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  1. I think the loads you are referring to, which I believe were a collaboration between the 5th Group SOTIC locker and the SOTIC committee at Bragg, are what led to this A191 load becoming a production load. And you are correct, the early prototype did use a Lapua projectile, whereas these are the SMK 190grn similar to what the Federal Gold Medal Match round uses. One significant difference between the Federal GMM rounds and these A191 loads (also known as M248 Mod0) is these SOCOM loads reportedly use a powder less prone to temperature sensitivity. These rounds I’m selling were originally packaged in the typical military brown cardboard boxes, I put them in these MTM cases to better survive a cross country move.
  2. I have 140 rounds of SOCOM issued A191 .300WinMag ammo available. $5 per round. Comes in the pictured MTM hard cases. These were the go-to .300 WinMag round for special operations snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m in the Spring Hill / Columbia area, but willing to travel a reasonable distance. My trade interests are pretty broad, feel free to ask.
  3. Free bump. I have this same model and it has been an excellent carry piece. I have about 1200 rounds through mine with no issues. Pairs well with a Holosun 407C.
  4. I have (7) 20 round boxes of Federal Premium 124grn 9mm Hydra-Shok ammo available if anyone is interested. $27 per box. I’m in the Spring Hill/Columbia area, but willing to travel a reasonable distance. Great ammo. It’s the load than many of our SOF troops carried in their handguns for the GWOT. My trade interests are pretty broad, feel free to ask.
  5. I have (6) 20 round boxes of Federal Premium Law Enforcement Tactical Bonded .223 ammo that I’m looking to sell. Nickel cases. Bonded soft point works excellent on both two legged and 4 legged varmints. 2 boxes of 55grn and 4 boxes of 62grn. $32 per box. I’m in the Spring Hill/Columbia area but I’m willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet. my trade interests are pretty broad, feel free to ask.
  6. Great comparison, thanks for sharing your findings.
  7. My local recycler won’t take ammunition brass either. I usually save up a bucket or two and give them to a guy I know that melts them into ingots. I then recycle it and split the cash with him.


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