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  1. NickinTN

    for-sale Kriss Sphinx SDP Compact Krypton

    West TN, just north of Jackson.
  2. Putting up for sale my Kriss Sphinx SDP Compact in Krypton green. This is the version that has both aluminum lower and upper sections and a steel slide (other versions have a polymer lower/grip section). Gun has the Modern Weapons System spring and extended firing pin kit installed as well as the rear sight. Gun functions and shoots flawlessly, if you know about the Sphinx guns the workmanship is top notch. This gun will come with a total of 6 mags ( 4 extra, comes with 2 from factory) and a Garrett Industries OWB holster (kydex outer, leather lined interior, really top notch holsters) as well as the factory hard case, grip panels and other accessories. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions. The only reason I have this one up for sale is that my LGS got my dream gun in and I need the $$ to make it mine! If that gun sells before this one does I'll pull the ad. $800 for everything. Because someone is bound to ask.... I would only consider trades for items that I could 1. Sell quickly and 2. Get at least $800 if not more for. If you have something that fits that description shoot me a message.
  3. NickinTN

    my new SIG

    What makes this not a p320? It's just a full size slide on a compact frame and has a manual safety (which some p320s had depending on state requirements) Cool looking gun and I wouldn't be able to not shoot it
  4. NickinTN

    Kriss Sphinx 9c for $600

    That's a sweet deal!
  5. NickinTN

    handgun Mico/Subcompact...Beretta Nano...?

    Sig P365 checks all your boxes.
  6. BOTH SOLD Willing to meet in the Jackson area, must be TN resident and legal to own handguns. SOLD Selling my Wilson Combat Beretta Centurion. I bought this gun new and it has a total of 275 rounds through it without a single issue. If you are reading this ad I'll assume you know about this collaboration between Wilson Combat and Beretta so I won't go into a lot of detail as far as specs go, you can find them on the Wilson Combat website. I can tell you that this is one of the finest pistols I've had the pleasure of owning, I just don't get a chance to shoot it as much as it deserves so off to a new home it goes. This one was ordered with the action tune and comes with the 3-17 round mags and one 20 round mag. Comes with factory plastic case as well as the box with the sticker confirming the action tune. Feel free to email with any questions. $1150 - SOLD Selling my like new 9mm Sig P320 X-5 VTAC. If you don't know about the VTAC it is a limited edition collaboration with Viking Tactical and has their signature dual night and FO sights. Slide cuts, and a custom bronze/brown slide on top of a X5 grip module complete with flat face trigger. This gun is just as delivered from the factory and has only 200 problem free rounds through it. I bought this one new and just have more guns than I have time to shoot them so I've decided to sell a couple of them off. Absolutely no issues at all with this VTAC. Comes with the factory box, 2-21 round mags and 4-17 round mags (total of 6 mags, came with 3 from the factory). I'll also include a High Noon hooker OWB holster. Made for a P320 with RMR but fits this gun perfectly. $700
  7. NickinTN

    My first Sig, updated with post range report opinions

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. I had a Rami and really regret letting it go, one of those times where something had to go to pick up something else...
  8. NickinTN

    My first Sig, updated with post range report opinions

    Sweet looking pistol. CDNN had those on closeout a few months back and I wish I would have picked one up. How does it compare to a Rami?
  9. NickinTN

    Host for RMR/Carry

    Take a look at a FN 509 Tactical. I just picked one up and put a Viper on it and loving it so far (only 200 rounds or so). Their mounting system allows for the use of a pretty big variety of red dots which to me is a big plus.
  10. Trade in progress.
  11. Crap, how do you leave out the price.... sorry about that. $700
  12. Up for sale is my Kriss Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha Wolf. This is the limited edition gray colored SDP with the polymer grip section, aluminum body and steel slide. Swiss version of the awesome CZ 75 platform with removeable grip panels to adjust to variety of hand sizes/shapes. Gun has ZRT springs and front fiber optic sight installed as well. Comes with facory case, two mags and cleaning accessories as well as the stock springs and front sight. I picked this one up used just a few months ago and had the chance to pick up a duty model and can't keep them both or I would! One of the best built and best handling pistols out there. I put around 100 rounds through this one with no issues, not sure of the total round count but previous owner told me somewhere between 1500-2000 $700 Willing to ship FFL to FFL if we are too far apart to meet. I'll consider trade offers but really looking to recoup some funds so selling would be my preference. Not really interested in long guns of any style so no need to even PM about those.
  13. NickinTN

    FN 509 tactical 9mm

    This one is probably my next purchase, just have to sell something to up the funds enough to get it....

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