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  1. I have the version you are asking about. Love it. I installed a Sig Romeo 5 red dot and really like the setup. Easy to use the red dot or the iron sights that come on it. Very accurate and fun to shoot. I'm using several Magpul Glock compatible magazines without a glitch.
  2. If you are mountain bike racing tubeless tires are the way to go provided you have tubeless compatible rims. Road racing is a mixed bag as far as tubeless but I would go with some lightweight tubes if you don't want tubeless. Any good bike shop should be able to help you out.
  3. If you need a car or some other big ticket item and you don't have the money to pay cash for it, you need a different one that you can. I paid off a car in my twenties and continued to make the payment to myself in a special account until I needed another one. Haven't financed a car in many years. Keep all that interest that would go to the bank for yourself.
  4. Tuffus

    Ruger 57

    I bought a used FN 5.7 a few years ago and liked the low recoil and accuracy but sold it. I decided I would rather have 17 rounds of 9mm in my FNX 9 than 20 rounds of 5.7 in a real life self defense situation not to mention the cost of 9mm vs 5.7. I wouldn't rule out having another 5.7 sometime though. It was fun at the range.
  5. I went to Handgunlaw.us to refresh myself with South Carolina carry laws and got this. Won't let me in. Someone here that can explain to me what the problem is and is it safe to go there if I can get around it?
  6. I have one of these on my Mossberg Persuader. 6 MOA. Very quick target acquisition. Comes with a lifetime warranty, even if you run over it with a car. https://palmettostatearmory.com/vortex-venom-red-dot-6moa-1x-magnification-vmd-3106.html
  7. The problem is that by the time they figured out if the coyote had rabies and you had not been treated it might be too late.
  8. Would like to have my 56 Ford truck and 72 Nova SS back. Maybe the 77 Triumph Spitfire.
  9. 1959 chevy, 4 door, inline 6, plywood floor in the back because of rust through. The horn would blow if I pushed the parking brake which I found out at 1am in a girls parents driveway. Not a good way to discover that. What should I expect for $115?
  10. No apology necessary, I'm just posting for those that do. I'm not crazy about Facebook either but put this out there in case anyone wants to participate.
  11. A new Facebook group has been formed on December 30th, already almost 5,000 members on their page. It was formed in response to the debacle going on in Virginia. It deals with 2A issues with primary concern right now with getting sanctuary counties on board in Tennessee. Worth a look to see what it's about. Join if you like. They seem to be trying to keep somewhat strict 2A issues on their site without all the political stuff that people like to post on various gunsites. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2756470157748484/
  12. I have the FNX 9 and FNP 45 but nothing in .40cal. I love both of those guns. They never jam with whatever kind of ammo I use and I always hit what I'm aiming at as long as I do my part right. Go out and shoot yours and you will see what I mean.
  13. I'm assuming that you are on Coumadin (warfarin) for the rest of your life. An ER doc once said it's the worst good drug we have. It does it's job but be sure and keep your level checked as instructed so you don't bleed to death or throw another clot. Your diet also is a factor in your PT. Changing your eating habits, especially green vegetables can change your level. It's good to eat green vegetables but be consistent.
  14. You could always take the free Lyft ride then hire Uber to pick you up and take you home. Maybe even protest the anti gunners when you get there.
  15. My brother is 60 years old and still insists that there is a Santa and expects something under the tree on Christmas morning. You didn't mention if they were still believers or not.

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