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  1. For the most up-to-date information and to be in on all the discussion and smack-talk, be sure to click "Interested" or "Going" to the Event Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2870563023163635/?active_tab=discussion I will try to cross post anything I think is important here for all you non-FBers, but it's hard to keep up with everything.
  2. Note that 2021 will be the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of 9/11, so I want to do this year's match up bigger and better than we ever have before. MOAR explosions, mental tests, special guests, and hard challenges! I'm talking flyovers of entire squadrons of jets and helicopters. Real tanks and artillery. Parachuting badasses from the sky. Our biggest ever (by far!) net donation to the SFA. The only problem is that I have none of these things (yet). If you know someone or know someone who knows someone who could help provide any of these things - reach out to them and make it happen. Coord
  3. Intro: The 2021 Legion 9/11 Memorial Run N Gun is a centerfire biathlon – competitors will complete a 5k-ish or 10k-ish run combined with a shooting competition. The event is a test of man and equipment alike. It is intended to give participants an idea of how being hot, cold, exhausted, and challenged by the environment affects their shooting, and to test the effectiveness of their gear under field conditions. This event is not intended for inexperienced shooters – all participants are expected to be familiar with the operation of their firearms, and to observe basic principles of firear
  4. Registration for the Sunday, May 16th 3-Gun Match is now open! Please pre-register here if you even THINK you might attend: https://practiscore.com/dead-zero-may-3gun-match-sunday-may-16/register Walk-ons are always welcome, but pre-registering makes our lives easier. I'm pleased to announce that we have an entirely new shooting location for you this month - along with a couple flying clays, strong and weak hand shooting, and a small handful of slugs. We'll still keep the overall round count low because of the stupid ammo shortage, but we'll raise the "awesome challenging stages" level en
  5. Registration is open for the match this Sunday, April 18th: https://practiscore.com/dead-zero-april-multi-gun-match-sunday-april-18-1/register You don't HAVE to pre-register, but it sure does make our life easier. If you think there's any chance you might come - go ahead and register. It's way easier to delete you if you don't show than it is to add you at the last minute when you surprise us! Round count is in the pic below. If you shoot it "as designed" you'll need to make 53 hits with your pistol, 41 hits with your shotgun (birdshot), and 42 hits with your rifle. Several of the targets
  6. I am pleased (and a little terrified) to announce that Alan Shepherd and I will be the new 3-Gun Match Directors at Dead Zero Shooting Park (https://deadzeroshooting.com/ in Spencer, TN). This is literally a world-class facility with jungle runs, 270° shooting bays, rifle out to 420 yds, and everything you can think of to make a top shelf 3-gun match. Many people drive 3+ hours to attend these matches - so don't tell me "it's too far"! Alan has 28 years of experience shooting 3-gun and 8 yrs as MD or Co-MD at Middle Tennessee Shooters Club in Manchester, TN - so he's the brains of the ope
  7. Dead Zero is a fabulous place. They are just getting their skeet fields up to speed, but they have two Sporting Clays courses fully active. I go mainly for rifle, pistol, and 3-gun. Great folks!
  8. I had some people ask about buying additional t-shirts, so Pipe Hitters Union set up an order page here: https://www.pipehittersunion.com/products/legion-9-11-memorial-run-gun/ Full disclosure: None of this money goes to SFA if you buy a shirt. It's just a way for people to buy shirts if they want one, and for PHU to profit a little in return for helping us out this year.
  9. My 5SFG counterpart arranged for anyone who attended to receive a match t-shirt as part of the match fee you've already paid. I just sent all attendees an email with instructions on how to claim that shirt. I'm posting here as well as we always have problems with spam filters and/or incorrect email addresses. If you didn't receive an email today from me, let me know and we'll figure it out. Here are this year's shirts:
  10. Here's a great blog entry about the match from Two Blue Screws: https://www.twobluescrews.com/blog/2020-legion-911-memorial-run-amp-gun
  11. Official photos are up! There are two folders this year as she was shooting two cameras (her "pistol" and her "rifle"!). As always, feel free to use these however you wish, but PLEASE give photo credit to Lisa Stennett if you do. That's all she asks in return for all her hard work. Commercial use must have permission first. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lstennett/albums/72157716046502433/page1 https://www.flickr.com/photos/lstennett/albums/72157716046700958/page1
  12. Scott Berger not only shot well, but was the luckiest man of the weekend when his new best friend pulled his name out of the bucket to win the Barrett MRAD. Rumor has it he's going 338 Lapua. Big thanks to Barrett Firearms (https://barrett.net/) for the donation! If you didn't shoot that M22 in 300 Norma Mag, you really missed out. Amazing piece of machinery that you just have to experience to understand.
  13. Sorry for the delays, but I'm just now getting home and back to internet service after spending all day cleaning up the course. Scores are posted: 5k Scores: https://www.practiscore.com/results/html/285b1124-15fd-4ba5-9e4c-3f6bdc8c8c1d 10k Scores: https://www.practiscore.com/results/html/92225121-8cf4-4462-a7cc-1d76c5076a5b Now for a shower and bed. Much more to come as we unpack and process pics and video. Thanks everyone!!!
  14. I'd like to take a minute to publicly thank Innovative Targets for helping me once again with targets for this year's match. If you're in need of high quality and, well, innovative designs - look no farther than Innovative Targets. ESPECIALLY if you're in Middle Tennessee! Check them out at https://innovativetargets.net/


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