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  1. Man. I looked at these several times. I think it's a great size for a little .22. BUT, I think Grayfox54 may have understated how horrible the double action trigger pull really is! . It may be the worst trigger I have ever seen!!! Single action isn't that bad, but I would estimate that the double action is 18+ lbs, at least!!! No need for a safety on this pistol, that's for sure. Harvey's in Knoxville, has both the blue and nickel finishes for about this same price. Other than the trigger, it seems like a nice little pistol, though. I was inpressed with the fit and finish. It's about what you'd expect from Walther.
  2. Moped

    Glock 17 Mags

    I want to buy a couple of 17 round mags for my Glock 17, which is a Gen 2. Current production mags should work with that Generation, correct?
  3. DaveTN. I think this is already happening in our great State. And I expect that in the next couple of election cycles, we will go from Red to Purple and finally later on Blue. Just like in VA, the rural areas are slowly loosing their voice to the metropolitian areas of Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville. Nashville has joined Memphis and is pushing us further and further to the left. It's just a matter of time.
  4. You should be. just kidding! You should buy what you like.
  5. I will not carry without a covered trigger. Even in a pocket, I use a pocket holster.
  6. Yawn... it’s been many years since I was excited about anything by Glock. Still got my Glock 17, from 1991. Will never sale it off, but I doubt I’ll buy another one.
  7. This should be watched closely. I think it’s very dangerous. I also think that this is the first of many attempts, by those on the left, to hamper any potential or perceived uprisings. This bill’s Patron is Louise Locus. She’s held this seat since 1992. She knows the ins and outs of VA politics. I suspect this bill will be passed during the next session.
  8. No, but that G3 holster looked interesting.
  9. Moped

    New Deer Rifle

    Never been much of a scope guy and in East Tennessee, your lucky to get a 100 yard shot. When I have hunted with a scoped rifle, I’ve usually had it sailed back to its lowest power. Now all that being said, I have a Vortex mounted on my Savage 10FCP-SR .308, which has never been in the woods.
  10. I wouldn't like it, because of the slow draw. My cellphone normally rides in my back pocket and my LCP in my front pocket, in the summer months. If I'm carry my LC9S, then It's holstered in a IWB or OWB holster. Currently, that's either a 1776 4 way or a FOBAS. and my extra mags are in my weak side front pocket. And in the past I've used a belly bag as well. But to me it screams gun.
  11. Seems like a comparison between the SR9 and G48, is like comparing apples and oranges. The SR9 is more of a duty size pistol and the G48 is a compact.
  12. Ruger makes some puzzling product decisions. I now own 3 Rugers. All have been good values. Pretty much carry one of them everyday.
  13. Moped

    Got my CMP 1911

    Brings back memories. Congratulations!

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