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Community Answers

  1. I guess it’s too pedestrian for the booze snobs these days.
  2. I honesty think there is a lot of overreaction going on in response to this ruling. It’s the unlicensed dealers this is targeted at. Those guys who always have a couple of tables minimum at gun shows who always have brand new in the box handguns, or ones that keep going back to the gun store to buy the same thing over and over again then flipping them, etc., and most importantly, promising to do so for others. I have not been to a show in over 4 years but I do recall one of the regulars who always had lots of brand new stuff…all “private sale”. If I’m not mistaken he made the news a few years ago after being busted for being “engaged in the business”.
  3. Start hanging around enough old people you’ll catch a whiff for sure. I can’t stand the smell of them…the mothballs that is, lol.
  4. Preduzece 44 was a Yugoslavian gun factory that reworked German K98’s after WWII before they started making M48’s. It literally translates to “factory 44”, not the original year of production.
  5. He’s just farsighted, common among those in command of weapons that fire over the horizon.
  6. Hank Schrader was Walter White's DEA agent brother-in-law in Breaking Bad. I think someone is yanking your chain.
  7. The penalty is overly excessive considering what the average scumbag gets away with.
  8. It’s not as simple as that. It is holding parents responsible for the actions of their minor child. Big difference.
  9. You bring up an excellent point. It is often said that one who carries a firearm for self defense is not responsible for the protection of others. Is the state now making teachers responsible for the safety of kids in their classrooms using deadly force? Will they have the same training and legal protections of LE?
  10. Go get a 16” .308 with no muzzle device and report back .
  11. That .308 AK was probably what set off the uptight neighbor. Without a doubt one of the loudest guns I’ve ever heard.
  12. There is now. What’s your recipe?
  13. Anyone remember 311 from the ‘90’s? They’re tighter than ever now, lol.
  14. Are you a retired Firefighter from CT? With a guaranteed pension? I ask because there are also one helluva lot of people moving in with pensions from those liberal states. Pensions are nearly a thing of the past in our conservative utopia.


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