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  1. Had 70 new cases in Knox County, as off this morning. 18 Hospitalized and another death. That brings the total to 6.
  2. The Knox County Health Department is now. Mandating that masks will be worn in all public buildings and areas where social distancing cannot be followed. In addition, they reported another 50 new cases. And Knox County was a talking point in the State’s briefing, because of this spike we are going through. https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/knox-county-mandates-masks-in-indoor-public-spaces-starting-july-3/51-7086a666-243d-441f-bbeb-abec12c23f8a There is a twitter link to the resolution, which references the state law that makes this possible.
  3. Still not huge numbers like we saw in New York, but it's enough to tell that it's starting to go up.
  4. You are not mis-remembering. The M6 was actually a .22 hornet/.410. And I agree with you. on it's usefulnees. The caliber selction makes no sense to me, honestly. I refereneced the Chiappa version of the M6. There are several other differences beyond caliber, though, It comes with two actual triggers, unlike the old AF survival rifle, which had a "pad". The Chiappa is a bit less blocky than it's ancester too, though it still has the general look. I believe it uses a lever loop (think Winchester 94) to facilitate reloading and breakdown. I believe the M6 used a latch for the same function. The Chiappa had interchangable chokes. for the shotgun. Pretty sure the M6 didn't. Like you, I would probably try to find an old Savage 24, in the calibers I wanted. I think the prices on the Chiappa and the old Savage 24/42 are realatively the same. And I like the asthetics of the Savage much better. Unfortunately. the 42 only comes in a .22LR or .22Mag /.410 combination.
  5. I’m going to stick to a narrow definition about what your asking and just talk about a combo firearm. If I were going to go that route, then I wouldn’t go with a rifle/rifle, I’d go rifle/shotgun and I’d select a .22/12 ga. The lowly 12ga shotgun will take any beast in North America, provided you have the right ammunition, the skill and the bravery. Anything from a rabbit to a grizzly bear. The .22 is perfect for small game. All that being said, it’s a poor choice for a firefight or for long range. The old Savage 24 were excellent quality guns. Latter on Savage brought out an updated model, called the 42. I believe Remington also imported a combo made in Turkey and badged as a Remington. Chiappa makes a version of the old Air Force Survival rifle in .22/12 ga that the Air Force used. https://www.chiappafirearms.com/product.php?id=213
  6. Big spike in new COVID-19 case in Knox County, 53. Hospital actions remain stead at 15. The state reported 2125 new cases. I believe that may be a new high.
  7. Knox County had another jump today. 36 new positive tests and Hospitalizations went from 12 Yesterday to 18 to This morning. Available ICU beds remains at 39.
  8. Nashville Metro Board of Health now requiring all individualS out in public, to wear masks or face coverings. https://www.wbir.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/nashville-metro-board-of-health-mandates-face-coverings-masks-to-be-worn-in-public/51-68717d5c-a587-4707-9a09-965b7b5f9723
  9. 272 Total ICU beds. 233 in use. 39 free as of this morning at 10am.
  10. We are up to 151 new cases in Knox County this week, with 12 in the hospital. no new deaths. And we have 39 ICU Beds open. https://covid.knoxcountytn.gov/case-count.html
  11. Great price on a very good pistol. I have the older PT111 Millennium G2 (basically the same pistol, but differently badged and a double stack) and it runs like a champ! I have had zero issues with mine. Actually carrying mine right now. For the money no one will find a better pistol, especially at this price! GLWS!
  12. Hope no one is smart enough to buy that! That being said, I did pay $39.95 for 50 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124 gr +P the other day.
  13. That's the number of people in the hospital, as of 10am this morning with COVID-19. I normally am not too concerned with the number of positve cases either. But the fact that Knox County has seen a large rise in the number of cases, portends that hospitalizations are also going to be rising, which we are starting to see. As of right now, 9 is not a big deal. But there are only 22 ICU beds available, as of 10AM today. We could see those fill up quickly, if this continues to get worse. You can open that link and scroll down to near the bottom and see that information. Hat's off to Knox County Health Department for doing a great job getting the public this information! We are very fortunate to have such a great department!!!
  14. Worst week in Knox County so far, with 117 new cases. 9 are in the hospital, but still only 5 deaths. This has been since the Monday report that Knox County Health Department releases at 10AM every day. https://covid.knoxcountytn.gov/case-count.html

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