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  1. I'm about 20 mins north of Jackson, Medina area. Work in Jackson
  2. Never fired Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS. Took this one in a trade from my buddy and he had bought it new a few months back and just put it in the safe. Comes just like it did from the factory, 3 mags, mounting plates, etc... Prefer to sell but will consider trade offers, just shoot me a message. Handguns only, can add cash either way. $700
  3. That's a good point, I've been tempted to try and sell mine just because of some of the stupid prices I've seen out there.... But the Scorpions are still bargains based on some of the others mentioned above.
  4. My Scorpion is tops on my list when it comes to range days...
  5. Wed evening bump. This sweet baby needs a new home
  6. I would agree with this statement.
  7. I'll be in Manchester S-T nights if any of you middle guys are interested but the west side scares you off.... Will trade up or down
  8. All three, kind of. Slide is steel, the upper part of the frame is Aluminum and the grip section is polymer.
  9. Putting up my "spare" Kriss Sphinx SDP Subcompact. I have two of these fine examples of Swiss manufacturing and decided that letting one just sit is almost a crime so up for sale it goes. Comes with box, cleaning kit, two mags just like it came from the factory. This one has at most 200 rounds through it, probably more like 100, with no issues. Basically like new. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Trades considered but would prefer to sell. Mainly interested in other semi-auto pistols. $850
  10. May be just me but the 2nd pics isn't showing up, just shows a ?
  11. Did you change out the trigger or was that done by the previous owner?
  12. From the Dillon website. Square Deal B Caliber Conversions allow you to change from one caliber to another in minutes. Caliber conversions are available for common straight walled handgun and carbine cartridges from 32 S&W Long through 45 Colt.
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