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  1. Exactly!!! Has anyone seen one up close and personal?
  2. I keep hoping that Ruger will come out with a 3" LCRx in .357. I've heard rumors they are, but have yet to see one.
  3. Yes, that's really all it did, but it was an excellent round! I bought a little Colt Agent back in the mid 90's, great little revolver with slick trigger. The Retired Postal Inspector I bought it from, highly recommended them in the Agent. He was indeed correct. That little gun shot the best groups with Nyclads. Later on, with other snubbys and other other revolvers, I found it to be one of the more accurate rounds out there. I feel fortunate to still have a box for the 442. I've put a cylinder through it and compared the box of Remington 125gr SMJHPs, it's still excellent ammunition. I was reading on the web, that the reason that Federal discontinued it, was because the nyclad jacket coating just got to expensive. I priced a box on Gunbroker last night, and the wanted $80 for 50 rounds.
  4. Unfortunately, Federal is no longer making them. I have on box left and that's what I have in my 442.
  5. If you remember back about 5 years ago, 80% AR receivers were becoming a big thing, until the ATF raided a “distributor” in California for selling them to convicted felons and others not allowed to own firearms and for having “building parties” for these receivers. He walked this week, after the Judge in the case threatened to come down with a ruling that would have made it all but impossible for the ATF to do their job. I’m not going to copy and past the whole article. You all are smart enough to follow the link and read it for yourselves. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/11/us/ar-15-guns-law-atf-invs/index.html
  6. Would love to know what you think. I've been on the fence for a while on them. I've read pro articles and con articles. The Con articles scare me away from this pistol.
  7. I personally loved Federal 125 gr Nyclad HPs, and still carry them in my S&W 442 along with 2 additional speed strips full. I thought this was the best standard pressure defense round going for snubbies. Sadly, Federal dropped them. I snap them up, whenever I can find the odd box, here or there. Now, I’d probably go with the HST round mentioned above or the Speer Gold Dot.
  8. If it comes down on our side, I think it's a good thing. I'm not holding me breathe however, for a favorable outcome.
  9. The Democrats can’t run against the economy, so they’ve picked firearms. They are throwing all kinds of #### out there now, to try and get ahead of their base. Biden is trailing, so he’s desperate, just like Beto and all the rest of them not named Warren.
  10. I love my .45 XDs, which I traded a practically new M&P 9 compact (Gen 1) for. I’ve had no issues with it and it’s in my carry rotation. This Hellcat has my interest though! I like the weight and size.
  11. Unless they flip the Senate, retain a majority in the House and gain the White House. Then there is a very good likelihood that a ban and buy back of so called assault weapons will happen, along with other more draconian anti 2A laws. Welcome to the rule of the Blue States and their lack of freedom.
  12. I think a 410 single shot is more cost effective. A sad they a heck of lot cheaper!

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