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  1. Moped


    Not seeing all the photos.
  2. I don't think that's been proven, that's it's rare. It seems the antibodies will work for a short time period, but then you can get it again. And from what I've read, the second time around is much more deadly.
  3. DA .357. I actually carry a S&W 442 on all my hikes. I’m not as concerned about 4 legged predators, as I am the two legged kind. That being said, I’m stepping up to my Taurus 627 Tracker with a 4” barrel, starting soon.
  4. Back in the day, I don't think the mags dropping free was a desirable feature. They wanted them to eject about a half inch or so. Less chance of losing a mag in the heat of battle. and empty mag can be reloaded. A lost or damaged mag, can effectively make a semi-auto, a single shot. Europe was especially slow about adopting a drop free mag. Remember the original Glocks didn't drop free either.
  5. Actually no! I have a Ruger 10/22 BackPacker in layaway. https://ruger.com/products/1022Takedown/specSheets/21182.html
  6. I stopped in at my LGS this afternoon and paid on my Layaway and I fella was buying a new .357 single action and he bought a box of .38 wadcutters. I think this is also a part of the shortage. You got to figure that a new purchase is getting a box of shells too, if they can get them.
  7. I was noticing that trend in Knox County last month too. I stand corrected. Since I last reported the Stats in Knox County, on Jan. 23rd, there have only been a 120 deaths reported. The two weeks prior to that, there were 70 deaths. So that number has come down too!
  8. When I was fat(ter), I used to buy the RK jeans. They're cheap, but they never really fit right and their dang zippers are too short. Since Knoxville gota Duluth store, I've been buying more and more of my cloths there. Haven't tried the jeans yet, but that's coming, I can already tell. Till then, I will stick to my Wrangler jeans, Megallen hiking pants and Key overalls. I will say Duluth has the best boxer briefs coming or going. They are very proud of them, so when I catch them on sale, I buy a pair or three. Boys, you got to try a pair of these!!! https://www.duluthtrading.co
  9. Your killing me. Actually, you both are. Love both of them. All my money's tied up at the moment though and neither of you wants to trade.
  10. We had to chant that in the mess hall.
  11. I had one that was stolen in a breakin back in 07. It was one of my most favorite pistols. It was a MkIII. TIsas is making a blue version and a stainless steel version. Both are great looking pistols. I’ve thought of trying to find one.
  12. I’m tempted to go back and get the Sauer... but I need to get the Backpacker layaway out first. I’m very tempted!


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