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  1. PENDING I have a brand new, still in the package, ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Trigger V2 for any Gen4 9mm Glock. I bought this for my Glock 17, but have since sold the 17 because I’m wanting to switch to a Glock 45. This kit comes with the trigger, new striker, and a couple different spring options. The lighter spring is recommended for competition and the heavier (which is 1.5-2lbs lighter than a stock Glock trigger) is great for carry or general use. I got turned onto these after shooting a buddies 19 and 34 that were equipped with them. Very smooth pull, great reset, smooth/wide trigger face, gets rid of the gritty Glock pull. Can easily be installed on your own if you are comfortable removing a few pins. $200 FTF in the Spring Hill/Columbia area. Ad $8 if you would like it shipped. If you have a new or like new Glock 45 that you want to trade this and some cash let me know. My trade interests are pretty broad so just ask.
  2. That’s a great looking gun, GLWS.
  3. I’ve got a Gen 4 I might willing to part with for the right price. PM me for details.
  4. I like the Remington Golden Sabre.
  5. He managed to find a reason to bring up his “combat” veteran status 6 times in less than 4 minutes, and he said he was a navy combat vet at that! He wasn’t a SEAL, because he damn sure would have been playing that card, and he sounds too young and scared to have been a Vietnam era navy guy, so about the only combat this jackass has probably seen is defending his booty hole from his fellow shipmates. I think if I was the guy with the trailer I would have shot the “combat vet” first on principle. This type of person is horribly embarrassing to other veterans, and I’m sure he was horrible to work with in the military, as these guys were always the look at me, brown nosing blue falcons. As to the OP, this is a topic that has been much on my mind as of late, and something I’ve discussed with my wife extensively. While I think our chances of this happening in our small town are very slim, we have been traveling through Nashville, Murfreesboro, and some decent sized cities more often lately for our boys’ baseball tournaments. I typically keep an extra handgun and several extra mags for my carry gun in a locking floorboard compartment in my truck, but we have been adding some addition tools to the toolbox on trips that take us out of our normal comfort zone. Additionally, we have been packing more water and snacks than normal, in the event that we get stuck waiting out a protest or something of the sort. While I absolutely don’t think that protestors should block roads, I don’t think I could bring myself to just drive through them if they are just standing there holding signs and chanting. If I found myself in that situation I would immediately ensure my doors were locked and have my wife call 911 and report our location while keeping my head on a swivel for threats. I would be looking for any possible “out” such as an embankment I could drive up or down or something like that. I would put the truck in 4x4 should I have to exit the road or go up and over someone. I’ve seen a few videos of cars going over people and getting high centered on the bodies, making you stuck, and possibly causing more injury to those under the vehicle. I want to get away to safety, not hurt anyone anymore than I have to, and getting stuck on someone means their friends are going to escalate their actions which won’t end well for anybody. One position I don’t want to be in is the vehicles up front, as me being stopped is preventing everyone behind me from moving. I would feel horrible if that put someone else in a greater position of danger because they were stuck behind me. The “trigger” for me to proceed forward would be if/when they actively are in and around the vehicles and making contact with them, at that point you can’t watch all directions at once, you have to get some space. I would start honking the horn and proceed slow and steady, giving them a legitimate opportunity to move and get clear of the vehicle. In most videos I’ve seen of this the vehicle gets swarmed at that point, resulting in people getting scared and flooring it, or having their windows broken out and beaten. My trigger to open fire would be a breach or definitive attempt to breach the vehicle, or the presentation of a weapon that could harm us within the vehicle. In the few actual videos I’ve seen where gunfire did erupt, the scene cleared pretty quickly, at least initially. I would take that opportunity to reload, assess for any life threatening injuries to us, and get out of the area. I would make every attempt to notify law enforcement and ask where i could safely meet them to report everything g that happened.
  6. Those are great little pocket guns! I have the same one and I love it. I was initially thinking it was more of a novelty piece, but I actually carry it a lot in situations where I can’t carry something bigger, like jogging, bike riding, kayaking, etc.. Mine will hold a cantaloupe sized group at 7-10yards. It has notches in the cylinder that let the hammer rest between chambers. I’m completely comfortable with it loose in my pocket. The hammer cocks easily and has a very nice trigger pull, but it would be virtually impossible for it to get cocked in your pocket accidentally. This is also a great price, I wish I had bought mine from you
  7. Who is this majority of people that think that? I’ve personally never heard a single person say that knives aren’t dangerous. Having attended multiple patients over the years with knife wounds, none of whom were cut by a “trained man” I’d say your methodology is flawed. The simple fact that our bodies really need to keep the red stuff inside, and most interactions with a knife involve it leaking out, sometimes rapidly, indicates that knives are dangerous.
  8. 100% agree. Unfortunately that is all the majority of our current military commanders know to be the norm, I’m not sure they have what it takes anymore to fight a real war. For that matter after seeing how most of our country reacted to the hiccup of COVID 19, I don’t think our country has the balls to fight a real war anymore.
  9. It’s not necessarily a matter of the commanders not having the authority as much as it is the commanders being pussies and not wanting to risk anything jeopardizing their retirements. Now that POTUS has said it he’s hopefully set the tone for them to actually do it. They’ll only need to obliterate 1 or 2 to make the point. Can’t tell you how many FOBs I’ve been on downrange where the base or individual unit commanders were not letting their troops carry ammo, or if they did carry it, it was separate from the weapon system. I saw one entire infantry unit, that most here would recognize the name of because of their awesome history in wars past, that had their magazines 100mph taped to their butt-stocks. They could only put magazines in there weapons if/when they took a turn at perimeter security, and even then they could not chamber a round. They didn’t use the mag taped to their buttstock... the outgoing security element would hand a magazine marked “guard duty” to the oncoming security shift. It was incredibly demoralizing to the troops that had signed up for and trained to be badasses that their commanders would not even trust them to have their weapons loaded while in a combat zone. I felt pretty bad for them, and you can’t be surprised when most get out after one enlistment or try to make the jump to a SOF unit. It’s amazing that most civilians make it through their life without a DUI, or raping someone, or robbing a bank.... these are literally the topics that unit commanders feel the need to spend hours lecturing their troops about before every single weekend pass. The military does not subscribe to the theory of individual responsibility....so commanders will spend hours pontificating every week about almost anything you could possibly conceive of doing wrong so they can cover their ass. This mindset of treating every individual like the lowest common denominator has in turn resulted in weak leaders throughout the officer and enlisted corps...leaders that can’t make decisions for themselves about firing on enemy vessels getting danger close to our warships.
  10. I helped a friend cut, load, and haul a car hauler full of nice straight oak (2-3’ around and 10-16’ long) to a saw mill over in Ethridge last year, and he only got $112 for the whole trailer full. We would have been better cutting and spitting it for firewood. I’m not sure the pricing on pine but I would call and ask first.
  11. I have the Aguilla and Federal shorty loads for when my wife or kids shoot my KSG. I personally think it’s an all around good gun but I know some people don’t care for them. I’ve had no cycling issues with the shorty rounds, or any rounds for that matter. I will say that for the first few hundred rounds you need to somewhat aggressively work the action, but now I either don’t notice that I’m doing it or it has gotten easier as the gun broke in. I use it as a truck gun on long trips. I saw one for sale at Academy recently for around $800, which is about what I paid for mine several years ago to a fellow TGO member.

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