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  1. I’ll take second dibs on it. Need a back up hunting rifle for hunting with my wife.
  2. I’d take as much as I can get. I find myself shooting 10mm almost exclusively these days. I can also trade some of my new nickel .38 special brass or small primer .45 ACP.
  3. I’d stick to Glock. Since you already have a 20. Glock really is the best option out there for 10 mil. I’m a 1911 fan, but don’t care for the safety or the round count. I don’t personally care for the grip on an XD, and all the Sig options feel to big and heavy for what they are. Plus I like the low bore axis on the Glock, it really tames the 10mm recoil.
  4. Want to keep a revolver in the wife’s fishing kit. Don’t need anything fancy, just something to keep on hand for snakes and such.
  5. Great condition. East access to bag, and great for off body carry. I prefer the sling bag option, faster and easier to draw, plus you always keep bag and armor on you, ie, when drawing from sling bag, you pull the back around your front and it automatically places the body armor right in front of your vitals. Bag is $150, for $200 I’ll include the IIIA ballistic panel/body armor panel. Great bag, just have a back injury and can’t carry it anymore.
  6. So, I’m 5’6, 170 lbs ish. My clothes aren’t tight, but aren’t baggy either. I can conceal my G29 better than my G19. The shorter grip really makes it a breeze to carry. won’t lie, it has significantly more felt recoil than the 20 does, but that is par for the course. Shoot it a few times and you figure out how to handle it. Another option is a chest holster, which would hold either the 20 or 29. That puts the gun in a different place that may be more comfortable for your needs. Also still easily concealed under a jacket if needed. I will say, the 29 is a touch wider, it is tight in my G20 holsters.


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