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  1. Hudson H9.....anybody handled one?

    It does look interesting, nice lines.
  2. The Gorilla the antis haven't identified (yet)

    The insurance companies will make determinations based upon financial risk, not ethics. There is much to be taken from the adage "just because we can doesn't mean we should". While I theoretically could legally leave a pistol sitting in plain view on the dash of my unattended car in a parking lot would it be considered responsible to do so in modern times? If I still had any guns or ammo left after that tragic boating accident, no I would not want anyone dictating how I did or did not secure my personal defense tools in my own home. It is not a valid comparison of scenarios. These firearms being stolen in alarming quantities during these way too easy smash and grabs are not personal defense items at someone's home, they are inventory assets left unattended overnight at the owners place of business and they are insured to mitigate said owners financial loss. The loser in this situation is the public at large, as it's doubtful these stolen guns are going home with the thieves for personal protection or 3-gun matches. I truelly think we are closer in opinion than you think Whisper. My concern, which goes along with the OP, is that we WILL see attempts at overreaching policy that would try to effect us in our home, because of the lack of adequate precautions by a relatively small number of businesses. You know as well as I that the anti's would not limit their gaze to the security requirements of FFLs and gun shops. In my opinion these businesses are throwing the rest of us gun owners under the bus in the political arena, and saying screw you to the safety of their local communities.
  3. The Gorilla the antis haven't identified (yet)

    What kind of legal philosophy do you recommend in this instance? The failure of some of these businesses to take responsible precautions to deter/slow down/prevent these types of thefts is just gas on the fire for the anti gun folks, it's not going to help our cause.
  4. The Gorilla the antis haven't identified (yet)

    The gun stores with nothing but glass storefronts getting hit and loosing 20-30 guns at a time doesn't help the situation you are describing. I actually wouldn't mind seeing some regulation requiring better security at these places since they aren't responsible enough to enact it themselves.
  5. Relocation suggestions

    If the $300k price range you mentioned is for land alone you might have some options for decent acreage. You might look into Chapel Hill and Culleoka. They are still kind of small town feel but starting to grow. As for snobby dogs needing grooming yes there are plenty of those out here (unfortunately my wife has one) so she should have no problem finding work grooming. There are even a couple ladies around that have tiny trailers they tow to people's homes to groom, and charge a premium for it. You mentioned being handy, there will be plenty of side work available as the majority of the people moving to middle TN don't seem to know or want to do things for themselves. I make decent money working as a handyman on the side, it's almost cringeworthy how simple some of the tasks are that people pay me to do. If people spent a little more time studying at the University of YouTube they could save themselves a lot of money.
  6. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    If I left my truck gun laying out on the dash with nothing but a piece of glass between it and a potential thief people would call me stupid, and rightly so. I'm not sure why it's any different for the gun shops that just have glass doors and glass cases, especially with how frequently these heists are occurring with similar MO. I'm not usually one in favor of more rules/regulations/laws/etc but at some point enough is enough, all these guns are going straight to the street for nefarious intent.
  7. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Keeping in mind that churches (especially large ones) can often be as risk averse as any business, I interpreted John's comment about the LEO type training to be a wind out of the sails argument/solution for those that would not want to implement security teams due to possible legal risk involved. Havinging helped a couple churches establish and implement similar security protocols I can say that their biggest concern is usually the perceived risk of a churchgoer dropping/loosing a firearm that a child could pick up or someone accidentally shooting someone. Believe it or not many pastors and church administrators are not gun people, some are, but most I have encountered are not, so they often have to be educated. With the uptick in these types of attacks maybe some will educate themselves and be more open to reasonable security measures. My dad is a pastor of a small church in California and he has been carrying in the pulpit for years. He said that he has the best view in the house from the pulpit and he shoots/trains regularly to maintain proficiency. He takes being the shepard of the flock seriously in many ways. I know the Warrior Poet personally and I can assure you that he does not think that everyone needs to have LEO training to carry a gun, though as a firearms instructor he obviously feels passionate about people bettering themselves through training if possible. I don't think anyone can argue with the benefits of that.
  8. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    Any reports on the method of entry? Hopefully not another glass front store with no security bars.
  9. M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    That's impressive. I just upgraded to an iPhone 7 so I guess I need to start practicing your lighting suggestions, thanks.
  10. M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    David I have to ask, what are you using to get pictures of this quality? I'm guessing a real camera of some sort, not the phone variety?
  11. 300 blkout cutting casings

    If it's making a ring on the brass on some and ripping others in the same place I would recommend he disassemble and check the chamber for abnormalities. I would also chamber a round and extract it without firing to see if it leaves this ring before or after case expansion. Did he buy this new or was it previously owned? If new I agree with your recommendation, send it back and DD will make it right.
  12. Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    I should query the OP whether he wants to know what I think is the best or what I think is the best that I can afford I recently had the opportunity to shoot a Nighthawk 1911 in 9mm that made my pants tight in weird ways and gave me the warm fuzzies like a teenager copping his first feel. But alas, I have 4 kids so that gun won't be in my budget this side of who knows how many years of college. As for what I think is best that I can also afford; a G17 Gen 4 for full size, a G19 Gen 3or4 midsize, and a Kahr for compact/single stack. As to the why....I'm a fan of Glock for their affordability, shoot-ability, reliability, ease of maintenance, ease of upgrades, etc, etc, etc. I'm also a fan of having a work gun that I don't give any thought to it getting banged around. While I do have a few safe queens that I'm proud of, none of my Glocks are in that category, and I don't think I've ever spent more than $500 on any of my Glocks. I mentioned the Kahr as my preference for compact 9mm. While I do like the single stack Glocks I like the Kahr in that size a bit better, and I like the Kahr trigger a lot better. I have the MK9 which is a great shooter for that size, but the all steel construction makes it pretty heavy/awkward to pocket carry at times.
  13. Not sure if this qualifies for this thread as I don't have any pics to add and I technically wasn't the one doing the shooting, but I would be remiss not to mention a shooting event that occurred this weekend at Strategic Edge in Chapel Hill. Strategic Edge hosted a group called A Soldier's Child Foundation which is comprised of Gold Star kids of various ages (there were 9-20year olds at the range) that come together from around the country and hang out together and participate in various outdoor activities. I had honestly never heard of the group before this, but it's worth reading up on. They are out of Murfreesboro as best I can tell and have a lot of their gatherings based out of the Deer Run Camp. Anyway, seeing these kids come out to the range, some of whom had never shot before, was truely awesome! They shot everything from .22 pistols, ARs, recurve bows, shotguns, all the way up to a bolt action .50 cal! I think the joy on their faces was equally matched by that of the range members that brought their own guns and ammo out for the kids to shoot. There were some truely amazing guns on the line, and the kids got to shoot as much or as little as they wanted. There were several that even hit the 1000yrd target with the .50 and a couple long range rigs. While the kids may or may not have realized that they were experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity that many firearms enthusiasts would have paid dearly for, it was sobering to contemplate the sacrifice and loss that these kids and their families had experienced. As you can imagine there were certainly some underlying emotions at play, probably just as much for the volunteers that participated. I'm just glad to know that there are organizations out there like A Soldier's Child that are trying to enrich and brighten the lives of these youth that we all owe a dept of gratitude for.
  14. New here, and soon to be new in TN

    Welcome to the group!
  15. Need an opinion

    Nothing wrong in my mind about carrying that 1911, bare bones or not. But since you are asking about a compact 9mm I'm guessing you are not wanting to carry the size/weight of the 1911, is that correct? So the next hurdle would be whatever your budget is. If at all possible I would keep the .45 and the ammo reserve you have for it, and buy yourself a compact 9 and start building your reserve for that. Either way, welcome to TGO!

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