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  1. I wasn't going to share this until later, but with all the discussion it's had on Facebook I figure I need to repost it everywhere so it's fair for those anti-FBers. You might want to practice this before March if you're going to do the 10k:
  2. Total required hit count: 68 rifle and 45 pistol (10k) 51 rifle and 31 pistol (5k) Now you know everything you need to know to decide whether you're going to register December 16th at 10:00am. I'll also post the obstacle details as we get closer, but there will be one obstacle for every shooting stage. Who is ready???
  3. Stage 7 (10k), which also happens to be Stage 5 (5k): Magpul’s Fight To Your Rifle Pistol Bays Begin sitting in a chair with your pistol holstered and your rifle unloaded on a table. On the buzzer, hit 5 steel pistol targets while seated. The 5th target will activate a moving paper target, which takes 3 hits to neutralize. Move to next shooting position and hit 5 more steel pistol targets, and once again the 5th target activates a moving paper target which takes 3 hits to neutralize. Reholster hot pistol safely. Retrieve your rifle from the table, load, and hit all six plates on the 50yd rifle plate rack to finish. 10 second FTN penalty for any steel not knocked down or paper with less than 3 hits.
  4. Two week warning: Registration will open at 10:00am Central Time on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Below are the links to the TWO match registrations. Note that this will be run as TWO SEPARATE MATCHES on consecutive days. Be sure you register for the right match - or register for both if you want to do the unofficial "15k Challenge"! https://practiscore.com/5k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2018/register https://practiscore.com/10k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2018/register We've had some issues with people who register and don't show up at past matches, which really sucks for everyone on the waitlist who can't get in. So I'm requiring full payment at the time of registration now. Be prepared to pay your match fee online when you register. The cancellation policy is firm and no exceptions will be made. It will also likely take several days and multiple communications to get a refund issued, so please be patient if you end up having to go this route. Full refunds will be given if you withdraw more than 30 days before the match. Half your fee will be refunded if you withdraw between 14-29 days before the match. NO REFUND will be given if you withdraw less than 14 days before the match. Lastly - I'm trying to simplify match day a little, so I'm collecting all the data I can during registration instead of on match day on your scorecard. This is purely voluntary - but I'd appreciate very much if everyone filled out the registration form completely.
  5. Stage 6 (10k), which also happens to be Stage 4 (5k): Sierra Bullets' The Rifleman Powerline Cut On the buzzer, make two rifle hits from standing on 10” 120 yd targets, two rifle hits from sitting or kneeling on 10” 200 yd targets, and two rifle hits from prone on 10” 300 yd targets. Targets will have a high contrast backer to be more easily visible this year, and if nothing goes wrong we'll have two targets at each position so the ROs won't have to try to call hits on an already swinging target. This is essentially identical to last year's stage at this location. This is such a great test of the fundamentals of positional rifle shooting I plan to have it as a "standard" stage until everyone is complaining that it's just too easy. :-) And please take a moment to thank Sierra Bullets (https://www.sierrabullets.com/index.cfm) for sponsoring this stage and providing $1,150 in bullet certificates for the prize table!
  6. Stage 5 (10k): Shooter's Choice Cedar Point On the buzzer, hit 4 steel pistol targets from first position/barricade strong hand only. Move to second position/barricade and hit 4 more steel pistol targets weak hand only. Move to third position (VTAC wall) and hit 4 final steel pistol targets. The first 12 pistol targets will range from 10 to 25 yds. Make two hits on a B/C zone steel torso at 50 yds to finish. Shooter can either make those 50 yd hits with his pistol, or safely holster his hot pistol, unsling and load his rifle, and make those hits with his rifle. Training tip: If you can reliably make 50yd hits with your pistol you'll have a HUGE time advantage over those who have to transition to rifle to make the last two hits. Put in some practice time making longer pistol hits and it will pay off well! Oh yeah - practice shooting a pistol strong hand only, weak hand only, and from awkward positions too. :-)
  7. I'm happy to announce Rockcastle Training (https://www.rockcastleshootingcenter.com/online-store https://www.facebook.com/rockcastletraining/) has agreed to not only sponsor an obstacle, but design and build it as well! Justin Vititoe already asked me if he could make everyone start a fire with a bow drill as the "obstacle" - I told him we'd be there all day long waiting for people to finish! I would love to see a hundred bow drills going in the parking lot after the match though. Be sure to come to one of Justin's classes so you can learn how to do it - and post up here some ideas for him to consider for obstacles!
  8. OK - after Stage 3 is where the route splits. Here is Stage 4 for the 10k folks. We'll rejoin the 5k people in a few weeks. Supported Shooting & Moving: Pistol Mountain, Stage 4 (10k) On the buzzer, move to the first position and make one hit on each 10” rifle target at approximately 100, 200, and 300 yds. Move the next position, putting three hits on a paper torso on the way (WHILE MOVING), and hit the same targets again. Move to the final position, putting three hits on a second paper torso on the way (WHILE MOVING), and hit each target one final time. Various means of support will be available at each position for the rifleman to use or not use as they see fit. The three “supports” will be a tank trap, some kind of natural support (tree, rock, etc.), and whatever else I can find nearby for the 3rd.
  9. I am excited to announce Sierra Bullets (https://www.sierrabullets.com/) just joined on as a stage sponsor. They have pledged $1,150 in bullets for our prize table!
  10. The hits just keep on coming - please welcome Zero Bullets as a sponsor! https://www.rozedist.com/
  11. Stage 3: Booby Traps! The Cave Leave your rifle (and pack, if necessary) outside and enter the cave. Move forward on your own, keeping your pistol HOLSTERED, until you see a “Wait Here” sign or find an RO and start your wait time if necessary. You will need a light NOT ATTACHED to your weapon for navigation just to get to the start line – if you do not have a light on your person when you arrive you will not be allowed to enter, and will zero this stage. You may have any type of light you wish, and you may use a weapon light in the stage if you wish – but you CANNOT draw your pistol before you begin the shooting stage. There will be ROs and other shooters in front of you, and they will not respond kindly to having the business end of your pistol pointed at them. On the buzzer, move forward and put three pistol hits on each of 5 targets from marked shooting boxes as you find them to neutralize. Hidden along the path will be multiple booby traps that trigger “claymores” (bright lights). For each booby trap you trigger, 60 seconds will be added to your shoot time. Tread carefully! Any hits on “no shoot” targets will add 20 seconds to your shoot score for each target hit.
  12. I am pleased to announce Dillon Precision (https://www.dillonprecision.com/) just signed on as a sponsor. Please thank them for their support of our match!
  13. I am thrilled to announce we just signed our first Stage Sponsor: Magpul Industries Corporation (https://www.magpul.com/) has generously donated almost $3,000.00 worth of product to our match!
  14. I'm happy to announce ASE Precision (https://www.facebook.com/ASEPrecision/) has signed on as an obstacle sponsor, and chosen the Pistol Bays (Stage 5 for the 5k and Stage 7 for the 10k) for their obstacle location. Dustin Downard (the owner) told me he had a great idea for an obstacle that involves shooting one of his ACRs. It was a punishment in Basic that he wanted to do in an event but "no one wanted to get dirty".

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