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  1. Welcome to the group!
  2. Welcome to TGO! You'll like it here.
  3. sold

    That's a beauty, I like that finish as apposed to a few I have. Which front sight is that? My bleary eyes like it, especially paired with a not bright rear.
  4. for-sale

    I've worn a couple out....at which time I usually take it as a sign to buy more LaRue stuff All of mine have been black, never got any of those cool colors.
  5. Painting for a Camo pattern yes, but not painting a solid color over a solid color. Almost every type of paint I've seen used on holsters shows gouges and scratches pretty bad when subjected to much wear/use. Even some of the print "skinned" Kydex designs like the Multicam and Kryptek will gouge and show the base Kydex color. I guess it adds character, but I certainly would not be happy receiving one painted if I had not asked for it to be that way. I hope they square you away, and in my opinion at that price for the holster, they should reimburse you the return shipping charge when they get it figured out.
  6. Welcome
  7. Wow, that's nice!
  8. You might want to read up on why bottled water is not supposed to be used after one year. The bottles themselves start breaking down (even faster for the thinner "green" bottles and any exposed to much direct sunlight) and you end up drinking the bad for you particulates. Not saying I wouldn't drink it if I had nothing else, but it's easy enough to rotate out cases of water as you use them. I generally keep 8-10 cases on hand, but I also go through at least a case every few days when I'm working outside.
  9. As long as it's a brace and not an actual butt stock it should be fine. Most of the companies selling the braces are including a hard copy print out of the most recent ATF opinion on the braces which states it is in fact ok to shoulder a brace and still have it count as a pistol, not an SBR. It's highly recommended that you carry that with your pistol in the event you have a run in with an LEO not up to speed on the latest "opinion".
  10. Welcome
  11. I've had the occasional run in with sketchy white, brown, and black guys over the years, and not a one of them looked or dressed anything like me or any of the people I associate with. I honestly stereotyped each by their dress and their swagger and the overall ways they presented themselves and ended up being correct in my assumptions. On the flip side of that, I have also had numerous occasions (pretty much daily) where I have stereotyped individuals and kept a more watchful eye on them and nothing has come of it. I really don't see any harm in that as I am not imposing on the person or affecting them in any way. If I'm right I'm ahead of he game tactically, if I'm wrong then nothing lost for anyone. For an additional perspective on this, I pretty much equally distrust a white guy in an executive suit and a black guy with his pants sagging around his knees. While I might consider myself more likely to be shot by one, I will presume (based on my life experiences) that I'll probably get more screwed over by the other in the long run.
  12. Nice! That's gonna be stout.
  13. I'll begin by saying that I think the particular shooting in question was bad, and that the officer probably never had any business in LEO based upon his reactions. I don't think he shot Castile strictly because he was black. He certainly did not approach the car like he though he was the robber they were supposedly looking for. I think he got scared and he lost control of himself and the situation, but he had no justifiable reason to shoot Castile that we have been made aware of. But you went on what appears to be a racebaiting tangent chucktshoes so I have to ask, are you stating that it is a "fact" that black men are killed at a disproportionate rate by Law Enforcement due to white society viewing them as inheritently dangerous and criminal? Where do you find the factual numbers to support this disproportionate rate? By straight numbers there are more white males killed by LEO every year than any other race, also by straight numbers there are more crimes and LEO contacts with white males per year than any other race. When you factor in each race's actual percentage of the population in relation to the number of crime, LEO contacts, and resulting deaths during LEO contacts the numbers shake out to paint a picture.....a picture based on factual numbers that shapes society's views. If you have some free time check out the NVDRS reports at CDC.GOV If BLM was truly trying to fix anything, they would be trying to figure out why the 5th leading cause of black men of all ages in America is homicide (which is catagorized by the CDC completely separate from deaths occurring during legal intervention).
  14. The short answer, and the main reason, is the weight to benefit analysis. A military Barret loaded out for use is almost 35lbs, and we found that it had the same or worse first round hit probability on a humanoid sized target at 1200m then a similarly loaded out MK13 (.300winmag) weighing 14.5lbs. This was using the relevant military available match ammo for each. While the two calibers would be an apples to oranges comparison in regards to hard target interdiction, the terminal effects achieved at that range and closer were effectively the same, and for a 20lbs weight saving (before even factoring in the spare ammunition carried). While 20 extra pounds might not seem like much carrying it from one's vehicle to the firing line at the range, it adds up a whole lot carrying one dismounted for miles over mountainous terrain. For a more apples to apples comparison, the MK15 (tac50 which the Canadian used) fully loaded out is almost 8lbs lighter than the Barret, and a hell of a lot more accurate with every type of ammo tested, to include API which is great for hardened targets. With the 750grn Hornady A-Max and some of the 750grn CNC turned projectiles (many of which won't cycle correctly in the magazine fed Barret) the MK15 is truely a tack driver......big fricken tacks.
  15. Truth! These were the least used and most despised guns in our arms room.

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