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  1. Lord have mercy that’s a beautiful thing!
  2. rugerla1

    for-sale Pioneer 160 watt auto subwoofer

    I may pick this up this weekend if it isn’t sold. I have to run to Mt Juliet to check trail cams anyway. Of course if someone else has the money now don’t wait on me.
  3. rugerla1

    2018 Trail Camera Pictures

    Yes, I have a white salt block in front of my other camera and this one is a Redmond Rock (trophy rock). They have been hitting them hard for several months!
  4. rugerla1

    2018 Trail Camera Pictures

    Thanks KahrMan. I have only seen one that looked like he was going to be shooter so far. I'm hoping it's the big 8 from last year but not sure. I've seen other people's trail cam pics on Facebook hunting pages and some of those suckers have tons of bone already!
  5. I know I'm not the only one watching cameras already. Some people don't even put them out till July or August but I run them year round. What are y'all that have them out been seeing? I'll try to remember to keep posting as I get enough to make a short video. I put together a short one and uploaded it today. I'm trying to learn the editing process and it's not fast for me since I'm not too tech savvy and it takes me a minute. I've honestly been watching tons of YouTube videos to learn. I'm using editing software called Shotcut. I still have a ton left to learn to look fancy like all the people I love following on YouTube, but I'm trying. Anyway, here's the short video of some of this weeks footage.
  6. rugerla1

    DIY Camera arm

    PS Damn you photobucket for messing up our posts!
  7. rugerla1

    DIY Camera arm

    Well I used my camera arms last year and will still use them. But I bought a new piece of equipment for this season and man am I in love. I picked up the Muddy Outfitters camera arm. It’s smooth, locks up solid, and is very well made. Hope to get some good footage this year. If you’re in the market give them a shot. https://shop.gomuddy.com/outfitter-camera-arm/
  8. rugerla1

    AR buffer tube nut questions?

    Good deal!
  9. rugerla1

    Velvet buck hunt

    Man I bet that made you sick! Can velvet racks be repaired?
  10. rugerla1

    Velvet buck hunt

    I can definitely see that being very likely. Hell the whole deer will probably have then in late August, good times haha. I’m more worried about getting the meat and head to the freezer than I am anything. Late September is bad enough, but if the arrow hits anywhere but the right spot it could be a risky recovery.
  11. rugerla1

    Velvet buck hunt

    It would definitely look awesome. Not sure I’d want to boil a skull with a velvet rack, may mess up the velvet? I’m not sure if you’d have to do anything to preserve the velvet if doing a Euro Mount either. May do some digging and see what I can come up with. I’ve read that even getting them out of the woods you have to be careful, it dragging the antlers on the ground, and not dragging by the antlers either since you have no way of knowing how close the velvet is from coming loose. It would sure suck to mess one up in the way out of the woods! Edit: Well here’s a video on it
  12. rugerla1

    AR buffer tube nut questions?

    You can snug it up by feel if you’re staking it. If it properly staked it isn’t going to back off anymore. I imagine there is an Academy Sports there in Memphis and I know they carry them. But I’m sure Bass Pro has one as well. I wouldn’t loctite the castle nut since the staking will do the job. I use to use a center punch but have used a spring punch for past several years and about 20-25 clicks and the staking is complete.
  13. rugerla1

    Velvet buck hunt

    I believe it is not a bonus buck and counts towards your limit. That’s actually fine with me since I won’t take a smaller buck just because it’s in velvet. I’m sure there is extra time and money involved with getting a velvet buck shoulder mount processed. If I see either that 12 or the big 8 from last year in velvet and get a chance I will definitely do my best to get one of them on the ground. Either would be my biggest to date and would look like monsters with the velvet still on. I’m really excited and still have to wait till end of August haha
  14. rugerla1

    Velvet buck hunt

    I was surprised I hadnt seen a thread on it here already so I was worried people may not have heard about it yet. Figured I’d post as a heads up since planning for opening day comes months and months before the actual day. I hope you get a monster!
  15. rugerla1

    Velvet buck hunt

    Any of y’all gonna give the velvet hunt a shot this year? I know I’ll be out there, sweating like a hog, but I cannot pass the opportunity up. For anyone who hasn’t heard, it’s August 24, 25, & 26 on private land only. https://www.tn.gov/twra/news/2018/5/25/new-august-deer-hunt.html

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