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  1. Yeti might win the Darwin Award....

    Tonight RTIC wasted no time on jumped on the 2nd Amendment and NRA bandwagon! I've seen their ads on Instagram and Facebook, supporting the 2nd Amendment!!!
  2. The niche I wish manufacturers would find

    Oh, you started it, so now you got to tell it. All three parts please! The Walther PPK and PPK/s were some of the most elegant pistols ever made, along with the old Colt Detective Special and the S&W Model 66 (pick a barrel length) and the old model Browning Hi-Powers. Another beautiful pistol I saw, back in the late 1990's, on a Detective down in Panama City, was a S&W 686 with a 3" barrel and some of those high end rose wood grips with the finger groves. That was a beautiful revolver!!! Right now the only manufacturer that I think makes elegant looking pistols is SIG in some of their higher end smaller pistols like the 238 and 938. The P210 is also a beautiful pistol, but it should be at their price point! I've always heard good things about the Kahr, but never fired one. Some of their finishes looks like something a Chicago pimp would carry back in the 1970's, though! I don't really go into colors. I like matte (FDE, green, grays or blacks), bluing, nickel or stainless. Anything else just looks cheesy or cheap. Grips are something I think can really take a pistol up a notch, aesthetically though! As for 1911 reliability, most manufacturers make their pistols too tight. And that's fine when you are shooting targets and about 50 rounds between cleanings, but if you want a true combat pistol, where you might be shooting 200+ rounds between cleanings, then it needs to rattle a bit. Just my two cents. Won't buy you a damn thing, but you might like hearing it... or not.
  3. Gas!!

    The Saudis have signaled that they would like to see a oil price increase. So the price went up.
  4. What model S&W is the Combat Masterpiece ?

    Wasn't the Model 66 also a Combat Magnum? First time I can remember this pistol was from the TV Show Vegas, starring Robert Urich as Private Detective Dan Tanna. He carried a Model 66 Combat Magnum or it was a nickel Model 19. Sexiest pistol on TV at the time, until Miami Vice came out and Sonny Crocket with his Bren 10/ S&W 645!
  5. M-! Carbine purchase tips

    Thought I'd look on the CMP website to see what was available. The only M1 carbines they have are being sold at auction. There are two a NPM that has a bid of $1201 and ends in 5 days and a Rockola that is at $1601 and ends in 5 days. They say do to the limited amount of M1 carbines that they are receiving, they are only going to be offered at auction. These babies are only going to up in price and value! BTW, Field Grade Garands start at $650 for Springfields and H&Rs and Service Grade Garands are start at $750 for Springfields and H&Rs. @ to 4 month delivery time. All other grades are sold out, except for M1C and M1Ds. They start at $950 in fair condition and go up. http://thecmp.org/
  6. Too fancy for me. But nice! I like shooters. [emoji5] Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  7. HP995 review

    I've had a couple of these now. The first one was the PoA version, which I restocked with an ATI stock for aesthetic reasons. Found it favored the Hi-Point mags and hated the Pro-Mag 15 rounders. So I traded around and for a couple more regular 10 rounders. It was a fun little rifle to play around with. Later on, I sold it to purchase something else (don't really remember what), but I never forgot how much fun it was at the range. Fast forward to three years ago, and still remembered that little rifle and saw one come up on MeWe, with the TS stock and a cheap red dot. So I bought it. Came with one Hi-point 10 rounder and one Pro-Mag 15 rounder. I bought it for $225. Shoots great with 115gr ball and the 10 rounder mag. Keeps them in the center of a 5" disc at 75 yards. Still doesn't like the Pro-mag. Threw the Pro-Mag in the back of the safe and went and bought two more Hi-Point mags. Problem solved! Still a fun little range/truck gun! Much easier to take down and clean with the clips if one is so inclined. I know several on here, that just spray the receiver down with some gun oil and hardly ever clean them. I at least like to every other range session. Might consider buying a Redball mag or two. They are ugly as sin, but so is the Hi-Point, so maybe I will. Or I might just by a couple of more Hi-Points. That would give me 5 mags for it. Don't know yet. It's not real high on the priority list at the moment. Got other things to think about first. But I definitly recommend a 995TS for a first time 9mm carbine, if you just want to test the waters and see if something like that it right for you. You can buy 3 of them for what you'd buy a Ruger for. EDIT: I had another one in Lay-A-way at Harveys in Knoxville that I had won on Auction, but I let it go for a .357 Revolver on Friday. Had a hankering.
  8. OK, I'm old, but not that old! My first S&W was a .357 Model 13, that I paid $250 for. Later on a bought a Model 10 that was Police Trade in from TDOC. Great shooting pistol! Got it for $149+tax and BGC. Later it was stolen. That was back in 1993 ( I thank). Had some other S&Ws, but those two were my favs. But you are right, some of their pistols have gone out of sight. You won't find a 686 for less than 7 or 8 bills new. They are getting to be collector pieces like the Colt Revolvers. Where S&W is doing it right with revolvers, though, is with the J-frame snubbies. They are still able to keep the price point low and are still a viable option. Yes you can get a Rossi or a Taurus about $50 to $100 cheaper, but at that price point, I would go ahead and pay the difference and get the S&W. But I just couldn't justify the difference ($200-$300) for a shooter grade larger pistol like I was wanting, this time around. I think I will continue to look for a nice S&W or Ruger to come my way, but for now the itch has been scratched... or will be when I get it out of lay-a-way.
  9. Actually went a bit different route. Put a Taurus 627 Tracker 4" in lay-a-way at Harvey's yesterday. I know I'm taking a bit of a chance on the Taurus, but recently I've had two of the PT111 G2 and both have been excellent pistols. I saw the Tracker and checked it out. Really nice smooth trigger and it felt good in the hand. Looked at a couple of S&Ws and Rugers and they were very nice too, but just looking, I could tell that there was a $200 or $300 difference in the three. So I went this the Taurus. This is more of a fun/farm gun anyway. Doubt I will carry it much.
  10. Haven't seen an Astra in years! Those were the Comanche and Super Comanche I believe. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  11. I've had two 2" SP101s over the years and both were great revolvers. I think I paid $325 for one and $350 for the other one. One was a .38 and the other, a .357. I also had a S&W 19 with the 2&3/4" barrel. I like the Rugers better. I also had a S&W 13 4" that I traded for the first of two Mini 14s. Should have kept the .357. The latest one was a used Ruger Security 6 in 6". Another great pistol, but that 6" barrel was just too long. Traded it for a Winchester 30/30. Again, should have kept the .357.
  12. Stopped at Crossroad Guns in Fountain City and looked at a Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel. Nice pistol, but priced more than I wanted to pay at $549. Also looked at a Taurus 66 with a 4" barrel. I wasn't every impressed with the lockup on that one though. Jimbo100 turned me on to a Dan Wesson, that I may go look at though! That's a nice looking S&W 65 in the Classifieds, but I'm not looking to drive to Middle Tennessee.
  13. Dick's Getting Whacked, and Sales Sagging

    Well... Bye.
  14. How good a revolver is a EAA Windicator?
  15. Been getting a hankering for another revolver of late. I currently only own one Ruger single action in .357. Yesterday day I stopped at two LGS and attempted to checkout some offerings in .357mag. First of all, I am not looking for something for canceled carry. I really want at least a 3" barrel and and 6 shots in either blue or stainless. And I'd like it to be under $500. It seems all that's available are snubbies. All the full sized versions looked like they were rode hard and put up wet AND they wanted a premium for them. Are there any full sized revolvers, at a decent price being made anymore?

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