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  1. I finally made it out to Murfreesboro today to check out the new location. I didn’t use the range today but probably will at some point. The layout is very nice and spread out more than it was at the old spot. Many rifles and pistols in stock and quite a few people in there buying as well. I saw quite a few small things I’d like to have but kept my self control and walked out under $20 Picked up a Magpul 20 round 5.56 magazine and a flag morale patch. Have any of you used the range, and if so what did you think of it. I don’t know if the 100 yard lanes are open yet and probably should have asked while I was there.
  2. Thanks Shaun! I’ll see if I can grab a box before they’re gone. Appreciate it brother, hope you’re doing good.
  3. Admin, please move to Gear Classifieds. Posted here by mistake, sorry about that.
  4. I would like to trade a box or two of these Federal 209 muzzleloader primers for a box or two of magnum shotshell primers. Either CCI 209M, Federal 209A, or Winchester W209 will work. I have a Knight muzzleloader I can use these muzzleloader primers in so I do not want to sell outright. I’d rather trade towards magnum primers that I can use in my CVA with Blackhorn powder. I’m not going to give these primers some off the wall price to make money off them, I’ll work with you on a realistic trade value. There’s enough madness going on with pricing now so let’s make this an easy transaction. Thanks!
  5. Someone at work just told me this as well. Sorry to hear it, I still crank their songs up when they come on! RIP
  6. I’m so surprised this is still available! If I had the free cash I’d buy it just because. GLWS Someone will be happy when they decide to snatch it up!
  7. Would sure like to be able to hear the rest of this story if the officer had actually took him up on that offer
  8. Wow! Like Red333 said, I’m glad nobody was injured or worse. Probably never know what really happened. But, that’s not something anyone wants to see inside their house knowing it came from the house next door!
  9. Bumping this up, tonight at midnight is the cutoff y’all.
  10. I never had an ounce of trouble out of it or my P90 in .45 for that matter. They weren’t pretty guns but were built like tanks. I didn’t even know what “finicky with ammo” meant back in them days.


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