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  1. I have a Ruger MINI 14 Ranch stainless I would like to trade for a MINI 30 Ranch in stainless. MINI 14 Ranch rifle is in excellent condition with up graded rear Tech Sight, two 40 round magazines, one 20 round and five rounder. I have box and unopened Ruger scope rings. Want to trade for MINI 30 Ranch rifle in stainless. (91 six) six 32- 8 six 43
  2. I have a box of 955 Federal Large Rifle primers For TRADE only (Locally West Knoxville). These have been stored indoors, climate control environment. I am asking to trade these 955 Large Rifle primers for 800 Federal, Winchester, CCI, or Remington Small Pistol Primers. Would consider 850 Federal Small Rifle primers. I am not interested in trying any of the new primers on the market. The only other item I might consider for trade is 12 gauge Federal Flite Control 8 pellet Buckshot. I don't need any other ammo. I am trying to be fair in this trade. Face to Face West Knoxville please. These are Not For Sale, only Trade.
  3. I know there's a number of car-guys here so I'll let this soak for a week before moving on to ebay. 4 sets of NOS German made MB Quart car audio. These were difficult to find years ago and nearly impossible to find now. My guess is these would be on par with current Focal pairs in the $700 range. Current offering of MB Quart are NOT German made, Chinesium and in name only, junk and not comparable. German MB Quart went out of business in 2004. I bought these years ago for a truck project, they truck is gone and I have no plans for any future projects. I paid $350 each years ago, looking for $1400 shipped trade equivalent. Looking for pistols or revolvers. Any trade offers welcomed. I'll ship in my dime, consider that my shipping cost will exceed $80. These are high grade component sets, complete with instructions and hardware, crossovers and tweeters. These sets have been stored in cool and dry storage and are in pristine condition. Crossposted.
  4. Looking to trade my hk mr556 for a scar 16, not really looking for anything else at this time.
  5. Came out of a Toyota 4-Runner and I have it in my Subaru Outback. The premium solution for locking up guns and gear. 100% Functional - No Issues 2 Pull-out Drawers 1 Pull-out locking tray 2-keys/Combo Lock Drawer Lights Fully Carpeted This was over $3500K new Dimensions: 41 1/2" Wide 13 1/2" Tall 33" Top Depth (Back to Drawer End) 34 1/2" Bottom Depth (Back to Tray End) CASH: $1200 OBO (931) 933-3860
  6. I have a pretty darn nice, lightly used Smith & Wesson M&P10 in .308 Winchester or 7.62x51NATO. I have shot probably 50 rounds through it, would be surprised if the previous owner shot many more. Looks like almost new, some handling marks. I'm not an AR afficionato so I don't know much about it or what to look for. I have disassembled to remove the bolt and look at it but that is it. It has a nice floating heat shield installed but comes with the stock one. M-Lock angled foregrip installed on it. Has some nice Troy Industries flip up sights that will go with it as well. 5 Mags with 1 all metal 10 round mag. It is a nice rifle, with everything included, in the bag, ready to go, first $1,300.00 takes it. Also, still willing to trade towards a .308 M1A and maybe O/U shotguns depending.
  7. I would like to trade for 100 to 300 LARGE PISTOL primers. I have small rifle and pistol primers to trade. primer for primer. Meet in McMinnville, Murfreesboro, Manchester
  8. Up for sale here is a Recover Tactical 20/21MG kit. This is t(e full kit with everything that they offer for these. It includes the stabilizer frame, brace with strap, UCH & GCH charging handles, minimalist sling, side picatinny rails, G7 holster, & MG45 Angled Mag pouch. Also included is the upper rail kit for optic mounting on top. Parts of this kit has been installed, but never fired while mounted on the gun. It’s a cool setup, but not something I think I would use a lot. On Recover Tactical’s website this package would cost $205. I’m asking $100. Here’s a link to the website, this one is the 20/21MG: https://www.recovertactical.com/product/recover-tactical-20-21-stabilizer-kit-for-10mm-45acp-large-frame-glocks/
  9. I've got some Cheddite 209 Shotshell Primers that I can stand to part with. 1,000 primers for $80 I'm in West Nashville and am near Royal Range a good bit for easy meet ups. Prefer cash but if you have anything interesting to trade just let me know!
  10. I found a good deal on a bunch of Winchester #41 Small Rifle Primers but don't need all of them 1,000 primers for $95 or trade for some Small Pistol Primers I've got several thousand left. Located in West Nashville
  11. Listing up some knives here that I don’t use much, or have never used. Figured some of these could be trade bait for what I’m looking for. I’m really wanting a Spyderco Delica 4. Maybe two of them. May consider other trades though. No boxes with any of these, just as you see in the pics. Here’s the list: Esee Izula - Esee black g10 scales with OD green coating, belt clip on sheath. Has been carried very little, cut very little. Kershaw Secret Agent 4.4” blade - as new never carried or cut. SOG Flare - been carried some, cut very little with it. In great shape Ontario RAT 2 folder - brand new never carried or cut anything with it. CRJB Rampart Flipper with carbon fiber handles- brand new never carried or cut anything with it Blackhawk Hookhawk - Carried in a bag some, never cut anything with it Gerber para frame large and small - very little use, in great shape Gerber Fay Boy - very little use, in great shape
  12. I have a Savage Arms Stevens 320 Security 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun in black. It is brand new in the box. Only taken out at purchase for the store to verify the serial. It is a 18.5 inch barrel and a 5+1 cylinder capacity. Would make a great home defense gun. Wanting to trade this mainly. Open to lots of guns. Located in the Tricities. Please send all info via PM to keep the ad clean. Picture pulled from a stores site, but it looks just like that. I can send other pics if requested
  13. Looking to trade my canik tp9sc for a tx-22 plus cash. The firearm comes with one 12 round mag, two 15 round mags with the pinky extender, and everything else from the factory except for the plastic mag loader. Open to selling for $400
  14. For trade only. Looking for revolvers and pistols, preferably with box. New, unused, uninserted.
  15. I have several NEF single shot rifles for sale or trade. Buyer must be a TN CC permit holder. 243 - $350 30-30 - $350 30-06 - $425 22 Hornet - $325 - SPF Trades considered S&W or Ruger revolver 357 Mag 4" barrel or less Henry Lever Action Big Boy X model 30-30
  16. Remington Nylon 66 in the rare seneca green. It is not the Mohawk brown. Roll mark of PF, 1959 model. Good overall condition. No box . Asking 1,950 OBRO. Located in Mount Juliet.
  17. OK, I figure I'm going to combine posts in search of a trade opportunity. Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in 300 Win Mag. Has a Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50 mounted in a 20 MOA Vortex Pro cantilever mount. Also has a Timney trigger. I'll toss in a couple of reloads (I'm not an ammo manufacture, so out of safety, you should pull them and reload personally) with it, some brass, a few bullets, and dies. Great shooter, consistently sub MOA, and I've been able to achieve half inch groups with this gun. - $1,000 Glock 30SF - Gen 3, SF frame. Comes with factory barrel, and a threaded Alpha Wolf barrel. Has Ameriglo suppressor height sights, orange circle with tritium up front and blacked out rear. Has Talon grips installed. Comes with 2 mags and factory Glock case. - $600 50 Beowulf AR. This is not a home build, this is a factory built upper from Bear Creek Arsenal and a gunsmith build Anderson lower with an A2 buttstock. - $600 Glock 19, gen 4. Factory FDE gun. Slide was worn, so I had it Cerakoted, but lower is factory. Has Ameriglo suppressor height sights, orange circle with tritium up front and blacked out rear. Comes with 2 Glock mags, case, and the extra backstraps. - $500 OK, everything is obviously for sale, but I'm really looking for a Staccato or a Springfield Prodigy, or another variant of double stack 9mm 1911. Prefer a commander sized model with the slightly shorter barrel. Willing to trade any combo, I can add some cash if needed. Only other trades I might consider are a .45-70 lever action.
  18. I received this as a part of a deal on a motorcycle. Came to me as used but like new, I fired 5 rounds through it and it operated perfectly. Good entry level AK, far better build and fit and finish than I would have expected, only lacking pedigree. Will trade for any interesting revolver or pistol, 22 preferred. Any trade offer welcomed. Can also trade up. Comes with new drum. 423.237.8203 Crossposted.
  19. Both are used however the LR appears to be unfired. Both need a good cleaning and look better in person than the photos indicate. 22mag sells for $270 and the LR sells for $250, approx a $500 trade value. I'm looking for 22 revolvers and 22 pistols. I can trade up. Cross posted. Thank you. 423.237.8203
  20. A long shot here but I’m looking for some 3.5” Hevi Steel #3s. I have Federal Black Cloud 3.5” #3s or Hevi Steel 3” #3s to trade or I’ll buy yours outright. Mid or West TN Thanks!
  21. Rifle has been shot once. Magpul furniture. Would like to trade for revolver, no more than 4" barrel. 357, 44, 454, 41 Other trades might be of interest too.
  22. So I been doing some soul searching and have decided to thin things out a little bit. So I got two pistols from members here that need a new home. One is a PSA dagger and the other is a rock island tac 2 in 9mm. I haven't shot the dagger and put a few mags thru the rock island. But from shooting my other dagger, it will be a fine pistol. The rock island is great. Why do I want to get rid of them? Easy, I don't. I told myself no buying anything unless I sell something. Today I broke that rule when I got a shotgun, so now things are out of balance. (Weird rule, I know, but it keeps me from over spending). TL:DR I want to trade both the dagger and rock island for a springfield 1911 or a Kimber 1911 preferably in 9mm. Will look at other 1911's and depending on what they are, I will add boot on my end.
  23. I have a Glock 43X 10rd mag I’d like to trade for a Glock 43 mag Spring Hill or Franklin
  24. Selling some once fired 40 Cal (mixed) and 45 ACP (mixed). Brass has been tumbled and separated but not resized or deprimed. I have 5 bags of 40 cal that weight around 1 lb 4 oz which is over 100 rds per bag. I over weighted the bags to cover any other caliber that might have been mixed in. I have 3 bags of 45 ACP, each bag is about 1 lb 5 oz, which is over 100 rds per bag. I over weighted the bags to cover any other caliber that might have been mixed in. $10 per bag of brass. DM me if you are interested. I would be willing to trade for 9mm, 300 BO or 223.
  25. I can send the build sheet on this if you’re seriously interested. I just am not going to have time to run it, so may as well trade for stuff I’ll use.. (handguns, bolt/lever rifles, small caliber shotgun etc). Most anyone familiar knows this isn’t an inexpensive PCC setup, and includes an 8moa C-More as well. Maybe 500 rounds thru it. Magnificent piece. Just needs someone who has time to run it. Feel free to text or PM me with any offers, questions etc. My cell is *seven31”61seven”seven388 .. I really like custom bolt rifles, and unique semi-auto rifles too(however I don’t need anything else AR platform). Also love pre-lock SW revolvers, and would love to have a Colt Python or Anaconda.


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