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  1. I personally carry a double action .357 with a 5 inch barrel loaded with 180 grain hardcast bullets.
  2. White 2 door hardtop with white interior. Bucket seats. Just like this one.
  3. Mine was not a 4 barrel and not too big on power. It got me where I wanted to go most of the time though. In the short time I had it I replaced the fuel pump, rear wheel bearings and all 4 wheel brakes and wheel cylinders. I paid $150 for it and six months later got $400 for it but still lost money. LOL. It was a Pontiac Tempest Lemans, I called it my Pontiac lemons.
  4. I had a 62 1/2 Tempest which was the same car as the 63. The engine was a 389 with the left bank lopped off. Exactly 1/2 of a 389. I spent a lot of time working on it during the 6 months I owned it. Traded it for a brand new 1972 Nova SS. Huge upgrade for an 18 year old for sure.
  5. I have a Glock 30sf and it's my favorite of all the Glocks, I guess that's why I bought one. Very accurate and dependable pistol. Never tried the Hipoint carbine but I have a Ruger PC carbine and it would be a great home defense also. The Glock can double as home defense and concealed carry would be a good reason to go with it.
  6. I don't have a problem with anyone buying ammo at whatever price they are willing to pay if they need it. Personally, I stocked up when it was cheap and replaced what I shoot as I went. Now it's sky high in price and I don't buy any until the price comes down (who knows when that will be). In the meantime I haven't been shooting much and when I do it's .22 long rifle because I have plenty.
  7. I have had zero issues with my p365. I bought some 15 round magazines to carry as spares and when at the range. It shoots like a bigger gun with the 15 rounders inserted. Haven't tried a Hellcat so I can't comment on it. The Sig rides in my pocket like it's not there and is easy to draw. I also carry an FNS9 comcast IWB quite often.
  8. I can't begin to know your pain but I will say a prayer for you and her.
  9. They also have a store in Lynchburg. Not cheap but made in Tennessee I believe and I hear they are comfy and last a long time.
  10. Not to worry. Anyone that's a productive member of society will eventually pay a lot more than $600 back in taxes.If they would only deal with Covid instead of throw all the pork into the bill it wouldn't bother me so much.
  11. The lighter spring that comes extra in the bag with the tactical model is there for shooting with a suppressor. It worked better in mine with the lighter bullets until it was broken in well. Great shooter now with any ammo or spring.
  12. Great news, continue to heal and stay in contact through TGO.


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