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  1. I've recently started casting for .45, with a 230 gr truncated cone mold from Lee. I got probably 100 lbs of some sort of lead/antimony blend from my grandfather's basement. Then, when getting some tires changed, made friends with the shop owner who gave me free access to take as many of their old wheel weights as I wanted, so I took about 100 lbs of wheel weights home. I've got one of those Lee melting pots, so its pretty easy to set temp and watch the lead melt off and the steel and Zinc float to the top. Still very much learning all this, but I did get to shoot my first batch of cast bullets the other day, and they shot pretty well!
  2. I'm sure you're looking for something local, but I just took a chance on one of these. Couldn't pass it up, after tax, shipping, and transfer fee I'll be in it around $400. https://palmettostatearmory.com/taylors-company-m1911-a1-9mm-pistol-5-10rd-black-56670.html
  3. Great condition. Probably only 200 rounds through it. Has TrueGlo night sights on it and 2 of the 3 mags have Pierce pinky extensions. $600
  4. bump. I think I've got 50-70 pieces of brass, probably have 150-200 bullets, Speer 300 grain and some hard cast gas checked 440 grain
  5. Bump. I can throw in some .45 ammo too.
  6. $400, thanks adding to the post
  7. Not a home build, factory built upper and gunsmith built lower. This thing is a beast, a real shoulder bruiser, if you're into that sort of thing. It is the kind of rifle that is just cool to have, and one that everyone wants to shoot. Bear Creek Arsenals upper, Anderson lower, CMMG LPK, DPMS A2 stock, comes with 1 mag specifically for .50 Beowulf. Currently painted green, not Cerakote, but one of the Cerakote like finishes that you can buy in a can. I can include dies, brass, and bullets. $750
  8. XDs 45. Noting much to say about this one, great shooter and amazing firepower in a tiny package. Due to the push, rather than snap of the .45 recoil, this isn't too bad to shoot, but in all fairness it isn't a steel 1911. Has Talon grips installed, comes with 5 and 6 round magazines, and also an extra 7 round magazine. Comes with a DeSantis IWB holster, factory case, and factory mag pouch thing. $400
  9. Just in time for hunting season. This rifle is dead on accurate, zeroed and shoots 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards consistently. I can include 15 or so rounds so you've got an accurate load to take into the field. Savage 111 Long Range Hunter. Has a switchable muzzle brake, easy shooter with the brake turned on (but loud), and quiet enough to not blow out your ear drums with the brake off. Has a Timney trigger installed, and I also have the factory trigger. Factory adjustable cheek riser and Hogue overmold style stock. Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50 scope with a Vortex Pro 20 MOA cantilever mount. Scope is zeroed at 100 yards and has the zero stop shims installed. I can also include extra shims, and I probably have the scope box somewhere. $1,000 The scope and cantilever mount alone cost $1,000 from Optics Planet, so you're almost getting the rifle for free, or at least that is what I would tell my wife. I'm in Dickson, but regularly in Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro. Would consider trades on lever guns, particularly in .44 mag or .45-70. Maybe other things as well.
  10. The break end to end is 2 1/4 inches (2.25 inches). With the blast can threaded on it is 2 1/2 inches (2.5 inches).
  11. Title says it all. Want to trade my large rifle or large pistol primers for small rifle primers.
  12. Looking for a single stage press. Not the nicest or most fancy press. Just need one to size bullets in separate from my usual press.
  13. No idea, it isn't branded, so probably not one of the big name companies.
  14. 5/8x24 threads, .30 cal bore. Acts as a muzzle break, or you can thread the optional blast can on and it directs the blast forward. I used it on a 300 blackout, blast can certainly makes a difference when shooting indoors. Blast can threads are 13/16-16, which match up to various oil filter sizes, if one were interested in such a thing. I'm not advocating for anything nefarious, I legitimately used to thread on an oil filter so I could clean my guns in the house, but now I have a nice work bench in the garage, so no need for that.


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