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  1. Have an assembled LR308 (AR10) lower that im debating on letting go for lack of funds to play with at the moment. Has a milspec LPK as well as standard milspec grip and sliding buttstock. Comes with a 10 round Magpul magazine. May do some trading but would prefer to sell. $350 Fairview area.
  2. Anyone have some 7N6 surplus 5.45x39mm ammo in sealed crates around the West TN area? Shoot me a PM if you have some available. Thanks!
  3. Incra router table. Wood worker identified it as a Twin Linear model. All parts in a huge plastic tub. Also has a drill press table with it. I know nothing about this level of woodworking equipment. If interested, message me for an address where it can be seen tomorrow at a yard sale in Inglewood. Price negotiable on inspection.
  4. I have a PSA FN made 300 blk out barrel. It’s a 1/8 twist and cold hammer forged and chrome lined. Carbine length gas system and is .750 diameter at gas block. Would guess around 75 rounds shot or so. Ran great suppressed or super. Some handling marks in pics but not abused. $140 in South Nashville or Franklin. Will ship for an extra $10.
  5. Might be a little hard to find these days, but looking to buy a couple of lowers (stripped or complete) for a couple of AR builds. Not needing anything super special. Cheaper the better.
  6. Brothers, I'm hoping to sell this for my mother-in-law. This Wii system was her late son's system that he kept here in Nashville. It was dismantled just before his passing in July, and boxed. Everything seems to be here, wiring cables, controllers, accessories, and 2 games. It includes the following: 1 Wii Sports Box Pack w/2 controllers. 2 Sport Pack 8 in 1 For Wii Sports Resort. Box opened, but appears never used components. 3 Orange Activision Rifle for Cabela's Games/ 2 unopened Shooter Guns for Wii with remote/ 1 extra Pistol form. Seems to be just a shell. 4 2 Games, both used as you'd expect. Activision--Cabela's Monster Buck Hunt/ Ubisoft Prince of Persia--Rival Swords Offers?
  7. I’ve parted with a few around here...kind of got the bug again. Anyone have a Sig P6 they want to part with-preferably not refinished and preferably with 3 or more mags? Neither preference is a deal breaker. I have trade fodder or cash.
  8. Sig P220 Legion SA/DA Looks to be unfired. Comes with hard box, 2 mags, soft Legion case with challenge coin. Excellent condition. Looks Iike it lived in the safe. $1000 Glock 26 Gen 4 Looks like new. Has talon grips and Trijicon night sights. 3 mags and box $600 POF Wonder AR-15 Brand new, never fired. Patriot Ordnance Factory, Wonder, Semi-automatic, 223 Rem/556NATO, 16.5" Barrel, Blue Titanium Cerakote Finish, Mission First Tactical Stock, 30Rd, 14" MLOK Renegade Rail, Single Port Micro-B Muzzle Brake, POF-USA 3.5lb Flat Trigger, Anti-Tilt Buffer Tube, Ambi Safety, Charging Handle, and Rear Sling Mount, 1 Magazine, Blue Titanium Cerakote, M-Lok Handguard $1600 Kimber Stainless TLE II Brand new never fired. Comes with box and one mag. Stainless steel slide and frame. 5" barrel. Night sights. $1000 615-542-3513 Not interested in trades. Can text/email pics.
  9. You know the rules. You offer up something shipped free and the person taking the item must do the same. I will start it. If you see something you want respond to the thread with I'll take it as well as what you PIF in return. You may not Claim an item unless you have something to PIF. I have the following: 5lbs of .40 S&W once fired brass *GONE* 1 revolver holster. Federal Man B325. Fits 4" Smith's *GONE* 1 GunMate pancake holster for 4-5" auto's *GONE* 1 hand made leather holster for large auto's *Possibly GONE*
  10. Fresh from the factory Sig P320 X Compact Zev custom. Looking to trade for a quality AK47 , quality pistol, WC Beretta, glock 32 plus cash, Glock 32 and 33 with extras, towards an EDCX9, WC P320, 229 Legion in .357 sig, 229 in .357 sig plus cash. Others possible.
  11. I am looking for a Belgium Browning A5 12 gauge. Live in Memphis.
  12. Tactical Precision Scope Rings Alloy Steel-1 Inch 1 Set Medium Height-$50.00 1 Set High-$50.00 $50.00 Each Set- FTF-$60.00 Shipped Priority Cash-Check-MO-NO Paypal PM with any questions-Thanks. Sorry about any confusion about the prices, hope it's cleared up now. https://www.tpsproducts.com/product/hrt-1-inch-high-alloy-steel/
  13. I have the following package deal for sale or trade: 1- Yaesu VX-7R black 50/144/430 transceiver with antenna 1- Yaesu VX-6R black 144/220/430 transceiver with antenna 1 good FNB-80LI 7.4V battery and one dead one 1 FBA-23 AA battery holder 1 NC-72B wall wart battery charger 2 leather cases The VX-7R works FB, no issues. The VX-6R works fine, but sometimes a couple pixels in the display fade out. I have (1) VX-7R and (1) VX-6R box also. $250 shipped conus.
  14. Cross-posted in the "Guns > Wanted section" I'm looking to trade my ammo for your handgun. I have assorted 9mm, 45acp, 22lr & wmr, 223, 5.56, 12ga slug & 00buck... Also a limited supply of 300blackout, 357 and 44 magnum. Looking for an xD9, will consider all variants and barrel lengths. Lady Radtekk and I have several xD's in both 9 and 45 so are familiar with the platform. Also interested in a 22lr pistol. NOT a Sig Mosquito. I'm NOT looking to sell ammo, even at today's r@pe pricing. I'm in Jefferson City, minutes from exit 417, not traveling any farther than 30 minutes from there in any direction. I'm new here, only been in Eastern Tennessee for 9 months but have been active on northeastshooters.com under the same username for about 10 years. ETA: I'll value my ammo at 75% of ammoseek.com pricing at the time of the deal.
  15. S&W 940 Stainless 9mm Includes moon clips No box $850 S&W 60-18 Stainless 5" barrel (rare) No box $800 S&W 686 6" no dash 1984 according to the early SN Finished in Stainless Pachmayr grip No box $850 S&W 686 4" no dash Early SN Finished in Stainless Aftermarket grips No box $850 S&W 681 4" no dash Finished in Stainless Factory stamping error for model number (68-1) No M revision Monogrip No box $850 S&W 629-1 Finished in Stainless 8 3/8" barrel Original grips No box $1000 Glock G42 Robins egg blue edition (frame) Stainless slide Great condition Includes everything from the factory Includes 1 additional magazine Includes 165 rounds of factory loaded ammo $650 French MAS 1936 Nickel plated (google says Vietnam bring back, so clearly thats what it is ) Clean bore Includes authentic bayonet $550 Ruger MK II 10" Target model Finished in blue Near mint condition 1 factory magazine No box $600 Ruger MK II 10" Target model Finished in Stainless Near mint condition 1 factory magazine No box $700 S&W 3913 TSW 9mm Ambidextrous decocker Excellent carry or backup piece 1 factory magazine No box $525 Marlin 1894S 44 magnum 20" barrel JM stamped (1989) model Not mint but in excellent condition $850 Winchester 94AE 44 magnum SRC model Good condition for it's age $1000 As of now my trade list would be very narrow. I am in east Tn but I travel.
  16. I think I'm ready to part with this. It's been a fun gun, but it doesn't get shot as much as I thought it would. This is an HK UMP45 clone by Omega. I had cracked the upper receiver messing with the top rail. I contacted Omega, shipped them the gun and they gave me a brand new upper and lower. This is their Gen2 receiver (not sure of the differences between the 1 & 2. I have put right about 1000rds through it. I added a HK front night sight. Muzzle break/thread adapter. Adjustable/folding ACR arm with a Gearhead tailhook brace. HK parts rail kit--I have the rails on all sides but the charging handle side. (I have the rail if you want to put it on that side, but I personally didnt like it there my knuckle would hit it slapping the handle) Comes with 2 mags, USA made. Heres what Atlantic Firearms website says about the Gideon.... The newly released Omega Gideon Shadow (GS) 45ACP pistol is recoil operated, closed bolt, lightweight, durable and easy to maintain semi auto pistol. Each pistol covers 3 of the most popular calibers in 9mm, .40 and .45 respectively. The end user can simply swap the barrel, bolt and magazine and the end user can change the caliber in a matter of minutes. Weighing in at less than 5 lbs. the Omega GS pistol is a superior subgun range performer & is 1.5 pounds less than the MP5 . Each Omega GS pistol receiver is made from high impact glass reinforced polymer. A superior pistol platform providing enhanced strength, durability, light and nimble operation. The Omega GS pistol is a highly effective range performer sure to please shooters of any background or shooter skill level. $1900 cash takes it! Trades considered- CZ Bren2 9"/11" in 762/556 or Wilson Combat EDC X9/X9s or Gold/Silver Bullion/BTC I was not planning on including the Holosun, but if someone wants it I can throw it in for $100. (Holosun has only been used on 1 range trip) I also have a bunch of 45acp FMJ/HPs I can include for a reasonable and fair price. Thanks for looking!
  17. Cleaning out brother-in-law's closet...I found this. Walls Aero Zone Insulated hunting leggings...full garment to waist like bib overalls Size Large-Regular Waist 38-40. Never worn or used. Tan in color. 30 bucks. Message me if interested. I will have these and other items at a yard sale tomorrow...Sat 9/26. Message me for address. For you BMW bikers...a New, unworn, insulated, zippered jacket. Size Medium. Older Style. Blue in color 40 bucks.
  18. NOT motivated to sell this. Don't make silly offers because they WILL be ignored.... 1968 .38s&w 5 shot, ultimately concealable revolver. From what I can ascertain this was ther final year of the tiny little 'I' frame, before the 'J' frame became the smallest standard. Exceptional single action trigger, very smooth double action. Light cylinder ring, aluminum grippy expander thing. Really clean leather OWB holster. 100 rnds-ish of mild handloads (mine) + 400-ish 146gn cast bullets & dies. Perfect little carry revolver. Really nice condition for a 55 year old backup piece. Don't really want to sell, but my business is suffering due to this GD virus thing & i'm offloading everything I can live without. $500 hard, concrete, no offers, firm. NAA .22 mag for scale.....
  19. Glock 30SF 45ACP - sold Springfield 1911A1 - $550 obo several mags, compensator Sig M400 pistol 5.56- pending factory build, 1 mag, 11.5” barrel, quad rail 1000rds 45ACP can be sold to a buyer of either of the .45s above (sellier and bellot) for $500 trades considered for 9mm and 5.56mm guns/ammo.
  20. Magpul AR PRS Butt Stock Black-Absolutely Like New $200.00 FTF-$220.00 Shipped Priority Cash-Check-MO-NO Paypal PM with any questions.
  21. Selling my Brand New Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver 10mm. I am asking $875.00 for the revolver. This is brand new never fired except from the Smith & Wesson factory. Not looking for any trades please. Will through in two boxes of Sig Sauer 10mm ammo. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. Thanks for looking. “Gun must be purchased by a resident of the State of Tennessee, must have a TN HCP, Fill out Bill of Sale”
  22. I have several types of .224 Valkyrie for sale. Brand New Never shot. "LOL" FTF sale only please. Thanks for looking. 1. 10 Boxes of Hornady Black 75gr .224 Valkyrie - Asking $20.00 Per Box or $195.00 for all 10 boxes. 2. 7 Boxes of Hornady Match 88gr ELD .224 Valkyrie - Asking $20.00 Per Box or $135.00 for all 7 boxes. 3. 8 (two not showing in picture) boxes of Federal American Eagle 77gr .224 Valkyrie - $10.00 per box or $75.00 for all boxes. I will sell all 25 boxes of the .224 Valkyrie ammo for $400.00.
  23. I have one 28 round 6.8 spc, .224 Valkyrie magazine and two 10 6.8 spc, .224 Valkyrie magazines. I am asking $60.00 FTF sales or $65.00 shipped for all magazines. The 28 round and one of the 10 round magazines have never been used. The one 10 round magazine that has been used has had only 20 shot with it. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order. "No Paypal" Please. Thanks for looking.

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