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  1. Dont worry about it I am sure you have far better things to do versus being helpful.
  2. Anyone care to offer a solution? Understanding a person can elect not to not visit TGO however that does not really appear to accomplish anything other than having a profile that is not used. If someone could advise on redacting a profile it would be appreciated.
  3. Ok just wondering came across a blog article today which featured him. Front and center in the opening paragraph .......also known as Hickok 45 explains. Is it just me or was putting his real name out there less than appropriate?
  4. I use the Bianchi "carry lock". Hitting the release lever is automatic when you go to draw. Second the Carry Lock Use it every day and on weekends. No problems at all. Plus it does not diesengage or move the safety at all.
  5. Debra Winger? Isn't she some has been from the 70's? Otherwise I could almost care what they think. They must be a high profile bunch based on the fact I am not the only one that doesn't have a clue who they are. Although before my time I enjoy the classics like Jack lemon and Walther Matheau. Have no idea on their 2nd stance.
  6. If your anywhere near a Wilson bank they have been very nice to work with.
  7. none

    Tv Shows

    [quote name="2.ooohhh" post="1341628" timestamp="1451692928"]It's not, traditional channels cancel content on a whim b/c their primary focus is selling advertising, not making content. Netflix's primary goal is gaining new subscribers and keeping the ones they currently have happy. That means making great content comes first by any means necessary.   A typical TV network has limited prime hours in which to sell ads/air shows. Netflix has an infinite number of slots available at any time of day you might want to watch for shows as long as a certain number of subscribers is willing to watch at some point. They also have great data on what shows you've watched, which you completed, and what you turned off early b/c they sucked. Couple that with the fact they are writing contracts for new shows to hold on to streaming rights for years to come and you'll likely see more and more quality shows from them in upcoming years.   OP- Wife and I loved Eureka as well as The Warehouse, and Star Wars Rebels, Clone Wars. (yes, they are cartoons, no they aren't just for kids) We enjoyed Eureka as well. We started watching Haven. Netflix has so much on it sometimes its a challenge to sort through it.
  8. Not an Electro Magnetic Pulse? But seriously I think the acronym was Enhanced Micro Pistol.
  9. On the bright side at least you don't have to unpack your registration for your handguns. Also be sure to check out Guns and Leather in Greenbrier. And Welcome
  10. Ok full disclosure I am not a fan of Glocks or other polymer models. And to be honest really didn't think I would like the SR-9C However it has been very reliable offers options for capacity when carrying. It fits both average and large size hands. The trigger is actually pretty good on it. It has a rail for a light. Even though it has the Nanny state reminder I would fully recommend the Ruger.
  11. I seem to recall seeing a Bennelli on slick guns for fairly inexpensive price.
  12. none

    New Dentist

    So I abhor going to the dentist had to go today to get a crown done before the end of the year. Had some excess on the flexible spending account. I went to Simply Smiles in Mj. In case anyone is looking would highly recommend him. Nice people. We have been in Tennessee for about 15 months Amazing the things you take for granted when you have to find new Doctors and Dentists.
  13. none

    Tv Shows

    Why was Longmire going to Netflix a bad thing?
  14. none

    Tv Shows

    Yeah that was my issue with Breaking Bad as well. Understanding its fiction but all the same. I just can't bring myself to even try watching it.
  15. none

    Tv Shows

    We have watched Jericho. Haven't watched Breaking Bad or the others. Our son is 11 so we try to keep an eye on content. thanks


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