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  1. I’ve been really liking the looks of this “truckgun.” However, I have never fired a shotgun before even full length. Do you think the 12ga is a bit much in this configuration or should I go with the .20ga? Is the 20gauge still devastating in self defense? Would there be anyone near Chattanooga who might have one and let me shoot it? Thanks for the advice!
  2. Prybar

    LMT AR-10

    Bought one four years ago. Never shot it. The most beautiful long black, I ever seen, with leopold mark 4. Is there anyone out there have one, shot one, like it, dislike it?
  3. I'm strongly considering adding a .30'06 bolt action deer rifle and am looking at the CDL. Just wondering how Remington's current M700 CDL are doing out of the box. My oldest deer rifle is a M700 BDL stainless that's been rock solid. Would appreciate owner experiences with these CDL's.
  4. 6,012 Yds ! https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2019/3/5/team-global-precision-group-hits-6012-yard-target/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=insider&utm_campaign=0319
  5. I need someone to weigh in and educate me. I need an official name and possible mfg on this piece please.
  6. Haven't been here in a while but I just recently picked a RPR I have wanted one since they came out so I went ahead and took the dive and with the weather cooperating this coming weekend I hope to take it to the range and zero it in! After fiddling with it for a bit I can tell that I am most likely going to change out the butt stock on it, have any of you done the same? If you have changed out the butt stock which one did you decide on? I am thinking about go with the PRS unless I find a better choice before I drop the cash on it. Anyway nice to be back and look forward to stirring chit up and seeing some familiar faces down at the range, I have been wanting to get down there but my youngest is now one of the counties finest so after walking around all day with a gun he doesn't want to go out and shoot much especially now when he can do it for free!
  7. I have been wanting a nice O/U for a while. I sold some guns and saved my pennies and bought this Zoli. Took her out and shot some sporting clays today.
  8. What would have happened if it wasn't a blow back? Still amazed the back pressure didn't do any damage to the bolt, stock or receiver cover. https://www.guns.com/news/2019/03/07/hi-point-warranty-center-finds-carbine-barrel-stuffed-with-35-bullets Unfortunately, it adds to the stereo-type that folks who buy budget price points have less than budget knowledge and skill.
  9. I have a 1878 U.S. Springfield Trapdoor rifle I want to sell....
  10. So I tried running some Wolf steel case through the M&P 10 I got the other day, and it won't eat it. My research had indicated it wouldn't be a problem, but here I am. Does everyone here run brass? Or am I going to be compelled to try five different steel loads to see if it likes any of them?
  11. You guys that have these need to have them checked/fixed before they go full auto on you. https://www.smith-wesson.com/mp15-22-consumer-safety-alert
  12. Rock river AR-15 customized with accessories and upgraded barrel, trigger and springs. Great gun, nail driver. Includes five magazines, two scopes and gun case. Used very little, just don’t need it. $900 or best reasonable offer.
  13. Went to the RK show in K'ville today with '53 vintage Enfield #4 Mk 2 that i've wanted to sell for $400. Several guys were interested but no one had $ or wanted it enough to pay. I did a complete circuit of the floor & went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I returned to the show & a feller offered to swap even for a Swedish Mauser ...I said OK t, the bore looks good and it had a marking disk on the right side next to a small plaque bearing metric bullet drop dope or some such..Or was I the Dope ? Bought some ammo (not cheap) and hope to take 'er to the range when the weather permits ! A new caliber for me too. Any one have any suggestions ? Pictures later (I hope ).
  14. Any of you guys shooting PCP airguns? I finally bit the bullet and jumped head first into PCP airgun's and really like the results so far. The good is quality ammo is cheap and available. The guns are very Quiet and powerful. The not so good so far is expensive set up.And hand pumping, but will be saving up for a bulk tank in the near future. Current setup is a .22 FX Streamline w/ATHLON ARGOS 8-34x56 FFP. P.S.may have Graycrait hooked also after a short plinking session today. And my first love a Air Arms S200
  15. I have a Connecticut Valley Arms .45 muzzle loader. The serial number is 001128. Please DM your help rather than responding here.
  16. My Brother In-Law died last week and I am trying to help my Sister In-Law put some prices on his guns. Most I can find some references online to give her and idea but one has me stumped. Breda Brescia semi automatic 20g made in Italy sl 571242. I would put it in the roughly 80% or better condition. Breda seem to be well thought of semi shotgun on some of the forms but can't find many changing hands to get an idea on price. Any ideas. Sorry I don't have more pictures for some reason the other side didn't transfer to my computer. I'm not offering them for sale here (at least not right now) because they are in Ohio.
  17. Pretty cool setup....and like we talked about in the earlier thread...if your a piston fan get em before they are gone... https://www.cdnnsports.com/rugerr-sr556-takedownr-556.html#.XGbgW_ZFy70
  18. OK folks I have an itch to build another AR style firearm and am looking for some advice on what to build next. I would like to stick to 5.56 so I don’t have to acquire a bunch of different ammo and with my usage I don’t see an immediate need for anything larger or longer range. I have a rugged surge waiting in jail for me and an extra SBA3 brace laying around. I am thinking of doing a 14.5” mid-length build, or even an AR-9 to match my pistol ammo. Right now I have: 16” mid-length 5.56 with a 1-6 optic 10.5” carbine-length 5.56 pistol with an RDS (HD) 7.5” pistol-length 5.56 pistol with and RDS (beater truck gun)
  19. I'm into guns and pretty much like anything that goes bang. But, I'm fascinated with an old cartridge, the 22 Hornet, and any gun that shoots them. I have a Springfield M6 22 Hornet over a .410, a Savage 342 Bolt in 22 Hornet, and a couple of contender barrels in 22 Hornet, but just need one more...for now. Tell me your choice of make and model that you would pursue and your reasons. I realize these are older guns and that new ones won't likely be found on the racks at your local gun store. I've done quite a bit of research, and find this an interesting little cartridge... one that I wish was more common these days.
  20. Well Ruger has officially ceased production and removed from product listing the SR556 and SR762. The Piston guns are no more. I thought they were great guns, but the proprietary piston/handguard was a killer for them, I think.
  21. I have had several old desktop computers languishing in my closet for years. One was so old it had Windows 95 in it. Finally my wife wanted rid of them because they were taking up too much space. I didn't want to toss them for fear someone could take the hard drive out and retrieve the information. So I took them out on the patio, pulled them apart, and removed the hard drives. The other day I took them to the range, along with my Ruger Model 77 Stainless in .30-06. I set them out on a berm at 75 yards, and had at them. The results were all similar to this one. These things are really tough! They're made from a very heavy cast Aluminum housing. The Western Digital models like the one in the photos seem to be the toughest. But the 168 Gr. Sierra Matchking sailed right through, no problem. The first shot hit just to the left of center, right under the bar code. The next one nicked the edge, but as you can see in the other photo, it blew the whole upper left corner of the housing completely off, exposing the platter and arm. It landed on edge, so I put one edgewise into the right side, and that pretty much finished it off. That last shot blew the unit right over the top of the berm, and I found it about 30 feet on the other side of the berm itself. The other hard drives all met with a similar fate. It was fun to be able to shoot at something other than paper all the time. And I doubt that anyone will be extracting any information off of them now!
  22. So, im planning on building a big bore and turns out there are three very similar cartridges. 450, 458 and .50b. So, ballistics are very similar, so the biggest question is, which one is the one with the most ammo and cheaper?. Also, how much of a range penalty will I get if I use a barrel shorter than 16in?
  23. owejia

    Air Rifles

    Any one into air rifles on TGO? Been watching youtube and a lot of videos of shooting vermin and pest control with air rifles.
  24. My new to me 82G. Custom bedded, custom trigger to 6oz, shoots MOA with "cheap" Tasco Japanese 8-32x40mm target scope and SK Pistol Match.
  25. ....take my rifle to the range & sight it in for me? I just got it given?"

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