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  1. I've met several people in Seattle that made me suspect that they had already been going without shower water for a month or two. Never seen so many women with armpit hair as I did in the PNW.
  2. Danger Rane

    New to TGO

    Welcome to TGO! As for ranges, Strategic Edge in Chapel Hill is great, especially if you shoot long distance.
  3. Danger Rane

    Switching to streaming tv....

    Good point Sir... fixed it.
  4. Danger Rane

    Switching to streaming tv....

    It's been 3 or 4 years now since we cut cable. No regrets at all and we have been happy to see more and more options for those that don't want to go the traditional cable/direct TV route. We have internet through AT&T that we have been very happy with the speed and reliability. For news channels, sports channels, and some discovery channel type stuff we use YouTube TV for $40ish per month. For most TV shows and some movies we use Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  5. Danger Rane

    FFP or SFP scope?

    I prefer FFP for everything if I have a choice, mainly because that's what I've used the most and I feel it gives me more versatility depending on what type of reticle I'm using. If you go with SFP just be mindful of which power setting you need to be on for proper use of your reticle (usually the max setting but not always). If you don't anticipate needing your reticle to scale throughout your power band then you should be fine with SFP. I know some folks don't like how small a FFP reticle looks at low magnification in low light situations, so that's something to consider for hunting. Of course an illuminated reticle could mitigate that issue. Theoretically the biggest benefit of a 30mm scope body vs a 1" body is the amount of elevation adjustment. If you are only shooting out to 6 then you should be fine with the 1".
  6. Danger Rane

    What kind of accuracy do you get from your AR?

    As Garufa suggested that's a pretty open ended question, especially considering the plethora of options when configuring an AR, choosing caliber, choosing ammo, optic etc...but to answer rather generally all my 5.56 and .223 ARs are shooting 1MOA or better, one shoots 3/4MOA easily and can do better when I do my part. I have a 300blk build I just finished and started testing and it's about 1.75MOA, but I'm going to tinker and try to make it better. I've built all my AR's but don't reload right now so it's all factory ammo. Any particular reason you ask? Just generally curious or trying to figure out if yours is up to standard?
  7. Damn, the worst thing about this is the K9 getting killed in the crossfire.
  8. Danger Rane

    Did I miss black Friday??

    Lowe's had some pretty good deals on tools. Picked up a nice Dewalt compound miter saw for a good price and got the stand free. Actually bought it a couple days ago at full price because I wasn't sure how many they would have on hand this morning....went in today with my receipt and they price matched and gave me the difference. Gotta love Lowe's.
  9. Danger Rane

    Lucky Day

    Nice kill!
  10. Danger Rane

    Aftermarket vehicle warranties?

    Just my opinion but I tend to think these are a waste of money. When I bought my last truck the dealer was pressuring me pretty hard to get an extended warranty because the factory warranty only covers 3 years/36k miles. I told him that if he felt I needed the warranty that bad when I hit mile 36,001 then I should probably go buy a different brand of truck. He didn't find it funny but he shut up. gotthegoods, you mentioned that this is a good option if repairs exceed ones budget, and I think that's absolutely the wrong way to look at things. When someone shops for a vehicle they need to keep in mind not only the purchase price but also fuel consumption, collision insurance and repair needs. If I can't budget for future repairs on my truck maybe I should get a smaller (cheaper) truck or a car. My wife and I have a car fund that we put the equivalent of a car payment into monthly along with any tax returns we get each year. We get to collect interest on this account and have it on hand should an emergency arise, but usually it's used for things like new tires or vehicle repairs as they come up. We do this religiously and have been able to save for each of our last two vehicles and buy them outright. We are not wealthy and probably never will be, but this methodology has saved us a ton of money over the years. The hardest part for most people is being able to wait while they save, as they want the big shiny thing now. The other part is being willing to get ones hands dirty and get outside their comfort zone. I'll be the first to admit that a transmission or engine swap on any of my current vehicles is outside my scope of skills, and I would begrudgingly have to take it to a shop for that level repair, but it's easy to save a ton of money on most repairs with some YouTube videos and a basic set of tools. I replaced both front hub bearings on my car for $96, the shop wanted over $900. High pressure lines on my wife's van, bought part for $51 on Amazon installed myself with a lot of cursing, the shops wanted $500-700. Watched videos and repaired sliding door on wife's van with no parts needed, shop wanted $400-600 to repair. I am not really all that mechanically inclined, but my google-fu game is strong...people can do a lot more than they often give themselves credit for and save a ton of money in the process.
  11. Danger Rane

    Keep or sell the .380s?

    I'd be hard pressed to get rid of my LCP if I didn't have to. It's not what I carry the most, but sometimes It's all I can carry. I think a little pocket pistol is a must have tool in the tool box.
  12. This post always reminds me of a certain children's song without end. On the upside we gain new TGO members periodically, even if they do have questionable taste in 1911's
  13. Danger Rane

    Honda CRV- The Good, The Bad and What is better?

    This is one of the big things my MIL likes about her CRV.....she finds the height perfect for her to get in and out comfortably. My FIL drives an Accord and it's too low for her so they always take the CRV when the ride together. Both of her's have been very reliable.
  14. Danger Rane

    AR Pistols?

    I have one I built, I do run a blade brace, have a 10.5" 300blk upper and a 7.5" 5.56 upper. I don't have a can for either but the right muzzle device for your configuration can make a huge difference. As a couple others have mentioned I like having the ability of the rifle caliber in a portable package that I can keep in my truck or a backpack when traveling. I have a pistol to fight my way back to my truck gun....wouldn't be any point if I was fighting my way to another pistol caliber (IMO).
  15. Danger Rane

    Honda CRV- The Good, The Bad and What is better?

    My mother in law is on her second CRV and loves them. Took the first one up to almost 200k before selling it to get a newer one. No real issues with the first one, she just had it so long she wanted a newer one. I personally find them to be pretty gutless in the speed department. Barely able to get out of its own way and definitely not great for pulling out into traffic and getting up to speed without pissing people off....which I guess explains why they are so popular among 60-70 year old women. On the freeway they feel about as stable as sitting in a cardboard box strapped to a skateboard. if your budget permits check out the Toyota Highlander. We got my wife a 2016 a few months back and it's a very smooth ride with adequate power for that size vehicle. Gets about 20.5 mpg cruising at 80mph with a full load.

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