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  1. Is the Roni still available? Please PM me, I tried to send you something but it wouldn’t go through.
  2. Looking for something small and thin. I used to have an LCP that I got rid of, wife loved the gun but I didn’t and she didn’t carry. Now she has her permit. She has an XD but thinks it’s too thick. So are my Glocks. Let me know what you’ve got I’m in the Nashville area. Looking to purchase outright, I’ve thinned out the collection to guns I like, so don’t have much to trade.
  3. Ad closed, picked one up at Academy. For anyone else looking Madison had several available and they had longer barrels and pistol grip options too. There were also other stores in the area showing stock. After mil discount OTD price was $197.
  4. Appreciate it! Going to check out Academy at lunch.
  5. I saw that one too, but I think it’s priced way too high. I believe asking price on that one is $350 for a gun that cost $200 new
  6. Appreciate it, I did see that one. Guess I was just looking for a regular old shotgun. I’m a little old school. Thanks though!
  7. Hmm. I must have missed it. Mind linking it or at least telling me what kind it was?
  8. Looking for a 12 gauge HD gun for my wife. 18-20 inch barrel, stock preferred, but may consider a pistol or birdshead grip. Won’t be one we short often, so don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I keep missing the deals on well priced Maverick 88s and Mossberg 500s. Nashville area.
  9. Looking for a 45-70 lever action. Not super particular, just been wanting to add one to the collection. With ammo or reloading dies would be great.
  10. Thanks, just saw one listed locally on Armslist for $750. I’m not trying to get one over on anybody.
  11. NIB Gen 4 Glock 19. Only been test fired by Glock. Comes with factory hard case, mags, and speed loader - $650 - SOLD Savage model 24, over/under, .22 LR over 20 gauge. No serial number, pre-68. - $500 NEF 20 gauge. Excellent condition, beautiful color case hardening - $175 Interested in trades for a lever gun, 45-70 preferred, DA/SA .44 magnum, home defense shotgun, or anything else that tickles my fancy. Trades up or down, partial or full.
  12. I have a Lee 4 die .44 mag/special set. I’ve maybe loaded 50 rounds on it before I sold my .44 mag. What kind of .45 bullets do you have? May also be interested in 9mm bullets.
  13. I shot you a PM around 9 this AM. Also interested. Can meet today. Looking for something for my wife to get her a few more rounds than her .38
  14. It definitely sounds like the round is not going all the way into the chamber, which is causing the slide to stay slightly out of battery. Could be that you've had a few rounds that were loaded long, but if they fit in the mag then they should fit in the chamber. On the round that got stuck, if you noticed rifling marks, then you don't have enough freebore, as Ken pointed out. Although, on bulk round nose ammo without a roll crimp I would think the bullet would just push back into the case... I'd try to clean the chamber really well, in case there is something stuck on the chamber that is prev
  15. Thursty


    I've gotten some Anderson lowers at Outpost Armory for $40, wish I bought more, last I saw they were $49-59. Nashville Gun and Knife has closed trigger guard Anderson lowers for $60, which isn't a terrible deal, if you like the closed trigger guard. Royal Range has Spikes lowers for less than $100, Noreen lowers for $70, and I think I saw Aero lowers for $60-70. I would prefer cheap Anderson lowers, but their prices are creeping up to that of higher quality brands.
  16. I would highly recommend Vortex if you can swing it for what you are looking for. I've got Nikon, Leupold, Bushnell, Sightron, and Vortex scopes on various guns. You really can't beat the value for the money on Vortex products. I have used Swarvoski and NightForce scopes on friends guns. Are they better than a Vortex? Yea, but marginally, and no where near worth it in my opinion. I have a Strike Eagle on my AR and love it, the 1-6 Strike Eagle is around $300, my dad runs the 1-8 Strike Eagle and he really likes that version, but it is pricier. Depending on what you do with your gun that you ne
  17. I run at least 200 rounds through a gun before I consider it fit for carry, and I want the last 100 rounds to function flawlessly. I will keep shooting until I get a solid 100 rounds down range with no failures. I actually prefer 500 dirty rounds, I feel like that round count really helps smooth out all of the internals and does a sort of de-burr job. I don't know that I wan't to pay for 500 rounds of .380, so I would probably just shoot until I got 100 rounds straight with no failures.


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