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  1. Good scope. A little older, but still works great and holds a tight zero. Upgraded to a new scope on my rifle. $200. Nashville area.
  2. Great little scope, just don’t need it. Had it on wife’s rifle, but she needs a red dot due to some eye sight issues. $50. Nashville area. Comes with QD rings.
  3. 6.8 SPC or .277 Wolverine (just cause it sounds cool). For a big bore I went with .50 Beowulf. If I were telling someone to build a big bore, I would probably say .450 Bushmaster, it will be the easiest to get ammo for and big bores are fun. .458 SOCOM for a reloaded since they have a wide variety of .45-70 bullets. Both are better options than the .50... but I wanted a .50. In reality I know I would have been better with something else, but the heart wants what the heart wants. To answer the question, with the options you listed, as a decent all around gun, .300 Blackout. Best variety of factory loaded ammo, from plinking to subsonic, to hunting ammo. Strong second would be .350 Legend, but I don’t think it has quite the versatility the Blackout does.
  4. I’ll second the HF models. I’ve well exceeded the weight capacity on mine a few... most times. I hear the wet tumbler is really nice, but no experience there.
  5. And a donation was made to the folks in Waverly TN after the devastating flooding they had.
  6. I’d consider selling, or trading for other stuff. But a .44 was my primary interest. I’m in the Nashville area.
  7. Want to trade for anything in.44 magnum. I got rid of my .44 and miss having a large magnum. I value this gun around $900. Has Midwest industries hand guard, Magpul grip, and a folding brace. Takes Glock mags. Fits great in a backpack, even small briefcase if the barrel is detached. Comes with 33 round mag and Sig Romeo 5.
  8. There yours if you want them, no charge.
  9. Larry, I didn’t even know .41 AE was a thing. Never a bad time to start reloading, well, now might be a bad time.
  10. Looking for 10mm brass. Not too particular on brands or number of times shot. I don’t keep track of any of that, I just shoot ‘em till they split. Nashville area.
  11. GLWS. I just picked one up about a month or 2 ago after having looked for years. Never serious enough to order and have one shipped, always had my eye open locally. The recoil on these babies is significant, but it’s hard to argue with 10+1 full power 10mm loads in such a small package. Maybe I’m a recoil junkie. 10mm is the best mm!
  12. Looking for a carbine buffer tube. Nashville area. Don’t need any of the other parts, just the tube. Hoping someone has a take off sitting in the parts bin.
  13. Great watch, keeps good time, automatic movement, GMT so it tracks 2 time zones. Screw down crown, 200 meters of water resistance. Multi colored Tritium vials at the hour marks, 12 o’clock pip, and on all hands, so always glows. Comes with full kit, including all stickers, keychain, travel case, and all paperwork. Includes both the Deep Blue bracelet with diving extension, and a Deep Blue silicone strap. Sell for $500 OBO, one currently listed on eBay for $800. Or I’m open to trades on guns/gun stuff/reloading gear and supplies, plate carrier with plates, or knives. Not super concerned about trade value if it is something I like.
  14. Thursty

    Trunk gun

    I dunno. I was stationed in Camp Lejeune it was always hot and nearing 100% humidity. We would frequently travel to The Desth Valley area and temps would exceed 110. I’d much rather take a blistering dry heat over a hot and humid. Also, you may be surprise how hot the trunk of your car gets when sitting in the sun. I think that’s why they say not to put your baby in the trunk (or something like that).
  15. That’s what I tried to tell my wife, but she didn’t have the same opinion.
  16. I’m a staunch hater of PCCs. If I am going to carry something the size of a rifle, I want the advantage of a rifle caliber. To me PCCs are the worst of both worlds, too big and too underpowered. Then I got a Ruger PC Charger. I know that is different from the standard Ruger PC9. But holy cow, the ability to share mags with Glocks, the super light recoil, the takedown option, I can really burn through some ammo. Add to that, the Charger has the folding stock and short barrel, it’s just loads of fun. Practically, I still can’t see much of an advantage, but we don’t always need to be practical.
  17. Got these from my grandad with a bunch of other reloading/casting stuff. These are all things I either don’t own the caliber for or are duplicates. I don’t need any money, but, how about a donation to your favorite charity, church, or other organization. We can use the honor system. RCBS 308 Winchester RCBS 38 S&W (not special/357 mag) (unlabeled case) RCBS 35 Remington Deluxe RCBS 41 Magnum Lyman 41 Magnum/AE RCBS 30 Carbine RCBS 7.65 Argentine 2 HKS 57 speed loaders and a belt pouch


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