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  1. I retired at 51 when I reached 30 years of service and started drawing my pension that day. Took a year off and got a part time job since my wife was still working and keeping our insurance paid up through her job. Worked another 8 years and gave it up for good. Waited to draw my SS until age 65 since we were doing fine on my pension and her salary. The key is to stay out of debt, if i can't pay cash for it, I don't really need it. As I understand it you need to pay into SS for 35 years to get maximum benefits. I spend a lot of time on my bicycle, motorcycle and playing my guitar. We take several trips every year too. Some short, some longer. Good luck with your retirement.
  2. I also have 5 or 6 fighting for food. I have hung out an extra feeder. In the last month they have consumed more of my home made nectar than in previous months. I have to make a new batch tonight in fact.
  3. I went to a Farm Bureau meeting that explained it very well. They didn't put any pressure to buy anything from them. It was definitely worth the time it took. Check with Farm Bureau to see if they have any of those seminars coming up close to you. I took Part A as everyone 65 and over is required to do but it's free. I got Part B through United Healthcare after shopping around because my wife's former employer reimburses part of the premium as a retiree benefit. If you are working for or retired from a Tennessee government employer it's worth a call to check with POMCO https://www.umr.com/oss/cms/UMR/State_of_Tennessee/index.html. Some Tennessee state employees such as teachers get a partial reimbursement on their Part B premium through the state.
  4. Not quite 1000 pounds. Machine was properly calibrated. Don't know what else to say. I have seen 15 year olds that had their first experience with alcohol below the legal limit that were completely passed out. Yes, kids need to be taught about the dangers of drinking.
  5. The machine wasn't broken. I should have mentioned that it was Pizza Hut beers, not a full size beer back then. LOL. But I did have a short lived buzz even if it wasn't that much of one.
  6. I took breathalyzer training years ago for work to do DOT testing. When we went to lunch I had 2 beers, 30 minutes later I had a bit of a buzz and blew a 0.00 on the machine. If you are .08, you are definitely impaired I can assure you. Anyone that feels a buzz should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Almost every blood alcohol I ever did, the patient "only had 2 beers". Even when they couldn't sit up and their level was way above legal limit.
  7. People killed by drunk drivers are just as dead as people that are killed by being shot. I had to deal with drunk drivers for 40 years in the ER and so many times they were belligerent and hateful to deal with, even when they had killed someone. They know they should not drive but do it anyway. Just as a shooter knows he shouldn't do it but does anyway.
  8. Another copy cat ice cream licking felon?
  9. I haven't tried the Glock but I do have the Sig p365 and like it a lot. Get the 12 round mag and you can get a better purchase on the grip and still pocket carry with pants with decent size pockets. I also bought 2 of the 15 round mags for spare and it feels like a bigger gun with it inserted.
  10. Looks like it will fit my Bersa Thunder, I would be glad to take it off your hands.
  11. I have a 3 inch with fixed sights and I like it quite well. It hits what I aim at from self defense type distance but I've never taken many shots from longer range. It's not a target gun but for home defense or a truck gun it's great. I did paint the front sight with orange fingernail polish so these old eyes could see it better.
  12. I just got my first Hummingbird for 2019 today. Had my feeder out for about 3 weeks. Will add more feeders as the numbers increase.
  13. Normandy is a must. We went down into the bunkers on the beach and hooked up with a tour guide that told some enlightening stories about Americans that died there. He picked out a few graves and told their stories. One grave he talked about was this guy. Quite a story.
  14. In 9mm It's basically just a 9mm +P load. Probably the same for any other caliber. About 10% more pressure than a standard 9mm round.

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