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  1. Moped

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    I’m actually more of fan of the High Power than the CZ. Ergonomically, I think the HP fits the average hand better than the CZ. I have to reposition my hand to utilize the safety and the mag release on the CZ. I never had that problem with the HP that I owed until it was stolen. At the time, it was my favorite pistol. Wish I could afford another one. I do agree with Magiccarpetrides that there are better choices now. Several years ago I sold off my SA 1911 and went to a .45 M&P compact, which I hated. I traded it soon afterwards for a XDs .45. I really like it and would chose it over a 1911 any day. And I would pick my FNH FNS9 or Glock 17 over the Hi Power. But I would still like to have that Hi Power back. And to be honest, I wouldn’t made another 1911. I doubt I’d ever carry either again though.
  2. I actually have a XDs in .45acp that I really like. Thought about getting a service model of it, but of course there is not trading out mags between the two.
  3. I traded a S&W M&P Compact .45ACP for my XDs. It came with 3 five round mags and 2 seven round mags, the holster and mag holder, a hard case and a soft case. You can still get the packages from SA, but these new Model 1s jsut come with one mag, in a cardboard box, so they can lower the price on the pistol. Ruger does the samething with their pistols. Personally, I hate a pistol not coming with at least a second mag.
  4. How many of you have different versions of the same pistol? For example, I have a FNH FNS9 that I really like and I was thinking about picking up a FNS9C for CC. So I could have both versions. Do any of you do that or am I an oddball.
  5. Moped

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    Which is really sad, because it was one of the greatest guns of all time.
  6. Moped

    Help me decide my next build

    10.5” carbine-length 5.56 pistol with an RDS (HD) I really like the looks of that Saint Pistol!!! Looks super handy!!!
  7. I have an XDs in .45acp that I love. Don't these only have 1 mag though? So you'd have to buy a couple of extra mags at $20 or $30 a pop. That puts them back price wise in the same ball park as the XD Mod 2. Buds has the stainless version of the XD Mod 2 Service Model for $352.
  8. Moped

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    In all honesty, that one thread that gets resurrected about the Tisas 1911 is about the only negative feed back I've heard about their firearms. I would suspect that the BR9 could attain a good following, but I think $530 is just a bit high for a Tisas. I was looking at their 1911 prices a couple of weeks ago and they were about $329.99 at Buds. They are out of stock now.
  9. Moped

    Revolver suggestions

    A S&W Mdl 19 is chambered in .357. I agree with Triple GGG and JAmie Jackson. Take her to a range that rents pistols and let her shoot some and pick out what she likes.
  10. Thanks! For that price, there are several name brands out there that have a proven product. This seems a bit high to me.
  11. Moped

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    I’m very partial to Pits. Both these are rescues and both are smart. The ginger is super sweet, but a bit skiddish around new people. Not your guard dog type. But she is a barker, which I personally like. The gray and white is a Pit-Doberman mix (we think). He’s a barker. With him around, it’s hard to sneak up on the house. His looks are also intimidating, but he’s not a bad dog at all. Just noisy when someone pulls in the driveway or comes to the door.
  12. Moped

    Feds monitoring online gun sales

    I have no doubt they'd fight it tooth and nail, before releasing such a list. In the name of national security, of course.
  13. Moped

    New pocket knife

    Tiny little thing! Looks handy though. I like little fixed blades. I carry a Folts Minimalist Wharncliffe. I find the needle point on Wharncliffe style knives to be handy at times. This knife little knife you've introduced us too, looks a might better finished than the Folts though.
  14. How was the match? Pics or a range report? I wouldn't mind doing something like this!

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