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  1. So I currently reload for rifle and pistol. My wife has recently gotten into sporting clays and was in total shock and disappointment when I told her I couldn’t reload shot shells. So, looking for a shot shell reloader, and really anything else I may need, wads, shot, maybe hulls and primers. I know 209 primers aren’t as difficult to come by as rifle and pistol primers, so I may be able to pick them up somewhere. In the middle TN area.
  2. Thursty

    30 Super Carry

    I had to chuckle to myself when I broke out an older brick of primers this weekend and saw the $34 price tag.
  3. Looking to sell my almost new scope. It has seen 2 range trips and 1 hunting trip where it wasn’t carried into the field. Maybe had 50 rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor shot. This was previously on a target only gun, but I took it hunting this year and realized the minimum of 6 power was much too great for hunting, and I can never see a need for 24 power. Looking to sell this one and purchase a smaller magnification scope. $600 for scope. $750 and I’ll throw in the Vortex Precision cantilever mount with 20 MOA cant on the base. The way I had it figured, with the 20 MOA base I had basically 50 MOA of upward travel and could dial the 6.5 out to 1300 yards. Great scope, works fantastic, just need something smaller.
  4. Thursty

    30 Super Carry

    Hey, I remember when .40 S&W was all the rage and everyone thought 9mm was underpowered (which it was, admittedly). With ammo advancement, most have abandoned .40 and moved back to 9mm, favoring reduced recoil, but maybe more so, increased capacity. So, we’ve already seen a caliber shift in favor of capacity, maybe we will see it again.
  5. I’ve got molds for 230 grain lead bullets for my 1911, but I don’t have the time to start casting right now. I’m looking to work up a load, so that when I do start casting I can start making ammo too. So I’m looking to purchase a small quantity of lead 230 grain bullets, FP preferred, but I’d work with RN or SWC. Just looking to get an idea of what works best for lead in the 45 ACP, I’ll fine tune once I cast my own.
  6. Mounted then put in safe. Took the wife out to try and shoot today and her arms are too short, the side saddle and shells drag her arm and sleeve when working the pump, so taking it off. So, has been mounted , but basically new. Still have packaging and will include 2 12 gauge snap caps. Fits the 500, 590, and Maverick 88. $30 or trade for ammo or some of the Velcro shotgun cards, that way I could take them off when she shoots.
  7. Don’t know which part of the state you’re in, but Academy has 18.5 inch Mavericks for $199 and 20 inch with extended magazines for $229. Heck of a deal considering they take all of the 500 and most (if not all) of the 590 parts.
  8. Metal framed and SAO. Modern take on 1911? At least it is different. I like it.
  9. Thursty

    30 Super Carry

    I dunno about this thing. It feels like an answer to a problem no one asked. Capacity is king these days, so I get the logic, but was another new cartridge necessary? Who am I to say? I thought the .327 Federal Mag was needless, but it seems to have hung on, and I even catch myself eying one every once and a while. For the .327 it makes sense, 6 rounds in a small revolver that otherwise holds 5. In that sense, 6 is a lot more than 5, but in the case of the 30 SC is 12 really a lot more than 10? Where it might get interesting for me is if they can cram 15 rounds in a standard sized Hellcat or P365. That would be a meaningful jump.
  10. Thursty

    30 Super Carry

    Your Kel-Tec well loved by its new home.
  11. I have a great condition Glock 20, has Ameriglo Night Sights and a Lone Wolf stainless barrel. I went to an upgraded barrel for better chamber support but can include original barrel if I can find it. Can also include an IWB holster. It’s a great package, but I recently got a Glock 29, so I’d like the extra velocity of the longer barrel. Also, I could press the 20 into a CCW role, but no longer need that option as I’ve got the 29.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but curious what you went with. I’m constantly seeing .450 Bushmaster ammo on shelves, even at Walmart. I went with .50 Beowulf, for no reason other than I just wanted a .50 cal AR. It’s hard to find ammo for, hard to reload for, and hard on the shoulder, but it does put a smile on your face.
  13. Only ammo I have ever had a bad experience with was a brand called Maxx Tech. I tried 9, .40, and .45 in multiple guns. I could never get it to cycle the slide reliably and got occasional bad primers. I have my preferences, but I’d trust my life to almost any ammo you can find, other than Maxx Tech.
  14. Ok. I picked up some powder from @RED333 offline. I’m offering up some Cast Performance bullets. The sticker has been peeled off these, but they’re 320 grain .430 hard cast gas checked bullet. Full-ish box. I counted 98, but I don’t swear to that, once I count off my fingers and toes it’s all in my head, and I don’t know what’s going on in there most of the time.
  15. Title says it all. Prefer H4350, any size. Would also consider Varget.
  16. I’ve been loading on Lee gear for years with no issues, and I’m able to produce 1/4 MOA loads. I use a turret press, but if I had it to do over again I’d go with a progressive. I can also recommend the challenger kit that DO-TN recommended. You get a press, plus’s most of the other stuff you need. As you start reloading you will find where you may want to invest in better quality stuff, and some places where the basics are OK. I’d also keep the press for loading rifle stuff as that is usually done in single stage anyway.


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