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  1. I bought this to use on my Rem 700 I have up for sale and I am posting this up for sale too. Great little scope but could use the funds to put toward other projects. No ring marks, very nice audible district click on the turrets. Comes with 2" shade, Cover, Box, Instructions, cleaning cloth, just like it came new. First $750 takes it.
  2. Solar powered battery powered shake-awake 50000 hours of battery life Quick Release Rail Mount included It is an amazing optic. I have sold the gun it was on so it needs a new home. Have original box and manual. $275 OBO. FTF in Murfreesboro preferred. Will ship if buyer pays actual shipping cost. Trade options are 9mm, 45acp, or 7.62x51 ammo
  3. Selling 1 - 1lb. Jug of Hodgdon Varget Rifle Powder. I am asking $40.00 FTF sales only please. Thanks for looking. Sold - Thanks TGO
  4. Comes with, enhanced safety, Magpul fore end , Tac Star side saddle, XS Big dot tritium front bead, brace, Mini shell adapter, SOLD Meet in MCMINNVILLE, Murfreesboro, Manchester, Will be in Chattanooga Saturday
  5. Location is near Murfreesboro, west of Veterans/south of 840. Local pickup only, meet in my driveway/garage. I’ve been doing it this way for a while and it seems to work best for most people. Available most evenings and weekends. Established members who have the ability to PM only. Selling what’s left of my 5.7. Down to 3 calibers, yay me. Loose ammo was stored indoors in an ammo can with silica gel packets. They are pictured in bags of 200 rounds. $1,750 for all 3,697 rounds, that’s .47/round including good FN ammo 1. 1,431 rounds of SS195LF self defense hollow point 5.7 ammo. This is discontinued. Details on ammo: https://gunmagwarehouse.com/fn-self-defense-5-7x28mm-ammo-27gr-ss195-hollow-point-50-rounds.html 2. AE 5.7x28 40 grain- 1,200 loose rounds 3. AE 5.7x28 40 grain- 2 sealed cases of 500- 1,000 rounds 4. FN SS198LF green tip- 50 loose rounds- Not pictured 5. FN SS197SR blue tip, 16 rounds not pictured In my bin of stuff I would sell below. Prices below are firm, no trades, available for purchase with ammo (and all items are all unrelated to the ammo) AR Magazines 7 Palmetto 30 round black aluminum, gray anti-tilt follower, some mild storage wear $7/each 4 Magpul Glock 19 mags, 15 rounds, new- $9 each 2 E-Lander steel AR mags, 20 rounds, new (one unpackaged)- $20/2 2 4-packs of new Palmetto State USGI 30 round mags, Magpul followers, $30/pack of 4 2 Magpul 40 round AR mags- $12 each Voodoo Tactical double rifle case, 36”. Includes the backpack style straps, but no shoulder straps. This one does have a burn mark on the divider from a suppressor, but is 100% functional and it did not go through the bag. $35 SpecOps backpack. Well used. Has a hard-ish backer in it to stay rigid. This thing is covered in webbing if you’re one of those gear guys (that I used to be). $20 Pouches, holsters, misc stuff. Think of this as stuff you can look through when you buy other stuff.
  6. I have a 26" Proof Research 6.5 PRC 1-7.5 twist for stabilizing the heaviest of the .264 caliber bullets it is brand new with factory plastic thread protectors. I am selling it for $750 barrel only $825 with a set of go no go gauges for head spacing any questions call or text 224-402-4433
  7. Kimber Custom LW Night Patrol 45 Auto (ACP) Luger 5in Black Pistol - 7+1 Rounds - Kimber's line of 1911 handguns are some of the best on the market, and the Custom LW Night Patrol is no exception! This handsome 1911 features a sleek black finish on the slide, and a gray KimPro II finish on the frame. These two color schemes contrast perfectly against each other and give the Custom LW Night Patrol a distinct and elegantly simple appearance. Other features include Hogue rubber grips with checkered texturing, and 2-dot rear sights with a red fiber optic front sight. As with all of Kimber's 1911s, the Custom LW Night Patrol is equipped with a match grade stainless steel barrel and a match grade trigger. That is the description from Sportsmans Warehouse where I bought it less than a year ago I only took it out once and it shot incredible. Any questions call or text 224-402-4433 It comes in the factory box with three extra Kimber factory magazines must meet face to face
  8. Hellcat with upgraded Hyve Technologies trigger and 2 magazine extensions. Included custom kydex IWB holster and Sig Romeo Zero. Low round count. All original parts are included.
  9. Chinese T53 (Mosin Nagant M44) I will need a copy of the buyers drivers license for my records. This is on my C&R license. SOLD SOLD
  10. I have 4 AR10 mags for sale 17.50 a piece or 60 for all four any questions call or text 224-402-4433 I am in Lavergne Smyrna and Murfreesboro every day Monday thru Friday SOLD
  11. Planned as an EDC gun but got bumped in favor of G43. Spent most of its time sitting in the safe. No external safety. Includes two (2) 12-round magazines, four (4) 10-round magazines, Haley Strategic INCOG IWB holster, leather OWB holster, kydex OWB holster, factory interchangeable back straps, and factory case. It's had <300 rds of 115gr ball and ~50 rds of +p JHP through it. $400 OBO Murfreesboro area. TN DL required, HCP preferred.
  12. Anderson lower, Anderson upper, Anderson 7.5” 1:7 5.56 barrel, BCM low profile gas block, .22LR BCG, mil-spec trigger, mil-spec charging handle, mil-spec A2 flash hider, 7” rail with two (2) 3” pic rail sections and one (1) 5” pic rail section, Shockwave blade pistol brace, Magpul trigger guard, Magpul MOE+ grip, Magpul ASAP sling mount and original Magpul Dynamics sling, Rattlecan “camo”, one (1) USGI 5.56 mag with matching camo, two (2) .22LR magazines. Currently configured for plinking with .22 LR but you can swap in any standard AR-15 BCG to shoot .223/5.56. $700 OBO. Murfreesboro area. TN DL required, TN HCP preferred.
  13. I have 2 of these wonderful guns for sale. These are very compact guns with fantastic triggers and high capacity magazines. Each comes with 3 mags (2 x 13 rounds, 1 x 10 round). I will throw in one of these holsters with each gun. I filled the engraving on the slides with fingernail polish which is easily removed if the prospective buyer does not like it. $450 each or $850 if you buy both. FTF Transaction in or near Murfreesboro. Flash of state issued photo ID required.
  14. For sale is my Galil ACE in 5.45x39. It’s currently wearing a Galil SAR folding stock, RS-Regulate 10M-N MLOK forend, and a Sig MSR red dot sight. Original stock is included, as is the factory box & 3 painted mags(2 commercial Bulgarians & 1 Magpul). Rifle has around 500rds through it since new. Paint job is Aervoe camo spray paint done by the previous/original owner. I don’t have the factory forend but the collapsible stock is included, along with the tool to swap out the stocks. $2500 cash in middle Tennessee. Buyer has the option of purchasing 10 Bulgarian Circle 21/Circle 10 mags & 3680 rounds of Russian FMJ(2600 rounds of commercial/1080rds of 7n6 in a sealed tin). These are NOT for sale until the rifle sells & the buyer has first crack at the ammo/mags. $4500 for the whole package. Not interested in trades unless it’s a nice night vision or thermal setup in a comparable price/condition.
  15. Location is Murfreesboro. On a form 4. Receiver will stay in safe until stamp comes back, which is unfortunately just how NFA transfers work. No trades, please. NFA is pretty simple for individuals. $200 cashiers check, Form 4 in duplicate (I provide), fingerprint cards (I have them for you to take to a mailbox place to have done), 2 passport photos (CVS). Mail and wait. Gun has never had a malfunction and shoots incredibly flat and soft. 50 round mags feel endless. I have about 800 rounds through the gun but only 50 through this factory barrel, as I was using a CMMG barrel most of the time I have had it. $4,700 for everything, optic included- open to modifying ammo package partial trades considered. I’m probably getting a Wilson Combat EDCX9 (really regret selling the ones I had) or a new WC SFT9. Ed Brown, Nighthawk, custom shop from the usual suspects, as long as it’s 9MM. FN PS90, on form 4 Factory (cut/threaded by TROS- known for quality, not turnaround times) 10.4” barrel CMMG flash hider Man Kave trigger Man Kave extended charging handle QD front and rear sling mount Design Machine Aimpoint mount 8 50 round magazines (w/delrin rollers) (update- mags are brand new) Box, papers, stuff, original parts. $1750, optic not included I will not sell ammo unless gun sells. 2,285 AE 5728A- (priced at ~.60/rd) 550 FN SS198LF green tip- (priced at ~.80/rd) 1,433 FN SS195LF hollow point (priced at ~.80/rd) Updated: the used mags pictures above were swapped by FN for brand new ones. All of the used ones had a little blemish in the same spot that didn’t affect function, but I noticed when I took pics and it bugged me. I bought all of the previous ones at the same time, must have been the same lot
  16. Location is near Murfreesboro, west of Veterans/south of 840. Local pickup only, meet in my garage. Available most evenings and weekends. No trades. Please make it worth our while (like $50?). Established members only who have the ability to PM. Prices are firm- these are all reductions from an old ad I cleaned up and reposted. AR Magazines 8 PMAG 30 round black windowed M3 $10 each ALL SOLD 10 PMAG 30 round black non-windowed M3 $8 each ALL SOLD 10 PMAG 30 round FDE windowed M2: $7 each ALL SOLD 7 PMAG 20 round black non-window M3 $8 each ALL SOLD 7 Palmetto 30 round black aluminum, gray anti-tilt follower, some mild storage wear $8/each 1 DSG and 1 D&H 30 round gray aluminum, FDE anti-tilt follower, some mild storage wear $8 each SOLD 3 FN 30 round black steel $22 each SOLD 4 Magpul Glock 19 mags, 15 rounds, new- $9 each 9 Magpul Glock 19 mags, 15 rounds 21 round mags- sorry, copy paste error, like new- $10 each ALL SOLD 2 E-Lander steel AR mags, 20 rounds, new- $20/2 2 4-packs of new Palmetto State USGI 30 round mags, Magpul followers, $30/pack of 4 2 Magpul 40 round mags- $20/2 CZ Scorpion Magpul mags, 35 rounds- $20/2 ALL SOLD 5 CZ Scorpion OEM mags- good condition- $7/each ALL SOLD 4 CZ Scorpion mags- used condition, work 100%, flaws in plastic- ALL SOLD Paper targets. Huge, great for indoor ranges. Also good to stick shoot n c targets to. I’m guessing 140-160 targets here. $30 ALL PENDING Voodoo Tactical double rifle case, 36”. Includes the backpack style straps, but no shoulder straps. This one does have a burn mark on the divider from a suppressor, but is 100% functional and it did not go through the bag. $35 Voodoo Tactical double rifle case, 36”. Includes the backpack style straps, AND the shoulder straps. $45 ALL SOLD SpecOps backpack. Well used. Has a hard-ish backer in it to stay rigid. This thing is covered in webbing if you’re one of those gear guys (that I used to be). $20 I Pouches, holsters, misc stuff. Think of this as stuff you can look through when you buy other stuff.
  17. Brand new Sig nightmare fastback 4.25 inch barrel 45 acp text 615-946-9676 1200.00
  18. NIB $1300 I have ammo available if you purchase rifle 20" Round Steel Barrel 1:16" Twist Rate Fully Adjustable Semi-Buckhorn with Diamond Insert Rear Sight Brass Bead Front Sight Black Solid Rubber Recoil Pad Transfer Bar Safety Standard Loop Lever Sling Swivel Studs American Walnut Stock The HENRY REPEATING ARMS Big Boy Steel Lever Action Rifle is a modern carryover of a traditional lever action rifle typical found in homesteads all along the new frontier, the Wild West. The Big Boy features a steel frame which is drilled and tapped for optional scope mounts and has adjustable western style sights. The weight savings comes from the use of the steel frame versus the brass counterparts. Additionally this rifle features the same sliding transfer bar "safety" system in it's hammer. Holding and shooting this rifle are a true joy thanks to the accuracy, attention to detail.
  20. Up for consideration is a numbers matching '85 E. German akm. Built on a Morrissey receiver and comes with an additional side folder stock. One of the rarer akm's out there, and not often with number's matching parts. Looking to trade for an AK pistol or outright sell. Wouldn't mind a 74
  21. For sale or trade is my M&P 45 FDE with thumb safety. Very nice gun. Very good shape. I’ve ran 200 or so rounds through it. I purchased new a few years ago. Carries very well for a 45. Will come with everything a new one does. (Back straps x3, 2-8round mags, locks, and paperwork. Plus a 14 round extended mag and rail mounted light. I believe I have a few boxes of Hornaday personal protection ammo that will go also. As well as a black leather OWB Belt Desantis holster. Cash price is 550.00 or trade for Glocks, Sigs, or AR9, AR15, or AR10. Can add cash either way. No rush or hurry to get rid of it. Maryville/Knoxville are but I travel from Bristol to Chattanooga and all over ETennessee for work.
  22. S&W model 36 38 special, Uncle Mikes grips, No dash must have handgun carry permit and Tn.resident McMinnville, Manchester,Woodbury, Murfreesboro meet


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