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  1. No worries here, understand and monies were refunded as stated. FWIW - I always use my local shop to ship, they are allowed to ship USPS which means after paying them $20 it still only cost me $45ish most of the time. GLWS
  2. Honestly not trying to be a smart butt, just asking for clarification - the title says that it's unfired but in the description you say it is a sweet shooter?
  3. Yep, or I'd already be the new owner
  4. There is one on the CZ forums ad section. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=115702.0
  5. That blows and can't blame you for not wanting to give them a try. Mine ran flawless out of the box.
  6. You should also look at the Springfield XD-M. I bought one when it first came out, great gun. I much prefer the feel in hand when compared to the Glocks, at least the 20 and 29SF of which I owned both. just another option.
  7. I've not had an OR VP9 but all the others I have had (FN, Glock, CZ) required an adapter plate for the specific optic you are running.
  8. Oh man, I have one and love it Folding brace, red dot and a can on mine to round out the goodness. Good luck with your search!
  9. I just caught a glimpse of the title and got excited thinking someone else had posted a P-06 for sale.... I do still have it, had actually planned on keeping it, but like will all my stuff it is always for sale... Shoot me a PM and we can work the details out.
  10. $550 if you don't want the holsters.
  11. SPM Took this one in on trade from a buddy of mine and don't really need it. Glock 43X with night sights. It is basically new having never been fired, or even loaded up for that matter. In addition to the gun I had a couple of holsters from a previous 43 that I am adding. One is a Stealthcore Ventcore IWB and the other a kydex OWB. I'll consider trades on other handguns but selling is option #1 at this point. let me know if you have any questions $600
  12. My LGS got two in this week and I handled one yesterday. Felt great in hand, very much like a PPQ but with better texture/grip. Trigger was great, sights I didn't like but that's on me and not them. Overall a very nice gun. Doubt I'll buy once as I would still pick my P-10C over it but again that's just me. I'm not sure what the MSRP is but I think he had $679 on the tag.


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