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  1. Weekend bump, somebody needs this sexy thang
  2. Surely someone will come out with one soon, might as well get the gun now and be ready....
  3. Kind of hate to to this but putting this beauty up for sale to help fund some other spending habits.... Dan Wesson DWX Compact. Has a total of 300 rounds through it and is one of my favorite guns of all time. The wonderful feel of a 75 compact paired with a nice, crisp SAO trigger, what's not to love. Comes with original zippered cased, 2 original mags and then 3 more mags complete with the aluminum DW baseplates. Not much more to say other than you won't be disappointed $1600, no trades considered Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  4. How about it a little bumpy bump.
  5. Just outside of Jackson, Medina.
  6. Same song, different verse.... picked this one up a while back with plans on tricking it out but the G10 grips were as far as I got. I bought it used and there are a couple of areas with slight holster wear, the takedown stop and the very front of the slide and frame on the thumb side (2nd pic). I did a quick field strip and cleaning when I bought it and was surprised at how clean it was internally. My guess it that it was shot very little by the previous owner, just my estimate though FWIW. It has night sites and two 15 round mags. $550, no trades unless you have a 75 in matte stainless you want to get rid of...
  7. Some of you CZ guys need to move to our side of the state.... Since a couple of you have asked about trades - will consider trades toward officer size 1911, commander size with aluminum frame or CZs in .40 SW. Unless plans change I'll be in Franklin for work on Wednesday so a meet up there might be possible.
  8. SOLD Picked this one up not too long ago with plans on sprucing it up and then something else came along New in the box, just like it came from the factory $550
  9. FWIW - Palmetto has those for $449 right now, they have been as low as $399
  10. Agree that this is a great gun and price. I'd have snatched it up if I didn't have some large expenses coming up soon. The OG upper kits by themselves sell for almost what you are asking. GLWS
  11. Last two on GB sold for $1400+ bump....
  12. Well.... I said I wouldn't do it again... but here we are. Had and sold one of these a quite while back and regretted it. Managed to find another one and lo and behold I'm doing it again. But that's the life of a man with limited funds and the desire to always try something new, but enough of the chatter. Limited Volunteer Edition Beretta 92G Brigadier, new in the box and unfired outside of factory. testing. Most folks on here know the backstory, if not you can find my previous sale thread $1100 takes it. Since I'm bound to get the question.... trades. Highly unlikely that I would accept trades on this one unless they were heavily in my favor. A nice commander or officer size 1911 by Dan Wesson, Ed Brown or similar would make me think long and hard about it. Feel free to post here or PM me with any other questions.


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