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  1. Does anyone have information on carrying (concealed or open) for Tractor Supply Company headquarters in Brentwood? Wondering for visitor and employees.
  2. Hey ya’ll, I personally love the MK IV competition pistol but I was wondering what is the point of it? It cant be used for USPSA or any IDPA Divisions as far as I am aware. So what competitions can you use a 22lr pistol in?
  3. That is ridiculous I completely agree with @DaveTN that it’s the wrong gun if you can’t use the sights. This is coming from an active female shooter who has had to put down 20+ different guns cause they don’t work for one reason or another. If she can confidently shoot the gun from the shoulder and even if the recoil is a lot but she can handle it I don’t see a problem. But if she thinks it is that big of a problem then there are other guns... To win this debate rather than print out our comments and give a PowerPoint at a family dinner I would buy them a training session with a younger female
  4. Will there be any sign ups day of?
  5. It's impossible to even touch the buffer without loosing springs (haha) I always have an oops kit around knowing what is gonna happen.
  6. It helps to live 6 minutes from my range and with right now being home every day I have been there 4 days a week. I just got a 22 cause I have been shooting through so much ammo.
  7. Over all guns I shoot 1500 on average every month
  8. Alright giving you all the update you deserve: -It was probably about a centimeter too far. -The actual buffer was being stopped by the pin but the tube was what caught, again just barely off -I don't normally clean buffer tube but after every 2000 rounds I do a deep clean meaning replacing all little springs and just essentially completely take apart visually inspect all pieces and rebuild. This may be over the top but I would rather this every once and a while then have fails with no idea what happened.
  9. I figured it out. I had tightened the buffer tube too far and it was rubbing the upper. I loosened a rotation cranked down the castle nut (of course lost a spring in the process of releasing the face plate back) and they fit like a glove. I still swear I had it that many rotations before I had cleaned but oh well.
  10. Hey ya'll so I recently did a deep clean on my AR-15. Put back together and the upper won't match up with the lower. I cannot find anything out of place and have no idea what I am missing and why it won't match up. Any things ya'll can think of the check would be great!
  11. I often say, glock is as popular as it is for a reason. I carry a Glock 19 daily appendix. Glock is so easy to get used to the recoil that is there and are so many models of glock that you can get one that fits her well.
  12. Hey ya'll, I recently moved to TN from VT to be closer with family. Super excited to officially be a TN gun owner as I have heard about this page for a while. Living in Nashville, green hills. Daily carry is a glock 19 gen 4 but I still need to get me TN carry completed. I don't have a range yet so I would love to hear what ranges are great close by and hoping to find somewhere that allows from holster shooting.


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