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  1. Please dont laugh I thought it was so cool. Lol
  2. I have a barrel threaded for a P14 action. Can it be re-threaded for a Remington 700 action? Kind regards...Craig
  3. Just bought one of these without knowing much about them. I think under $325 was good.?? Are these good rifles?
  4. I’m getting started on building a new upper. I’m wanting this to be a general purpose rifle that will double as a 2-gun rifle. Not fully tricked out but somewhat light and accurate. Usually out to 400 yards at most on steel targets. I’m wondering if most go with a standard profile or a smaller pencil profile to save weight. I’ll probably do a Midwest lightweight 15” handguard, adjustable gas block, mid-length gas system and a 1-6 power Strike Eagle. There will be times when I’m shooting 30-50 rounds a stage so I’m concerned with heat in the pencil barrels. Any advice?
  5. Ran across some videos while watch hickcok45 this morning. Saw some of the Black Aces models. What do some of you guys know or think about them? Looked interesting. Worth try to find/buy one? Thanks for all comments.
  6. Hey guys! I've occasionally had the opportunity of playing golf and always had amazing, memorable experiences. Decided to pick it up as a serious hobby now but I don't really know much about it.I decided I am going to get myself a LINK REMOVED but not sure witch one to pick. Saw some great options compared on this site and am leaning towards the Bushnell Tour V3: I've set myself a budget of $250 for the golf rangefinder. what do you guys recommend? Thanks ahead for all the help! Erik Himmel
  7. Took delivery of my first Henry rifle today. Had this on my bucket list for awhile. Model H010, cal. 45/70, 19.3" bbl. Be glad when this crazy weather clears, so & can go shooting. Comes with open sights; brass bead front, semi-buckhorn rear, adjustable for windage & elevation.
  8. I’m looking at scoping my .300 RUM and am wondering if I need to get anything past some good steel bases and rings. I have no need for compensated bases. I’ll most likely put a 4-12 on it. Possibly a little more. It’s going to be a hunting rifle for larger game. Standard SPS stock weighing somewhere around 7.5-8 pounds. Any suggestions or experience?
  9. Anyone here do any long range shooting? It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and thinking about dropping the money on a good rifle. Thoughts on .338, 50 Bmg?
  10. Just curious to know if any of you has experience with this rifle? The one I'm looking at is brand new in the box and is chambered in .308. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Gilboa® (Gas impingement): The Carbine, part of a series of high end firearms made by Silver Shadow in Israel, is produced using cutting edge manufacturing techniques with the purpose of improving the well-known and proven system platform. Our R&D laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and its personnel consists of leading Israeli firearms designers. With a combined experience spanning many decades. http://www.gilboa-rifle.cornershot.com/page-2/page-11/ WHY???
  12. I just picked up a Rem 700 in 300 RUM. It’s an SPS model with no brake. I don’t have it scoped yet so haven’t shot it. My goal is to build a nice somewhat lightweight gun to use out west of/when I get to go that is also a fun long range toy for around here. Has anyone shot one of these that could tell me how the recoil is? I’m not that recoil sensitive and had no issues with a 30-06 of the same model. I also have an old 30-30 with no recoil pad that’s a thumper. Lastly I’m accustomed to 3.5” steel shot out of a pump. Would you expect this setup will bother me much? Worst comes to worst I’ll just go Fire one off without a scope.
  13. For shtf and you could only carry one rifle. You do have a 9mm pistol so you have some ammo. which you you carry for buyout if needed and why??
  14. Anyone have any experience or stories about these? They have me interested, just thought I'd check to see if anyone had one or looked into it before. Evidently they can even take relatively inexpensive Glock mags. https://ruger.com/products/pcCarbine/specSheets/19116.html
  15. Been looking the last couple of months for a replacement deer rifle after my M1917 Eddystone got stolen. Was heavily considering a 721 Remington and then found a scoped 1903 that wasn’t the prettiest, but got a helluva deal on. Was in my hometown today for my sons birthday at grandmas and found the one I’ve been looking for. Pre-64 Model 70 Super Grade in 30-06... priced at $350. Needless to say, that’s one less they have to sell this year .
  16. Dear all, I am looking for suggestions for my first .308 battle rifle. What brands are recommended? What brand do you have that you like or dislike? I am looking for a wide gamut of opinion here so I can make a good purchase. Input is appreciated. Thanks, Matthew
  17. Well a friend and I went to Chattanooga to visit a friend this past weekend. While we were there, we hit up a gun store or two and loaded up on cheap long guns to bring back home. My four. The 10/22 came with three butler creek 10 round mags and they were clipped together in an awful triangle thing. Got the mags apart. My buddy's trio. I also hit an estate sale Friday and they had this old Tasco. Made in Japan and surprisingly clear so I brought it home for 5 bucks. It's got a good home on the model 60 that I got and they make a nice little pair.
  18. Back in April 2019, I listed my NIB M4A1 Socom. They were popular, and small batch though they would continue to make them per the word at the time. It sold relatively quickly. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/110821-nib-colt-m4a1-socom-property-of-us-marked-collectible/ On occasion, I would have folks reach out (it was cross posted) to ask if I still had it. I had such a contact yesterday after a couple most last week. Odd as I had in the text it was sold but so much more than before. I deleted it yesterday, but noticed 2 listed that were (what I considered) insane prices. Like post Newton hoarding prices. Now I checked prices in October 19 after Colts Sept announcement, it was a marginal blip at best, so wrote that off concern about not having held it as it seemed a non event as their wording implies they may resume commercial production. But with the emails, I checked gunbroker....they are selling the NIB (and some questionable at that) for $2500 plus!!! Far more than mine for just 6 months prior without an active ban scare. The extended Colt absence seems to be creating a demand which had really ratcheted up in the last month for sought after models even though there is an AR glut and others are at all time lows. If you've got some Pony black guns....and are waiting for a frenzy, this may be your time to look at the market. No guarantee they wont start production if Biden looses, not to mention AR prices will continue to tank for the next 4 to 5 years should Trump stay in place.
  19. Are we going “Back to the Future”?? So many MFG’s have brought new bolts to market. I don’t hunt, but I love bolt action rifles. All of mine are blue and Walnut (or laminate); I don’t have any “tactical” bolts. But anyway…. this is interesting. With it, it appears SIG is going to try to market another designer round they think we need; the .277 SIG Fury. However, they are offering it in the venerable .308 Winchester. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/sig-cross-rifle.html
  20. So I have all my need guns out of the way and work guns complete, now moving on to guns I just want because I think they are cool. I want a 1895 sbl or 1894 sbl. Can't decide on caliber though. Kind of like the 1895 because I dont have anything close to a 45-70 but the 1894s would no doubt be easier to shoot for fun. If I go 1894 should o go 44 or 357? Ammo cost is not a factor and I'm not invested in any of the calibers. What is the opinion of the forum out of the 3 offerings?
  21. That goober resurrecting that for sale ad from 4 years ago piqued my curiousity….I see why he was wanting to jump on one of these ol turds (yes yes they aren't junk but theres a reason nobody bought them)...discontinuation makes the heart grow fonder lol. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/857075869 for those that don't click $3300 rang the bell for this used model with no description.
  22. Sig 556r 7.62 x39. having issues running Wolf Ammo. Occassionaly will have a light primer strike. Anyone have experience with this issue?
  23. The U.S. Air Force is issuing a new "Survival" rifle for it's pilots. It's a modified M4 with a 12" barrel and fits in the ejection seat of a plane, along with 4 30 round mags. You can read the article here. The military has followed the Civilian model this time. This is basically a AR pistol with a shoulder stock, not a brace. Smart!!! You can read the article here. https://www.yahoo.com/news/usaf-created-mini-rifle-fits-232300799.html
  24. Just wanting to know what the as means on a Marlin rifle.

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