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  1. Insurance company?

    Why pick it up? Tell Walgreens to put it back on the shelf.
  2. Insurance company?

    Insurance companies do not prescribe medicine. They pay their limit based on the formulary or possibly recommend a substitute at the most. Strange things are afoot here.
  3. I imagine he ran to change his drawers.
  4. Game of thrones fans?

    I say Sam spills the beans. He's got to be on the way back North to his best friend.
  5. Game of thrones fans?

    Maybe Jon Snow has a reason for not bending the knee other than his current annointment. Wonder if he knows?
  6. New Wheel Gun

    Nice. I had a blue convertible I got in 6th or 7th grade. Don't recall the barrel length because for some reason Ruger SA's come in bizzare lengths. It was in the neighborhood of 6". Sold it and bought a Mark II bull barrel just out of college. Still have that and it's one of my favorites. Now I have two Bearcats. Those are a hoot.
  7. Sig P320 Drop Test

    Details of the recall, uh "voluntary upgrade", have now been released. https://www.sigsauer.com/support/p320-voluntary-upgrade-program/
  8. What are you listening to now?

    Woke up at 3 or 4 this morning, turned on the TV and started watching The Blues Brothers for about the 38th time.
  9. New forum feature: Clubs

    As long as you don't become one of "The Club Kids" you'll be alright.
  10. Forum Software Updated. 8/10/2017

    One would assume. Click it and see what happens.
  11. Forum Software Updated. 8/10/2017

    Club event postings must be approved by a moderator. You can disregard the one I just posted for Social Distortion in Knoxville next Friday if you want. More of a test than anything.
  12. Forum Software Updated. 8/10/2017

    Haven't tried with Firefox yet but once you get up in da club there is a drop-down menu just under the banner. It is set to "Home" by default. Click on that and it exposes several more options including "yourclubnamehere topics". Click on that and then you can make a post. Not all that intuitive but not too bad. Update: Works on Firefox mobile (iOS) but I haven't tried it on a proper computer yet.
  13. A scruffy little city.
  14. Nashville is a weird place.

    Robert's Western World > Tootsies or any of that other foolishness they have down there.
  15. advice on a decent 9mm

    Honestly, $300 is the bare minimum for a reliable, trustworthy 9mm handgun BEFORE taxes, TICS, transfer fees or shipping if shopping online. If you are that concerned about him having a peice just give him the cash and let him figure it out. Some people you just can't reach and setting hard numbers doesn't work. He needs to buy what he wants. This is almost like a "what should I buy my wife and make her carry it" thing.

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