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  1. Have you ever considered a compact 1911? I am currently carrying a Kimber Ultra Raptor II. Not very heavy (25 ounces with a empty mag), but it does pack a kick. I used to carry my five seven, which I love. It is extremely light and holds 20 rounds. Gives me 19 chances to miss. The only problem I had was the size. I have a couple of holsters for it, but the only one I felt comfortable with was a paddle holster. The iwb with a shirt tucker just wasn't for me.

  2. I just got in this evening my Blade-Tech Stingray belt hoster for my X-Five (posted earlier). I am contemplating on carrying it. It is definitely a boat anchor, but it is absolutely the best shooting gun I have ever shot.

  3. Nice gun. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it. It is funny that I had a similar experience about 2 months ago when I went the shooting range. While I was there I saw a Kimber Ultra Raptor II. I didn't shoot worth a crap that day cause I was thinking about the Kimber. I ended up walking out the store with a thinner wallet and a little more weight in my range bag.

  4. I hope I don't start a flame war here, but I have a serious question about some of the higher end 1911s. I have two Kimbers (Tactical II Custom HD and Ultra Raptor II). Both of them are very fine guns, but I was wondering how they compare to Wilson, Ed Brown, Les Baer, or STI. There are several guns from each manufacturer that I would love to have, but before I shell out that kind of money for one I would like to know if they are worth it. Since most of my shooting will be at a piece of paper, I was wondering if I will get improved accuracy over my Kimbers. Are any of the higher end 1911s ammo sensitive? I typically use cheap Blazer ammo for practicing.

  5. It is a 226 X-Five L1. I have been wanting one for quite some time. I found one online and the price was the cheapest I have seen. I called about the gun, and asked if the price was correct. They said yes, and I bought it right then. This gun is absolutely fantastic. It shoots way beyond my ability. I can take 1.5 inch to sometimes (if I'm lucky) sub 1 inch groups at 10 yards. However, the gun has the capability of shooting 1 inch groups at 25m, which the only way I could possibly do that is through divine intervention. If you can pick one up, I would highly recommend it. You won't be dissappointed.

  6. I have always been partial to FNH products. I own a FNP-9, FNP-45, Five Seven, and SLP Mark 1. Hopefully, I will get a SCAR and a PS-90 later this year. However, I bought my first Sig two weeks ago, and it is by far my favorite gun. It is the best gun I have ever owned or shot. If all Sigs are of this quality, then I definitely will be buying additional Sigs in the future. I just took a picture with my Droid (don't have a good digital camera). Hopefully the picture will load. Being new to the forum, I am still trying to learn how to use it as well as learning to use my phone.

    20100703091536.jpg .

  7. I can't really comment on Taurus, SA, Sig, etc... 1911s. I don't own any, and I have never shot one. I do have a couple of Kimbers (Tactical HD II and Ultra Raptor II). I shoot the Tactical more than any other 45 I own and the Ultra Raptor is my carry gun. I wouldn't make the same mistake I made in purchasing them new, unless you really want a new gun. They are fine guns, but I do think they are a little pricey. I would definitely consider buying a used one. There are plenty of them out there. In regards to ammo quality for the Kimbers, I use el cheapo Blazer ammo for practicing, and I have shot thousands of rounds through my Kimbers and haven't had any problems.

  8. I agree with pretty much agree with everything everyone has said. Glock and Ruger make fine handguns in that price range. I am partial to FNH products (own 4 myself). I like the FNP-9. It is a fantastic gun that can be had for around $500, which includes three magazines. I saw someone had posted one in the classifieds for $425.00. Unfortunately, it has already sold. That was certainly a deal. I really agree with John

    Big suggestion for new gun owner, practice practice practice.

    I hope I got those quotes right. My first post. If it was me, I would hold off on the laser and really learn to use my iron sights. I love lasers and I know they have their purpose, but I have sometimes seen where they can become a crutch for some people. If it is possible I would recommend taking some private or group lessons. If you can get good sight alignment and good trigger pull down then you are ahead of a lot of people.

  9. Hi from Chattanooga. I guess you could say I am a late bloomer (age = 35) when it comes to firearms. I got into firearms in mid-2009. I have always wanted to buy a handgun, but I could never get myself to actually go buy one. I finally broke down last year and decided to purchase a firearm. I went to one of the local shows, and walked out with a FNP-45 and FNP-9.

    A few weeks later, I joined Carl's (Sportsman's) range up in Hixson and got my carry permit there. The first time I shot the FNP-45 I was hooked. A year and 10 guns later, I'm still at it.

    I belong to Carl's and Carter's range. As soon as they get Shooter's up and running, I will probably join their range. I shoot 2-4 times a week.

    I found the TGO forum sometime last year, and finally decided to join. It will be nice talking to y'all.


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