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  1. Gun season opens in the morning

    Got in the tree at 4:45. At 5:15 I had a deer walk literally behind my tree but have no idea what it was. I had to come out at 9:30 because we’re doing Thanksgiving at in laws and since the wife just had shoulder surgery she needs help getting ready. So I eased down and checked my camera to find a new 6 pointer that was 20 yards in front of my stand Monday at 9am while I was at work. As I put the card back in two does came out from back property line. I waited for 20 minutes to let them get on by my truck but they didn’t. Waited until I got up there and eased back in the woods. Anyway, usual for the deer on this place to move later in the morning when it’s really cold so I wasn’t surprised to see them as I left. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  2. Gun season opens in the morning

    The wind sure cut through ya this morning! I had two doe come by about an hour apart. One of them had a deer 50 yards or so behind it but never could make out what it was. I moved to my blind at 9:30. First time hunting out of it this year. I have to leave at noon so these bucks need to step it up and come on
  3. Gun season opens in the morning

    Congratulations on that nice buck!
  4. Gun season opens in the morning

    Saw quite a few nice bucks posted on Facebook deer pages this morning. Reckon they are moving pretty good.
  5. Gun season opens in the morning

    Good luck!
  6. Gun season opens in the morning

    Wife just had shoulder surgery this afternoon so I won’t be out tomorrow. Weather makes it not be that big of a deal anyway. I’ll be out Sunday Lord willing(and my wife too) and it looks too be a good day! Good news is wife’s surgery went good even though she doesn’t feel too hot right now. So thanks to the Big Man upstairs for a quick recovery for her. Y’all be careful tomorrow and good luck #wearyourharness
  7. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    I would think any gun store would like bars but being in that strip mall, the building owners may not allow it. I wouldn’t be able to sleep personally with the guns left in the open though. It would suck putting them in a safe every night but I would do it.
  8. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    Guns N More got hit again last night! Smyrna Police Department needs your help locating five suspects involved in a burglary at a local gun store. On 11/16/17, at approximately 1:00 am, Guns N More on Sam Ridley Parkway was burglarized. Multiple shotguns and semi-automatic rifles, along with ammunition were stolen. The suspects gained entry by backing through the front glass entrance of the business and were using a stolen vehicle from a carjacking that occurred in Metro Nashville on 11/14/17. The suspect vehicle is a gray 2013 Audi A4, bearing Ohio tag FTN-8532. There were five total suspects involved, 4 masked males and 1 unmasked black female. If anyone has information that could lead to the arrest of these suspects, or has information regarding this case, please contact Smyrna Police at 615-459-6644. If anyone has immediate contact with this suspect vehicle, please contact your local law enforcement agency right away.
  9. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    I’m back at work till Thursday. Then I’ll be in a tree super early. Almost scared to check my cameras because I may see a buck I’ve been after hanging out while I was at work lol
  10. delete

  11. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Boys and girls, I haven’t seen a dadgum thing today. I’ve been hunting ladder stands all year but grabbed my summit viper this morning. Man I love this climber! I grabbed my .308 and my .300 blackout rifles this morning and will probably head up to Stones River range around 1oclock if nothing happens here. Might as well get my rifles sighted in for next weekend.
  12. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    I had a doe come in at first shooting light. Hung out for a couple minutes and eased on out. At 7:00 a decent 7 pointer came in. Never stopped walking so I couldn’t get a real detailed look at his rack so let him pass. Hope he wasn’t bigger than he looked haha. Anyway, doesn’t matter but he’ll live another year if he makes it on neighboring properties. Wife had to work today so had to come out at 9 to watch my daughter. Would have been a great all day sit in this weather.
  13. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Very nice! Love the shape of his rack!
  14. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    Yessir! Oh every one is a trophy to me, I’m just working on discipline and learning the hard way in the journey. As far as how the ball bounces, I 100% agree. Look how many people go out one time and kill a buck that would give me a heart attack haha! Heck I’ve definitely gotten able to see more deer and enjoy watching them eat, flirt during rut, etc. 15 years ago I’d shoot the first deer I saw and couldn’t have been happier. I didn’t know people sat out to watch, pass, and wait till later. It’s very different and enjoyable at the same time.
  15. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    I’m not sure if I got winded this morning or they saw my silhouette moving when I was getting situated. But they were behind me on a hill so either is possible. They were at my backside and wind was in my face for most of the morning, so not much I could have done differently. I was out very early but the moon was really bright, so just past of it. Didn’t see a thing all morning and left at 11:30 to handle some errands and pick up my daughter. I’m hunting WIlson County and see people on Facebook hunting pages saying they have Buck’s chasing like crazy. Mine are still just in slow mode. Hope it picks up over the next few days. But I’m still having a blast being out there! Passing on several smaller bucks this year has become easier. Just waiting on timing to be right for one of the bigger bucks. If I don’t get one this year it’ll be better next year if they survive the neighbors. I’ll put a doe in the freezer and wait all year with high hopes again. Good luck in the morning y’all.

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