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  1. Neat looking. I'll be watching.
  2. I had on a 2nd Generation Colt Agent. Really helped with the controlabilty, without compromising concealability. That being said, I think I like the grips S&W are putting on their J-Frames better. They are very grippy on my 442!
  3. Nice little revolver! This looks like what you were looking for, unless it’s worth a lot of money. Reloading may be the way to go for it though. .38S&W isn’t that easy to find. And most of it that I’ve seen are lead round nose. Not the greatest defense round out there. Of course, if you are just going to use it to plink with, then who cares.
  4. On the other hand, many of the Democratic candidates for President, have threatened to overhaul SCOTUS if they do hear the case. That could be like waving a red cape in front of a bull, to certain members of the court. Might be enough to get them to hear it.
  5. Another one I sometimes carry is a Cold Steel Spike Tanto. This a more of a defensive weapon, much like a Stiletto, from Medieval times. The blade is a triangle shape with one razor sharp angle is about 6 or 7 inches in length and one piece of steel. It’s design to punch a large hole into whatever you thrust it into. Expect a lot of bleeding to occur, if used correctly. Comes with a chain for neck wear, but I hide it a coat sleeve or boot. They are discontinued now, but you can still find them. can’t post a pic, but here is a link. https://www.knifecenter.com/item/CS53CT/cold-steel-53ct-spike-tanto-point-cord-wrapped-handle
  6. I have several neck knives that I sometimes carry. A CRKT Folts Minimalist Wharncliffe and Esee Izula. I just hardly ever wear them around my neck. I usually just stick them in a pocket.
  7. Yes he did. And this is why I could not vote for him in the last election and chose to vote Libertarian, instead. I do not trust him as far as I could throw him.
  8. Probably not. I think we may be seeing the old 10 round magazine limits coming back, dependiong on how the next election goes, along with another Assault Weapons Ban, I'm seeing a lot of Republican Politicians speaking out against us now.
  9. Trump was never a Republican or Conservative, except for convenience. At best he is pragmetist and at worst a snake in the grass (closet Democrat). And I'm afraid we are about to see the snake show it's ugly head. I believe he will trade us for his wall along the southern border and immigration reform.
  10. I don't disagree on your take here. Still might get an AR Pistol and also a brace and just put the brace back and not put it on. Just incase everything goes south one of these days.
  11. Been think about getting one, but I will probably hold off. I think they make a handy firearm, though! Actually, I don't think the pistols will go away, but I do think we are about to see a crackdown on braces and drum mags. Those may well go the way of the Dodo bird and the bump stock.
  12. Actually, think it's kinda sad that the TWRA lost this revenue stream. I was quite happy to pay that 10 cents on a box of ammunition.
  13. Never was a fan of the Tapco Mags. I kinda liked the fixed 10 rounders, myself.
  14. That's not a bad price. I see used ones around here, going for that and they are all ragged out. I've had a couple over the years. Good, reliable shooters. The stocks on both were too short for me. I needed at least another inch or two at the butt. The pull was just too short. Still, I wish had at least one of them back.

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