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  1. Danger Rane

    [GAMES] PS4 or XBOX ?

    If you are wanting to be able to play games with your Grandson online while you are both in separate locations than you will want to get the same console, as the majority of games do not crossover. If you just want something that you will play with him on your console when he's at your place I recommend the Xbox. Regardless which platform you choose check out the games "World of Tanks" and "Fortnite", both are free games that give you the option to spend real money if you so choose, both are fun for kids and adults alike and while guns and war are involved neither have graphic violence.
  2. Danger Rane

    Enclosed Trailer Brand Recommendation?

    I recommend staying away from Diamond Cargo, I have a custom 7x16 from them and they cut more corners than most.
  3. Danger Rane

    Goodbye REI

    I've always had a love/hate relationship with REI and can't say I'm really surprised by this latest twist. When I was a young Army private getting ready to ship out for my first trip to Afghanistan our squad leader told me to go to REI (a store I'd never heard of up to that point) and ask an employee to help me pick out the appropriate layers and gear for a mountainous trek. He made sure to tell me not to mention that I was in the Army (as if the stylish high and tight wouldn't give it away) both for reasons of OPSEC but also because "they're a bunch of damn granola eating treehuggers that don't like what we do!" Treehuggers they certainly were, but proper advice on outdoor mountaineering I certainly got. I had to buy layers that could be worn underneath my issued equipment, which was at that point in the GWOT fairly ill prepared for sustained operations at high altitude. When it was all said and done I spent a little over $400 on a base layer, mid weight layer, my first of many MSR pocket rocket stoves, and a sleeping bag that was about two times warmer and four times lighter than my issued version.....all at the advice of a nice lady that smelled like she used hemp oil for perfume and probably had longer armpit and leg hair than I did. That was alot of money to spend as a young Private but it was worth every penny, and that pocket rocket stove got passed around my platoon like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert. Fast forward several years and I was no longer a private but a Platoon Sergeant trying to outfit my guys for a trip to another region that required specialized equipment. I was with our Supply Sergeant who had the credit card and the authorization to purchase 26 complete sets of gear for the platoon. As we were finalizing everything the Supply Sergeant did his due diligence to save the tax payers some money and asked if we could get a bulk discount and/or a discount for being a military/gov customer......this was at the REI parent store in the heart of liberal Seattle.... you would have thought we just told the manager and the several associates helping us that we just ate a baby for breakfast. Not only was there not a discount to be had, but that POS manager at that point started making things difficult to the point that if he could have told us outright he wasn't going to sell to us than he probably would have. Despite our baby killing temperament we left without incident and without spending a dime, leaving the triggered (that's what they were, despite the fact that the term didn't exist back then) associates to deal with the 13 overflowing carts of gear we had amassed. We promptly went to a mom and pop competitor of REI and after the discount that they were happy to give us came out paying about 1/3rd less than it was going to cost at REI, they even let each of our platoon members come in at their leisure and personally fit them for their gear. I did eventually figure out at least in part why the REI prices are so dang high on everything, they have a fantastic return policy that they have to financially account for. I've seen people take back shoes that look like they've walked the A.T. in its entirety and turn them in saying they didn't fit just right and walk out with brand new shoes.....I guess that's how tree huggers view recycling and conservation
  4. Danger Rane

    Here's another knife sheath

    Nice work, the sheath and the blade. We have some true craftsman in here.
  5. Danger Rane


    Welcome to the group. I second the suggestion for Northside Gun Shop.
  6. Danger Rane

    New Member

    Welcome to the group Seabee!
  7. Danger Rane

    Looking for a metal shop

    Not sure where you are located but I'm in the Columbia/Spring Hill area. I have the cutting and welding capability but don't have a bender. If you come up with the parts we can work something out to get it welded up. If you are south of me look into Richmond LLC in Pulaski, they are my metal supplier but also have a full service fab shop and powder coat booth.
  8. Danger Rane

    Hello to all!

  9. Danger Rane

    Greetings from Occupied California

    Welcome to the group M. I escaped the PRC (Redding area) back in the late 90's and haven't looked back. Been in TN about 7 years now and don't ever want to leave. You will like it here, the state and definitely this group.
  10. The burn marks on the tanks look like it would be from API not tracer. I have seen and used APIT in .50 but have only seen/used tracer or API in 7.62x51, not aware of a 7.62 in the APIT flavor. IF it had penetrated, and IF he hit the tanks in an area that was vapor and not fluid, it could have been pretty bad.
  11. Enough with the probing already, that's obviously what started this mess
  12. Danger Rane

    Charging Handles...how much to pay.

    I've got Raptors on a couple of mine and I love them. Watch Rainier Arms long enough and they have sales on them a couple times a year. I think I paid $60 for one and $75 for the other. I'm a lefty and I run my scopes kinda low.
  13. Danger Rane

    ad closed WTB High Quality AR-15 trigger

    I have a slightly used single stage Accuracy Speaks trigger if you are interested. Tried it for a while and decided I prefer 2 stage so it's been sitting in the safe ever since. It's a hair shy of 4.5lbs and very crisp. If you want it we can work something out.
  14. Just signed up. Confirmation email came through right away with yahoo. Sent you a double tap pm on SN. Excited to see where it goes!
  15. Danger Rane

    In urgent need of security camera suggestions

    I'm sorry to hear what you are going through Ronald, and I totally understand your frustration and concerns. Our oldest is my 16 year old stepdaughter who up until this last summer has kept us on our toes. She's was never a bad kid, but she's always been the type to be influenced by the here and now, with little thought to anything else but how to be popular. We held her off from pretty much all social media until she was 14, at which point she got an instagram account. Even though my wife had access to it and checked her phone almost nightly (it had to be on its charger in our room by 9 every night), I could see her change from the sweet/seemingly innocent girl she once was to one obsessed by how many people were "liking" the occasional picture my wife wold let her post, and she constantly chafed under the restrictions my wife gave her about what she could/couldn't wear in said pictures. As she turned 15 we caught her lying to us about communication and interaction with a couple boys we didn't know. Thankfully she wasn't great at covering her tracks or aware that I had been not that great a kid growing up so I knew where/how to flush out what was going on. We saved her from making some big mistakes but in the end it was for not as she chose to go live with her biological father this summer after he told her she would get a Lexus and the newest iPhone for her sweet sixteen. Hard to compete with that, not that we would have. It's been very hard on my wife to relate and wrap her head around what's going on with her daughter as she (my wife) has legitimately always been a good moral, modest woman. The daughter is now on every social media known to man, including the real wolf in sheeps clothing, Snapchat. Total garbage, nothing good about that app but they market the hell out of it to these young girls with all the filters, streaks, trophys, etc....I'll catch my wife near to tears sometimes when she sees what her daughter is posting and wearing (or not) in her pictures. If you want to look into cameras checkout the 4 or 8 camera set by Nightowl at Costco. It will do pretty much everything you asked about in your OP and they run $300 and $500 respectively. I just helped my Dad install the 8 camera set at his church and they are super clear, and work great at night also. Sorry for what you are going through, I feel for you. As others have said you have to bite the bullet and get ahead of it if at all possible.

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