. We will have the first planning commission hearing Tuesday September 26th the local office in Gallatin TN. Location is 355 N.Belvedere Dr. in Gallatin Tennessee. Starts at 5:00PM. Their are a few very vocal persons that will be attending against this range. I am calling out current members and anyone who would like to be a member of the Gallatin Gun Club for support of this range. You should live in Sumner county, however other locals will be welcome. We are not looking for a fight, just calm and collected persons, dressed well to be present as support. If you have a short fuse, you may not want to come, These folks can really get your blood pressure up. Also if you live in Sumner County, call your local officials in support of the range plan. Thank you for your support Robert
  11. Gallatin Gun will host an indoor IDPA match at Sumner Gun and Supply on September 27th. Set up is at 5:00PM, match start is at 6:00PM. 4 stages, around 72 rounds. Theme is Headhunter, clean those front sights. Pre entry is preferred on Practicscore. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-5/register Walk ins are welcomed. Match fee is $20. Pay at front counter.
  12. I will be coming up from Nashville.
  13. Gallatin Gun IDPA will host an indoor IDPA match on September 13th at Sumner Gun and Supply in Gallatin TN. 4 stages around 70 rounds. Set up at 5:00PM, start time at 6:00PM. Click on link to register, pay at the store. Notice: The new IDPA targets will be used with the -1 scoring zone in the head. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-4/register
  14. Gallatin Gun will host an indoor IDPA match at Sumner Gun and Supply on Wednesday August 23rd. Set up is at 5:00PM, match start at 6:00PM. 70 rounds required, 4 stages. Sorry for the late posting, just got finished with the Pro/AM at Rockcastle. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-and-supply/register
  15. Gallatin Gun IDPA will host an indoor IDPA match on Wednesday August 9th at the Sumner Gun & Supply Range. Set up is at 5:00PM with rounds down range by 6:00. Around 70 rounds to complete. 4 stages. All IDPA classes plus SPC division for non-IDPA legal guns.

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