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  1. Sold Too many purchases lately so putting this one out there since it's just sitting right now. This one started out as a Ruger Mark III 22/45 Target Model that was transformed by Turnbull Restorations. This gun originally had a polymer lower that did not have grip panels. I bought another Mark III and swapped the lowers so that I could add wood grips to better match the gorgeous Turnbull finish. Grips are cocobolo that look great in my opinion and really take the looks up a notch. I bought this one new a few months ago as new old stock and have not even chambered a round much less shot it. Comes with plastic case, paperwork, gun lock, picatinny rail, the wrap around Hogue grips that were on the donor gun I bought and 3 mags. Feel free to PM with any questions. $450 Will ship for $25
  2. Check out the Glock 48, I think you will like it. I'm a big P365 fan but if you don't like a 43 you won't like it either. I hate short, chunky guns (G26 would be an example) so for me a subcompact has to be single stack. Just handled a SA EMP4 and man it was oh so sweet!
  3. Had planned on going full custom with this one but picked up a new hobby that is taking more time and money than I had planned. This one is like new and has 50 rounds of 40 SW and 50 rounds of 357 SIG through it. Custom 357 barrel by CZC Slide laser cut by NC Engravers with Hive cut, then cerakoted black Factory 40 cal barrel TiN coated by Primary Arms Primary arms guide rod Heavier Glock recoil spring on the stock captured guide rod (for use with the 357 Sig) Cajun hammer spring Comes with factory goodies as well, box and two mags. $650 if local, will ship for $675 PM with any questions
  4. Forgot to add that I don't mess with the reduced TRS unless I'm going full Pro package. FWIW - I have a fully Pro packaged SP-01 Tactical that has a SA pull of 2 lbs with the 11.5# spring and DA is under 5#. Smooth as freaking butter.
  5. Here's what I would recommend (and actually do as a minimum on all my CZs) - Ultra Lite kit from Cajun Gun works. You should always replace the firing pin retaining pin as they will chew up and can cause issues. If you are going to do that you might as well change the firing pin and firing pin spring. This will also let you run the 11.5# hammer spring.
  6. The stock rubber grips are fantastic... the hard plastic ones are terrible. The aluminum ones are great, a bit pricey as you'll spend 25% of the price of the gun to get a pair Best grips for the money are LOK, choose the style based off your personal preference as far as texture goes. If you like the feel of the stock grips then go with the palm swell version. If you want as thin as possible go with the non-palm swell Hakan Pek grips are works of art, but he no longer makes them and they look better than they provide grip (still enough to function but not great for a long range day in the heat, plus you wouldn't want to ding them they look so good!) While you have the grips off change out the hammer spring to lower the DA/SA pull, Cajun Gun works is usually how I order from. It's a 2 minute job and makes a big difference. Pictures are a matte 75B with Hakan grips and a railed 75 compact with LOK bogies in back/white
  7. I'm a big CZ fan, but I'm also a big fan of "value" or getting the most for my dollar spent. That being said I'd go with the CZ, if nothing else just for the sheer amount of aftermarket support. Some items interchange, but a lot don't. You should be able to find a 75B for around $450, and that's a ton of gun for the money. All of course is just my opinion, which is held in high regard... by me.
  8. NickinTN

    Kimber EVO

    My local shop has it on the shelf well under MSRP. I've only held it, not fired.
  9. Will also look at 300 Blackout for trades
  10. NickinTN

    Kimber EVO

    If I had the discretionary income at the moment, probably so. That being said I don't see it being a "better" option than a Sig P365, so it's really like making the choice between a $800 1911 versus a $1800 one. If you see the value in the all metal construction, fit and finish and overall feel then it may be worth it to you. A quality piece for sure but from a purely "value for function" perspective it's overpriced.

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