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  1. When my son was a toddler he liked the Rescue Heroes cartoon and action figures.  The firefighter who was the chief of the Rescue Heroes was named Billy Blazes.  Me being a firefighter and my son loving the Rescue Heroes, Billy Blazes became my nom de plume

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  2. I wish the best for your daughter and your family.  My mom, admittedly older than your daughter, has dealt with breast cancer on two different occasions roughly 4 years apart.  She's now 83 years old and doing pretty well.

    Likely due to genetics, I, a male, carry the breast cancer blood marker.  For obvious reasons, I'm concerned about my daughter in her 20's. 

    Cancer Sucks!!!!

  3. On 5/2/2023 at 1:36 PM, chances R said:

    Not entirely correct.  Carry laws are the sole responsibility of the State. (TCA 39-12-1314 ) The change you refer to has to do with a lawsuit Knoxville filed.  To circumvent the suit, if the City wants to prohibit carry these procedures are noted by law to be legal TCA 39-17-1359(g)(1).  These laws  were  to prevent a patchwork of varying laws across the state.  Memphis has to follow this as well.  As noted previously, school functions take precedence in public parks across the state

    Great information.  I'm happy to learn the State holds preemption in this area to prevent the patchwork of local laws.  I did not think that was the case.  I was under the false impression local municipalities could implement a wide array of their own ordinances as they pleased in this regard.

    If only this same preemption applied to the use of the firearms, specifically one State law with regards to recreational discharge of firearms.  No more checking with local LEO's, who as often as not misapply a statute, as to whether discharge is legal or not in a particular location.

  4. Thank you for all the feedback. Looks like it’s about 15 minutes to Paris, which apparently is the closest place to receive real mention on a map.  Blows my mind that Paris is a county seat and yet has only slightly over 10,000 for population.

    I am used to much more populated areas, but I want to get away from populated areas. The rub is I still like my conveniences close.  I’m already learning that I may have difficulty finding trades people as may be needed for repairs or renovations.

  5. You ask about other states.  I can share what I know about Florida and butterfly knives.  In Florida a butterfly knife is not considered a "common pocketknife."  That means it is illegal to conceal a butterfly knife in Florida without a concealed carry weapons permit.  Even with the CCW license, the State of Florida does not have preemption over municipalities with regard to knives as they do with firearms.  That means a local city or county can pass their own ordinance, unlike the case with firearms for which the State of Florida maintains all rule making authority.

    I have no idea how the pending legislation which is about to become law regarding permit-less concealed carry may affect this area of the law.  Will being able to soon carry a handgun without a permit in Florida translate into being able to also carry a concealed knife that previously required a permit?  I read of a lot of problems with the wording of the legislation.  Time will tell.

  6. My Masada with a Holosun shake awake dot and NightStick weapon light along with a SiCo Omega 9K is my nightstand gun.  My only complaint about the gun is the lack of level two retention holsters for the gun.  That's what keeps it as my at home gun as opposed to an EDC.

  7. Reporting back with what I went with.  I purchased this very inexpensive dash cam from Walmart.com.  Only $35.  I bought one for my car and one for my truck.  Being over $50 for the order, no shipping charges.

    The buttons/functions are easy to understand.  I've checked numerous times over the past couple of weeks and I've been able to access the footage easily on the camera while seated in my vehicle.  That was just what I was looking for.  No missing footage and able to retrieve footage without hassle on the side of the road.

    AUKEY Wifi Dash Cam, 1080P FHD Dash Camera for Cars, 6-Lane 170-Degree Wide Angle Lens Car Camera, Black-DR02 P - Walmart.com


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  8. Another thing I am learning as I do more reading is that the SD card from time to time may need to be reformatted. However, there’s no indication of when that is necessary. And apparently there’s no rhyme or reason to how often it needs to be done.

  9. The SD card in the camera over-writes itself as it becomes full. Because I knew this from reading the owner’s manual when I first installed the camera, I unplugged the camera not long after my fender bender yesterday.  Although I have a 64GB (I think) SD card, which should provide quite a bit of footage, I could not find Yesterdays incident in any of the files. Once home, I used my laptop to go through the SD card. Nothing of yesterday morning’s drive, despite the camera, blinking continuously that it was recording. 

    This is the second time I have experienced this. Over a year ago I had a close call when someone ran a stop sign. With that particular dash cam I had at that time, it used an app connected to my phone.  Same experience that I was unable to find any footage of that near miss. 

    I’m at a loss of all the videos I see on YouTube of motorcyclists, truck, drivers, and others who post dash cam footage. The only thing I can ever find on my dash cameras are nonevent.  It has been infuriating as in my case it’s proven to be nothing but a false sense of security.


  10. I have a boilerplate NFA trust I purchased from an online attorney in 2015.  Once ATF Rule 41F went into effect, I made no more purchases of NFA items under the trust but rather acquired NFA items as an individual via Form 4 or Form 1.  On the trust I am the only one listed as Settlor.  I have no trustees/responsible persons listed.  I do list a successor trustee and beneficiary in the event of my death.  My understanding is that only someone listed as current settlor or current trustee must submit pics, fingerprints and 4473 when application is made for a new NFA item under the trust.  Am I tracking correctly so far?
    I have read the opinions from a couple of different attorneys which I understand to say that after my NFA application has been approved I can add a new trustee by way of amendment to the trust without any need to submit the new trustee's information to ATF.  That newly added trustee can now legally access the NFA items owned by the trust.  Is this correct?
    I further read that if I make a new NFA application I can first remove all trustees by way of another new amendment, get the NFA application approved with just myself on it, and then create yet another new amendment to reinstate trustees who have previously been removed.  Those listed on the most recent amendment are now legal in the eyes of the law to access the NFA trust items.  Do I have a correct understanding of what I have read?
    I realize this would have no bearing on the NFA items I have acquired as an individual, but it does provide options for the items in my trust.  Or am I all wet?
  11. Had a minor fender bender this morning. Woman claiming she was distracted by her 4 y.o. as she attempted to change lanes ran her left rear quarter panel into my front right fender while we were both traveling in the same direction. She was apologetic and there was no dispute as to the cause of the accident.

    While waiting for the traffic officer, I tried to pull up the footage from the dash cam I currently have. I had no success. I read the owners manual and then found a better description of the required steps posted on-line. I was able to access video from days ago. I also have video of my hand removing the dash cam from the windshield after the accident. For the life of me I could not find footage of what had just transpired.

    Although the officer said the woman's story was the same as mine and he cited her for careless driving, it bothers me that I could not pull up the video while on-scene to share with the traffic officer. In many ways this completely defeated my reason for having the dash cam. Later this evening I will put the SD card from the camera into my computer to see if I can find the video, but that won't address the frustration of not being able to conveniently locate the footage while on the roadside.

    Any recommendations for a dash cam which is constantly recording every moment and allows for simple intuitive history viewing on the camera itself while in the vehicle?

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  12. 20 hours ago, StrategicFS said:

     They did include plates to match almost every red dot out though.

    I've read numerous reports of screws being sheared and optics flying off due to issues with the supplied plastic mounting plates.  I for one wish a steel plate was supplied by S&W, but in fairness I don't believe any gun manufacturer supplies a steel plate.


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