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  1. She’s a step up from the real one.
  2. A first taste of what is being thought by Trump regarding changes to background checks. The actual document is in the article. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/white-house-possible-gun-background-check-proposal-capitol-hill
  3. Politics has taken over everything.
  4. “They” are not stupid contrary to some people’s beliefs. Frankly, I’m astounded that what OS referred to has not already happened.
  5. “NASCAR rejected advertisements for its souvenir programs from multiple firearms companies earlier this summer as part of what is being seen as a "gradual shift" in its position on guns. The move may be another example of how major companies are adjusting as the nation grapples with guns in America....” https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/13/politics/nascar-bans-gun-ads-souvenir-program/index.html
  6. Surprise, surprise. Y’all go ahead and get the tired dick jokes out of the way.
  7. That was the day I stopped paying attention to CNN...or was it the day they had endless helicopter coverage of a van carrying a tree stump to FBI HQ that the DC shooters might have used for target practice.
  8. True, but they can shutdown gun shows at Chilhowee “Park” at their whim. Just like when they decided it is not actually a park.
  9. There’s no question about that. Sadly, far too many don’t realize it. Local governments have far more control over our daily lives than the feds. Something along the lines of less than 20% of registered voters bothered to participate in the primaries. That was a massive turnout for Knoxville.
  10. Garufa

    UT vs GA State

    I’ll tolerate that from all the yankee transplants and other fans of schools they didn’t go to around here but not from an alum. Get your head right. Go Vols.
  11. That’s a Winchester 67 type rifle.
  12. Let this be a reminder to everyone in all municipalities. The City of Knoxville is by no means some republican stronghold, it is actually fairly liberal government-wise as are ALL metro areas in the country. Even though Knoxville city elections are “non-partisan”, it is clear where most of the candidates stand. The lesson is that democrats are turning out in droves. Liberal activists are out in force and are running for office. This is all a direct result of Trump being elected. Democrats are more organized and driven now than they every have been. Keep an eye out on what’s happening in your local governments and go out and vote.
  13. $8950 sounds like a great price for a nice Beetle Convertible, not that I’d know, but I know they aren’t cheap. That’s also about a third of what two of my dream cars are: a ‘67 Cadillac convertible or a ‘67 Lincoln convertible.

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