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  1. Hipower, as you try out various 9mm handguns I'd be curious of your feedback when you get around to trying the IWI Masada. I'd like to know the pros/cons compared to all the other similarly priced competitors you have experience with.
  2. A couple of things I keep in my kit are aspirin and diphenhydramine (Benadryl) in both capsule and liquid form (Zzzquil) If myself or someone with me is having cardiac symptoms indicative of aspirin administration, it's good to have that at my fingertips. Diphenhydramine for an allergic reaction. I'm also a big fan of the Israeli bandage. A great way to secure a trauma pad anywhere on the torso and larger limbs.
  3. Amazing how an AR-15 in the hands of a regular citizen is an "assault rifle" but as soon as the same gun is placed in the hands of a police officer it becomes a "patrol carbine."
  4. Another wishful bit of firearm legislation I would like to see in Tennessee, ironically also as is the case in Florida, is preemption with regard to where a firearm can be discharged. In Florida, State statute makes clear that a firearm may be discharged on one's private property regardless of how small or how large the property is so long as the shooting is done safely without negligence. Granted, safely and without negligence is subjective; however, a municipality such as a city or county cannot make their own rules dictating anything different than what the State allows. A city cannot write their own ordinance stating "No discharge in city limits" or "No gunfire after sunset" or likewise. I see so many posts here asking "may I fire my gun on my property here or there?" It shouldn't matter where one resides so long as one is on their own property and the bullets are not leaving that property.
  5. From 100 yards to 1250 yards I enjoy what I can do with 6.5 Creedmoor. I'm only punching paper or hitting steel, but the fast, flat shooting bullet has made me appear to be a better shooter than I am.
  6. Similar here. Most often I carry the 365 in appendix position but more & more I'm carrying my M&P 40 on my hip. Once I'm confident the kinks have been worked out with the M&P 10mm I plan to get that and have it replace the .40
  7. I have a great chart showing DME Ejector Pin part numbers cross reference with bore sizes. That's what I have used to ensure proper alignment. If someone wants to PM me a text number or email, I'll send you the chart to post here. I get too frustrated trying to attach pics to my posts here.
  8. I agree with everything in that post. Furthermore, if the Government cannot define a "woman" I have no confidence in their nuanced definition of a machine gun.
  9. I have a Glock 22 Gen 2 and Gen 4. I also have a 9mm conversion barrel that allows me to reliably use 9mm ammo in the G-22. When I bought the conversion barrel some 15 years ago it was to train with the more economical 9mm ammo while carrying the arguably more potent .40 ammo when not training. That flexibility has served me well.
  10. A lot of variables to that answer. The 10mm round will be traveling a lot faster than a .45, but the type of bullet will have a lot to do with "over penetration" concerns. Know your target and what is behind your target. I encourage you to do your own research through reading or watching videos, but 10mm is basically a .40 on steroids. Really, .40 is a neutered 10mm. Conveniently, many 10mm handguns will reliably fire .40 ammo, although no manufacturer recommends this.
  11. For me personally, I like the ballistics of the round. From my line of work, I have seen too many people shot with a 9mm round and they were doing better than I would like if I had been the one who shot them in defense of my life. Admittedly, a lot of those were shot with ball ammo rather than defensive ammo, but the size and velocity of the 10mm round makes for a potent defensive handgun.
  12. When I saw the release of the 10mm M&P it took a lot of restraint for me to not find one to buy right away. I'm glad I waited. I've seen multiple reports of numerous issues that when reported to S&W they simply minimized or ignored, at least publicly. I was hoping they would make some minor rolling production changes leading to improvement. I was reminded of how Sig had some rolling changes to overcome a few items with the initial introduction of the P365. I pray the bugs are being worked out by S&W. I figured I would give the new platform a year in the market before I lay down my money for one. It bothers me though that a cheap plastic MOS mounting plate is what's included instead of a quality machined aluminum plate.
  13. I sympathize with your frustration. Drives me nuts when something that should be so simple becomes a herculean task. I am anxious to get the new M&P 10mm but hearing some negative reports about the gun and S&W's replies to the consumers has me holding off. I hope I can get back to where I have confidence in the products S&W turns out as well as responsive customer service from them. I don't see me getting to that point any time soon.
  14. I'm anxious to get the M&P 10mm. Debating between the 4.0" and the 4.6" versions. I'm cooling my jets for a little bit though to allow them to have some more time in the market. I'm reading of numerous users complaining of FTE/FTF issues and couple of cases of slide mounted optics shearing the screws and flying off under recoil after several magazines.
  15. I'm aware personally of a few cases similar to what was described by the OP. In one of the cases the State Attorney's Office did not prosecute. In another the alleged assailant was acquitted based upon a legal defense of self-defense. Regardless, a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of money out of pocket on legal fees for those individuals. It's unfortunate but too many times I've seen officers make an arrest on the spot with the attitude that the Prosecutor's Office can figure it out and make the call to charge or not. Besides seeing that attitude regularly on display I'm also speaking from experience in that regard. An angry, frustrated cop arrested me, I contacted my attorney, posted bond and waited for over two months for things to play out while they decided whether or not to even charge me. When the ASA got around to looking at the charge and the supposed evidence, he declined to move forward. The ASA was reportedly frustrated that the cop even arrested me. I'm proof that "you can beat the charge but you can't beat the ride." I wonder if the gentleman in this instance has any self-defense insurance and if it will come into play on this. I know that CCW Safe will not cover a domestic situation. This seems very domestic in nature.
  16. Plus now Gun Broker is charging an additional administrative fee for them dealing with collecting and remitting the tax. I'm not sure if that fee is being paid by buyers or just sellers, but it sucks.
  17. As Mark Twain said “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven” and “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
  18. As mark Twain said “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven” and “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
  19. All depends on your experience beforehand with breeds that are not a needy as a Malinois. To not give a job to a motivated Malinois to keep the dog stimulated mentally and physically will likely lead to destructive behaviors from the dog which will frustrate you. My Dutch Shepherd in this video succeeded getting into my wife's horse pasture one evening. He killed the horse. These dogs, if bred with a high drive, are no joke. Legion with Steffan - YouTube 4-7-10 007.MOD - YouTube I recommend you check with your homeowners insurance carrier. You may find the carrier does not permit the breed.
  20. I go the route of stuffing their postage paid return envelolpe with a letter stating that as long as Wayne is in place and spending member's contributions on fancy suits that they will not see another dime from me. I also point out some of the cases in which I feel the NRA dropped the ball politically. I keep that letter on my computer. Each time I receive a NRA solicitation I print the letter, put it in their envelope and send it in.
  21. I had a neighbor that moved in next to me. My safe shooting on my personal property ran afoul of her New York sensitivities. She called out SO numerous times and was upset when they would tell her that what I was doing was safe and legal. Things escalated to where they would start playing obnoxiously loud rap music anytime myself or family was outside. Especially when entertaining guests for cookouts, etc. I responded by often walking up and down the property line in the evenings or early mornings discharging my shotgun into the ground. Sometimes I would purposely wait until she was trying to enjoy time in her yard and then I would go outside with the loudest guns I have. I made sure that my friends also made frequent use of my range set up. once someone tries to strong arm me, any consideration or courtesy I would otherwise give flies out the window. I suggest you get a bunch of locals together and set up a Knob Creek style shoot on the weekends.
  22. Exactly why Statewide preemption in this regard is needed. From personal experience in Florida, the State used to be a hodgepodge of local statutes regarding the discharge of firearms. Laws changed from one county to another; from one city to another. As the State law is wrtitten now with the protection of preemption, a firearm may legally be safely discharged anywhere on a persons private property whether that be a rural 20 acres in Central Florida or on a 1/4 acre lot on the outskirts of Boca Raton. A lot of the liberal South Florida city leaders do not like that they can no longer make special laws in this regard for their fifedoms.
  23. Thank you for the suggestions. Touristy stuff is at the bottom of our list. The trip is mostly for recon to see how things have changed since last there in 2019 and to dial in areas for a move. I'm sure we'll work in some fun though.
  24. I have found it impossible to communicate with a live GB representative. I had a credit card issue regarding duplicate charges from GB. I emailed but did not receive a reply. No one you can call. I eventually had to deal with it through the credit card company. Don't count on Gun Broker for any kind of help with anything.
  25. The reply was great that the attorney made in response to the ATF cease and desist letter. I'm glad to see they are not rolling over. I hope Rare Breed has the ability to see this through to the end. A link to the reply from Rare Breed: (1) Rare Breed Triggers Response Letter to the ATF Cease and Desist – The Infidel Co


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