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  1. Mags for marlin camp 9 rifles also fit.....but you should have no trouble finding oem mags online.
  2. Sadly that's out of my range
  3. What is your location...... Interested.
  4. I'll also take a case... PM sent
  5. Prayers for your fur baby....
  6. No offense taken, as it's not my skin at all... Just saying that there seems to be a double standard when it comes to prices. To be clear, I PERSONALLY have no interest in paying 100.00 for 100 rounds of 9mm or 556... or 250 for 1k of primers...but there are those who...due to lack of foresight or situation...may choose to do just that. And that is just one of the reasons the current supply/demand situation will keep feeding itself.
  7. Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but the laws of supply and demand have proved a difficult road to navigate for many people over the years. Not saying it's fair or desirable, but other people WILL pay "X" amount for "X" product, and their choice affects our ability to purchase those items as well.
  8. I did, and it was an honest Q. It was the rip off and scam replies that made me post this... Again, not that those replies are wrong or out of place...
  9. OK, I'm not trying to start a holy war and I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion... That said.... I recently posted a topic in GENERAL CHAT concerning the opportunity I had to purchase primers. Opinions were mixed but generally leaning towards the area where the seller would be ripping me off at the offered prices of $250 per 1000 primers. Again, I'm not calling anybody out, and as I stated above, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Where this starts to go sideways for me is the perception that anybody who is charging more than pre-2021 prices is a scammer or ripping people off. Not that it matters, but the person I referred to who has the primers for sale did not approach me, and does not have them for sale anywhere else... It's just somebody I know and the topic came up. So that brings me to here... Do I personally believe that reloading components will become available again over time—YES Do I think those components will hit 2019 prices in the near future—PROBABLY NOT Do I believe that people should have anticipated this current situation and taken precautions before it came upon us—YES (and as I mentioned in the other thread, I don't need the primers, it was just an available option) Do I think that people charging Gunbroker prices are all scammers—NOT NECESSARILY. Let me clarify to say the that everybody on this board... and I mean everybody... probably knows people who neckbearded 22 ammo, or line up at Academy... or show up at Wal-Mart before 7:00 AM just to score ______ (fill in the blank with ammo or components) Some of those people turn around and sell those items at 5 or 10 times what they paid. Is that ripping people off or catering to the current market? I think everybody has to make their own call on that one. As I've already stated several times, TGO is full of people of different preparedness levels, different philosophies, different life situations.... and different opinions. I have personally (and I'll bet many of you have as well) ...given... not sold or bargained or traded... but given away ammo and components to other people who for whatever reason were unable to afford current prices or couldn't acquire them due to lack of availability. I've also helped out some fellow TGO members with ammo they couldn't locate... for the same 2018 price that I paid. I'm not a martyr, and I'm not looking for a pat on the back. But I'm damn happy that I was able to give a single mom at my work a brick of 22's for her kid after he got his first rifle for his 12th birthday this past February, but couldn't find any ammo for it. Could I have sold that brick to her instead of giving it? Sure. Could I have listed it on Gunbroker for $200 and sold it? Sure. But that's not me, and I suspect that's not a lot of you either. But does that automatically make the people who are selling things at current market prices either assholes or scammers? Well if it does, maybe we should reevaluate our membership here and on other related forums. A quick look back through the classifieds shows some good deals... But also some "buck a round" 5.56, 9mm and others... End of rant.


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