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Found 265 results

  1. It pains me to say this, but I need some help in finding a lever action rifle. I shot my friends marlin 30-30 and for all the #### I have given him over the years for having a "cowboy gun", it sure was a blast. What are some good brands and models and what to stay away from. This is will be a range toy, so .357 or .44 would be cool. .45-70 would be way out there, but looks to be the most fun.
  2. Been reading about a wildcat round called 45 Raptor. Basically it's a .308 Winchester case necked up to a .45 cal bullet to use only in an AR-10 (AR-15 can not handle the pressures this makes). It's supposed to deliver about 3,000 ft lbs of muzzle energy. Has anyone tried this cartridge?
  3. I have a Charles Hellis 12 ga. double barrel with the original case that's just sitting. How can I sell it? The market for this kind of shotgun is fairly limited. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm not affiliated with them, but I know some of you lucky folks get to shop there. https://www.smga.com/ruger/pc-carbine-takedown-9mm-17rd-2015
  5. I have a Browning AB3 bolt action .306 and nowhere close to me will allow me to shoot. I live a little north of Memphis, off of 40. I will travel up to 50 miles to site it and shoot. MSSA is in my back door, but who want to pay $400 a year unless you are going to competition shoot. I may in the future, but I'm 45. I just want to shoot and teach my boys to shoot something other than a Ruger .22. Thoughts?
  6. I don't know what it is exactly with rabbit ear doubles..... they just speak to me in some mystical way. I have a Doumolin 16g and now this new acquisition from GB for the rather decent price of $221 shipped. Its a 10g tank that I promptly cut down to 18.5 inches. The bores are about 75-80% . The old Damascus cannon has just the tiniest lock up movement over its strong dual under lugs. I intend to line the bores as a 12g and 30-30. Theres plenty of meat in the barrels to bore out for a 12g lining and I'v got some SS 308 blanks that I'll turn to light weight and bushing it in with aluminum. Top it off with a quick change lateral sliding rear sight for either barrel. The sad part is it falls in line with some other projects ........ still waiting for that illusive "time" thing to come around! My addiction exposed.........
  7. What is up with the insane prices on the mosins lately? I mean, $400+ for one seams crazy. Is it because the countless millions of surplus ones are drying up or embargo stuff?
  8. Long story short, a smaller woman (me) just purchased a Mossberg 505 Youth model in 20 gauge so that I can try 3 gun with a shotgun that fits me, to see if I like the sport before I commit to a race gun. I can roll with it "as is", but thought that it would be super nice to have an AR style adjustable stock with hand grip. It looks like there are options for the Mossberg 500, but not the 505, and they are NOT interchangeable without possibly an adapter that I need to research more. Has anyone ever found such a replacement stock for a youth model shotgun in 20 gauge? If so, what did you get and where did you buy it?
  9. Do you have to have a void card to buy a gun in Tennessee and to have in ur home ?
  10. A.J. Holst

    Savage 99

    Got a chance to buy one for $500 from Best Guy Buddy 54 model, .300 Savage Some wear, zero concerns with mechanicals or accuracy. Tapped with Leupold VX2 2-7 x 33 Thoughts?
  11. Trying to scratch an itch here. Looking for opinions/recommendations on .22 mag bolt actions. It's going to be a "shoot for fun" gun so not looking for a high dollar one.
  12. broox


    I want to buy a few stripped lowers. I remember when regal/royal range was selling them for 39.99$. I should have bought more. Nothing high end or super nice. Nashville Armory has the Anderson ones for 69.99$ I think. Anyone seen them cheaper in a store? PSA? What is a reasonable FFL for the transfers if I order them. Thanks.
  13. One of my buddies asked me if I had any use for a .22 rifle. Said no st first before I asked what it was. Ends up being a Glenfield M25 bolt action and he only wanted $30 bc I’d didn’t have a magazine with it Where can I get a base system to mount a small scope? Are these reliable guns?
  14. Considering a trade for 2 DB10 AR308s. I've pretty much exhausted every online review whether written or on YouTube. Please understand that I wouldn't touch one of their handguns with YOUR cleaning rod, but it's a very attractive offer. Actual experience only, please.
  15. I am a smaller woman, not tiny. I know a lot about handguns and rifles, but not much experience with shotguns. I have competed with Handgun and rifle, not shotgun, until now. I am going to try 3 gun. It is informal and I was told I can use my side by side coach gun. It’s new, needs some slicking up. I bought it to try with Cowboy Action. I really don’t want to purchase another shotgun for 3 gun when I am not sure if I am going to like it or not. The stock is a little long on my shotgun, and the recoil pad is quite deep. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good, thin pad, maybe gel that I can replace the original pad with so it is not such a stretch for my fingers to reach the double triggers. I just bought a 3 gun vest that has built in recoil pads. Ideas? Experiences?
  16. I'm looking to buy a 20ga. O/U. I'm liking the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeons, but have also noticed the 693 Field. What are the differences between the 687 & 693? I also really liked the Fausti Class, but am leaning towards Beretta for notoriety and resale. Thoughts?
  17. gregintenn

    AK deal!

    https://palmettostatearmory.com/ddi-ak47-7-62x39-black-under-folder-rifle-ddi474150mbpuf.html?trk_msg=G3E6S9AEBT1KB1HVN7HVO72J9K&trk_contact=J0O6F96VK99PH79FM828GOBMF8&trk_sid=57HKC02PBGR465LVIKRK1BOMR0&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fddi-ak47-7-62x39-black-under-folder-rifle-ddi474150mbpuf.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=12%3a00+Email $399 and free shipping is as cheap as I can recall in a LONG time.
  18. I just installed a Larue trigger on my truck gun, and it's GREAT. I bought it because they are selling for $87 right now. So, I thought, why not? Coming from a guy that owns 5 Geissele triggers, I probably won't buy any more Geisseles until the price of the Larue goes back up. Somebody asked Mark Larue why they were selling them so cheap. His response was that he wanted to get 50,000 of them in the field by Christmas. When it hit the market, it was $250. So, if you have ever wanted a Geissele, but just couldn't bring yourself to drop that much cash, buy these with confidence. There are reviews out there comparing the Larue to the Geissele SSA and SSA-E. Everybody says the Larue falls between the SSA and SSA-E. I agree. Anyway... helluva deal!
  19. Pretty Freaking Cool....seems like a great price too! https://www.rkguns.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=67&q=henry+side+gate&trk_msg=SMCEQ2A47DMKV9T4EBD2S14RH0&trk_contact=25COQ2C262FM0TA5QK27VTIGMG&trk_sid=KJRRV66V13FUF77QGDG7L739B4&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=henry&utm_campaign=May+2019&utm_content=2019-05-04+Henry
  20. I put one in layaway today. Does anyone have one?
  21. Ruger has finally released this fantastic take-down carbine in the mighty .40 and a 9mm version with a free float hand guard. https://www.ruger.com/products/pcCarbine/models.html
  22. The deal is almost back (was 399 at one time...still with free shipping this is a killer buy) https://palmettostatearmory.com/ruger-pc-carbine-9mm-16-rifle-19100.html?trk_msg=6E5ULFAN2P14F72N2PM1JO8GL8&trk_contact=25COQ2C262FM0TA5QK27VTIGMG&trk_sid=3PC2T7NJSQA6G16V15LS64SP1O&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fruger-pc-carbine-9mm-16-rifle-19100.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=12%3a00+Email
  23. Just saw this today. So a standard 5.56 lower could be used for 9mm with no magwell block. MEAN EndoMag™ 9MM 30 Round PMAG Magazine Conversion Kit with PMAG Housing https://22mods4all.com/mean-endomag-9mm-30-round-pmag-magazine-conversion-kit-with-pmag-housing/ Interesting. Anyone used one?
  24. I’m thinking about adding a pump shotgun. I already have an 1100 Competition Synthetic so I don’t think I’d be interested in autos (but not 100% sure). I do not hunt. This will be a range toy with possible use as a Home Defense shotgun. Does anyone make anything in High Gloss blue/Walnut in the <$600 range other than the Remington 870 WingMaster? I’d like an 870 WingMaster with a 20” Fully rifled barrel with Rifle Sights. But I don’t guess they make that anymore. I’m not interested in anything synthetic. Just kicking around ideas right now.
  25. So I’ve become very interested in the new Springfield Saint Edge AR pistol that’s recently been brought to market. It checks all the boxes I am looking for in my next AR based gun and after looking into building one of my own, I can’t build one out of quality kit for less than the Saint Edge’s Street price. https://www.springfield-armory.com/saint-edge-pistol-features While technically a pistol, the reason I’m posting here is that I’d like input from owners or folks that have shot other offerings in the Saint lineup. How would y’all grade their levels of quality and reliability? Have you shot it suppressed, and what are your experiences there? Has anyone run one in a high round count class? I’ve handled them and they seem pretty good, but they are still an unknown quantity to me.

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