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  1. Welcome to the group!
  2. I shoot pistol and/or shotgun pretty much every week in my backyard. The layout of the backyard and the surrounding woods pretty much sold me on the place, thankfully the boss liked the house . I figure anything much larger/louder than pistols would probably have the neighbors up in arms. Hoping to get a can soon so that might change. It's been a few months since I've had any of the long guns out to the range. Shot recently in a downpour with my LCP with its Crimson Trace laser. The laser didn't last 7 minutes in heavy rain before crapping out. The LCP performed flawlessly, as have any of the guns shot in the rain. I took the laser off the gun while I was cleaning/drying it and let it sit open for a couple days to dry out. It's been working fine since it dried out but I found that to be valuable information. I've previously used several weapon lights of the self contained variety (as apposed to sandwiched around a trigger guard) and they usually perform better in the elements. I was stationed in WA state for several years and shot in the rain more often than not. A couple helpful things for long guns was to smear a bit of bolt grease in the scope ring screws to prevent water from sitting in them and starting to rust. It's possible a shot of WD40 would serve the same purpose. Also a product named "Cat Crap" is helpful on lenses to prevent fogging and makes water bead up and easier blow off. Shooters Choice makes a product called rust prevent that is kind of like WD40 on steroids for water displacement/rust prevention. It works great for prolonged wet hunting/shooting trips where your firearm is pretty much soaked the whole time. After rain/ pre cleaning can be done a bit easier using compressed air to "dry" the firearm prior to cleaning. Care should be taken using compressed air around the optics however and thought should be given to any nooks and crannies that you might have forced water into lest you end up with hidden areas of rust.
  3. Well the story is already getting spicier by the day. I'll try to find the link again but I was reading earlier that the two of them spent two weeks in some clothing optional commune, before getting kicked out for spending too much time together having sex instead of doing communal chores. They were passing themselves off as a 44 and 24 year old married couple.
  4. That sounds great! Don't worry about sending it though, I still owe you a visit to drop off some Simunition ammo and have a lower engraved. I'll just bring my KSG and impact driver when I make the journey and knock it all out at once.
  5. Met him once, he was the main speaker at one of our Military balls. Came across as very arrogant in person. I think he has some great points but I've never been a fan of his delivery. Also can't stand the way he has opposing view "guests" on and yells over them the entire time.
  6. Welcome to the group!
  7. Much to the joy of our plastic surgeons, I think about a third of the women in America are guilty of this.....bless em.
  8. sold

    Bought a customized Diamond Cargo trailer last year and they missed multiple completion deadlines. I drove down to GA to pick it up and realized that they didn't put stuff on the trailer that I had paid extra for, put things that were supposed to be in specific locations in the wrong locations, made it the wrong color, drove it across their dirt field of a parking lot with all the caulking wet so there is dirt and grass permanently in the caulking, slopped the self leveling roof sealant around so it's looks like someone dripped white paint on my black trailer, several incomplete welds on the main frame, didn't properly coat the underside so it is already rusting, had two of the siding panels that were missing screws (and even had red tape marking the missing screw locations). I initially refused to except it and pay the balance, they said that's fine but you don't get your $1,200 deposit back (which was my bad I guess for agreeing to a non-refundable deposit). After dealing with the manager for several hours and threatening legal avenues they eventually gave me my choice of several trailers on their lot that were comparable price, but after close inspection I discovered that they all had similar shoddy workmanship. Stayed in GA for two extra days while they "modified" my trailer to make it right and it was still pretty crappy. Unfortunately I was on a timeline with needing it for my business (after waiting 9 weeks for it) so I ended up excepting it but making them refund me for the extras that they never put on. I get that occasionally something slips through the cracks, but just about every single thing on my trailer did and there were several other unhappy customers picking up thier trailers that day. So I strongly advise against anyone wasting their money on a Diamond Cargo trailer.
  9. sold

    Just stay away from Diamond Cargo and their affiliate down in Georgia, they are pretty shady and cut a lot of corners on their trailers.
  10. Was planning on making my own with a "1 socket and a grinder/Dremel, but figured I would ask on here if anyone has one that I could briefly borrow before I short myself a socket.
  11. Try $123,456 if you are worried about putting $1. If potential buyers can't figure that out you probably don't want to be dealing with them anyway.
  12. Not near enough if you ask me....
  13. In addition to the new administration's apparent desire to shake up the way we've been doing things (which I thing is great), we are at a point where a lot of our less frequently used ordnance (which happen to be he big ones) are coming up on their shelf life. Just like we all need to shoot or rotate out or EDC ammo periodically, the same applies to our national level "EDC". First use of a MOAB in combat....sounds way overdue to me.....plus it's good training.
  14. A Ruger LCP would fit the bill. I usually pocket carry mine but also have a clip (similar to that on a pocket knife) to wear in the waistband of britches without pockets, like athletic shorts. I wouldn't wear it like that to exercise, but I don't do much running nowadays anyway. When I need something smaller than that or want to run a NY reload I carry a NAA mini revolver in .22 Mag. It pretty much disappears anywhere and I'm comfortable with its shot placement and internal ballistics capabilities at contact distance.
  15. That's a pretty cool wife you have there!

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