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  1. I paid $14.99 per box about a month ago. I’d consider that a good price!
  2. I get what you’re saying, but I’m to the point that I just don’t trust any retailers anymore.
  3. I sure as hell wouldn’t be shooting there, if I had to pay for their ammo too!
  4. Sorry guys! This is exactly what happened. I had a Senior moment, also known as a brain fart. I find these happening more and more, as I get closer and closer to 60.
  5. Oh, and BTW, the aluminum grip thing I’d, is a Tyler T-grip. They used to be the cat’s meow for little revolvers like these, before soft rubber grips became the norm. They help you hang onto and control little revolvers better. I had a little Colt Agent that had one. Really made the little revolver much easier to shoot. This is really a great little package. I hate you have to sale it. But good luck with your sale!
  6. Interesting piece!!! How much smaller than the J-frame, is this? Can you even buy .32 S&W anymore? I think I have a few rounds at home for it. GLWS!
  7. They seem to have found a niche for their product. A lot of people I know have them. I personally don’t. They survived the bad press early on and continue to roll. I just think Maryville, wasn’t a good fit for them. They should take note of what Taurus did and open a plant up somewhere with a low cost of living and an area needing decent paying jobs. Taurus opened up a new plant in Bainbridge, GA, and are doing well down there.
  8. I'm tapped out till I get this one out of lay-a-way. Thanks though!
  9. Harvey’s Gun &Pawn has a blue Interarms on auction on Facebook, right now. It’s at $545 with 15 hours to go at that price. Comes with two mags. It’s been handled and as some light scratches, but it’s still in very good condition.
  10. Interesting. I've seen more 40 S&W on the shelves than most other opoular calibers. I would have thought it was .380ACP.
  11. My family doesn’t even question this anymore.
  12. I watch Harvey's Pistol & Pawn auctions on FB and people are bidding ridiculous prices on there for firearms! Used to be a good place to pick up a deal every once in a while, but not since March. Harvey will even advertise specials on Thursday and put the same gun up for auction that weekend and it the final auction price will be $200 or $300 higher than the special price he advertised in the store. Example. I picked up a brand new Taurus Tracker 357 in Stainless steel for $437, new. I bought that one outright. Same gun on Auction went for over $600 the other day. I just shake my head. People are going to be way upside down on a lot of newly purchased firearms in the coming months, depending on how the election goes.
  13. Yet another reminder of why I carry a pistol with me at all times. I have close family members that just do not get this and thing I'm being paranoid. They think nothing like that is ever going to happen like this, to them or me or my family. I'm sure this couple thought the same thing. Edit: As a matter of fact, I am working from home and I have one on my hip right now.
  14. I can't believe how much these have gone up in price! Last year, you could pick up a 12ga at Bud's for under $250. Right now they are going for over $400!

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