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  1. Your TGO family is pulling for you Robert. Thanks for the update.
  2. If that’s the case how do you explain the states and cities that have been requiring masks most of the year having the same seasonal rise in numbers as the areas that have left it up to the people whether they will wear them or not?
  3. My friend, I may be completely off base here, or maybe somebody deleted something that would have provided context, but your couple comments in this thread make no sense to me all. I’m truly interested in what you are trying to say, but it’s not coming across in a manner that I can put together.
  4. Lots of damage, but thankfully no fatalities reported as of yet, just a few minor injuries. They either sucked at their planning (timing wise), or it was meant to be just an attention getter. It’s also possible they were intending to set it off once the streets were crowded, but the early detection by law enforcement made them change plans.
  5. Our local Fire Departments (the paid and the volunteer departments) had the option to get it Monday and Tuesday. I know a handful that did, most passed. The Hospital my wife works at started giving it to those that wanted it Tuesday. Again, she only knows a handful that got it. Most either don’t trust it or would like the priority of it to go to those that are actually high risk. Most of those that I know that got it are in poor health (high risk categories). Depending on which service you work for, some say that you are not eligible to receive it if you are within 90 days of having COVID. I k
  6. Just speaking from what I’ve observed where I live, more people have been wearing masks the last couple months then at any point this year.... yet the numbers continue to climb. I can’t think of the last time I was at a store and saw more than one or two people in the whole store not wearing a mask. I’m certainly not suggesting masks are the problem, I’m saying they are not the solution that has been fed to so many to give them some semblance of hope, by feeling like they are “doing something”. I learned many years ago in the military that if the “leadership” at any level doesn’t know the answ
  7. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite between my Rossi Ranch Hand in 45lc and my Marlin Dark 1895 45/70. Both very different but both so perfect in their own way.
  8. I use Excel to keep track of the few I have. Each gun has a couple different tabs. One tab has the info on the purchase date, price, vendor/seller, plus all the info about any upgrades or accessories. The next tab is the overall round count to include details of exactly which ammunition was used for each shot, how it shot, any malfunctions etc. On the round count tab I also keep track of who I shot with and where. It’s nice to look back and see which guns my kids took their first shots with and where we were. I hope they will appreciate that info someday too....or they might just think I was a
  9. Yessir, they are still available. I just have to dig them out of my gun room tomorrow. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.
  10. If you think 0.6% is a pretty small number, would you agree that 0.087% is also pretty small? That’s the percentage of COVID deaths within the US population based on a US population of 331 million and current US COVID deaths estimated at 290k. If you factor in only about 6% of the 250k deaths (15,000) dying from COVID alone, that brings the COVID alone death rate to 0.000045%. Pretty hard to justify what’s been done to our country over numbers like that.
  11. The information I stated was verbatim what our agency was provided by our medical direction, which is a reputable middle TN hospital. If what you are stating is correct and they are wrong than it just reinforces the point I made earlier. Who can you trust?
  12. If it makes you feel any better about your chance at getting the vaccine sooner than later, a lot of group 1 doesn’t want it. Our fire department conducted an anonymous poll yesterday to determine how many doses they needed to get. Only 6% of our department is willing to take it, and yes it is optional. Similarly my wife (nurse) had to participate in a similar survey today at her hospital and only 14% of those polled so far are willing to get it, and yes it’s optional for her as well. I’m a casual observer in a few first responder forums and FB pages, and this thought process is pretty common


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