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  1. @Capbyrd & @DaveTN my apologies, I took your use of MSR out of context and thought you were referring to Remington’s MSR rifle, which stands for Modular Sniper Rifle. Makes allot more sense now with the proper context, and I agree with you about the other MSR meaning. It is essentially elements of the gun industry trying to take a PC approach to a topic that we don’t need to church up and make it out to be something its not. Again, sorry for my confusion and thank you for your clarification.
  2. I have yet to have an AR that I did not change/upgrade things on, even some that I have purpose built myself after lots of deliberation on each part. Thant’s just the evolving nature of it with there being so many options for one to easily customize for their individual needs/wants. That being said, you will never come close to selling a frankengun (even one of all high end components) for what you put into it. So the only ones I build from scratch are the ones I know I’m going to keep. As to them lasting longer and working better, I would say that the majority of AR owners won’t ever come close to the service life of their gun or having enough trigger time on it to notice the benefits that some of the higher end components provide. For a shooter that has let’s say a $2k-3k budget, instead of blowing their whole load on the high end/name recognition gun and having it sit in a safe most of its life, they could increase their lethality by getting a $1000 gun, a quality optic, a case of decent ammo, and attending some training or getting into local competitions.
  3. I’m curious about this comment? I will admit that their price tag made them cost prohibitive for most civilians but the Remington MSR was one of the first of its kind....it was after select SOCOM units started fielding the Remington MSR (and more asking for it) that many more manufactures jumped on the train, resulting in the myriad of options we see today. The MSR was the result of senior snipers at a certain unit going directly to the product reps at Remington Defense (most of whom were former SOF guys themselves) and saying “here’s a list of what we want this gun to do, can you build it?” Remington engineers went to work and if I recall correctly delivered 12-15 guns in early 2008. It’s a shame to me that an iconic gun company like Remington has been torn apart by corporate greed, and exposed to further injury by lawsuits that would never have a chance if America still believed in holding people responsible for their own actions. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few Remington employees and engineers over the years and found them to be true craftsmen than really wanted to put out products that deserved the Remington stamp on the side...if only every level of that company felt the same.
  4. Congratulations to you and your wife on the new baby! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all for your speedy recovery and for the surgery in the little one’s future.
  5. I do handyman work on the side and end up in a lot of crawl spaces. The vast majority of homes that I go under, new and old, have no insulation in the crawl space, so I can’t imagine that it could be a code requirement to have it.
  6. I’m just a regular joe and I got in at Strategic Edge after 8-10 months on the waiting list. He only allows a certain amount of members (I don’t know what that number is up to now), and each year as some people don’t renew, more get notified that they can join. It’s an amazing range and worth biding your time on the waiting list in my option. Membership is not needed for most of the competitions and classes out there. Charlie’s range is also quite good for short range work, though I long ago stopped going on the weekends as it can get crowded and uncomfortable quick.
  7. Welcome to the group Keith.
  8. I haven’t seen too many of these. It’s a great looking Colt.
  9. I have a snake for just about every caliber I own, they are great. I keep them in my range bag and almost always run it down my bore twice before shooting. I used to carry them in the field, but after seeing a buddy struggle to clear mud that made its way into his bore after he slipped and fell, we have switched over to the Otis style for field use. Most of the bore snakes are too flexible (cloth essentially) to be able to push out an obstruction, while the Otis uses a Plastic coated cable, which when pushed through the confines of the barrel acts rigid like a rod and can push things out with a brush. I don’t recommend the boresnake or the Otis as the only means of cleaning, but do think they are valuable tools for your tool box.
  10. Great looking gun. Bhunted's erotic description fits it to a T.
  11. We've had a groundhog living in the back of our yard for a couple years, the wife decided that he's a pet and named him Henry. I haven't minded too much having a "pet" that I didn't have to feed or clean up after, and it pretty much keeps to the back wooded area and has left the lawn alone. Last year Henry got pretty fat and it turned out Henry was actually a Henrietta, who dropped off a few dismounts. Not sure what happened to all the little ones but Henrietta is still out and about almost every day. There will be hell to pay from the wife and kids if anything ever happens to it as they will think I had something to do with it .
  12. I have a mint condition Benchmade Bali-song knife that I am parting with. It has never been carried or used to cut anything (with the exception of me slicing my thumb with it a couple times) and I can attest that it is razor sharp. Very cool knife and a great conversation piece, I just don't have the skills for it. The knife comes with a Benchmade belt sheath. Looking at the pictures it appears to be double edged, but in fact has a false edge on one side. If I recall it was around $435 new and I am asking $275 cash or $300 trade value. I prefer to meet face to face in the Spring Hill or Columbia area, but am willing to ship (at your expense) to any established members here. My trade interests are pretty broad so just ask, but ammo is always of interest.

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