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  1. That’s what I tried to tell my wife, but she didn’t have the same opinion.
  2. I’m a staunch hater of PCCs. If I am going to carry something the size of a rifle, I want the advantage of a rifle caliber. To me PCCs are the worst of both worlds, too big and too underpowered. Then I got a Ruger PC Charger. I know that is different from the standard Ruger PC9. But holy cow, the ability to share mags with Glocks, the super light recoil, the takedown option, I can really burn through some ammo. Add to that, the Charger has the folding stock and short barrel, it’s just loads of fun. Practically, I still can’t see much of an advantage, but we don’t always need to be practical.
  3. Got these from my grandad with a bunch of other reloading/casting stuff. These are all things I either don’t own the caliber for or are duplicates. Interested in swapping around for other reloading stuff, specifically some AA#9, any primers, 10mm brass or bullets, knives, AR parts, optics/red dot, Glock mags, chest rig for Glock 20 (long shot but doesn’t hurt to throw it out there). I can add cash on my end. RCBS 308 Winchester RCBS 38 S&W (not special/357 mag) (unlabeled case) RCBS 35 Remington Deluxe RCBS 41 Magnum Lyman 41 Magnum/AE RCBS 30 Carbine RCBS 7.65 Argentine 2 HKS 57 speed loaders and a belt pouch
  4. I have a milsurp M17. Omega is right about them being a pain to change out the filters. We actually bought this one for adding chemicals to our pool. We use all liquid chemicals and liquid chlorine and muriatic acid make a combination close to mustard gas. I’m using old milsurp filters and we can’t smell anything when mixing chemicals. Now, if I knew I’d be encountering CBRN agents, I’d get a better mask, but for my needs this works, and I’d trust it in a pinch if the SHTF. Also, I doubt you will find one that would go over your glasses. The frame of the glasses would break the seal on a mask rendering it useless.
  5. I don’t have any trades right now.
  6. I have a set of dies for 35 Rem, not sure of you reload or not.
  7. Ok. I can certainly admit when I’m out of my depth on something, just don’t have enough experience with pistol optics. It’s something about the slide milling that gets me. If I had an optics ready gun, I’d probably take the plunge, but having to send my slide o to get milled is just not something I’m ready to dive into. So, I’ll ask the optics guys, do you run optics in all your guns? Some of your guns? Just your target guns? Just your carry guns?
  8. You can get into some old axe heads pretty cheap at yard sales, then rehandle it yourself. I have a ton of axes, most all of them were heads that I acquired and put handles on. If I was buying one it would be Gransfors.
  9. I would also be interested in a class
  10. I had a boss who carried everywhere, including military bases. He always said, they won’t know I have it unless I need it, and at that point I’ve got bigger worries than a gun free zone. He paid close attention to keeping it concealed, probably more than most of us.
  11. If you subscribe to the Warrior Poet Society Network, Ryan Cleckner has a pretty good long range course on there you can watch. Cleckner also has a pretty good book on long range shooting.
  12. I would also go 870 or Mossberg. Personally I like the tang safety on the Mossberg, but I know a lot of people don’t, so that’s a personal preference thing.
  13. My dad, who is obviously older, has a few optics on pistols. I’ve tried them and like them, but never can commit to getting one myself. I find that, when I’m practicing defensive shooting at average engagement distances, I’m reasonably accurate at point shooting, and often don’t even pick up the sights at all. I also have a beef with the dots that turn themselves off and on when they are “shaken” awake. If I’m carrying a gun on my hip I feel like it will get shaken a lot. I’m waiting for someone to come out with a self illuminating pistol sight like the Meprolight or ACOG.
  14. Looking for a shockwave, hopefully in the Nashville area.
  15. I prefer the G20 for barrel availability, I generally run an aftermarket barrel with better chamber support because I reload ‘em hot. I’ve split a few cases in a factory Glock barrel, but I’ve yet to split one in a Lone Wolf or Storm Lake barrel. I just picked up a G29, so time will tell on that, but the G20 seems the best do it all gun. Even at 5’6 and 160 I can still conceal it if I need to, and it makes a great woods/hunting gun.


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