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  1. NickinTN

    for-sale CZ 75D Compact 9mm

    All steel or steel slide with aluminum frame?
  2. NickinTN

    P365 primer strike

    910 rounds through mine at this point. Rear sight came loose around 200, Sig replaced it. Not a single other issue.
  3. NickinTN

    for-sale Sig P320 Carry Caliber X-Change Kit 9mm

    Full size or compact?
  4. Dang, wish I wasn't so poor right now
  5. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    Another 70 rounds through mine tonight with zero issues. I'm now up to 790 rounds with a variety of ammo - JHP, FMJ, 115, 124, 147, +P, etc... without a single failure to feed, eject or hold the slide back. Did I have an issue with the rear sight, yep. Did Sig take care of it, yep. Have there been some issues and QC issues that escaped the factory, yep. Could they have done a little better and longer testing period, maybe. Are some of the issues being overblown, probably.
  6. NickinTN

    USP9 or MK25

    The SP-01 Tactical is the decocker version of the SP-01, and has a metal frame. The polymer framed version is the SP-01 Phantom
  7. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    Not sure I'd call it a Gen 2 really, just minor changes and/or upgrades. Sights were changed (upgraded in most peoples opinion) and a change to the recoil spring. Phil Strader posted the comments I pasted below. The firing pin issue may be somewhat overblown, of course not if you were one of the few with issues. JAlexander - pretty sure the dovetail for the P365 is the same as the P320 so there are already a ton of sight options out there if you want to change them. The X-rays will be easy to sell. Hello all, The P365 has been getting great attention since its release, as well as some helpful feedback from our customers. It has been this feedback that led Sig Sauer engineers to fine-tune the platform with outstanding results. One matter that recently surfaced was on striker tips fracturing. Over the last 6 weeks, we have calculated that the number of fractured striker tip returns account for 0.08% (0.0008) of the P365s shipped to date. Although this number is extre...mely low, we ALWAYS strive for continuous improvement. After a detailed parts analysis by our vendor, it was found that an extremely small percentage of strikers were out of spec due to start-up issues. This issue has been resolved. Some P365 customers have also noticed “primer drag”. This is a result of the fast slide speed and unlocking time of this platform. It is completely normal and has absolutely no effect on striker endurance. We are extremely pleased with the performance of the tens of thousands of P365s that have been delivered to date. As tens of thousands more are built and shipped, we will continue to improve our product line and never settle for anything less than complete customer satisfaction. For consumers that have any questions about the P365 or any other Sig Sauer product, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department at (603) 610-3000
  8. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    Those are the X-ray sights, front and rear.
  9. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    Ran another 100 rounds through mine this weekend, with no issues. Up to 700 rounds now with the rear sight being the only problem I've had. Odd that you have the regular night sights on the rear, can you post a pic?
  10. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    I'm thinking it's probably more of a spring issue than the slide being tight. A gun this small takes a pretty heavy recoil spring to keep things manageable. Of course I could be wrong.
  11. Man oh man, think my wife would mind if I cancelled our family vacation and spent the money on this instead? Awesome looking gun!!
  12. NickinTN

    New holster you guys will appreciate

    It's a 9
  13. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    good gracious! I got mine for $499 at one of our local shops. He was getting them on a pretty regular basis so if guys don't mind a 1.5 drive you can say some dollars.
  14. NickinTN

    Buds has P365 in stock

    From everything I've seen they all ship with the X-ray sights. They had issues with the sig night sights and the front sight not holding up. If for some reason Bud's still had one with the regular night sights (I doubt) a call to Sig CS and you'll get a set of X-ray, which is what you saw at your LGS.

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