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  1. True, that was proposed also.... I'd like it to be the mower more than that though.
  2. I think that's most probable. It's like CSI! hehe I did a few google searches for fasteners and things, I think I've seen a part like that before working on windows are something around the house. Just can't place it. It more or less has captivated my OCD to figure out what it is at this point...
  3. I initially thought that also, but the neighbor said from the path it entered looks like it came from a wooded area around the creek in back of their place..... Still, mower looks most probable to me also given the limited info. Thanks guys
  4. Doesn't look like any bullet I've ever seen, but was "shot" through the window of my neighbor's little girl's room. Must've had some punch behind it as it made quite the hole in the wall opposite the window. I'm a pretty avid airgunner, and I've not seen any pellets that look like this. Slingshot? Anyone recognize it? This is where my kids play.
  5. These are hands down the most awesome ones I've seen.... Saw them in person. They're made by Jackson Kayaks down in Sparta I think. I just ordered an Atlas, mainly because WallyWorld is sold out everywhere of the one they have and the Atlas looks a little nicer. http://orioncoolers.com/ I'd have one of these.... but I just can't justify that money for a cooler.
  6. There's a reason why they're out of stock: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-52-Quart-High-Performance-Cooler-Grey/49229404 Look out Yeti.
  7. He has his own forum... from my short experience looking it over the conversations are ..... umm... "more focused"
  8. It's not really possible to get to the sides or back without tearing down walls (plaster) and / or going under the house to unbolt it. I don't think they're even likely to have the room to try and pry it open. It has juuust enough room for me to open it up and get in and out. And where I'm at, they ain't gonna have hours to work at it. That's why I'm wondering how secure those dial locks are?
  9. So... curious. I have a basic safe, not unlike what you get from the big box stores. It's a champion brand, with a dial lock. I'm pretty certain that smash and grab aholes couldn't get it out of where it is. It was a PITA for me and the 2 delivery dudes WITH A DOLLY to shoehorn it into where it is.... empty. Now it's full of heavy ammo and stuff. So outside of cutting, how difficult is it to defeat the lock itself?
  10. Yeah, that's where I figured the shit would go way wrong... maybe next time
  11. Yeah, how about catching some Spall to the face because ahab hit a bump in the road!? Did you see that dumbass shoot the truck?
  12. You see more coordinated and organized criminals on the caught on camera shows. https://youtu.be/aM3ElTvF52I
  13. Let the river bounce it off the bottom for a few miles heh! Crazy, I was shocked that it was still pretty well in one piece.
  14. I've seen all kinda crazy stuff in the rivers, golf carts, dirt bikes and four wheelers, I've seen several cars. Sunken boats, you name it. I even found a Big Green Egg once... was gonna try to salvage that puppy, but it had a crack in it.
  15. Meh... more people for me to take what I need from around here. Plus, my bed is pretty comfortable. *jokes* =p


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