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  1. The Group is blowing up! 8,000 members in a week! Please lend you support!
  2. OK!! The Browning "Light 12" spring arrived. This is round in section (the original Rem spring was square) and perhaps 5 INCHES longer when compared to the old Rem spring. I was concerned that it would bottom out so I chucked it on leaving the fore-end wood off so I could see what we've got. Pushing the barrel all the way back with the bolt to the rear limit, there was still just a little 'light' remaining between coils. It also required a LOT more pressure to get the action compressed fully. This is good! Set for HEAVY, 3 3/4 Dram 1 1/4 oz #4 loads cycle (and seemed amazing
  3. Information I've managed to sort through indicates that the spring in the Browning and Remington should be identical... you can get NEW Browning springs. So... I'll let you know if we're being lied to. Made sure to order the Browning 'light' version, which is for 2 3/4 inch chambers and not the 3 inch mag A-5.
  4. Range Update: Took the Rem to Florida for a couple of rounds of trap & skeet. Three shooters on the gun (me, daughter & son) Federal Field & Target 1 1/8 oz #8s (3 Dram equiv) This worked out to around 150 rounds through the gun. Not one problem all afternoon! (other than the front bead getting shot off... could not find it!) Still mildly concerned that the recoil setup is for high-power and the gun cycles the light stuff, but it is what it is. New friction ring arrived while I was in FL and I installed this part today... no change. Wiped off all the oil from the mag
  5. Lot's of 'bits' involved here... I did not tear down the trigger group, I was able to clean it up without disassembly. Very glad I went after the rest of it, it had not been opened up in a long, LONG time!!
  6. Thanks! I was relieved to find the fiber buffer still in place and it seems to be in pretty good shape, considering it's age. I was NOT looking forward to replacing that particular item! The process looks like a total pain in the posterior!
  7. That makes perfect sense. The magazine tube on this gun is smooth as glass and putting just a bit of 'tooth' on it would make a big difference. Instructions I have found on lubrication state not to run the friction system either 'dry' or 'over lubed'. The suggested process is to wipe the tube with 30 weight engine oil, and then wipe the tube with a clean cloth, leaving a very light oil film. I will report back when the new friction ring arrives. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Looks like option #2 is a non starter. I took some measurements and verified these by FULLY compressing the recoil spring on the action... there is next to NO space between coils when she's at full rearward travel. Spacers are not a good idea.
  9. I have studied up on setting the friction rings, and I have them correctly set for heavy loads. This was a pretty good diagram I located on-line. Still puzzled on the 'suggestion' for running with NO brake with the Cutts Compensator... not on THIS gun!
  10. Just ordered a new friction ring. I'll report on results! I am still noodling making a spacer from PVC pipe... this could stiffen things up and also add just a little 'give' to the entire system. Naturally I'd need to keep a careful eye on it's condition as it will be subject to wear. There is a lot of space between coils in the spring when fully compressed by the action, therefore I think this may work without pulling all of the 'spring', out of the spring. I'd start 'long' and cut the spacer back until full power loads cycle. Then reset the system for low-power and see where we're
  11. Yep... Out of stock... BUT!!! They do have new factory friction rings, which might help tame the beast!! https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1408630A https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1408650A
  12. Maybe THREE questions... As the Model 11 is a essentially Browning A-5 'clone' manufactured in the good ol' USA, are Browning A-5 recoil springs compatible? Browning, you can buy better, but you can't pay more...
  13. I just picked up a Model 11 in very good condition for it's advanced years. Stripped her down and cleaned all internals, which looked like no one had attended to them since she rolled off the line in 1936! She's squeaky clean and lubricated now. The gun fires fine, however she is still cycling with low-power target stuff (2 1/4 Dram - 1 oz.) with the recoil system set for high-power 12 gauge fodder. Recoil on the high power stuff is pretty stiff and the action return spring 'sings' in the stock after a shot. These symptoms lead me to believe I need to replace the recoil spring, but
  14. So, now the narrative has evolved, and it is now a 'fact' parroted by the MSM that the NRA 'buys' politicians? It is also a 'fact' that the NRA should be considered a terrorist organization? Please, grow the hell up! Some easily verifiable numbers one should be aware of prior to proving you are ill-informed. (Links follow) The NRA ranks 491th of 19,110 organizations in terms of political contributions to candidates. In 2016 the NRA contributed only $1,085,200 to individual campaigns. The top contributing organization in 2016 was Fahr LLC, which contributed $90,585,670
  15. Good observations by all. I appreciate the measured response. My 'concern' is that in spite of the obvious (to us) protections of The Second, a substantial portion of the Nation is either vehemently opposed to the basic notion of an armed populous, or incredibly misinformed. This is fertile ground for 'ambulance chasers' and anyone remotely involved in a criminal case is up for grabs in a civil case. You can get an attorney to take anything as a case, even when they know they are tilting at windmills and will logically lose the action... makes me totally crazy. I am concerned generall


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