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  1. She came around. Now trying to persuade her to let me have a 200 Gallon
  2. Saltwater yes! The fish you are seeing are Anthias
  3. No east, just by MT Juliet
  4. Or not, but if you did, you may remember me mentioning maybe getting into Reef Tanks again and this happened. More at @waterboxreef on insta. But you get the picture
  5. What i did notice is on WAZE, there were 3 cops ahead of him, but i pulled off before i got to them. So i am assuming he may have radioed ahead but I never showed up
  6. Driving in i40 my lazer detector went off but I don’t think I slowed down enough. Nobody came after me, do TN send tickets in post ? They obviously go me from the front so no license plate. Just wondering if there is any gang dangle technology !! This was in Wilson.
  7. Yeah thanks. I’m just lazy and don’t really want to sell it I think this is my way of trying to and knowing I won’t
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