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  1. Being a lefty I have always appreciated the safety location on the Mossbergs. Those shockwaves look like they would be a great truck gun too. A shotgun would complement the AR and pistol in there should one stumble across an impromptu 3 gun match downtown.
  2. Welcome to TN...they have been setting them off here in Maury County pretty much every day but especially on the weekends ever since the fire works stands opened in mid June....who knows when they will run out. I actually quite like it, and I especially like the mortified reaction from all the retiree imports from places like California . In full disclosure I was born and raised in Northern California but escaped via the military as soon as I could. I've been in TN for 8 years now and would never leave.
  3. Welcome to the group!
  4. Great podcast, very informative. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Did the previous owner give you any indication of what he was charging the hunter to lease? I would start there and figure out if there's any reason to change it. Right now it sounds like the guy is providing you a pretty good service. I personally think $600 for 150 acres seems pretty high unless you have some trophy buck hunting. If he's just getting a few deer per year and the occasional hog then $600 is pretty steep. Oh and welcome to the group, glad to have you here.
  6. Danger Rane

    Go Shoot

    I usually avoid ranges on the weekend because there are too many people....particularly ones that like to flag everyone at the lanes beside them.
  7. I've used a few of the Cold Steel throwing implements over the years and I found them to be good quality for the price. I had one of their three knife sets, a couple of their throwing stars, and one of the cheap tomahawks. I honestly suck at throwing so these things got beat to hell but they held up well to the abuse. I eventually broke the handle on the tomahawk but they have reasonably priced replacements. I will caveat by saying that although I think they have quality products I got rid of every Cold Steel product I owner after interacting with their owner/spokesperson at SHOT a few years back. The guy was such an arrogant/pompous jerk that I wanted nothing to do with the company after that. They also had a video compilation playing at their booth of said spokesperson massacring deer and antelope with a rifle, not hunting, I mean mowing down whole herds. It was weird. I have owned a few SOG products that performed fairly well, but have never tried any of their throwing tools.
  8. Welcome to the group Steve. Without a bit more information about your intended long range use it would be difficult to advise on a specific scope. Long Range Hunting, F-Class completions? Knowing what caliber you are shooting will help point you in the right direction. Also to point out the obvious, a tight budget and best scope don't usually go hand in hand. Some things to consider for any long range scope application would be the quality and clarity of the glass used, also the accuracy and repeatability of the elevation and wind age adjustments. A couple brands I have personally had good success from are Nightforce and US Optics. Good luck on your quest.

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