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  1. I had several competitors upset last year because I only made t-shirts available to the staff - so this year I'm opening t-shirt sales up to the public. The ONLY way to get a t-shirt is to order it through Shredder Industries - they will NOT be available for sale through the match. Shredder Industries is run by a competitive shooter, and $1 from each shirt sale goes to support Generation III Gun, Inc. (which supports junior shooters in 3-gun). In full disclosure, I get a cut of the profits from the shirt sales as well to help offset my costs. This is a win-win-win (-win?) situation for everyone involved. Please click the link and order a t-shirt! https://www.shredderlife.com/shop/rockcastle-5k-and-10k-run-n-gun-official-match-shirt/
  2. The obstacle for the 10k Stage 6 (which is the same as the 5k Stage 4) is simple and familiar (if you've run this before): Simply haul both you and all your gear over the top of two consecutive A-frames.
  3. I thought we were done with sponsors, but one more came in yesterday afternoon - I am thrilled to announce TRU-SPEC has just joined on as an obstacle sponsor! They will be providing $500 in certificates for their clothing for the prize table so you can be sure to get a size that fits you. They have a great product line that I think will do very well at Run N Gun events. Check them out at: https://www.truspec.com/
  4. Just a reminder - Cancellation Policy: Full refunds will be given if you withdraw more than 30 days before the match. Half your fee will be refunded if you withdraw between 14-29 days before the match. NO REFUND will be given if you withdraw less than 14 days before the match. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have one week left to withdraw and get a full refund. After midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning (2/15) you will only receive half your money back if you withdraw from the 5k. After midnight Thursday night/Friday morning (2/16) you will only receive half your money back if you withdraw from the 10k. If you withdraw from either less than 14 days before the match, you will get NO REFUND. No exceptions will be made to this policy. We have a ton of people on the waitlist that would love to have your slot if you don't want it. Don't wait until the last minute and/or not show up.
  5. Scoring, Trophies, & Prizes: Every Run N Gun is a little different and we have several newbies signed up for this one, so I thought a post about scoring, trophies, and prizes was worthwhile. First, the non-negotiables: You are free to carry a loaded pistol in your holster throughout the run, but if at any time that loaded pistol hits the ground for any reason, in any place - you forfeit the course and your match is over. Your rifle can ONLY be loaded AFTER the buzzer goes off during a shooting stage. If you are found with a round in your rifle (doesn't matter if it's in the chamber or not - a loaded magazine inserted in your magwell counts) ANYWHERE but while actively shooting a stage, you forfeit the course and your match is over. ROs will be checking for an empty rifle both as soon as you arrive at a stage and just before you leave, but in the end it is the COMPETITOR's responsibility to be sure both of these things happen. Half of your score will be based on your net overall run time (the time it takes you to complete the course). The other half of your score will be based off the combined shooting score from all of your shooting stages. At each shooting stage you will have no longer than three minutes to complete the course of fire. If you neutralize all the targets before the three minutes is up, your actual shoot time is recorded on your score card. If at the end of three minutes you have any targets not fully neutralized as per the stage description, 10 seconds will be added to your shoot time for each target not neutralized. 20 seconds will be added to your shoot time for each "no shoot" hit (one hit or many - doesn't matter). You must continue shooting until you either neutralize all the targets or you run out of time - you cannot quit early and just "take the penalty". Because I enjoy things that are useful instead of just pretty - and we're in the heart of bourbon country - the trophies this year will be custom-engraved bourbon glasses (provided by http://www.fireflycustom.com/home). There will be trophies for the following: 5k 1st Place Race Class 5k 2nd Place Race Class 5k 1st Place Combat Class 5k Top Grunt (highest scoring military - active or retired) 5k Amazon (highest scoring female) 10k 1st Place Race Class 10k 2nd Place Race Class 10k 1st Place Combat Class 10k Top Grunt (highest scoring military - active or retired) 10k Amazon (highest scoring female) 15k Trooper (highest combined 5k & 10k score) We will randomly draw competitors for $7,500 in prizes at the awards ceremony at the end of each night (there will be a separate awards ceremony for the 5k and the 10k). Must be present to win. Prizes are provided by our generous sponsors: Magpul Industries Corp., Sierra Bullets, Vortex Optics, Samson Manufacturing, Nosler, GLOCK, Federal Premium, ASE Precision, Dillon Precision Products, Inc, and Zero Bullets
  6. Stage 5 Obstacle (10k Only): Barbed Wire Crawl. I had some complaints last year that "gamers" put a quick and disposable cover over their gear to get through the first barbed wire crawl and we didn't give them a good test of their gear. So this year just before Stage 5 you'll have to crawl again. Because who doesn't like barbed wire and mud??? Sorry 5k guys - you only get ONE barbed wire crawl.
  7. My favorite part about these matches is the amazing positive vibe that absolutely permeates everyone and everything having anything to do with this match. We have a LOT of new people coming this year, so Run N Gun Veterans PLEASE help me share the culture with all these new people. To start this, I'll repost this message from last year: For those of you who have trained your whole lives for something like this, this match will be awesome! You will finally have a place you can put all of your skills together in a match that plays to your strengths, and you'll feel like a thoroughbred finally set free to run. For those of you who have NEVER attempted anything like this, are intimidated by all of the crazy workouts posted here, and are having severe second thoughts lately - it will be even better. Whatever you do, JUST DON'T QUIT. The satisfaction and self-image you will get from just finishing this course will stay with you forever, and is something no one can ever take away from you. Many people have found matches like these to be a turning point in their lives, and in a year or two you may not even recognize the person you have become. Just remember - for every person you see pass you, there is someone behind you wishing they could keep up with you. And before ANYONE judges anyone else as being "too slow, too fat, or too lazy" - bite your tongue and listen to their story first. Across the country at matches like these we've had people recovering from recent strokes, heart attacks, cancer, pregnancy, amputations, and any other issue you can think of; just because "F#$K CANCER", that's why! Give them an encouraging word when you pass them - it really makes a difference. Even better - if you pass someone really struggling on the course: finish your race, set down your gear, and run back out to find that person. You can run beside them and offer them all the words of support and encouragement that you can think of - you just can't physically help them in any way. I want nothing more than to see the last straggler trudging their way up the last leg of the course in the waning minutes of daylight, accompanied by forty of their newest friends cheering them on. Help me to make this happen. Let's do this.
  8. Dead Zero 3-Gun?

    I attended their first 3-gun match Saturday. Raleigh Prince is the match director. 5 stages, with a mix of bay and natural terrain. Scoring was Time Plus Penalties and done on Practiscore. Rule Set was a modified IMG I think (similar to Manchester). Most difficult rifle target was a 12" steel plate at 410yds. They had plenty of brand-spanking new targetry, mostly from Red Stitch Targets. Scores were posted the day after the match. It was a good match at what is shaping up to be a great facility. My only complaint was all the soupy mud and road conditions, but that is to be expected with all the new construction and the first thaw after all the cold/snow/frozen crap we've had lately. I'm looking forward to seeing how this place continues to build on the huge amount they've already accomplished in a relatively short time.
  9. The Stage 4 obstacle is only for 10k people. There will be a 2" wide cargo strap strung tightly between two trees approximately 40' apart and about 4' high. You must cross this strap with all your gear without touching the ground. If you fall or touch the ground in between the trees, you must "dismount" and start completely over until you get it right. Simple, right???
  10. I mentioned this one already with the sponsorship announcement, but just to stick with the pattern: The obstacle for Stage 3 will be Glock's Slide To The Pit Of Despair: Simply enter the tube at the top of the hill and slide down to just above the cave entrance. Try your best NOT to get beat up by your gear on the way down, TO get out of the tube with all of the gear you went into it with, and to NOT continue tumbling on down the hill when you get out of the tube. Cool points added if you shout "Wheeee!!!!" on the way down! https://us.glock.com/
  11. I am pleased to announce Federal Premium Ammunition has just signed on as an obstacle sponsor and will be providing a great spread of American Eagle 9mm and 40 cal ammo for the prize table! https://www.federalpremium.com/
  12. The obstacle at Stage two is fairly simple: Nosler's Over/Under. You'll have two obstacles you have to go over that will be set at a convenient nut-busting height, and three obstacles you have to crawl under - alternating to force you down, up, down, up, down. The "under" obstacles will be various types of fencing stretched between posts, as someone pointed out crawling under and/or through fences is a very "real world applicable skill". Thanks to Nosler for providing $500 in bullets or ammunition to the prize table, and please note that "simple" does NOT always equal "easy"! https://www.nosler.com/
  13. Someone asked about what kind of ages I've been seeing in the registration so far in another thread, and I thought the answer was cool enough to share with everyone. So, as of today, here's how it shakes out: 5k Average Age 38 5k Max Age 71 5k Min Age 12 5k Median Age 36 10k Average Age 37 10k Max Age 61 10k Min Age 24 10k Median Age 32 I really would have thought the average age would be much lower. And I can't tell you how happy I am to see the extremely wide spread of ages involved. This is so cool!!! All Ages by kotengu1, on Flickr
  14. Because I'm a giant nerd I love to look at data in different ways, the map below shows all the states that currently have people registered (22 total). The larger the dot, the more people from that state are registered. If you've been thinking "I'd really like to come, but it's just too far" - there's probably somebody coming further than you! We still have 13 10k slots left. Get in now while you still can! https://practiscore.com/10k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2018/register
  15. Alright - you know all the shooting stages, so let's talk about obstacles. Here's the obstacle for Stage 1: The Samson Manufacturing "Down & Dirty": Crawl under barbed wire, move through three mud pits, and climb up the inside of a tube with the assistance of a weighted rope. Once at the top, use that rope to pull up the 30lb kettlebell attached to the end of the rope. Shout “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!” and throw the kettlebell and rope back down the tube for the next guy. If you’re at the bottom of the tube and hear “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!”, dodging flying kettlebells just because part of this obstacle. If you ran last March, this is identical to that obstacle with the addition of a rope in BOTH tubes, and weights on the ropes to be sure they go back down for the next guy to climb up - and of course having to haul the weight up and tire out your arms just before shooting. You can thank Bryan Ray for that small piece of evil - as the sponsor's representative he got to help design the obstacle! Samson is also providing SEVERAL of the steel pistol targets for this match, and are a HUGE supporter of the shooting sports across the board. Be sure to thank them when you place your next order! http://www.samson-mfg.com/

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