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  1. So I asked the master if he could make me something with a gut hook, Of course he could!!!
  2. I don't want to in anyway hamper this sale. Looks like a great gun, but I'd advise that it's probably not best to send copies of any government issued ID. In fact any form of ID at all. Again, I dont want to sound like a DB but it's just not safe in this day and age!
  3. Bump. Just FYI the price is the price . I don’t need the cash so it won’t get any cheaper
  4. Thanks for all the help. I ordered the Wilderness Instructor belt!
  5. Thanks all so far for your recommendations. Been a bit busy this evening but will take a look at all of these tomorrow!
  6. Hi guys, I want to carry my 1911 but I am finding my current nylon style belt is not man enough for the job! The fun is pulling my pants down on the side I carry. Now I know there are many types of sturdy belts, the rigid ones or nylon with Kevlar inside. But does anyone have any experience and recommendations ? i don’t have a budget and really and looking for quality that will last. Thanks!
  7. For your viewing pleasure. It's actually a really nice holster.
  8. Hi it’s was a target tip. So I did some reading and found I need long set time epoxy as this is less brittle when dry. he must have forgot that one arrow because I remember him using this black tar like stuff, and there is no sign of that and when I feel inside the arrow with a pin it’s smooth. Thanks for the advice . I’m gonna try 59 yard next time just for ####s and giggles !
  9. I took the bow out today for the first time (its been far too hot) This pic is of the my first 6 I ever shot. Well, when I say never, I shot about 10 arrows when looking at bows. But in total this was my first 12 on my own. The distance was 20 yards. If i did better or worse than should be expected please let me know because I'd like to gauge where I am vs other new folks to the sport. I was managing to pull back much easier as I had watched a few videos and things started to make sense. I do have a question one of the arrow heads got stuck inside the target, I had to cut the target slightly to get it out and what had happened is the sheath (i don't know what this part is called. So i'm calling it a sheath) inside the arrow that the head was screwed to seemed to have not been glued. Maybe an oversight at the bow store as I did not see any of the black residue I see him put on some of the other arrow sheaths. Can you advise if there is a specific type of glue I need to order so I can fix it back up inside the arrow? Other than that, I really enjoyed myself and cant wait to get out again!
  10. Your the first person to pick up in that’ its Actually a Corsair Gaming Mouse Mat! It makes a great back drop for dark subjects!
  11. Oh I like that top one. Grand Torino, can you do me that with a gut hook?

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