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  1. $80 Multicam Black upgrade. Made for my Staccato C2 with a Surefire X300, also works with the Streamlight TLR-1, maybe others. This will fit any size 2011 or 1911, as long as it has the light attached.
  2. $300 Comes with Helmet mount, charger, and storage bag. Helmet not included. I've used these around the house and on a camping trip. They're pretty neat. I have quite a bit of experience with analog night vision, PVS-7, PVS-14, and ENVG. This is not one of those, but it is a really good optic for the money. Latency is pretty good on this. I can run around and move my head around pretty fast and the optic keeps up. Has IR on board, recording ability, and can switch between green or black and white.
  3. $1,000 Great gun. Only has 40 or 50 rounds through it. This is one of the newer models with both the tube mag feed and the side loading gate. The leather bullet carrier comes with it, as do the rounds that are in there. Will also include a box of Remington green/yellow box ammo, the Hornady ammo that is in the carrier, and whatever other ammo I can find for it.
  4. $400 Great little gun, just don't shoot it much. This is the Ghost Buster edition, stainless steel with raw aluminum grips. For its size, it is actually a really comfortable gun to shoot. Super fun suppressed, and very quiet with the short barrel. I'll include a box of Federal Punch .22lr ammo (might be a few rounds light from test firing). Comes with 3 mags.
  5. $800 reduced to $700 Custom Build: BCM upper receiver BCM 15 inch lightweight handguard Faxon 16 inch barrel, gas block, and gas tube Faxon BCG and Hardened 6.5 Grendel bolt Nikko Sterling 4-12x40 scope - Target turrets with lift up elevation cap (prevents accidental rotation) This thing is super accurate, including a picture of a target. That is 3 rounds at 50 yards, one hole, and not a big hole. There appear to be marks on the receiver, that is plastic that rubbed off when tightening the barrel. After the pictures I knocked that off with a brush. Additionally: Hornady Custom 6.5 Grendel dies 100 pieces of new Starline brass 20 pieces of once fired Hornady brass 100 Barnes 123 gr Match Burner bullets
  6. I would consider working on the price a little without the Holosun, but since this was direct mil, I don't have a plate for it, one would have to be purchased. I could also separate the holsters.
  7. Also, the black on the barrel is just from shooting suppressed, it wipes right off. I guess I should have cleaned it before I took the picture.
  8. Oh, yes indeed. I've had my g20 upper on it. And my .45 SUPER loads are 230 grain pills at around 1200 FPS, that's comparable to Underwood's 220 Hard Cast load for the 10mm.
  9. You can shoot 10 mm if you get a conversation barrel, has to be a conversation barrel though, you can’t just chuck a10 mm barrel in, then you will get reliability issues from it like @Ballen mentioned.
  10. Hey folks, just wanted to provide some insight, be cause I’ve had a few questions about it. This is not a serialized lower, but my understanding, after quite a bit of research is that an 80% lower cannot be completed and sold solely for the purpose of making a profit. However you can build one for yourself and decide at a later date you want to sell it. I’ve owned this for almost 2 years and have records to show that. It’s a great gun, soft shooting, very accurate, and super reliable, however, I am transitioning most of my shooting to the 1911/2011 platform and moving away from Glocks and their clones. That being said, I am not an attorney.
  11. Well I’m 33, former Marine, and I’m pretty sure he is in better shape than I am.
  12. My dad's 60th birthday is coming up and I want to do something really cool for him. I recognize that, in this stage of my life, one of the pay-to-play, guided hog hunts is likely going to be our best option. Curious if anyone has done something like that, or has any recommendations.


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