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  1. I have numerous Glocks including the 19. I recently purchased the P320 X-Carry. It has now become my EDC after 20 years of carrying a Glock 22. The trigger on the Sig is what really sold me. The 320 feels great in my hand, the trigger is fantastic. I love my Glocks but Sig did it right with the 320 X-Carry
  2. What part of Florida did you move from and what part of Tennessee did you move to? I'm currently planning my escape from Vero Beach in 4 years.
  3. Oldnewbie, you have a PM from me. Good thread you linked me to, but also a little disheartening.
  4. I know the federal laws on NFA items pretty well. I wasn’t sure if Tennessee had any nuances. Just to clarify a point, although notification to ATF is required before transporting a SBR or SBS, no notification/paperwork is required for transporting a silencer beyond state lines. I got spoiled with the 100 yard range I had set up in the horse pasture of my 5 acres. It was nice to step out my back door of the house to shoot any time I want. I plan to duplicate that set up in TN. Hopefully an even longer set up
  5. I’m focused on East Tennessee for a mix of the weather, geography and demographics. I’ll be looking for a home on a piece of heavily wooded land. I’m tired of maintaining a lawn or dealing with a pasture. Privacy and seclusion are important to me. Although I’ll consider 5 acres I’d prefer to be at 10 acres or more.
  6. Hello all. After growing up in Massachusetts, spending a lot of time on Cape Cod and up in Maine, I moved to Florida upon graduating high school. Other than a brief stint in the Bahamas, I've been in Florida for the past 30+ years. Some time in the Keys but have spent my longest stretch on Central Florida's East Coast. I have another 4 years and then I can retire from my job with a decent pension. At that time I plan to get out of Florida to relocate to somewhere in East Tennessee. Between now and then I will be visiting more frequently to determine exactly where I want to move. On those trips I plan to exercise my 2A right to the extent it has not yet been eroded. I'm here to learn the Tennessee firearms laws so I am within the letter of the law when carrying both open and concealed via the reciprocity of my Florida CCW license. I've already been reading some of the older threads. Certainly there's some nuances, good and bad, differentiating what's allowed in TN versus FL. Nice that I have the option of open carry in TN. Too bad that I cannot imbibe in even a sip of alcohol while carrying in TN. An odd thing about the FL statute is that one is still legal using a firearm with a greater BAL than what is allowed to drive a car; you can be over the limit for driving but still under the limit to shoot Too bad that the no gun signage has the force of law in TN, but these are all things I need to learn. I also need to learn the laws regarding transport of long guns. Seems each state is just a little bit different, some requiring them to be encased, others requiring the long gun not be concealed and some states allowing both conditions. I also need to learn if there is anything beyond Federal regulations regarding SBR's, SBS's or silencers or a prescription as to how they are transported. I enjoy various disciplines from defensive handgun shooting all the way to long distance precision shooting out to 1,500 yards. I do a fair amount of training by attending classes in the numerous disciplines here in Florida as well as out of state. I'll continue to poke around in the old threads to decrease my ignorance. If anyone can direct me to a good resource in the form of a book that clearly explains all I need to know about the TN firearms laws, please let me know. In Florida I have alway relied on this book and always purchased the new editions that have come out with the changes to the statutes. I highly recommend it if you want to know the in's & out's of the Florida laws. https://www.floridafirearmslaw.com

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