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  1. In urgent need of security camera suggestions

    I'm sorry to hear what you are going through Ronald, and I totally understand your frustration and concerns. Our oldest is my 16 year old stepdaughter who up until this last summer has kept us on our toes. She's was never a bad kid, but she's always been the type to be influenced by the here and now, with little thought to anything else but how to be popular. We held her off from pretty much all social media until she was 14, at which point she got an instagram account. Even though my wife had access to it and checked her phone almost nightly (it had to be on its charger in our room by 9 every night), I could see her change from the sweet/seemingly innocent girl she once was to one obsessed by how many people were "liking" the occasional picture my wife wold let her post, and she constantly chafed under the restrictions my wife gave her about what she could/couldn't wear in said pictures. As she turned 15 we caught her lying to us about communication and interaction with a couple boys we didn't know. Thankfully she wasn't great at covering her tracks or aware that I had been not that great a kid growing up so I knew where/how to flush out what was going on. We saved her from making some big mistakes but in the end it was for not as she chose to go live with her biological father this summer after he told her she would get a Lexus and the newest iPhone for her sweet sixteen. Hard to compete with that, not that we would have. It's been very hard on my wife to relate and wrap her head around what's going on with her daughter as she (my wife) has legitimately always been a good moral, modest woman. The daughter is now on every social media known to man, including the real wolf in sheeps clothing, Snapchat. Total garbage, nothing good about that app but they market the hell out of it to these young girls with all the filters, streaks, trophys, etc....I'll catch my wife near to tears sometimes when she sees what her daughter is posting and wearing (or not) in her pictures. If you want to look into cameras checkout the 4 or 8 camera set by Nightowl at Costco. It will do pretty much everything you asked about in your OP and they run $300 and $500 respectively. I just helped my Dad install the 8 camera set at his church and they are super clear, and work great at night also. Sorry for what you are going through, I feel for you. As others have said you have to bite the bullet and get ahead of it if at all possible.
  2. Wanted: (New) Ammo Cans

    I bought myself several of these exact cans from academy at that price in November and they are as good as my military issue cans. Bought several more as gifts right before Christmas, all have been great quality, good rubber gaskets, and nice paint jobs. I paint all my cans black anyway so I bought the black and saved myself some time and spray paint money. Shame on you for bringing this up, now I need to get a few more before the price goes up.
  3. Goodbye Russian ammunition

    I can understand your frustration at potentially loosing a source of cheap surplus ammo Dolomite, but I think it is a BIG stretch to think these sanctions are being done to screw over gun owners. And to say that you will henceforth be voting D to spite the Rs sounds pretty dangerous. A better policy might be to ignore the R, D, or XYZ besides their names and vote based on each individual and their track record. Its wild that even within our small group here we have those wanting to crucify the administration for colluding with the Russians while others are hating on the Russian sanctions. I love the freedom of options we have in our country, and I fully support each of you in your choices of guns and ammo. I for one have never owned an AK or purchased a round of russian surplus ammo. I've used them extensively overseas and as an armorer of soviet bloc weapons I know they are very reliable, but I personally have a hard time wanting to own/carry what our enemy uses, especially when our home grown equipment is (in my opinion) superior, albeit often more expensive. Just my 2 cents
  4. ad closed Glock 20 Gen 4 with Extras (10mm)

    Haha, I really enjoy your adds David.
  5. New Glock 19X model

  6. What did y'all get for Christmas thread :0)

    I've missed more Christmas' than I can count, so it was great being home with my family for this one. Couldn't have asked or wanted for anything other than that but my wife really went above and beyond and surprised me with a S&W Governor. She new that I'd been saving here and there for one but she did me one better and saved up a bit each month this year to be able to get it for me. I was completely surprised and feeling like a very lucky husband. I also think I better bring my A game for our anniversary in a couple weeks.
  7. Netflix series

    Breaking Bad and Dexter.
  8. 5FDP meets Offspring

    Powerful stuff, thanks for sharing.
  9. Introducing myself, joined today.

    Welcome to the group sir. I too found refuge in this great state after escaping Komifornia. I think you will enjoy it here.
  10. Hi

    Welcome to TGO!
  11. Remington on life support?

    I disagree that they still own the bolt action and shotgun market. There are certainly still a plethora of them in the field sure, but there are enough Remington competitors putting out the same quality or better at a similar or lower price point (and often with modernized features) that the Big Green is no longer the market leader and trend setter that it once was. As Dolomite mention, the aftermarket for the 700s is huge, as is the market for aftermarket 870 accessories, which is why you still see "Remington" mentioned in almost every add and advertisement. There are numerous established and upstart companies making models that are essentially improved copycats of the Remington design, which obviously speaks to the popularity and solid engineering it once had. I am a long time Big Green fan and my favorite rifle is a Rem 40x in .308, but I will be the first to say that I am disappointed in Remington for letting their creative juices stagnate. As for the relevance of DPMS and Bushmaster they are not Remington any more than Marlin and AAC are, they are siblings under the Freedom Group umbrella. While there are at times collaborative projects between the companies it is my understanding that they are managed as individual companies who's successes and failures do not really effect the others. One thing Freedom Group appears to have done somewhat successfully is get their claws into enough different subcultures of the gun market to somewhat counter effect a drop in any particular group. While they must certainly be feeling the effects of the post election buying slump that this year brought, the problems at Remington run deeper than that.
  12. Remington on life support?

    Remington can try to blame their failings on the currently saturated market, but the reality is that they have not kept themselves relevant to he current gun culture.
  13. Hudson H9.....anybody handled one?

    It does look interesting, nice lines.

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