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  1. I am amazed at people's kindness: Robert Hundley had to cancel, and instead of getting a $100 refund for the 10k he donated his slot to the next shooter on the waitlist "because this is for such a good cause". I've contacted that shooter and let him know - not only did he just get in, but he got in for free! I also told him he'd better bring plenty of cash for the side matches and other fund-raising goings-on to make up for his good fortune. And since I was in the registration data anyway, I had to pull some stats. We have 21 5th Group guys currently signed up out of 158 total competitors. And here's the other data summarized:
  2. I am thrilled to award this donated slot to Spc Randall, CTRP “Shadow” 1-33CAV, 3BCT “Rakkasans “, 101ABN. He's going to go Tier One and run the event at his full Mortar fighting load weight. The perfect candidate!
  3. Attn: any Active Duty personnel: Christopher Gillis of Southern Custom Guns signed up for the 10k and has a conflict. Instead of withdrawing and getting a full refund, he'd like to donate his spot to an Active Duty military person. Any branch is fine - the first one to contact me at mstennett@twlakes.net by timestamp gets it. And this is the honor system - if you claim to be AD military and you're not, it's between you and all of the SF personnel onsite who will likely want to talk with you about it. https://www.facebook.com/S.G.G.LLC/?hc_ref=ARQ8V_In7ErFHemaIYIoZ-w6MKnmOxXs_uedZUqdXVXRe_6Q8OkIJmF7gQBMKU5Q6Yw
  4. More match DOPE! Ever shoot a clay that was launched by falling steel? With your pistol? Be prepared if you're running the 10k. #runwiththelegion #strengthandhonor #deoppressoliber Big thanks to WSRC Pistol and Multigun Competitions, @sig_glockincolt and @bilodeau13 for setting this up to show our shooters how it's done and that it's doable. @tacticalsht will be at the match representing our amazing sponsor pool. Better go train! See here to find out how to do it: https://youtu.be/DPf_tJn-E1g If you practice this, be sure you have a big enough backstop. Do NOT launch pistol rounds into the air willy-nilly. Also - shotshells in your pistol (or a shotgun) is ONLY allowed for Tier 1. 45 lbs just started looking better...
  5. MTSC in Manchester has 3-gun this Sunday - come on out and join us!
  6. Only a Green Beret can call out Lanny Oakley, JP Enterprises, Bryan Ray's "lacking pistol skills" and Chris Hemsworth! The Rockcastle Gun Show on ESPN Radio dedicated an entire hour yesterday to allow three active duty 5th Special Forces Group Green Berets to talk about the 2018 Legion 9/11 Memorial Run N Gun, presented by Alan's Arsenal and the Special Forces Association, Chapter 38. If you're coming to this match, you NEED to download and listen to this broadcast to hear what you have coming. And if you're not coming to this match, you need to listen anyway and find out why you need to come out to Rockcastle on Sept 7 - 9 to support the SFA, shoot some awesome side matches, and rub elbows with some very impressive people. http://rockcastlegunshow.libsyn.com/podcast/rockcastle-gun-show-81
  7. I'm honored to announce Spike's Tactical has jumped on board again this year as a Stage Sponsor. And nothing is for sure until match day, but it sure sounds like we'll have a 37mm Havoc with chalk rounds to incorporate into the match. https://www.spikestactical.com/ SF makes the call in the end, but let's just pretend for a moment you had a grenade launcher you could use in a match. How would you do it???
  8. I am thrilled to announce Alan's Arsenal LLC has just very generously joined on as the Title Sponsor! Please join me in welcoming them and thanking them for their support of the match and the Special Forces Association, Chapter 38. And be sure to check out their website and buy lots of cool gear from them to help pay them back - this is a VERY significant donation! http://alansarsenal.3dcartstores.com/
  9. I am pleased to announce High Speed Gear has joined on as a sponsor - donating a Sure-Grip belt, riggers belt, triple double-decker taco shingle, and slick plate carrier to be raffled off to benefit SFA, Chapter 38. HSGI's Sure-Grip belt is the one I use, and is the only one I've found that holds up well to the heavy weight of all the .308 and .45ACP I carry. They make good stuff! https://www.highspeedgear.com/
  10. Yeah, but with three TGO members, we can take over the world! And I know another one who signed up - so we're at four.
  11. Awesome! Will you wear the Kool-Aid outfit for your run???
  12. And we're open - go and get some!!! If it fills up before you get in, be sure to sign up anyway and get on the waitlist. You will not be charged until you move off the waitlist. We're holding several slots for active 5th Group guys that may very well be released to the public later.
  13. Reminder: Registration opens in 24 hours - Saturday morning at 10:00 am Central Time! Keep in mind three things: 1. You now need an "account" with Practiscore to log in before you can register. It's free and simple, but it takes some time to do. Don't wait until 10am tomorrow to do it. 2. The match fee must be paid in full when you register. We had several people last year sign up and not show up - which kept several other people who really wanted in from coming. Paying up front in full should help that. The cancellation policy is set in stone and non-negotiable: Full refunds will be given if you withdraw more than 30 days before the match. Half your fee will be refunded if you withdraw between 14-29 days before the match. NO REFUND will be given if you withdraw less than 14 days before the match. 3. There are TWO SEPARATE MATCHES set up in Practiscore - one for the 5k and one for the 10k. Be sure to sign up for the correct match. Here's the link for the 5k: https://www.practiscore.com/5k-legion-9-11-memorial-run-n-gun-2018/register Here's the link for the 10k: https://www.practiscore.com/10k-legion-9-11-memorial-run-n-gun-2018/register
  14. Saturday I practiced water crossings at the Rock, and I was glad my boots were tied tightly to my feet. I'm just sayin' -
  15. Early registration invite just went out via email to all who participated in last year's match. Let me know if you were there last year and did NOT get an email just now. And if I catch anyone sharing or using the secret code improperly, I'm going to use you for the dummy drag BOTH days of the match!

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