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  1. Garufa


    No, lol. I just remember when the brand came out and what they offered at the time for for skater types. They have expanded their market since then.
  2. Garufa


    Do you ride a skateboard?
  3. Garufa

    Remy Tac 14 or 20?

    That’s the kicker right there. Recoil is not bad but trying to figure out how to hold on to the thing the first few rounds is exciting. Even after that it’s just unnatural if you’re used to more convential shotguns.
  4. Garufa

    Remy Tac 14 or 20?

    I do know that Palmetto State has a great price on the 12 gauge right now. That’s all I got. I’ve only handled a Mossberg Shockwave and while I still can’t find much use for one, it would be cool to have. The Shockwave holds one more round for 5+1, has the tang safety, and is sightly lighter. I have traditionally been a Remington guy but the Mossberg is worth a look.
  5. Garufa

    TN Senate Preference

    Neither. It’s a shame these are the options.
  6. Garufa

    New mega gun parts sets web sight.

    Do they still print Shotgun News?
  7. I did too. Very wild. Made me wonder what that cop is in store for. That can’t be standard or accepted protocol, lol.
  8. Garufa

    New mega gun parts sets web sight.

    Nope. I was perusing it the other day. They seem to focus on entire gun kits without frames, they have been destroyed, and they have all kinds of of them.
  9. Garufa

    MagLite LED Upgrade

    Thanks @rugerla1. I was wondering if a simple bulb replacement was possible. Looks like it might be. Didn’t know there was a spare halogen bulb in the bottom of the old ones. Just checked one and sure enough there is.
  10. Garufa

    MagLite LED Upgrade

    I have a couple of old full-size MagLite flashlights with old-timey bulbs. The kind that take two D-cell batteries, might even have a three cell somewhere. Is it possible to replace the current bulb with one of the newer and far brighter LED bulbs?
  11. Garufa

    Words I had given up on hearing!!!!

    Wow. What are the odds of recovering stolen guns after 30 years? Glad you’ll be getting them back, especially the shotgun.
  12. Garufa

    Remington Model 11

    Here’s a link to the original manual. https://www.remington.com/sites/default/files/Model 11.pdf
  13. Garufa

    M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    You’ll be pleased. If not, you ain’t right. Did you go with 3.6 or 4.0?
  14. Garufa

    An Educated choice in a first Handgun

    I have a Baby Eagle in .40 from whenever I bought it, maybe the year 2000. It’s built like a tank. People that say .40 is snappy change their minds after shooting it, lol. Matter of fact I used it for my HCP class back in the day, tore one big ragged hole in the target. The day before I went to an indoor range as I was out of practice and was using some of those crappy umarex reloads that we’re already old. Had a total case head separation, sparks flew, gun done but didn’t care. Onsite smith pulled the case out and I was good to go. Good thing I wasn’t using my beloved Gen2 G23 at the time, my buddy was shooting it with new ammo I told him to bring.
  15. Garufa

    An Educated choice in a first Handgun

    Ya know if you bought a mainstream semi in the mighty .40 you can get 9mm conversion barrels, well at least for some. Just something to think about as .41 AE is so obscure it’s not worth dealing with. There is a reason Jerichos no longer come in that caliber. For example, and not pushing Glock at all, 9mm barrels are readily available for every model they offer in .40. You can even get .357 Sig barrels for added variety. I believe other manufacturer’s pistols offer such versatility. BTW, Jerichos, Baby Eagles or whatever you want to call them are excellent pistols. From a quality and accuracy standpoint, just as good as the CZ’s they are patterned after.

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