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  1. From what I have heard on it, it seems like a good program. I believe they have put some tight criteria on it to keep it as non-biased as possible to a political ideology. Even so, many democratic leaders are against it. I think they are afraid to let in anything that could make people become more familiar with firearms as it could erode their position.
  2. I would give the Dead Air stuff a serious look. Especially the Nomad line up (Nomad 30).
  3. My first purchase was a .22 suppressor and an Silencerco Hybrid (now the Hybrid 46). If I was doing it now it would be a .22 can and probably an Omega 36M.
  4. Good morning, I meant to post earlier but was distracted by some shiny objects. I am planning on attending the Tennessee Firearms Association Nashville meeting this coming Tuesday (02/20/2022). It would be great to see you there, if you are available, and also support the TFA and all their efforts. You can find info on the TFA Facebook page or I can forward the TFA email with details to anyone who didn't receive it. Just PM me. https://www.facebook.com/events/931217691434653?ref=newsfeed It is held at Golden Corral in Hermitage (315 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd. 37076). Social and buffet times are 5:00pm to 6:29 pm. Guest speaker and program at 6:30 pm. Meeting scheduled to end by 7:45pm
  5. You'd look great in that Lexus GX 550, oh and let me know if you want to sell that 460.
  6. Reminds me of the bit Bobcat Goldthwait did on the Bob and Tom radio show some 15 years ago. When describing Star Wars nerds he asked if they could pick a certain part of the female anatomy out of a police line up if it also contained a picture of a doughnut and a mop.
  7. Guess it was only a matter of time before we would have to add another level. Very nice and much appreciated.
  8. It has gotten really hard to not violate one of the major rules, "If you don't want bad stuff to happen, don't go where bad stuff happens." (cleaned up for the kids) The potential for it to happen anywhere is higher than one would have ever bet on just a few years ago.
  9. Looks like he was on the force since January 2022 and did not have any prior law enforcement experience and from what Chucktshoes posted, probably little to no experience under stress. I've been saying for a while now that I worry more about an interaction with the police than I do with any criminal element. At least with the a criminal, I know who they are and it is unlikely they'll be calling in backup. Even though I may have to deal with a Soros placed DA, either way.
  10. I appreciate and understand the question as it isn't posted anywhere but I'm sure almost everyone here will agree, that just being a participant on this forum ranks you higher than the vast majority of people I run into everyday.
  11. I am looking for a “factory” mount for an Aimpoint PRO optic. I believe this mount was used with the PRO and the CompM4 optics. I am looking for the complete mount (QRP2 Quick Release Mount, 30 mm Ring base, spacer) or just the 30mm top ring. If you have the original Aimpoint mount sitting around unused and may be interested in getting rid of it, let me know. I would consider taking the Aimpoint PRO Optic with the Aimpoint mount, if you have one you are thinking of parting with. PM me if you have something you are willing to discuss. Thank you for your time.
  12. southernasylum, let us know your thoughts on the Omega 36M after you get to play with it a little, I you could.
  13. I agree with this. I have a trust and it has it's own checking account. A good friend suggested I fund the account with the funds for what I wanted &/or set up a regular monthly addition to it so it would contain the funds for everything I wanted so the funds were already set aside for the items. I ended up purchasing similar to how you did.
  14. No truer words. Suppressors, firearms, performance cars, boats, planes and women. The easy part is saving up to purchase them. It is the cost of keeping them running and accessorized that'll kill you.


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