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  1. Extreme speeding ticket

    But officer, I told Google maps to take me somewhere to get a "Mars Bar".
  2. Extreme speeding ticket

    So, how much $$$ is a ticket for going 25,000 miles per hour?
  3. Greetings from Occupied California

    Welcome to the forum. Maybe we can welcome you to Tennessee sometime soon too.
  4. If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    That's a tough one. I usually carry either an FNS9c or my LCR .357. Sometimes both. The LCR might get the nod just because it's good for pocket carry or IWB. Haven't found a pocket holster yet that doesn't come out of the pocket with the FNS when trying to draw.
  5. Welcome newest little TGO member

    Congratulations, I bought my Granddaughter the Ruger 10/22 50th anniversary model. Hope she likes it when she gets older. I'm sure yours will love whatever you get.
  6. Looking for help, my wife wants a revolver

    38 S&W is indeed an old round but it can still be found. It is about 150 ft pounds of muzzle energy as opposed to 200 ft pounds with the 38 special. I suggested to a friend that was recoil sensitive to try the 38 S&W instead of 38 special and it made a noticeable difference in felt recoil for her.
  7. Looking for help, my wife wants a revolver

    A Ruger LCR loaded with 38 S&W is both light weight and lower recoil than even 38 special ammo. You can get the LCRX with a 3 inch barrel and a longer grip than the smaller version. Recoil should be relatively light with the 38 S&W loads.
  8. Buffalo wild wings

    Pei Wei was posted here at the 'boro. I stopped going there when the sign went up. I noticed they are no longer in business here anymore. Not sure how much effect from the posting and lost business from people like us.
  9. I need to buy a gun!

    I haven't bought anything in a while and have the urge to get something......just can't decide on what.
  10. S&W snubby info needed

    Thanks Grayfox, I double checked in case my eyes deceived me but it's definitely a no dash model 60. I'll pass the info along to my friend. She will appreciate knowing about when he purchased it. She is shocked to know he had it all those years and she never knew.
  11. S&W snubby info needed

    A friend of mine inherited a Model 60 S&W from her dad when he died. She never even knew he owned a gun until he was gone. It's a pinned barrel Model 60 in .38 special, stainless steel. Serial number R185XXX. Does anyone here know about when it was made? Best I can guess it was between 1969 and 1983. It's in perfect condition with the original box. She doesn't want to sell it but would like to know it's value. Thanks.
  12. Prayers for Doug

    The vampires make the rounds early so your test results will be on the chart when the Dr. makes morning rounds. It's a good thing really, it might get you out and home quicker too instead of waiting around all day for results.
  13. TN Dept of Safety Tease

    Not so bad, when I got mine in 2008 it took 77 days to get it from the time I sent everything in.
  14. Flashlights

    I have had great luck with Fenix flashlights. I have 3 and I bought one for my wife to carry in addition to that. Here is the one I carry everywhere I go in a pocket. https://www.amazon.com/Fenix-Flashlights-130-Lumen-Flashlight-Black/dp/B00I14HLLS/ref=sr_1_sc_3?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1515772889&sr=1-3-spell&keywords=feni+flashlight Very small and good battery life with one AA rechargeable. I let the alkaline batteries sit in my LD41 too long, they leaked and ruined the carriage that holds the batteries. I called Fenix and explained it was all my fault and wanted to buy a new carriage but they sent me a new carriage anyway at no charge.
  15. Prayers for Doug

    Prayers Bersa Guy. Hope it goes well and you heal quickly.

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