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Found 209 results

  1. One of Franklin Armory's offerings at SHOT Show this year will be this thing. https://www.recoilweb.com/franklin-armory-announces-the-providence-145108.html?fbclid=IwAR3vB28LQzxZAjipSLo2qkQzVU9eO0ytx-4JLvpCsLZuU6Fm8lp2F8JOlcE Check out the link. I'm not sure what to make of it, but at least its not as dumb as a barrel with straight rifling.
  2. TripleGGG

    L. C. Smith Shotgun info

    Anyone have any way to date or know of information on and LC Smith / Hunter Shotgun? See attached pics.
  3. A friend bought the Shockwave in12 gauge and we had a great time at the range.I enjoyed it so much I sought out a 29 gauge. With No1 buck this little critter is my new home defender. It is a really cool shotty that is a breeze to wield around and is easy to shoot well with some familiarity. Tons of destruction with reduced recoil compared to the 12. Field loads, pew,pew,pew!!!!! LOVE IT!!! https://imgur.com/a/CAsOZHv
  4. tnhawk

    Henry Customer Service

    The ejector on my .357 Henry broke on the last trip to the range. I called Customer Service on Monday and had a replacement part on Friday. This is the only time I've had a problem with my Henry rifles and I was pleased to see they shipped a replacement part so quickly.
  5. Chucktshoes

    Springfield Saint Edge

    So I’ve become very interested in the new Springfield Saint Edge AR pistol that’s recently been brought to market. It checks all the boxes I am looking for in my next AR based gun and after looking into building one of my own, I can’t build one out of quality kit for less than the Saint Edge’s Street price. https://www.springfield-armory.com/saint-edge-pistol-features While technically a pistol, the reason I’m posting here is that I’d like input from owners or folks that have shot other offerings in the Saint lineup. How would y’all grade their levels of quality and reliability? Have you shot it suppressed, and what are your experiences there? Has anyone run one in a high round count class? I’ve handled them and they seem pretty good, but they are still an unknown quantity to me.
  6. KahrMan

    Double Barrel Bolt Action Rifle

    This thing is pretty cool. I didn't even know these existed. This one is chambered in .416 Rem Mag and the capacity is 8 rounds. If I was doing a lot of dangerous game African hunting this would be on my short list of guns to get. This one is being sold in an auction. Preauction estimate is $14,000.
  7. Navy Chief

    Cheap .224 Valkyrie Build

    So there I was, reading all the reviews on the new .224 Valkyrie cartridge and thinkin' to myself that it could be a great round to play with. Well, I crawled into Ma's office lookin' as pitiful as I could but she saw right through me (after 46 years of "Wedded Bliss" it ain't easy to sneak anything past that girl!) and asked what I wanted to buy. So after beggin', whinnin', and pleadin' ... er, negotiating ... she allowed me $350 for Christmas and I was off and running! Picked up a Bear Creek complete upper in .224 for a whoppin' $225 (delivered), an Athlon NEOS 4-12x40 scope for $110 (delivered), and pulled an old cantilevered scope mount out of a Junque box. Ta Da, $15 bucks under my limit so I spent $14.99 for a box of ammo! The upper came equipped with BCG and .224 Valkyrie bolt, 22" SS Fluted barrel, SS birdcage, 17" M-Loc free-float forend, low profile gas block and rifle length tube. The scope was half the price of a lot of Wally World Blue Light Specials and yet, after a thorough test procedure, I found it to be extremely accurate, very clear, and frankly, one of the best value-for-the-money scopes I've ever come across (and I have owned scopes from $25 to $2,500). OK, so how does it shoot? Well, I mounted it on my Bushmaster lower, slithered out to my range, bore sighted it and put 3 in the black at 25 yards, turned around and fired three 3 shot groups at 100 yards, 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 1"! Yee Ha! Moved over to the 200 yard bench and shot 3 groups 2-1/2", 2-1/2", and 3"! The cartridge was designed for the 90gr "long for caliber" bullets (long throat) and the shorter 75gr loads are not noted for accuracy but my results were a lot better than I expected, especially from a new rifle that had not been broken in. I bought some 90gr rounds and as soon as the rain stops I'm going to try them out, I'll post more info when that happens. Cheap guns are so much fun!
  8. I'd like to hear your experience when shooting your AR's. What size groups at 50 or 100 yards you get with a scoped AR and what kind of ammo, factory or your favorite hand loads.
  9. Garufa

    Remington V3 Tac-13

    Remington has really upped the ante in the rule-defying "firearm" shotgun market with this new semi-auto handful. This really revs my engine but they are not cheap. Has anyone seen one in the wild? .
  10. I've decided to start a serious search for a Beretta 1301, but as I look around, the Viper model appears to be consistently priced below the regular 1301 Tactical -- sometimes by several hundred dollars. From what I read, the Viper is a Lipsey's exclusive model, but other than having the ugly camo pattern, are there any differences between it and the regular 1301? I just can't figure out how they can add the camo job and sell it for less than a black version. I'd prefer a black one, but if I can save $300, I can live with the camo. Anyone know? Also, if you have a used one -- any color -- that needs a new home, please drop me a line. Thanks, Whisper
  11. MarkS

    Cetme or PTR

    I am looking at the new release Century Cetme 308 with Wood furniture, which is supposedly assembled with higher quality parts, or spending the extra for the PTR. Is it worth the extra money, based on this will just be a range gun for having fun. I will put a sling on it, and shoot steel at 50-75 yards. I understand I can always spend more, but for having fun, is it worth $400 more?
  12. xtriggerman

    The DSA Voyager FAL.

    Well, I loaned some bucks to my son so he could own one of these Voyagers and this is it. We put 20 rds of LC threw it and had to shut the gas hole off all together to get all the rounds threw the gun but that's not a surprise sine this early 2000 LC is on the weak side. As a matter of fact I got the rounds in trade for some work on a AR10T that absolutely refused to cycle this ammo. I did everything in the book to get the AR to run it and failed. He sold the AR. This FAL is very cleanly built as the pictures show. Weighs in at 8 lbs and 10 oz. The trigger was 10+ lbs and about 1.75 coils off the trigger spring brought it down to a usable 7.5 lbs. We just blasted some water out of the brook behind my garage so no accuracy test. It "looked" like a chrome bore but maybe the chamber mouth was just polished...idk. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the receiver latch lever is bottomed out. I like a little break in space on the latching lug but hey, it was still a relatively firm locked up. Clearly, this is the BEST thousand bucks you can spend at Aimsurplus.com on a battle rifle right now. Handles like a dream!
  13. Karl Fairburne

    Rifles... 22 caliber Whatcha got?

    I have the Little Badger. Basically, it is a single shot survival rifle. I think I seriously need a RUGER 10/22
  14. Robertgg

    Cutting down shotgun barrel

    I've got a stoger m3500 and I really want a 18.5 inch barrel. I can't seem to find it offered any place. Does anyone know any where local to nashville area that could cut and rethread for choke tubes?
  15. Like my M1 carbine project, this one got way out of hand. Once I was pot committed, I had to see it to the river. The total investment includes repurposed items not specifically bought for this carbine and amortized over 8 years. $175: original purchase, used new in box with PotA stock, 4 mags, and compensator. $70: ATI storm-clone stock. IF YOU OWN ONE OF THESE, THROW IT AWAY, THEY ARE FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. This stock is the reason I had to make a warranty claim AND HiPoint covered it. This stock is poorly designed for the recoil and will damage the firing pin channel. I had fired less than 200 rounds will using this stock and the damage is easily identifiable by HiPoint. I disclosed to HP my use, they fixed and advised continued use voids the warranty. $50: Deerfield 3-9 x 40 scope, this was a freebie, part of a trade deal. $20: Scope rings $40: Budget bipod, swivel mount Got scared enough by posts on the HP Forum to ditch the ATI and upgrade to the TS stock. Noticed no damage when I swapped out the receiver, but the damage was already done. $40: Tactical stock $45: Mag holder +2 mags $50: Budget bipod, rail mount $40: BSA red dot Ran this version through a carbine class with no malfunctions and determined with 10 round mags, I could keep it running. Then I saw the High Tower Armory bullpup and I had to have it. They have addressed the recoil with a more fully supported barrel and piston to buffer the bolt. $250: HTA stock with one charging handle $15: ambi charging handle $200: Burris FF3, repurposed from my M1 Carbine. $70: 2 M-Lok QD sling mounts and swivels $40 Magpul AFG2 $30: Caldwell sling Swapping from the TS To the HTA revealed the unique cracking of the firing pin channel from the ATI stock. I probably shot 1000 rounds in the TS with zero malfunctions, so unknown how much longer I could have shot it before a failure. $18: Shipped back to HiPoint, USPS Became a customer for life when I got it back, the only re-used part was the frame. New breech bolt, internals, receiver cover, stock with tool-less receiver pins, 6 new mags to replace the 6 old ones, one new mag, and the sling and swivel kit. The finish if the new bolt and receiver cover is much improved since 2008. Per checklist, 110 rounds of 115gr blazer, rem, and win to function test with all mags. $65: 2 Redball 20 round mags and 2 HP speed loaders. You should not pursue a similar project, too many purpose built, higher quality 9mm carbines in the market. If you're thinking about getting a PCC, start with a TS and be happy It works. 110 rounds of Win 124gr NATO 7 new 10 round mags; HP is improving their branding - HP logo and mfg date stamped into mag body. 2 - 20 round Redball mags. Zero malfunctions. I have to slightly rotate the mag in a counter clockwise direction to get it to fall free, occurred with all the mags. I'll call HTA next week and report back. Since I was moving the Fast Fire from one gun to another, I did my best creating a rest with my two sandbags, but couldn't quite get a comfortable set up. Center, 3 mags, 10 yards, tweaked windage only LL, 1 mag, 15 yards LR, 1 mag, 20 yards UR and UP, 1 mag ea, 25 yards Not pictured, 15 yards at 9 - 2" circles, 20 yards, 6 - 3" circles, and standing, 15 yards, 8" circle, 15 of 20 on target.
  16. Six &Twenty

    Remington Model 11

    I just picked up a Model 11 in very good condition for it's advanced years. Stripped her down and cleaned all internals, which looked like no one had attended to them since she rolled off the line in 1936! She's squeaky clean and lubricated now. The gun fires fine, however she is still cycling with low-power target stuff (2 1/4 Dram - 1 oz.) with the recoil system set for high-power 12 gauge fodder. Recoil on the high power stuff is pretty stiff and the action return spring 'sings' in the stock after a shot. These symptoms lead me to believe I need to replace the recoil spring, but I am having a hard time locating a 'new production' replacement. I have two questions for knowledgeable folks on the Model 11: 1) What is the uncompressed length on the 'factory' recoil spring? (since all I can locate are used parts, this would allow me to determine if the spring has 'collapsed' or if it's still useable. 2) Has anyone played around with manufacturing 'spacers' to provide more tension on a 'weakened' older spring? This is not an ideal solution, I know, but I cannot find new stock.
  17. robin48

    Ruger PC9 Carbine

    I saw it and just had to have it. Little 9mm takedown carbine. Haven;t shot it yet, hopefully this weekend.
  18. Ehunt

    Cold Barrel Shot Testing

    I am wanting to do Cold Barrel shot testing. How long should I wait in between shots for the barrel to cool off enough to produce another "cold barrel shot?"
  19. Capbyrd

    Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target

    Back in January of 2018, Ruger announced the Hawkeye Long Range Target. Until recently, it was only available in 300 win mag. I don't necessarily need 300 win mag so it was nothing more than an extra gun if I ever got one. But they just announced a couple of more calibers including a 6.5 creedmoor. I would like to start trying my hand at some longer distance shooting and only have milsurps and a Ruger GSR that could shoot out that far. I'm not going to scope any of them so I need a new rifle. I love the Mauser based action of the 77s and shooting my GSR has only made me love it more. So does anyone have one and what do you think? Its less than the price of an RPR so I'd be saving money some money there that I could invest in better glass.
  20. A.J. Holst

    HP995 Review; update with bullpup

    High Tower Armory has created this: https://www.hightowerarmory.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=HTAMBS95 And I am tempted, especially with full ambi controls. Having done light research on bull pups, it seems the trigger quality is the greatest weakness. I don't see the HP getting any worse. Saw a review from a left handed shooter, the ejection port is off hand friendly in design. Other reviews are positive, suprised no negative reviews. This tells me it works out of the box if your HP runs. My total investment with this 4th incarnation would be about $650 with all parts and accessories Thoughts? Original Post Want to start out with my bias towards PCCs. What a great idea. Take a handgun round and make it pretty effective 50-100 yards. A buddy sold me a nib 995 in sometime in '08 for $175 with 6 mags. Did as much research as possible and figured if a lemon, HP will fix it. Sat for at least year, maybe two. You see, while I am not a gun snob, it was so hideously offensive to my fine aesthetic style in the original "manlicher style", Planet of the Apes stock, I couldn't even shoot it in private. Couple of notes: Don't dry fire, the firing pin double as the ejector and is a weak part of the system. Check mag lip specs if experiencing feed issues. Trigger is questionable. There are YouTube videos to improve as well as an aftermarket tirgger if you are so inclined. I am not so inclined, though if feeling industrious, I may do a light polish. While www'ing, I discovered the ATI CX4 clone replacement stock for $69.99. Had to have it since I really like the look of the Storm and it eliminates the hideousness. Easy install, iron sights, my buddy is hitting the target at 50 yards. I am good to go, at one point I had mounted a 3x9 on this version. Looks cools, still no function issues. Feels substantial. Notes about the ATI stock: You have to remove 8 screws to remove the receiver from the stock for cleaning and maintenance. It MAY void the warranty; I believe I saw this on the HiPoint Forum many moons ago. The material of the ATI is similar to a semi flexible abs plastic, the original (and current HP stocks) are a more like a plasticky nylon (?) The other difference is how the barrel is supported. The ATI has a single hard plastic clamp vs. full support with a factory stock. Supposedly, the way the barrel is supported, the flexibility of stock itself when the bolt fully recoils coupled with the odd little camel hump to absorb the recoil is how the system was designed. True or not, it the ATI stock, the bolt noticeably hits the rear and after repeated use, the thin rubber recoil buffer pad was pretty beat up. The picture I saw was showing damage to the rails and after the first few fixes, HP figured out it wasn't a design fault. The report came from a guy who shot is 995 a lot, hundreds of rounds per monthly outing For occasional use and an improved recoil buffer pad, you'd probably be safe. I went the supersafe route and upgraded to the $69.99 TS stock with dual mag holders. It was this stock with $40 BSA red dot that pushed it to "protect my wife and life status," after using it in a close range carbine class. Since then, I started my M1 Carbine saga and acquired an AR, so I didn't think I needed a 9mm PDW, so turned it into a plinked with $40 bipod and $69 BSA 1-4 budget optic. Figured I could deer hunt from my home office window since they get within 25 feet of the house. Closing thoughts It's pretty heavy to hump around, but it will get the job done. 10 rounds mags will work if you got a bunch in your pocket. Be sure you seat the mags with the TS stock, they are slightly recessed in the mag well. The spring loaded recoil pad is neat in theory, not necessary with 9mm recoil and causes a for and aft positioning between shots. It's compact, so for longer length of pull folks it may be uncomfortable. Ergo are fair. Newer models have LRHO, I do not. Newer models have have redesigned receiver with clips for easier dis/re assembly. Budget, brand name, well reviewed optics of all sorts should work - low recoil platform. Dropping it and any optic snapping off due to the optic construction or plastic rail - different conversation. With the availability and reported reliability of Red Ball's 20 round mags, I may drop the bipod and scope, remount the BSA (or a $50 Millett red dot) and throw it in the trunk.
  21. BlessTheUSA

    Mount light to suppressor?

    I dont see much online pertaining to light mounts for suppressors. What gives? Are suppressors not rigid enough to hold a light and still remain coaxial with the barrel? The assummed problem with mounting a light with a flood lens behind the suppressor is the suppressor will create something like a 135 degree (guesstimating) blind spot (no light) opposite the side on which the light is mounted.
  22. maroonandwhite

    Choosing a rifle for my son.

    After a loooong wait my wife and I just had our first child (Son) and I am looking to buy a nicer hand-me-down hunting rifle for him/myself. I’m really recoil sensitive so am looking for opinions on what caliber some of your children have used when younger. I’d prefer to get a caliber that will serve him into adulthood and that I will enjoy using in the mean time. .243 was my first choice but would prefer a little more power at distance. .308? .270? Im also looking for suggestions on the rifle itself. Wood stock for sure. Rem 700 CDL or something similar is what I’m thinking. Probably going to try to keep it around or under $1000 for just the rifle.
  23. I have had several old desktop computers languishing in my closet for years. One was so old it had Windows 95 in it. Finally my wife wanted rid of them because they were taking up too much space. I didn't want to toss them for fear someone could take the hard drive out and retrieve the information. So I took them out on the patio, pulled them apart, and removed the hard drives. The other day I took them to the range, along with my Ruger Model 77 Stainless in .30-06. I set them out on a berm at 75 yards, and had at them. The results were all similar to this one. These things are really tough! They're made from a very heavy cast Aluminum housing. The Western Digital models like the one in the photos seem to be the toughest. But the 168 Gr. Sierra Matchking sailed right through, no problem. The first shot hit just to the left of center, right under the bar code. The next one nicked the edge, but as you can see in the other photo, it blew the whole upper left corner of the housing completely off, exposing the platter and arm. It landed on edge, so I put one edgewise into the right side, and that pretty much finished it off. That last shot blew the unit right over the top of the berm, and I found it about 30 feet on the other side of the berm itself. The other hard drives all met with a similar fate. It was fun to be able to shoot at something other than paper all the time. And I doubt that anyone will be extracting any information off of them now!
  24. Urse

    Black SCAR 17 giveaway

    Classic Firearms is giving away another SCAR 17 this time in sexy all black. Link below or go to their website to enter. https://wn.nr/wxUFU3
  25. TN Song Dog

    Barnes Precision Machine (BPM) ARs

    Anyone familiar with the Barnes Precision Machine rifles? I aquired a new CQB MOE model in a silent auction, but I cannot find much about them online. They seem to be a smaller mfg. There are a few posts here and there, but not a ton. Does anyone have 1st hand feedback on these? Thanks!

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