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  1. I often shoot out at Raahague’s in Riverside. They don’t really care what you shoot as long as it isn’t obvious. Also if I was going to go, I was planning on buying a few CA compliant guns to keep here in CA.
  2. I wanted my family to come to TN but they wanted to come to CA. Go figure. But the one thing that they really wanted to do they can’t. I’m in South Orange County. I have reached out to GOA and see what they say, maybe their lawyers can find out some work around… maybe bring it to court? The guy at the range said I could go get a CA ID, similar to the DL but just can’t drive with it. I have all the paperwork to do so, but he also said that he has heard of people that do this and buy guns in different states, have gotten flagged by the ATF. I would love to get out of CA all together, but we have multiple properties we manage here, and my son lives here, so for now, we are going to hold on to the property.
  3. Went to the local gun shop, turns out you can’t even buy long guns in CA without being a resident. You can’t buy AMMO without being a resident! This seems to be unconstitutional. I own homes in CA and TN, but my primary residence is in TN. So why should I be forced to give up my 2nd amendment rights in CA?
  4. They aren’t very experienced, and yes, I’ll definitely get a 22. But I’m also going to probably pick up something bigger as they like that as well the last time they were here. I do like the Henry Lever actions, those are nice. Thanks for the suggestions. BTW, can’t really easily sell them, CA laws are really stupid.
  5. I’m stuck for the next two months in a gun unfriendly place. I have a vacation home here. My family from over seas are coming to visit for the first time in almost 10 years. Last time they were here, I had my whole gun collection here and we went shooting, they had a blast. Of course, out of everything they want to do when here, is to go shooting! No guns allowed in their country This time, everything has been moved to TN. I can’t buy a handgun since I’m no longer a resident, but I can buy long guns. The range we normally go to, due to new laws here, don’t allow rentals anymore. Thus, I’m stuck. BUT…. I can buy some long guns, maybe 2 to 4 of them. So, what is a FUN gun to shoot? (Everyone is really going to be adults, but a lot of women). I have : * Multiple AR15’s * Winchester 30/30 * Couple of shotguns * Mossy Patriot in 6.5c But none of those are here. Any suggestion on what to pick up would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I don’t know if I would get into this business, sorry, too many things to go wrong that could be bad and kill the business fast. If you’re not holding the money and verifying that what you’re picking up is what is being transferred then you could run into other issues. I.E. if they do the sale outside of you, and you’re supposed to pick up an M1A Carbine from X and deliver to Y but X gives you a cheap rifle, they both can blame YOU. Or if you do pick up the Carbine and then Y says that it is broken, or not what was agreed too, they both blame you. If you’re dealing with the cash, same problems. X says it is $500 and Y gave you $400. Or you pick it up from X and deliver to Y but Y says they agreed to less. And of course the bad scenario, pick up the cash from X, go to Y to get the gun who then robs you because he knows you have the cash. In TN legally as long as they are TN citizens and “not prohibited” (basically asking them that) then you’re OK. No dealer transactions, that would require a FFL license and transfer paperwork to be done. While you may make a few bucks on it, not a lot because distances and cost of the drive would be a lot, you’re risking a lot.
  7. I’m looking to learn as much as possible, and meet some like minded people. Problem I have is that I travel a lot for work and thus am often unavailable. But I know I’ll get there sooner or later, please keep posting the meetups, they are appreciated.
  8. I’ve been out of state for a while, finally got back in yesterday, and glad to be home. Trouble is brewing, the protests at the universities was just the beginning. They were trying to use that as their new summer of love but I think they finally learned that most people don’t support that cause. There will be another that comes, just wait, sometime before the election. The country is on a knife’s edge. Maybe the world.
  9. Was out of state, otherwise I would have been there!
  10. That explains the cellular outage today! It was your fault! I need to schedule to take my test, I'm confident but just need to get it done.
  11. If you get out to Jackson, let me know, I can make it there and would pick it up.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion on the PRI-G, I will be looking for that!
  13. I have never heard of AvGas. But I do know where to get ethanol free gas; and I need to reload my gas cans (2 x 5 gallons and another smaller can). I should go that way and hit up Autozone for some additives. Any recommendation on what additives are good? fyi found this on Amazon, it’s cheap so I ordered it. Fuel Additive
  14. I can't say much about the water grid, but the electrical systems have security in place to prevent a lot of issues with hackers. Specifically one of the big things is that it is air gapped these days from the network. Yes the front end is connected to the network but the actual controls and operations are not. Loading a new configuration that could cause issues would be extremely unlikely anymore. I know this because I worked on the design of those systems, the equipment that runs the controls the way the electrical generation works (control programs). While it would be much easier for a physical breech to cause problems. Just getting a tech to work at the facility who wants to cause trouble; can create a huge problem, easily with a little know how. This goes back to our original issue where if #### hit the fan in the US; it is not unlikely that someone would want to cause problems to our electrical grid who already works there, and has been working there for a long time. So yes, they can sabotage our electrical grid. That's why it is highly recommended to have a good generator at home. But you need to store fuel; and that along can be problematic because fuel doesn't last long.
  15. Finished the book Prairie Fire while on my business trip. While I think that he is a bit pessimistic; he is right in that if things go bad, it may happen fast and we may not be prepared for it. While I would like to say that TN should be less likely to get hit by much violence, you never know what could happen in Nashville and Memphis. Even then, I would think most of the violence would stay within the city and little would move out to the countryside. I hope!


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