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  1. Interested if other deals do not work out. Sending PM.
  2. Appreciate the time you took to detail your experience for us. I will check it out.
  3. Sorry for the late post but I received this post as well.
  4. I meant "not. I have not been receiving emails from the Classifieds. I followed some individual classified items this morning to see if I received notifications from them. I will let you know if I start to receive email notifications from these individual posts.
  5. I have not started to receive email notifications for the Firearms classifieds i follow. It looks like there have been a couple of new posts in the past few hours. I have added Tactics and Training today to what I follow.
  6. I'm definitely ok with you using my account.
  7. David, My whole career has been and is supporting tech and I have often been the "one man show". I understand the difficulty, am sympathetic and respect the all the time & effort you put in. I also believe we have all been very patient with this issue and considering how important it is to all of us, continue to be. But we have not heard much back from anyone on this in a while so I believe we have all been wondering if it was still being looked into. TGO is more to all of us than just a Forum, it is a community, so please trust that we all respect that and those who use there t
  8. Thank you MemHeli. I tried following the forum using the other link you mentioned on Monday. Still nothing here as far as notifications for the classified forum. I'd say that I'm getting a litle upset but that wouldn't be accurate as I have been extremely upset about this for a while now. This absolutely sucks and there doesn't seem to be anything that is going to be done to rectify it.
  9. Just touching base on this. I am still not receiving email notifications for posts to the Classifieds Forum. I did switch my address to a gmail address a week and a half ago but still no luck. I do receive notifications about content added to threads I am a part of such as this one, at my original email address and now at my gmail address. Has anyone who was not receiving email notification began to receive notifications they were not receiving before?
  10. That is very similar to what I am seeing, as well. Still no notification when something new is posted but I receive email notifications when someone adds to a followed thread. I believe I can eliminate the issue being that my email provider is blocking emails from TGO. I have always been receiving the notifications when something was added to a post I was following, just not the new additions to a forum. I changed my email address to a gmail account I have and am now receiving some notifications on it and some to my prior email address. (This could be due to the change just being made
  11. Copy. I started a separate Thread on this issue, which I see you have responded to. I inquired here as well after seeing that there were posts within this thread regarding email notifications, as well. I will be trying your suggestion posted on the other Thread of trying a different email provider such as gmail to see if this clears up my issue, though I do receive email notifications for other forums such as ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ stated.
  12. Thank you, David. I will try using another email provider to see if this clears it up. Though it interesting that email notifications are getting through for my posts on this Support Forum but not for the Classifieds Forum.


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