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  1. Old 10/22 receiver, Shaw twist fluted 18" stainless barrel, Boyds' "Zombie Hunter" green laminate Barracuda stock, 8-32x56 illuminated Monstrum brand scope ... built for silhouette and steel challenge competition, barrel is JB Weld epoxied into the receiver, takedown screw is oversized to 1/4"x28tpi, standard factory trigger group ... well used, in very good condition ... $600 or best offer
  2. I'll take them to the gunshow in February. There are four in total, as I've been selling some of my rifles without the scopes. Prices were just lowered in hopes of selling them from this site and have a few less things to carry into the show.
  3. See photo for details. $175.00 All Dillon, with additional Lee factory crimp sizer.
  4. PreGunshow special: Love the gun but don't shoot the matches anymore. Adjustable trigger. Rail for bipod. Manual. $700 $650 575 firm.
  5. I've given up on the "search engine" here. It throws up page after page of unrelated junk and rarely anything that is actually what I'm after. I sold my NIB blued 2 3/4 model 19 some years back and a NIB round butt model 36 at the same time and kick myself every day and wonder what I was thinking. Please send photos and firm price, preferably in Kingsport / Johnson City / Bristol area.
  6. I'll give you a shout if I'm headed that way any time. Too bad I wasn't doing this before I retired and was still commuting over to Franklin to do contract work at Nissan.
  7. PreGunshow special: 45 acp revolver in excellent condition, used very little, with moon clips, loading / unloading tool. (Ammo not included.), competition inner and outer belts, ammo carriers and holster. First $1,350.
  8. Pre gunshow special ... $1,350 OBO. "This is one of the National Match pistols that Colt made in the mid 1960's, produced before the Gold Cup markings were added. It has a solid barrel bushing rather than a collet one which was added to later models." From a Lock Stock and Barrel listing of one of their auctions. According to "Colt's Dates of Manufacture" by R.L. Wilson, this pistol was manufactured by Colt in 1967. The gun listed here is no longer completely original. It has the factory slide and frame with the -NM suffix serial number, trigger, internal parts and barrel bushing and comes with the pictured small parts that have been replaced, including the original rear sight. The frame was modified for the beavertail grip safely. An aftermarket barrel has replaced the original. As best I recall; The magazine funnel, mainspring housing, beavertail grip safety and ambidextrous thumb safety are all Wilson parts. The rear sight is Champion, with a serrated blade, front is a Novak fiber optic model, installed by Novak after they dovetailed the slot into the slide. I do not recall who made the G10 grip panels that are on the gun. The hammer was bobbed slightly to clear the beavertail grip safety. Stippling on the front of the grip frame can be removed (peeled off). It is not cut into the metal. I just have it on there for occasional IDPA match use. Magazine release is original, as is the bluing on the entire piece, except for where the gunsmiths touched up the finish where modifications were made. The barrel that was in the gun when I purchased it in 1990 is included. Slide to frame fit remains very tight as it was used regularly in PPC and later in IDPA competition, both with only very light competition loads. It regularly shot Grand Master scores in PPC and Expert in IDPA. The only time it was shot with "major power" loads, while I have owned it, was when I used it in the USPSA Single Stack Nationals in 2010. Funny story ... I was living on the east side of Michigan and was at a gunshow on the west side of Michigan, on a Sunday ... I had wanted one of these National Match Colts since the early 70's when my best friend bought one and took it out often when we went shooting every week ... a guy had this one on his table, priced at $1,000 and said it was on consignment and he couldn't take a penny less. I turned my pockets inside out and showed him that every cent I had with me was $915. He went and called the owner, who said he would take it. And I had to go find an ATM that would accept my bank's ATM card to be able to buy gas to get home. But I've always loved the gun. Later, after shooting PPC for most of a year with a revolver, like everyone seemed to think we were "supposed to", I was getting frustrated with shooting "almost" scores, even with a beautifully custom built Smith and Wesson L frame from the father and son Longs at Pineville Gun Shop, I asked the match director if I could shoot the next match with a 1911 and he said "sure". So the next match I finally shot 97 1/2% of a perfect score and made Grand Master by shooting powder puff loads in this pistol. I'm too old to shoot the pistols much anymore. So I'm selling them off so my wife doesn't have to deal with them like my best friend's wife did. What you see in the pictures is included, all of this and nothing else, except of course that no ammunition is included. It still shoots as accurately and functions as reliably as always. Bring your Tennessee drivers license with your photo and birth date on it. Not interested in trades or lowball offers.
  9. Yeah ... sometimes it's a minor disadvantage being over here in the northeast corner. And it's quite a haul to the middle of the state, When I did a couple of gigs over at Nissan in Franklin the drive was 3 1/2 to 7 hours, depending on traffic, especially though Knotville. But we love our river valley in the hill country. It's been the perfect retirement site.


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