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  1. Surely to God, they could call in laid off Doctors, Nurses and Orderlys to come in and relieve the sick ones! That's craziness right there, with possible criminal ramifications!!!
  2. Actually, it was ok for a couple of weeks, with the exception of eggs, and paper products. Can goods, milk and meat were almost back to normal levels. Then I noticed this week , can goods became scarous. Actually, the restaurants around here seem like they are doing a brisk business with takeiout. Tried to get takeout at a local Japanese restaurant last night and couldn't get through on the phone. So I went down to go through the drive thru and there was a line of cars all the way around the building. Ended up getting Arby's, from across the street.. I was the third car in line there. My son is also a server at a local restaurant. He was laid off for two weeks, then got called back in and has worked everyday since, but two. He's doing VERY WELL with the tips!
  3. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in food at their local grocery store? I typically shop at Kroger in Fountain city (Knoxville). The last couple of times I've been in, a lot of their shelves are bare. Not talking TP either. Mostly can goods and meat. Eggs are real plentiful either. Milk seems alright, but the frozen food department was maybe half full of stuff, when it's usually full.
  4. Sounds like they may have found a motive. They just aren’t ready to release the detail yet. https://www.wbir.com/article/news/crime/source-notebook-found-in-stabbing-suspects-truck/51-435c6e7c-592c-4ff6-b615-9f2234a1945a
  5. I’m essential (Power Design), but working from home, with occasional forays into the office.
  6. I'd take it. I get the flu shot every year too and it's not killed me yet. Nor have I had the flu.
  7. I don't even think it will take a year. The attention span of an American is very short now-a-days. I will tell you that I do like working from home and I very well may push for a schedule where I can work from home two or three days a week, after this is all said and done.
  8. Y'all remember the Governor of Kentucky critizing Gov. Lee for not doing anything. Kentucky's death rate is projected to be 3 times Tennessee's now. 587 Vs 1750. And their population is about 2/3 of ours. Don't get me wrong. I sure no joy in those numbers. That's a lot of people. Just thought that Gov. Beshears was much better off to keep his mouth shut.
  9. I've not been downtown or to Sequeyah Hills. I was in Fountain City, Halls, then Alcoa Hsy and John Seiver. Just not a lot of traffic on Tuesday, when I was out. Construction was still going on in Halls and on Alcoa Hwy. About all the non-essential retail shops I saw were closed. My wife and I went to Home Depot yesterday afternoon, on Schaad Road and it was pretty busy. Then we drove out to my daughter's house to fix a window. About half the traffic was tractor trailers on the interstate. Did notice a lot of the cars on the interstate were from out of state. On the way back home, yesterday eveing, we stopped at Buddy's and picked up some food. We were third in line at the drive thru. That was around 7pm. I will say it seems most everyone is taking this in stride and not very excited. While we were at Home Depot, they put up some soft barriers of made from buckets of concrete and 2x4s and caution tape. I don't know what for, but I heard a couple of people grousing about all the excitment over COVID-19 and how it was a bunch of hype.
  10. I'm fortunate that I can work from home. But I am also essential, so I have been out for work trips. Traffic here in Knoxville, is very light, compared to Pre COVID-19 times. I think a lot of people have taken this seriously and are staying home. All that being said, I estimate that over half of all workers a have been deemed essential. So there are going still be a lot of people out and about.
  11. I've always wanted to prep and I have to some extent, with my firearms. But my wife and kids ahve always thought it was crazy. When this thing looked like it was going to be bad, I talked to my wife and then hit Sam's and Krogers and immediately stocked up on enough food to last us a couple of months (an estimate). It wouldn't bee a fun couple of months, but we'd make it assuming the water supply didn't get turned off. There are things we still probably need like more vitimans and medical supplies. I pointed didn't stock up on water, since I felt like that wouldn't be a necessity during this period. My wife and I ahve already decided that when this is over, we are going to set down and do a lessons learned and start preparing for the next situation, whatever it is. My kids on the other hand were completely blind sided by this, is spite of my warning too them. After Food started getting hard to find, my soon and his girlfriend both lost their jobs and we made the decision to take them to the store and buy them a 30 day supply and top off their gas tank. Since then, they have both been called back to work and they are keeping up with their food stock. They fixed us dinner last week to think us for taking care of them. My daughter and her husband, while also being initially caught flatfooted, figured it out pretty quick and get on the prepping bandwagon. and have been able to catch back up, now having enough food for 30 days. One thing I think lots of people tend to overlook is their pets. One of the things we stocked up on was enough dogfood to also last us from a couple months as well.

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