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  1. Moped

    A very unpractical purchase but I an HAPPY !

    You all know they make an adapter for the Shockwave that allows the use of Aguila mini shells (1-3/4") and they come in #7 bird shot, #1 Buck and 7/8 Oz slug. Almost doubles the capacity of the Shockwave! You can pick up an adapter for these little shells for $17, but they are currently out of stock.http://www.opsolmini-clip.com
  2. Moped

    Citi group sides with gun control folks

    Neither should bank employees.
  3. Moped

    Veterans rebate from Smith & Wesson

    As expensive has their revolvers have become, that rebate for them, should be higher!!!
  4. He doesn't. He is just a mouth piece for the anti gunners.
  5. I've always used a local bank. Just as I always try to use locally owned businesses.
  6. Moped

    Restore Broomhandle Mauser

    We'd love to see it!
  7. Moped

    Holster Search... <sigh>

    PMed you back.
  8. So , I picked up my Taurus Tracker 627 .357 yesterday and now I'm on the hunt for a holster for it. I do not want nylon. I like Kydex or leather (in that order), if not more than $60. And I don't have time to make one myself. Seems like everything is either super expensive or crap. I didn't buy it for concealed carry, rather as a range and woods pistol, so I would like a functional belt holster. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. Moped

    Cheap Savage pump shotgun at Walmart?

    I wish I owned one to give you review of it. I did peruse the web and came up with several pages of reviews (most for 2012 through 2014). The shotgun is made in China and is based on the Winchester 1300. National Rifleman gave it bare bones favorable review. It has a matte finish. There are some negative comments out there. One guy on the Ruger Forum, from 2014, said he bought one and it wouldn't cycle. He found lots of metal shavings in the innards and some bent parts, which might have happened when he tried to cycle it and the shavings bound everything up. That's one of the reasons I tend to clean a new firearm before my first shooting experience with it. All in all, for the price, it sounds like the perfect truck/farm shotgun.
  10. Moped

    Information overload

    LOL!!! I have lots of wants and few needs! Actually most of the firearms in my safe are wants. I have a need for two of them currently. Both are my carry pistols. I definitely do want a .38/.357 Lever gun (its been a want for a long time now) and I "need" it to go along with my Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm Convertible and my Taurus Tracker. So maybe it is a need.
  11. Moped

    Information overload

    Totally agree with this, especially the lever action in pistol caliber! Just wish someone would make an affordable one!!! Looked at a Henry Steel .357 yesterday and it was $779. I liked the rifle, but didn't like that price at all, so they knocked $100 off the top, but I didn't like that price either. Bud's has the Rossi 92 in .357 for $509. Now we were getting in the ballpark. But you can still find used 30/30s for $300-400 all day long. Just wish you could find pistol caliber lever guns at that price.
  12. Moped

    CMP 1911’s

    We still had 1911a1s in Desert Storm. Ours were pretty decent pistols, but while we were at Ft. Bragg waiting to be deployed, the AMU took all our weapons and inspected and repaired/upgraded where needed. I was told that they took all the ,45s and replaced all the springs, screws, pins and any out of spec parts. They were a pretty good batch of .45s after that. But while over there, I saw a lot of the old warhorses that were just about totally ragged out. Case in point, as the ground offensive was about to kick off a Battalion Commander from a regular Army unit visited our HQ to coordinate a leap frog movement. I escorted him to our TOC and noticed that his grips were held on by one screw. I asked him if he would like me to fix that, while he was meeting with our staff. He was much appreciative and told me that his unit lacked spare parts. I took his pistol and to our Armorer who replaced all his grip screws, along with the extractor, which was also broken. Our pistols were all in much better condition than theirs. I believe his unit was from Ft. Carson. I expect that the ones from CMP will be functional shooters after they go through the process, but since I only have shooters and not collector pieces, they're price tag is just too high for me. I'd rather go purchase a Rock Island or Springfield Government model and spend the money I save on ammo.
  13. Moped

    Information overload

    The SKS is a fine rifle, but they are getting outrageously expensive now-a-days for what you get! Right now the AR is the way to go. They can be had cheaper than an AK. Spare parts are easy to come by. Ammunition is cheap and mags are plentiful! I love AKs but they are more expensive right now than ARs.
  14. Moped

    High Shooting in Texas

    You know, growing up, just outside of Knoxville, we had shotguns and rifles on campus all the time and never one shooting. Fistfights were common, but then it was settled and no one involved a firearm. We had our fair share of bullies and those that were picked on and what not, as well, but not one time did we ever have a firearm pulled out and used on campus. It boggles the mind!
  15. Moped

    High Shooting in Texas

    It's being reported that explosives have been found at the school now. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/18/texas-high-school-shooting-leaves-at-least-8-dead-suspect-in-custody-report.html

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