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  1. You have to be careful with the antique auto tags you get at the dmv. The ones with no annual registration fees. They are only allowed for use on the weekends, car shows, and taking it to the shop. Not sure how well that's enforced, but I was reading online if you violate it you have to pay full registration fees and banned from getting them for 5 yrs or something like that. My 1999 Silverado is qualified for them, but I know occasionally I would drive on a weekday. I dont think this includes these vintage tags registered to classic cars though... I think they have yearly renewals.
  2. I would have thought yours would be a Grand Torino.
  3. Can't blame these people for leaving Cali, but theres a reason it's so awesome to live here besides just the natural beauty from God. These people need to embrace what we have and remember what they are leaving. You know if enough outsiders get in, it can start changing election outcomes and they have been indoctrinating the kids for years. I have some hard core God fearing back wood farm family and some of their 20 something year old daughters are nothing like All the previous generations.
  4. To answer the original question though. Look for Rural areas in East Tn, There are still some great places, but seems like all land and houses have skyrocketed due to the influx of Northerners and Californians.
  5. I used to think Maryville was really a place i'd like to live 20 years ago and i'm not hating on the place now, but it's unbelievable how much it's grown. Can't even get in the Lee's Chicken parking lot anymore lol. Well that's always been like that from time to time lol
  6. Yes it's awesome in Jefferson County, but more and more farms are disappearing and being replaced with Subdivisions. In Dandridge the people from up north are buying up the lakefront properties without even actually seeing them. You can notice a change in the people in the grocery stores already. Also, don't get as many of the hey buddy waves as you used to going down the road. You are very right though, there's still a ton of wide open spaces in places like new market and stuff, but for how long?
  7. I'll take the 22lr......sending dm.
  8. I know, I saw em about 6:30 am and 2 were already gone lol. I have purchased one before and you are right TripleGGG, quality knives for sure.
  9. Or a deal on some steel depending on how you look at it.
  10. Agreed, seemed like forever and glad it's back. Thanks for getting it back up and running quickly.....I'm sure it was much more nerve racking for you.


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