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  1. Ouch! It sure doesn’t. Maybe an early hunt and try to get out before getting soaked! Lol Thanks for the heads up!
  2. I forgot a couple straps in the woods yesterday and went out to get them this morning. Hunting public land so made sure nobody was hunting the area before I went in to get them. Found both of them, one in each spot I’d hunted the previous two days. One was still up in a tree where I’d had my lock on stand. So since I had to go up and get it I hunted for a couple hours while I was there. Didn’t see anything but heard a couple shots on the other side of the field. Sounded like center fire ( really close together too). Hope not since it’s center fire isn’t allowed on that property. Anyway, it felt good to sit there for the short time, I have an even to go to with my wife this evening so couldn’t hunt any more than I did. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow and may drive a couple hours east so I can use my rifle and leave the CVA at the house.
  3. Passed on a decent size 8 pointer yesterday. I’m heading out again tomorrow to another spot close to where I was yesterday. Trying to learn more of this public land around here so I’ve got more options for hunting. Going to be warm (compared to yesterday) but I’m gonna head deeper in the woods mid morning and stay out of the sun.
  4. I’d LOVE to be in the woods tomorrow. I’m off all this coming week to hunt but have to work tomorrow. Shouldn’t complain with the rest of the week to hunt but I think tomorrow’s gonna be the best day temp wise for the week. But I’d say rut action should pick up as the week goes on so I’m still happy to be able to get out.
  5. Awesome. I’m empty handed so far but checking out new public places and learning them as I go. I can’t wait to see a coyote be-bop towards me. I’m definitely one the guys who turns any season into coyote season when they show up! Good luck deer hunting this year also.
  6. I’ve always used Flower’s as well. I know a lot of people use Pott’s Meat in Wartrace, TN as well but I’ve never used them personally.
  7. Lot of us old P series Ruger fans. Figured it’d last one day I here!
  8. Man these are fun to shoot! If anyone is on the fence, grab it and love it!
  9. No problem, sorry it wasn’t what you were really needing. I’ll keep my eyes open though.
  10. Actually not sure if that will work for you or not after looking at your picture again.
  11. Ridiculously overpriced but here’s one https://www.ebay.com/itm/154646566414


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