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  1. I think the big cats are going to be the next coyotes. Didn't use to have those around the Knoxville area, but now they are quite common. I think we will see the same thing with these big cats in the coming years. Last week, I watched a video of a cougar preying on a house cat. It was no contest.
  2. Moped


    https://www.lowes.com/pd/Lux-Pro-250-Lumen-LED-Flashlight-Battery-Included/50333209 Picked this up a couple of weeks ago. So far its been a dandy!!! still using the factory batteries! I'd definitely buy another one!!!
  3. Moped

    Anyone tried the new Taurus G2C?

    I'm pretty sure it was just a rebranding. I've had two and like them both. Excellent buy for the money!
  4. Moped

    New job

    I have friends that use it on the weekends, when they want to go out partying, but won't drink and drive. I think it's a money maker, if you put a little thought into it.
  5. Moped

    What would YOU pay? G19, gen 4, extras.

    I just don't see this going for more than $500. 8 mags isn't a big deal to me. 3 is all I ever want for pistols. I've never worn a mag out yet.
  6. Moped

    So I made this Seax....Need ideas/opinions

    I'm thinking that since we can carry any blade we want, in the Great State of Tennessee, I would just want the sheath. I'd be carrying that blade around while wearing my chain mail and Viking Helm!!! Really beautiful piece! Along those same lines, my wife and I have been watching Netflix The Last Kingdom, which is about a warrior named Uthred, who fights for Alfred the Great against the Danes in South England circa 890. Uthred carries a sword and long heavy Seax similar to this one, but throughout the show, you see several examples of smaller Seax. It was the quintessential Bowie knife of the period and place. For those with a more literary mind, this show is based on a series of books by Bernard Cornwell, with the same title. In the first book, Cornwell goes into depth about the Seax that Uthred made and wielded.
  7. Moped

    HP995 Review; update with bullpup

    I like the looks of this!!! Looks like the barrel is completely shrouded now. I guess we are still limited to the same old 10 round mags? I wish HP would reconfigure the mag well to accept Glock mags. They could sell a ton of them!!!
  8. I believe I've seen several episodes where he had a shotgun.
  9. Moped

    Gun confiscation

    Can we just go back to 49 states in the union and give California back to Mexico? I'm sure Mr. Swalwell would be popular in the Mexican Legislature, since Mexico has strict gun control already. On a more serious note, I'm note really sure that would start a Civil War, but I think it would cause a lot of unrest, which some Democrats would probably love, because there would be few conservative voters afterwards.
  10. Moped

    Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

    Several of us ought to go in together and buy one of these!!!
  11. Moped

    Keep or sell the .380s?

    If I were going to replace my LCP, I'd probably go with a little Diamondback DB9. I really like that size and it would consolidate my calibers.
  12. Moped

    Keep or sell the .380s?

    The LCP has it's uses. I carry mine probably 90% of the time.
  13. Moped

    Clueless looking for handgun for husband

    I wouldn't buy a certificate at a particular shop. I'd make one, with the price on it you were willing to pay. That way he can find the best deal on what he ends up selecting! Love the Date at the range idea! You might even want to go one step further and make a weekend out of it. Bud's Gun Shop is in Sevierville and has one of the finest selections (and some of the best prices) in the South. They also have an indoor range. And there is also Smoky Mountain Knife Works, next door that also sales firearms. Why not rent a cabin or a hotel room for the weekend, in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville area! Just a thought. I know one cabin rental place that has half off specials, if you go online Christmas Day and rent from them. And welcome to the Forum!
  14. Moped

    2 guns stolen in Columbia, TN

    Stopped leaving guns in the car when my S&W Mdl 10 got stolen out of my Cherokee back in 1995. What ever I am carrying stays with me now.

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