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  1. 5th Group had a good week this week - picked up Spikes Tactical as a match sponsor and Trijicon as a stage sponsor. Just the first of many more to come, I'm sure!
  2. I know that everyone this week is busy and thinking only of the Rockcastle Shooting Center Pro Am, but while you are chilling at the BYO Pool Party or shooting awesome stages encourage your friends to come shoot the Legion 9/11 Memorial Match! Things you'll experience that aren't at most matches: Incoming "artillery strikes" Machinegun fire WHILE you are trying to focus on shooting Calling in your own JDAM strike Shooting while under attack (I'll let this one be a surprise!) Experiencing the "fog of war" and trying to identify friend and foe Rescuing multiple casualties Carrying all your gear for 5k while shooting and overcoming obstacles And of course all of the outrageous things that are only "normal" to Rockcastle: Shooting in the complete darkness of a cave Shooting from/around a vehicle Shooting and reloading on the move and from behind cover There are still some slots open - register NOW at: https://practiscore.com/legion-9-11-memorial-5k-run-n-gun/register And if you have absolutely no interest in carrying 20-50lbs over a 5k running course, but still want to experience the awesomeness of the shooting stages and support the 5th Group Special Forces Association, come on out to the Sunday 2-gun match where you can do exactly that. Even better, shoot BOTH matches back to back. You know you'll want another shot at these stages after shooting them Saturday, so you might as well sign up for Sunday too so you can try them fresh again! Here's the link for the Sunday match: https://practiscore.com/legion-9-11-memorial-2-gun-match/register
  3. I had to move some MOLLE around on my Run N Gun rig to make the change from FAL/G41 to AR10/G17 tonight, and I realized I have one less G18 mag than I thought I did. So I'll be ordering a G18 mag this week to finish this set out. A quick run around the farm and some rifle dry fire in various positions made a good basic gear test, but it needs more before I'm comfortable with it. How is everyone carrying the giant loads of ammo required for this match? I'm going with 4x25rd AR10 mags, 3x33rd G18 mags, and a 21rd G17 mag in the pistol for a total loadout of 100 rifle and 120 pistol.
  4. There are still plenty of slots left open - talk your friends into joining you, and motivate each other to prepare. Don't put this off - sign up and start training TODAY!!!
  5. I'll start: I've been stuck on hotel treadmills for the last two weeks "simulating hills". Tonight was my first run on a real road: 3.66 miles at a 9.1 min/mi avg pace (with no weight) on the hilliest route I could find close to my house. Goal #1 is no walking - check. Goal #2 is to average at LEAST 90% of my peak heart rate throughout. I hit 89% tonight, so I have some more work to do. The plan is 3 weightless runs a week and a weighted run on the weekends. Who is next???
  6. If you've never been to Rockcastle before, you should know that it has some wicked hills! Below is an elevation map of the course. Post here how you're going to deal with those hills to help keep each other inspired/motivated. You have FOUR WEEKS to get ready - post up when you do something for training! If you run four times a week already and this is no big deal, just post a weekly update so people don't get overwhelmed by your awesomeness but can still see what's possible. Extra points if you've never done anything like this before and struggle just to walk a mile. Post something here every single time you walk that mile! Don't worry about it not being "long enough" or "fast enough". All that matters is that you got off the couch and did SOMETHING. If you did more than you did yesterday, you win. Celebrate it here!
  7. I've had a few questions on how people can donate if they can't come to the match. You can donate to the SFA at anytime through their website, but that only goes to their general fund (still a great cause). If you want to donate to the Chapter that specifically takes care of 5th Group, it has to be done the old-fashioned way via snail mail. Here are the details: Check/Money Order TO: Special Forces Association, Chpt 38 NOTE: Legion 9/11 Memorial Match Mailing Address: Special Forces Association, Chpt 38 ATTN: CSM (RET) Frank McFadden PO Box 223 Ft. Campbell, KY 42223
  8. Yes - Rockcastle will collect the fee the morning of the match during registration. The only thing you have to do before then is train hard. Run hills (there are LOTS of hills on this course), try running with weight at LEAST once before the match - ideally with your exact gear if possible without getting arrested, practice shooting fast and accurately from 0 - 320 yards, call in a missile strike, learn to deal with explosions and enemy fire, and, and, and...
  9. I got some more humbling news today: Gold Star family members who were directly tied to some of the individuals the stages are based on will be at the event. Gold Star families are those who lost an immediate family member in combat. Help me honor these people by not only showing up in great numbers, but putting your best feet forward and showing them how much we appreciate and understand their sacrifice.
  10. This match is not about beating other people, it’s about beating yourself. And your Self is the toughest opponent you will ever face. Start training. If you sign up, show up, and just START the match you’re ahead of every other “internet couch warrior” out there. If you FINISH the match, no matter how long it takes you, you win. One thing I can promise you – is that NO ONE will make fun of you for getting out there and trying. You will only hear words of encouragement and support*, pushing you to keep going and finish this thing. *Marines and Army Drill Instructors have their own special way of giving encouragement and support, and I have a few as RO’s. If they yell at you, know it’s because they love you. They are the only exemptions from this statement. If some lone douchebag tries to prove me wrong on this and makes fun of you for struggling, being too fat, too old, or too slow - give them a swift buttstroke to the side of the head with your rifle and just keep going. As you trample over their crying body, tell them "Matt says hi".
  11. And it turns out I lied about the obstacles - there will be SEVERAL obstacles in addition to the shooting stages. You'll crawl, climb, slide, and carry heavy things. This is gonna be fun!
  12. Registration opens at 10:00am sharp tomorrow morning. Below is the link for the 5k Run N Gun/Centerfire Biathlon on Saturday, September 9th. https://practiscore.com/legion-9-11-memorial-5k-run-n-gun/register Below is the link for the 2-Gun Match (the shooting stages only, with no running in between and no obstacles) on Sunday September 10th. https://practiscore.com/legion-9-11-memorial-2-gun-match/register And no, the registration doesn't work yet! Be SURE you register for the correct match, as there are two separate matches with similar names.
  13. There will be 49 required rifle hits, and 60 required pistol hits. I highly recommend carrying AT LEAST twice that many rounds if you're running the 5k - there's no going back to your car for more if you run out. And the 5th Group Guys usually have no idea what they're about to walk into when they get sent out, so there will be no stage descriptions released before-hand. The first you'll hear about the stage is when you run up to shoot it. I will tell you the most difficult rifle shot will be a 10" steel plate at about 320 yards, and there will be everything from extremely close and fast to 320 yds. I will also tell you that the shooting stages are based on actual operations 5th Group personnel have been through in the past - some of which are public knowledge and some of which are not so public. You will learn the true story behind every stage at the match - but they may not all be made public beforehand. Some of the details are sensitive and we don't necessarily want them blabbed all over the internet. However - as a "for instance": Read through this actual description of a Silver Star award for a 5th Group hero, and try to imagine how you might try to reproduce that in a way civilians could do it in under 3 minutes. And be thankful we have people like Master Sgt. Anthony S. Pryor on our side... https://www.army.mil/article/1662/sf-soldier-gets-silver-star-for-heroism-in-afghanistan
  14. I’m still short 3 RO’s for this match (both Saturday and Sunday – you can do either or both). So I'm putting out an open call for volunteers. The biggest benefit to being an RO is you can guarantee you get a slot in the match. The ONLY WAY I can promise you'll get to shoot this match, is if you agree to work for me. Please look at all the requirements and put some thought into this before you volunteer - this will be a hard match to work and a lot will be asked of you. First, the bad: RO's will shoot on Friday, so you need to be there early enough on Friday to shoot as well as run a stage or two for your fellow RO's. You will be stuck on a single stage ALL DAY LONG on Saturday. Bring anything else you might need to last the day in the field (chairs, food, binoculars to spot rifle hits, LOTS OF WATER, sunscreen, hat, jacket, etc.). There will be three RO's on each stage, so one of you can rotate off for a short period if you need a bathroom break or something - but keep it a SHORT break as the others will be depending on you. You will have to tell people "NO" and/or "Sorry, I can't help you" frequently. You will need to keep competitors doing NOTHING during their wait time but standing there waiting, exactly as they ran up - they cannot take off or rearrange gear, sit in the shade, drink water or eat, meditate, etc. You will have to keep a close eye on tired people, and may have to physically put hands on them if their muzzle is moving toward an unsafe direction. Verifying everyone's rifle is unloaded as they arrive and leave your stage is YOUR responsibility, and is of the utmost importance. You may have to DQ a competitor if they show up to your stage with a round in their chamber. If a competitor shows up to the stage AFTER yours with a round in their chamber - I'm going to DQ that competitor, and then immediately call YOU to find out how you let a shooter leave your stage with a loaded rifle. You'll need to read a short "script" to each competitor right before they shoot that gives a brief stage description. If they have questions you can stand there and talk as long as they want, but since the stage description will be part of their run time we need to keep it as short and CONSISTENT from shooter to shooter as much as possible. Now, the good: You will be guaranteed a slot at the match, and will not have to fight in the bloodbath that will occur the minute registration opens! Your registration fee is $0.00. You get to help out a great charity and a bunch of VERY deserving folks who have already sacrificed more than you can even fathom for you. This is your time to pay it back in a very small way. You don't need a special "RO Certification" to work this match, but since it will be a tough match to work I'll need folks who are extra squared-away. Preference will be given in the following order: 1. If I know you personally and know I can count on you 2. If you've RO'd a Run N Gun before 3. If you've RO'd at Rockcastle before (or have completed their RO course) 4. If you've RO'd any 3-gun or action pistol/rifle match before If you're interested, please send me an email at mstennett@twlakes.net and tell me a little about yourself and your experience. Sunday ROing will be much easier as you will be assigned a squad and you will shoot and move with them like a traditional 3-gun match. 5th Group will also be providing ROs too, so you’ll be working closely with them on both days.

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