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  1. ShaggyRS6

    intro to ME!

    Hi there
  2. When I drove down, I actually called every state police dept before I left and asked if I was good to drive through and the date I was coming (I did not give vehicle details). I got the name of the officer I was talking too, and the badge number. What I can say is each and every one of them appreciated the fact that I called. Not sure if it was the standard thing to do, but made me feel happier
  3. Figure of speech. Bergen County Jail just dont have the same ring!
  4. All I know is if you went to NJ and did that you’d be doing a stretch on Rikers! So glad I moved here
  5. Ok , so what I can take from this is I can lock it in the glove box and I am good. As long as the vehicle is locked of course. Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply ! Awesome!
  6. But that’s not what it says though Chuck? Unless I am misreading it?
  7. Tenn Code Ann. 39-17-1313 First paragraph, section 1, bullet point B Is kept from ordinary observation and locked within the trunk, glove box, or interior of the persons motor vehicle or a container securely affixed to such motor vehicle if the permit holder is not in the motor vehicle. And just to be clear, I am interested in taking my handgun to work but leaveing it in the car, in the parking garage.
  8. If you read the law pertaining to it is a little misleading , because it’s starts of by saying that you can store the weapon in a locked glove compartment, but then goes on to say that it has to be in a lockable source attached to the vehicle.
  9. Thanks Ron, but is it ok to attached via a cable? Or does it have to be physically bolted?
  10. ShaggyRS6

    It's that time again!!!!

    WOW - This is such a coincidence. Did not even read this thread and I put my H-Bird feeder up today! I actually put right down the of the yard, but I am going to move it closer to the house. Do Hummingbirds prefer a certain location? Here is a shot of one I took back when I lived in NJ.
  11. So I am looking to get a little gun safe to put in the truck (Silverado 1500) - just wondering what you are using and how you fix it to the truck. There is a caveat with this, I don't want it bolted directly into the truck, so would want to use something that allows for a cable. I was going to looking for something under the back seats that goes directly to the truck that I could attached the cable to. If you don't think this would be a good option, or even not permitted please let me know. Would love to hear your thoughts. I was looking at this, seemed to get good reviews. Was not 100% sure if a cable attachment would be legal.
  12. ShaggyRS6

    Bow Use Within City Limits - MT Juliet

    Ok that’s what I thought. I’ll just use the land I have permission on which is in the middle of nowhere’s ville near Lebanon. Thanks for the reply.
  13. ShaggyRS6

    Some More Gun Related Porn!

    If anyone lives local to me and wants something like this for any reason, just send me a message. I’d be happy to do it , no charge of course.
  14. Does anyone know if bows are classified the same as firearms within the city limits of MT Juliet? My back yard is perfect, with a really great back stop, is really safe (the yard slopes up at a good angle) for shooting a bow. Just was wondering. Thanks!

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