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  1. That offends the eyes. Not as bad as that Mossberg abomination that came out a few years ago, but still awful.
  2. I would go for a brand new Marlin 1894c in .357. Marlin has retooled and more or less fixed the problems of the past few years with this model. The fit and finish on one I almost bought was excellent (for a gun made in 2018). The only reason I didn't buy it was because the Ruger PC carbine was a more immediate need.
  3. Glad to hear you’re not going to butcher it. While there were a ton of them made, they’re not cheap anymore and it’s just not worth the trouble. Go ahead and start putting some LR’s through it, that rifle will last longer than all of us here.
  4. Garufa

    Glock 21SF Gen 3

    Gen 4 G21’s are SF size without the add-on backstraps. It’s what I have and it is basically a pez dispenser of ammo it’s so easily to shoot.
  5. Can M80 ball not hit a target at 200 yards and get you into the snobs club?
  6. Is does come in 9mm...9x17mm, Browning, Kurz, or whatever you want to call it. People have been going on about a 9mm Parabellum EZ since the thing came out. I’m no engineer but 9mm has significantly higher psi than a .380, thus stronger springs and harder to rack slides. In a market flooded with concealable 9mm’s of every flavor why does everyone want to adapt the EZ to a cartridge is it not designed for and can’t handle?
  7. Even early October might be pushing it for fat Axl. It can still get mighty hot that time of year.
  8. I would submit that Hi-Points have gotten expensive, lol.
  9. Just finished my annual reading. Who else has done so? https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration-transcript
  10. Gentlemen have their coffee with Drambuie.
  11. The hipsters really have ruined PBR.
  12. Garufa

    Real I.D.

    There’s no changing it and I will get one because there’s really no option. My concern is the haphazard use of SSN’s that were designed for one thing and one thing only. It has now become the de facto ID for everything, not only for getting a DL to opening a bank account , or getting a CC. In this age of piss-poor security and identify theft it’s just no longer acceptable. BTW, all that information is contained in the two bar codes on the back of your license. Be careful of who let scan it.
  13. Garufa

    Real I.D.

    I don’t find that simple at all and have a fundamental issue with it.
  14. I do. Have had one for several years and it’s a great optic for the money. They’re always on sale somewhere.
  15. If a gun needs a Dremel to make it work then it needs to go back to the factory.

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