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  1. Who is this majority of people that think that? I’ve personally never heard a single person say that knives aren’t dangerous. Having attended multiple patients over the years with knife wounds, none of whom were cut by a “trained man” I’d say your methodology is flawed. The simple fact that our bodies really need to keep the red stuff inside, and most interactions with a knife involve it leaking out, sometimes rapidly, indicates that knives are dangerous.
  2. 100% agree. Unfortunately that is all the majority of our current military commanders know to be the norm, I’m not sure they have what it takes anymore to fight a real war. For that matter after seeing how most of our country reacted to the hiccup of COVID 19, I don’t think our country has the balls to fight a real war anymore.
  3. It’s not necessarily a matter of the commanders not having the authority as much as it is the commanders being pussies and not wanting to risk anything jeopardizing their retirements. Now that POTUS has said it he’s hopefully set the tone for them to actually do it. They’ll only need to obliterate 1 or 2 to make the point. Can’t tell you how many FOBs I’ve been on downrange where the base or individual unit commanders were not letting their troops carry ammo, or if they did carry it, it was separate from the weapon system. I saw one entire infantry unit, that most here would recognize the name of because of their awesome history in wars past, that had their magazines 100mph taped to their butt-stocks. They could only put magazines in there weapons if/when they took a turn at perimeter security, and even then they could not chamber a round. They didn’t use the mag taped to their buttstock... the outgoing security element would hand a magazine marked “guard duty” to the oncoming security shift. It was incredibly demoralizing to the troops that had signed up for and trained to be badasses that their commanders would not even trust them to have their weapons loaded while in a combat zone. I felt pretty bad for them, and you can’t be surprised when most get out after one enlistment or try to make the jump to a SOF unit. It’s amazing that most civilians make it through their life without a DUI, or raping someone, or robbing a bank.... these are literally the topics that unit commanders feel the need to spend hours lecturing their troops about before every single weekend pass. The military does not subscribe to the theory of individual responsibility....so commanders will spend hours pontificating every week about almost anything you could possibly conceive of doing wrong so they can cover their ass. This mindset of treating every individual like the lowest common denominator has in turn resulted in weak leaders throughout the officer and enlisted corps...leaders that can’t make decisions for themselves about firing on enemy vessels getting danger close to our warships.
  4. I helped a friend cut, load, and haul a car hauler full of nice straight oak (2-3’ around and 10-16’ long) to a saw mill over in Ethridge last year, and he only got $112 for the whole trailer full. We would have been better cutting and spitting it for firewood. I’m not sure the pricing on pine but I would call and ask first.
  5. I have the Aguilla and Federal shorty loads for when my wife or kids shoot my KSG. I personally think it’s an all around good gun but I know some people don’t care for them. I’ve had no cycling issues with the shorty rounds, or any rounds for that matter. I will say that for the first few hundred rounds you need to somewhat aggressively work the action, but now I either don’t notice that I’m doing it or it has gotten easier as the gun broke in. I use it as a truck gun on long trips. I saw one for sale at Academy recently for around $800, which is about what I paid for mine several years ago to a fellow TGO member.
  6. @BHunted,yeah it did not go quite that smooth for me, must be my fat fingers and complete lack of coordination
  7. That’s a very specific question, for a topic with so many variables. The two most important questions that might help narrow it down is what area and what type of work specifically. There can be a big difference between cutting grass vs putting in mulch and planting trees.
  8. I’m a Firefighter/EMS so thankfully it’s been business as usual. We were originally bracing for lots of overtime, but if anything we have been a lot slower than usual. Just goes to show how much non-emergency stuff we deal with on a regular basis. Now that everyone thinks we are all waist deep in the virus they aren’t calling us out to their homes for petty issues. It’s been great, and let’s us focus on the real emergencies and truly sick people. What has been interesting is keeping up with the constantly changing PPE and sanitation protocols. It’s been something different almost every shift for the past month. My wife is a Nurse that has been furloughed because the pre/post op section of the hospital she works in has been shut down for all but emergent surgeries. Which begs the question, why are the majority of the surgeries that normally go on there not emergent? The hospital told her she shouldn’t file for unemployment because there are other areas of the hospital she could work in, which is theoretically true if the waiting list for shifts wasn’t a mile long due to all the out of work nurses. The virus might be real somewhere, but it’s not very real here. I try not to be too much of a conspiracy theorist, but I think we’ve been had. I just don’t know by whom and for what purpose. Meanwhile we have been absolutely loving the extra time with our kids. With them out of school and baseball season cancelled we have been having a blast everyday after their homework gets done. Lots of fishing, hiking, shooting, and video games.
  9. I just picked up a 10rnd box of the Federal Minis at Walmart for just under $5. They are somewhat expensive but I use them for easing new shooters into it. I’ve not had any issues with them in my KSG or my coach guns.
  10. That’s quite a sexy pair!

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