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  1. .410 for Turkey

    That's a great point, I think it's kinda crazy how expensive .410 shells are.
  2. wanted .45 acp Brass

    PM sent
  3. Amazing sniper skills

    That was awesome!.....and we're going to hell.
  4. .410 for Turkey

    I've taken (x2) Turkeys with my little Rossi Circuit Judge using 3" .410 shells. The first one was shot at about 14 yards. There were enough pellets in the head/neck area that I felt comfortable pushing out a bit further the next year and took one at right around 20 yards. That would be the furthest I would feel comfortable taking one with my setup. I think the key is to conduct extensive pattern testing with whatever you go with to establish a realistic working range, and make a mental "range card" of your hunting area to determine the distance beforehand to key features like distinct trees, your decoys, creeks, sticks or stakes you put out etc...I usually do this with my LRF as soon as I get into an area, helps me quite a bit. As long as you know your realistic (humane) range for what you are working with and stick with that you should be good. The .410 will require more patience and maybe field craft to let them get close, but it will get r done. Im not necessarily a cheapskate, but I do like to be able to fill multiple roles with my tools. A couple years ago I used a 12 gauge Stoeger Double Defense O/U coach gun to take a turkey at 46 yards. But again, that was after extensive patterning and trying about 5 different loads before finding one that really let me reach out there with that gun. Good luck, and happy hunting.
  5. ad closed Small Bowie/Fighter

    Beautiful work.
  6. Fresh From Out West

    Welcome to the group!
  7. Need advice on rechargeable dessicants

    I haven't ever used the soft packs, so I have no feedback on those. I buy the 40 gram rechargeable canisters from Midway (probably available on Amazon as well) and they fit perfectly into my ammo cans. I put one canister (similar in size to an Altoid tin) in each ammo can. It's taken a couple years to weed out which cans have good seals and which ones don't, but I am able to go 6-8 months without recharging the dessicant in my long term storage cans. My cans with crappy seals I keep in the garage, these are my cans that see more use and usually get recharged every couple months or whenever I notice the dessicant has changed color. I can fit about 10 of these canisters on a cookie sheet and "recharge" them in the oven in a couple hours. I have not noticed any smell left behind in the oven, and more importantly neither has my wife
  8. Howdy

  9. Welding For Dummies

    Check out the Miller 215 Multimatic. As it's name suggests it is a multi process welder; MIG, Stick, DC TIG. Runs off of 120 or 240. Very user friendly for the novice welder and very easily tuned for the more experienced welder. It is my smallest welder but it gets used quite often for jobs you are describing that don't warrant firing up the big stuff. Cyberweld.com frequently has decent rebates going. For general farm/field use I would recommend getting yourself a roll of Hobart or Harris .035 Flux Core wire along with some quality 6011 and 7018 welding rods. For infrequent use buy rods in small, sealed containers as they (particularly the 7018) go to crap once their flux has absorbed moisture. If you are ever in the Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin area drop me a message and I'll let you check out the 215 and try to answer any questions you might have.
  10. They are notorious for not cycling in most semi's and some pump actions. I use them in a Stoeger Coach gun with my kids and they love them. I have a trail through the woods behind my house set up like a 3gun course for them, .22lr pistol, 22lr rifle, and a couple different targets for the coach gun requiring them to choose the Aguila buck, slug, or shot. It certainly wouldn't be something I would use as my go to defense round but it has been a great training round and transitional round for people I have taught to use a shotgun. It's also kinda neat that my KSG holds 20 or more and cycles them fine. And I have taken one turkey with the 7.5 shot out of the coach gun without issue, at about 18 yards.
  11. Metal Supply Shop around Franklin/Nashville?

    Welding Unlimited in Franklin. They don't always have a lot of everything or the best prices, but they do usually have enough variety on the shelf to get you through small projects. I've never been charged a cut fee for the few times I've needed a stick cut down to size.
  12. Getting ready...

    That's a nice group! Getting much better than that might prove expensive.
  13. Hey all

    Welcome to the group!
  14. New here! Damn Yankee

    Welcome to TGO! You'll like it here.
  15. sold Searching for a Glock 20 Gen 4

    That's a beauty, I like that finish as apposed to a few I have. Which front sight is that? My bleary eyes like it, especially paired with a not bright rear.

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