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  1. rugerla1

    Ruger PC9 Carbine

    My father in law is really wanting one of these. Let us know how you like it!
  2. rugerla1

    Remington 870 Police Magnum Magpul

    Good looking shotgun! GLWS
  3. rugerla1

    Who's found deer rubs already?

    I’ve found a couple and even have game camera pictures of the buck rubbing it on later visits. Pretty cool!
  4. rugerla1

    Ok, what's your favorite Halloween time movie?

    I can tell you which one wasn’t my favorite when I was in first grade. We sat up and watched Salem’s Lot. Yep, cheesy compared to today’s stuff but scared me to death when I was 5!! I had a kid sized rocking chair like my Dads full size one. When the kid was getting buried and the guy jumped in the casket after everyone left, and the kid sat up....Yep, right over backwards I went!! But nowadays I’d have to say Halloween (Michael Myers) movies would be my go to for favorite Halloween movies.
  5. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    I got up at 330 and in my stand at 5 and still bumped a deer on the way to the tree. Sat there in the dark just knowing I’d see good movement. Only saw one button buck and a doe. Sat out till 1:30 in case midday movement was better then headed to the hayride. I got chilly around 8 and mainly because I was so excited about the cool weather that I left my jacket in the dang truck. Supposed to be a lot of rain tomorrow and I’m still at the cookout so I may not get out in the morning.
  6. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    I have an annual family hayride/bonfire Saturday afternoon but I’m hunting before I head up there. I’m excited about both of my plans on Saturday and being cooler makes both more enjoyable
  7. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    I didn’t hunt Saturday afternoon or any at all inn Sunday. I figured if I wasn’t seeing anything I’d give the place a rest from me smelling it up with sweat. This cold front coming in tonight is sure making me wish I was off tomorrow and Friday!
  8. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    I’ve never had a deer spook from the smell. I’d say if it was close enough that it smelled the Thermacell then it could smell you anyway. They make Earth scents as well but I’ve used regular for years and never had issues. But it is night and day difference as far as keeping mosquitoes off versus sprays. Within five minutes of turning it on they’re gone. I keep an extra fuel refill and extra pads in my backpack. I wanted to add that I thought the same thing for years when I first heard about Thermacell. But swatting mosquitoes scares more deer than the smell of the repellent. I wish I’d done it a long time ago. I only started using them when I began bow hunting. I used to only rifle hunt and didn’t have much trouble with mosquitoes at that time of year unless I hunted close to water on a warmer day.
  9. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    Yeah it wasn’t bad until about 8:30 and it started heating up pretty quick. Yep, mosquitoes started attacking early so I turned on the Thermacell and had relief in five minutes. When I turned it off and climbed down at 10, they were tearing me up again while I packed up my stand and sticks! Vicious lil suckers! I’m excited about this coming weekend too, maybe the movement will pick up. Been pretty light for me this past week.
  10. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    A good cold front should fix that for ya! I know I’ll sure be excited for one.
  11. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    You ain’t kidding!! I still didn’t see anything, left at 11:30. Checked my cameras on the way out and found a new rub line! So I’m gonna set up my Lone Wolf stand close to it in the morning and hope for the best.
  12. rugerla1

    The Mule (New Clint Eastwood Movie)

    Thanks for posting this, first I’d heard of it. Looks good, been an Eastwood fan since I was a little kid.
  13. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    Sitting in a tree this morning, not too hot but a tad muggy and thanking the inventor of the Thermacell right now!! No movement yet but hopeful.
  14. rugerla1

    Archery Season

    Just got back home, it got pretty warm after 11am! I saw one of the does that had twins this year and both her youngings were rolling through the woods with her like they owned the place lol. Nothing else but some squirrels but good morning to be out.

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