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  1. Running around trying to catch this little bugger was all worth it!
  2. Hah yeah, I lost my knife as I was doing the same between the horse paddock fences. Heart was pounding. Not felt like that since I hunted in the UK. What a great feeling !
  3. Not at this time, but I think it’s going that way! Problem I have is my wife was just in historical for a week. So I need to wait and see where we are with funds after we get the bill !!
  4. Pretty pleased with myself. Not the most conventional way to hunt a Turkey, but I guess you do what you know best! I stalked it for about an hour and a half keeping the wind in my face, then used a tree between me and him before sneaking up Ninja style! I showed myself, it looked at me, I see a beard and boom. Was a pretty crappy shot to be honest, looked like only one BB got him, but right in the brain! The Turkey was 15lbs in weight, beared was 9 inches long! I processed it at home as it was cool enough today to drive back home, kept the spurs, beared and fan and will have those mounted as its my first! Very happy chappy!
  5. Thanks Garufa, I used to do so much stuff a few years ago, if nobody minds, and if I am not too annoying, I will dig out some of my old stuff that might be relevant and post. I'll also review the gear I have got recently if its applicable!
  6. When I lived in the UK I used to review products every once and a while, so I thought I might start doing it once more. I like writing every know and again and in doing so I just might help a couple of people along the way! Price - approx $100 Product Name - ALPHA LITE 18 INCH REALTREE AP HD HUNTING BOOT Gender - MEN'S Color - REAL TREE AP HD Height - 18" Insulation 7.0 MM NEOPRENE Midsole - RUBBER Outsole - ALPHA LITE Shank - FIBERGLASS Toe - PLAIN TOE Upper - RUBBER CLAD NEOPRENE Waterproof - YES Weight - 5.5 LBS Bootie - NYLON FABRIC Boots are a difficult thing to review, as everybody's requirements for a boot are so different. A lot of the time, choosing your footwear depends on the environment you are shooting in. I have found this to be true to my expense as I now own 5 pairs of boots for the different environments I shoot in. Just recently I have acquired some farm land to shoot on, the only one problem, when it's rained, the land there gets very marshy and sodden, mix that up with some horse manure and as you can imagine, you can get in a bit of a mess. I went and got myself some Lacrosse Alpha Lite 18 Inch Real Tree Boots. Lacrosse have been in the business of making boots since 1897. They are pretty good at it by now and if you ever visit their website you may come across their moto which pretty much sums up what they are trying to achieve with their range of products. We make products for blue-collar folks and blue-collar folks only. Period! The boots are big, no doubt about it. The box in which they arrived was huge, the biggest shoe box I have ever seen. The box itself is very well presented and sturdy. Protecting your purchase inside are various bits of paper and cardboard to ensure the boots are not knocked out of shape during transit. Let me talk a little bit about the technology that is used in the Alpha series boot Cam-loc Buckle for customized fit. Back gusset for any calf size. Scent-free waterproof exterior. 3.5 mm insulating neoprene layer. Moisture-wicking fleece lining for added warmth and comfort Thick cushioning and insulating EVA midsole for extra comfort. Strong, lightweight fiberglass shank for arch support and rigidity. Rugged, aggressive rubber outsole for traction in all conditions. Warm, scent-free, waterproof and lightweight Alpha Technology. What started as a way to combine the warmth of neoprene with the best features of a rubber-boot now stands as one of the most significant advancements in hunting technology since Grandpa showed up in camp with a new heart ticker. Not only does the rubber-over-3.5mm neoprene Alpha technology make for waterproof, ultra-light and scent-free ankle-fit boots, they are also as comfortable as any dinner involving gravy. And because so much of a successful hunt comes down to stealth, a sport-chassis outsole cradles the foot for fail-safe stability on uneven terrain, while an EVA midsole cushions the foot on every one of the 1,562,894 steps it takes you to fill your tag. Alpha Technology gives you: Insulating, scent-free and waterproof rubber-over-3.5mm neoprene. Warm, soft, moisture-wicking luxury from the fleece lining. The lightweight cushion and superior traction from the rugged Sport Chassis outsole. In other words, about the closest you can get to a 4 x 4 on your feet. The explanation above was taken direct from the LaCrosse website. I have left it all in for a reason. Its actually all true. Some boots boast to be both water proof, warm, silent etc etc, these actually are. In fact, in terms of comfort they are without a doubt he most comfortable boots I have worn. Comfort in boots are particularly important to me. I have a condition called plantar fasciitis. In layman's terms it means the plate in the bottom of my foot is damaged and will take a very long time to heal. It took me away from walking long distances for a long time, but, with these boots I am able to walk considerable distances without pain. In fact, if I could get away with wearing them to work, I would. As the land I shoot on is sometimes marshy, having the benefit of water proof boots is a must. Gore-Tex is used by Lacrosse to achieve this. For those who are unsure how Gore-Tex work's, let me explain. Gore-Tex works a lot like your skin. It allows moisture to escape, but doesn't let water in because it's a wafer-thin membrane made from billions of tiny pores that let the water vapor (or sweat) to escape. The great thing is, the pores are too small for liquid water to penetrate so your feet stay warm, dry and above all, comfortable. They are also scent free. Lacrosse use their own system called Hyper-dri which is a highly engineered, waterproof, breathable yet scent-free barrier that lines an entire boot for 100% protection. And while it does a great job keeping water out, Hyper-dri also absorbs moisture and transfers it away from your feet, keeping your feet warm, comfortable and dry enough to stick it out and finish the job. No matter how wet things get. The boots come with a Cam-loc buckle system. This enables you to custom fit the boot to any size leg/calf. In the winter you are going to be using some fairly thick clothing. My winter camo is bulky, and because I am wondering around marsh land I want my pants to be tucked in my boots. The Cam-loc system allows you to do this. I can tuck my pants in, then fasten the buckle for a tight, yet comfortable fit. I have mentioned the boots are waterproof earlier on in the review. They are excellent. I have walked through streams, through fresh manure, laid down all day in damp grass. At no point has any water entered the boot, my feet have remained dry and most importantly warm at all times. They are amazing as when you look and feel them you don't get a lot of confidence in them working. I must reiterate. They do work. The sole is rubber and therefore is very flexible, has amazing grip and is so easy to clean. Covered in mud when I get home I simply point a hose at the boots and in about 2 mins all remnants of mud and dirt has come off. In fact I cant even remember having to scrub them. The mud just falls off. The grip is amazing and I can climb up fairly steep and wet inclines without slipping at all. One thing to remember about these boots. They do not have metal toe caps, so you do not want to be letting a truck or tractor drive over your feet. The toe caps are by no means weak, they are in fact very sturdy, just bare in mind though that they are not steel. The boots come with a 1 year warranty which covers the boots to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase, with the following exceptions: GORE-TEX® Sporting footwear has a one-year warranty against leakage. GORE-TEX® footwear designed or worn for occupational purposes have a 180-day warranty against leakage. Other LaCrosse waterproof systems used have a six-month warranty against leakage. Sporting waders have a one-year warranty against leakage. Waders designed or worn for occupational purposes have a 120-day warranty against leakage. To sum up my experience with the boots: Very comfortable, even with the foot condition I have. To me personally this is the most important thing to me concerning footwear. Completely waterproof. Have not had in an ounce of water since day one. Outstanding grip. In the wet these boots perform amazingly, even in thick mud. Value for money is superb, Its hard to beat the quality you are getting coupled with the price you pay. All in all then I would recommend these boots to anyone.

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