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  1. Very nice!!! I have one as well and it’s my baby!
  2. Sounds like a great time for both of you! Hope he heals up 100% very soon and good luck to y’all the rest of the season!
  3. I went out at 11am today. Wind was still howling and I made the decision to sit on a field edge. The area I was in has bad swirling with high winds in the woods so I decided I’d rather not see a deer than be in the woods and spook something good. It was still a good outing because I had beautiful scenery to look at. Gonna get back out Friday and try it again.
  4. Trust me I do honestly feel your pain. I’ve hunted a place like that for many years before I found this place. Over the last 4 or 5 years I stopped fighting the “if I don’t shoot it the neighbors will” and started letting bucks walk that I never would have before. It was a small property but private. Bucks started growing and I was amazed at what a couple years did for them. It still has the same neighbors with the same methodology but I still let the bucks with potential walk and if they get them, I did my part to let them grow. Many (and I mean MANY) days I’d sit out there and not see hardly anything or zero deer. But it was a funnel and eventually bucks made their way in. The place I have now is a blessing and I don’t take one second of it for granted. First year hunting it and still learning travel patterns but I’m loving every learning minute I have and can’t wait to further my knowledge of how to pattern and track movement of the groups of deer.
  5. These two bucks came out and ate 30 yards from me for 45 minutes on the last day of archery season. It tested my patience since they are nice bucks but not what we were after on this farm. The experience was rewarding just seeing them interact with each other. One bedded down for 10 minutes while the other continued eating haha They will be really nice bucks next year though.
  6. Thanks y’all. It’s been 24 hours and I’m still tore up over it Heading back out in the morning without as much pressure knowing that I have one in the freezer and the head/cape at the taxidermist. Good luck everyone who is still out after their first one. It’s been a long season and a lot of walking to get my first of the year.
  7. Got my personal best this afternoon at 3:00. It was raining steady with 12-14mph winds so the rain was falling diagonal across the field. After passing countless bucks, I could not pass this one up. 4.5 yr old chocolate rack 9 pointer. I’m sure blessed today and so thankful. All the work this year was worth this two minute long encounter with this big feller.
  8. I will be out as well. Probably won’t be at the big farm but may hunt my small property. Have to go to a wedding tomorrow afternoon. Good luck to everyone who’s going out. Please wear a harness up in those stands y’all.
  9. I’m down to canned goods, no money, so when you get hungry call me
  10. I’ve been using Keith Kilgore (Kilgore Taxidermy) for 15 plus years. He’s in Ashland City NW of Nashville so not sure if that’s too far for you. He’s always done outstanding work for me and my family and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.
  11. The contact for Murfreesboro Armory at bottom is @nashvillearmory so I’d say you’re right.
  12. Wow! They’re definitely in trouble because of their actions and non-actions but they’re pouring the gas on themselves with crap like this.
  13. Thank you! Yessir, they don’t get big by being dumb lol
  14. Haha!!! You know how it goes, just because he’s there now don’t mean I’ll ever see him in person but I’m sure hoping so. Those split G2’s got me tore up!! Thanks KahrMan, I’m gonna try.

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