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  1. Although our rights in Florida are being quickly eroded, this is one area where a good statute was passed. It became illegal several years ago for an employer to terminate or otherwise punish an employee for having a securely encased firearm in their personally owned vehicle on company property. The municipality I work for had to change their policy and the employee manual when the statute was enacted. Even on school grounds and colleges a firearm may be kept securely encased in the vehicle. Of course places Federally restricted such as the Kennedy Space Center, certain seaports and post office property is still forbidden. The theme parks also have a unique loophole allowing them to be outside of following that statute. It has something to do with the pyrotechnics they keep on property. An employee can be terminated for having a firearm in their vehicle while at the theme park. Guests can be and have been trespassed from the theme park property including guests staying at the Disney resort hotels or shopping in Downtown Disney.
  2. For my Glocks I have conversion barrels allowing me to shoot 9mm ammo from the .40 G22 and G23. I'm told that with the .40 M&P I can just put in the stock 9mm M&P barrel and it will function just fine with 9mm rounds. Is that correct?
  3. I received the holster and right away gave it a try. My thought is...meh. It does indeed securely lock in my Colt Defender. It does require a solid push to seat the gun into retention. Once fully seated the gun is not going anywhere accidentally. Removing the gun requires quite a bit of straight up force. TBH, I don't like how hard I need to pull upwards to remove the gun. If I could have gotten a Safariland ALS level 2 retention holster for this gun, that's the way I would have gone. Unfortunately they do not offer an ALS holster for this gun. With the ALS holster the activation of the thumb release removes all resistance holding the gun in place. By contrast, this Urban Carry offering requires the user to over power the retention mechanism.
  4. Function was indeed fine but fit was poor. I knew the RIA 1911 I was purchasing was heavier than offerings by other manufacturers. That was a trade off I was willing to make for the economical price. I don’t feel I’ve settled or sacrificed at all with regard to performance and reliability.
  5. I purchased a RIA M1911 A1 Ultra Tac in 9mm. The Mec-Gar magazine that came with the gun did not in my opinion seem to even fit correctly. I purchased some Wilson Combat magazines and have not had a single issue with the gun. I feel where RIA is lacking is that the guns they make are HEAVY and the supplier of their magazines is providing a poor quality product.
  6. I have one on the way to me to carry my Colt Defender. Hopefully my experience will be better than what Mamba had with the holster. I'll let you know.
  7. You have two senators ( Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn) and one representative (I think it's Mark Green) who represent Tennessee at the Federal level. They are all Republicans, not that that had any bearing in my success. In my correspondence I mentioned that I already hold multiple NFA stamps, NIC's checks for firearms purchases had recently been run on me without issue, my employment requires finger printing every 5 years along with background check and credit report. I pointed out that I am in the system and I am repeatedly vetted with regularity. I then pointed out the dysfunction that leads to the government often being the brunt of jokes regarding inefficiency. Specifically that all three of my pending stamps would all go through the same process rather than doing one check that would be applied to approve all three at once. I don't know if my arguments had any traction but I was pleased with the quick resolution.
  8. On my last 3 stamps, which were all pending at the same time although they had different submission dates, I finally wrote to my two Florida senators and my one representative about the dysfunction of the process with ATF and FBI. I never heard back from Marco Rubio's office nor Bill Posey's office, two Republicans, but Bill Nelson, the Democratic senator who was defeated by Republican turncoat Rick Scott, was responsive. Bill Nelson's office reached out to me in reply to my letter within a couple of weeks. His office followed up with ATF and FBI. In less than a month all three of my pending stamps came back as approved. That was at a wait of between 6 to 8 months between the three stamps. Meanwhile I have coworkers who are in excess of 14 months.
  9. I was greeted by a sign at the entrance to the Bone Cave State Natural Area that stated “Firearms/Weapons Not Permitted.” I have a picture of the sign saved to the photos on my phone, but it seems impossible to share that photo from my phone while posting through the phone I realize this notice does not meet the sign statute parameters. Would I have been in legal trouble had I proceeded with my handgun?
  10. I recently picked up the same platform in 9mm. It has been a joy to shoot although I have run mostly ball ammo through the gun. I've enjoyed it so much that if I stumble across as good of a deal ($460 brand new) in .45, I'll jump on it. Please let us know what the issue turns out to be.
  11. I love my Springfield 1911 but their two XD guns I had were complete turds. That was even after being sent back to the factory (one of them was swnt back twice) for feeding issues. I was happy to sell those two guns with full disclosure that they gave me fits. I do have the Sig 365 and 365XL. Both have performed flawlessly. I'll stick with them and not bother even taking the Springfield striker fired hellcat for a test drive.
  12. No excuse for me not to get one since it comes suppressor ready.
  13. I'm another MA transplant, kind of. Born in Attleboro, As soon as I graduated high school I moved to Florida. As soon as I put in another year to three at my current job I plan to relocate in East TN
  14. Apparently the city of Knoxville is getting ready to vote on this. It seems the elected officials are all in favor. I encourage all of you, even if you do not live in Knoxville, to contact the Knoxville elected officials and express your displeasure with the move. https://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/Knoxville-city-council-considers-banning-gun-shows-from-city-owned-facilities-560769971.html
  15. If this deal came with a threaded adapter to allow a suppressor to be attached, I'd jump on it. I am not a fan of Taurus in general, but I have heard good things about this gun. My current .22 suppressor host is a M&P 22. I like it, but only a 10 round magazine.

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