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  1. And for the record, I'm not embarassed because I helped a charity while getting an awesome deal on what appear to be great glasses. I'm embarassed because I'll be wearing red white and blue glasses at the next match. ;-) Is anybody else on this here internet thing, or do only old guys with 1911s talk smack before a match?
  2. And I'm a little embarrassed to admit, I just won a pair of red, white, and blue Rudy Project glasses at a charity auction. I've heard for years how awesome these things are, but I might have to get a pair of these to make sure my wardrobe matches:
  3. Outstanding! Gotta keep these whippersnappers in line somehow - I'm going to have to chase the wife out of the house so I can sneak some kydex in her oven again. Or do I lose old man points if my 1911 holster is not leather? And you guys are far too kind for not calling me out on posting a two shot "group". I just couldn't bring myself to shoot a 3rd after that. ;-)
  4. I won't really know until match day of course, but I think I fixed the 870 today. I replaced the extractor, spring, and plunger and it's running fine now. And since I pulled the barrel to work on it, I checked my slug zero once I got it good and hot. Look closely - that's two shots at 50yds from kneeling. Giggity.
  5. sold

    I'll take the .223 kit. Please send me your address and I'll send you a USPS Money Order.
  6. And if I can get a holster made for it by then, I'll be bringing the mighty 1911. Alan can say "I told you so", and everyone else can make fun of me for being 100 years behind the times. ;-)
  7. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! Good times, but I thought pump shotguns were supposed to just work all the time?!?! I'm about to switch back to the little 18.5"...
  8. Wait - 150 rifle? What on earth do you have planned???
  9. I finally get to make one again! Who else is going Heavy?!?!?
  10. We do have it pretty good right now with AR triggers, don't we? You can tell the young spoiled kids how you used to have to work with a 2-stage surplus trigger (the horror!!!). And they won't even know what that is. ;-)
  11. Only because you pointed it out - I'm stuck in DC and have to miss this one! As long as you're not shooting PCC with Ryan... What new toy do you have that is so great you'll forsake the mighty 30 cal???
  12. Save the date: The 2018 3G4V Run N Gun, Presented by Rockcastle Shooting Center, will be on March 17th and 18th in 2018. We will tentatively offer a 5k on the 17th and a 10k on the 18th, but we have a lot of details yet to work out before we confirm that. You can sign up for either, or both - Registration will be about 90 days prior to match date again. Work won't really start on this for another 6 months or so, so don't ask TOO many questions yet. But start training...
  13. Looks like a good turnout - Ryan shot PCC?!?!? And nobody shot Heavy?!?!? Man - I miss one match and the whole place falls apart. ;-(
  14. Range Address 1862 Sixteenth Model RdManchester TN 37355Take the right fork at the gunsmith office

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