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  1. Terrible photo quality due to having to reduce the size of the image to get it to post here on the forum, but the dropbox as seen has been good to keep my two Malinois separated from the delivery people.
  2. I ran a Rare Breed trigger a couple of weeks ago. Mimicking full auto was neat. It sucked not being able to shoot a single round due to it always mimicking full auto fire. That for me was a deal breaker. I have video of me running the trigger if anyone wants to see it. Video is too large to post.
  3. I've carried CCW Safe for years. The recommendation of attorney John Gutmacher solidified my decision. Like everyone else here, I hope I never need to put the coverage to the test.
  4. If you want some real sights check out Blind Creek Beach in Ft. Pierce. I'll warn you though that much of what you'll see will have you wanting to rinse your eyes with bleach!
  5. Still waiting on one of my 3 local Blue Label dealers to receive a G20. In the meantime I ordered the Magnum Research DE1911G10. No telling when it will come in though.
  6. If you're not going to suppress it you have a lot more options, although nothing at this time is a bargain. I had a M&P, a Rock River and an Adams Arms. All did fine without a silencer attached but had constant function issues with the silencer on the end. The M&P was an non-modified DI platform. On the Rock River I installed an adjustable gas block. The Adams Arm was a piston upper with a gas setting selector. None of them were reliable for me with the silencer. I finally went with the Sig Sauer 716 DMR gen 1. Pretty close to flawless.
  7. I am a big fan of Sig. I leaned towards the G20 due to increased capacity and a history of great functionality even in the most fouled adverse conditions. I’ll give the Sig another look.
  8. Although I enjoy my Springfield 1911 MC Operator in .45, I am not a fan it their XD series guns. I’ve owned 2. Both were turds even after being sent back for service. I will never purchase another of the XD guns.
  9. Three of the Blue Label dealers within driving distance of me have my name on their list to call when they get a Blue Label G20 in stock. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. Purely because I like the aesthetics of the Magnum Research 10mm 1911, I’ve been also eyeing some of those on Gun Broker. I have my upper number though and I keep getting outbid. So be it.
  10. It's kind of crazy to me that in Florida 0.08 on a breathalyzer is considered intoxicated for operating a motor vehicle but a person discharging a firearm is not considered intoxicated until they blow 0.1
  11. Although a pipe dream, I would like to see GunTab.com also become a marketplace. Kind of the way Ebay and PayPal were joined at the hip when they first started. I've made purchases off of Armslist and Gun Broker as well as other sites, but if distance precludes me from making the purchase face-to-face, I'll only use a credit card and only with a vendor who has positive history.
  12. I agree. I've been to the tops of many. St. Augustine and Jupiter being the ones I'm currently closest to. Maybe the neat thing about them is the history and the role they served before modern aids to navigation.
  13. I'm currently down the road a piece from St. Augustine. The town itself if pretty seedy and many of the tourist oriented restaurants long ago began looking a little long in the tooth. That said, the Lightner Museum is very engaging. As to restaurants I feel The Columbia is a must for the atmosphere if nothing else. You may enjoy driving a little inland to take an air boat tour. Maybe drive further towards the center of the state to snorkel in the springs. Ginnie Springs is cool, both figuratively and literally. Although there are plenty of charter boats in that area for off shore fi
  14. I find this set up with an OWB spare mag at the 8 o’clock position to be the most comfortable for me. I choose to carry the fixed blade KaBar knife where I can reach it with my non-dominant hand. I started that practice after a colleague was choked out due to an assault from the rear. With this fixed blade I can easily start poking around towards an assailant’s thigh or lower torso if he has me in a rear choke. Although I carry a folding knife clipped in my front pocket, I prefer the fixed blade option if the knife needs to be readily deployed in a panic with expediency. I don’t want to run t
  15. I personally got a good deal on a handgun due to the new gun being sold and then returned a few days later when the conditional approval was rescinded. The gun had not been fired but it was now considered used.


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