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  1. I’ll let you know. I’m going back to check it out. If it’s the DVG-1RD, it’s going in lay-a-way.
  2. Maybe next Saturday, if the weather cooperates.
  3. Go purchase a Crosman 1322! https://www.airgundepot.com/crosman-p1322-air-pistol-black.html
  4. I was in my LGS yesterday to purchase a new Taurus TX22. While waiting on the TICS to go through, I noticed a new SCCY Pistol with a RD on it. Before I could ask to see to see it, the TICS was completed and my mind went SQUIRREL and I was headed home with my new purchase (which I am very impressed with, BTW, but have not shot it yet). Last night, I did a little research on the SCCY RD and found out they released a new striker fired pistol, called the DVG-1 and it comes with a CT Red Dot, with motion activated On (no button to push) and a battery life of 20K hours. MSRP is $389, but if my fa
  5. Went back to my LGS and the 856 was gone. I went with my backup plan and picked up a Taurus TX22 along with a third mag for $320 out the door.
  6. Cool! Honestly though, I think there’s a chances these may have to be SBRed too, at some point.
  7. I try to never drift over lanes anytime, but I know that happens, from time to time. I have a pickup and people like to drive in my blind spot, from time to time. Also I don't know that I would have pulled over to defuse the situation. Seems like that gave him the opportunity to escalate the situation, by going to get his gun, after he saw you pull yours. That being said, the rest of what you did was great, especially driving to the police station. I'm a bit disappointed in the officer, for not approaching the other driver and attempting to defuse the situation, in the capacity as a
  8. Hey, report back on what the second booster is like. I think the more I hear from people I know, the better I feel about it. No one that I know, has had any serious reactions to it. The sore arm the next day seems to be the biggest complaint, I've gottne from friends and family that have had it already. That seems like nothing to me.
  9. I actually get what RefferMac is saying. I have a lot of family in and around Knoxville. I suspect that if communications are down, you aren't going to be getting into vehicle to go check on family and friends. though. I'm assuming he is talking about Marshall Law, where the Government basically shuts down all communications, including the the internet and restricts movement, other than for emergencies or food. It is a posser, I have to admit. I really have no idea how we would communicate is such a situation.
  10. My main carry gun is a LC9S Pro. Great little pistol!!! But I get that the trigger might be a little too far forward for smaller hands. I have medium sized hands and it's perfect for me.
  11. What's the difference between the two grip safeties? The thing that keeps me from liking this pistol is it seems too big to be a subcompact (23oz with 4.1" barrel) and doesn't seem to have enough capacity to be a compact. Does that make sense to any of you all? I guess I'm expecting the size of the Shield, for only an 8+1 pistol.
  12. Moped


    They were more fun anyway! I was able to save this to my favorites last night. It's saved to mu IPAD. Apple finally did something right.
  13. It's not the size that matter, but how you use it Omega! LMAO!!! You got me on that one!
  14. If I don’t buy it I’ll let you know we’re it’s at. If it were .357, I’d have done bought it. I’m looking for a .357 to carry when hiking. Currently I carry S&W 442. I’m not sure a 3” 38spl would be a big improvement over the 442.


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