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  1. Tennessee Firearms Association Nashville Chapter monthly meeting is next Tuesday 07/16/2024 at the Golden Corral in Hermitage. It would be great to see some people from the TGO community. Guest speaker is Mike Dobis, Chief Ranger with TDEC/State Parks. If anyone wants me to forward the TFA email sent out on the meeting, drop me a PM. Location: Golden Corral Hermitage 315 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd Hermitage, TN 37076 (615) 874-1313 Guest Speaker and Program starts at 6:30pm - meal/social at starts as early as 5 with meal between 6pm and 6:29pm. Wrap at approx. 7:45pm.
  2. And this is why I will not be voting for her. I think she is fairly solid on most things especially compared to most options, But! I have little doubt that she will cave on standing for the Second Amendment and that tells what she really thinks of all of us.
  3. I saw these as these as well. Even if she said something different at this point, I believe her past actions speak volumes. She didn't even just say it to a group of leftists, she wrote an open letter and distributed it.
  4. I'm with you. I'm at the point that I would rather vote for a "do nothing grand stander" than someone who wasn't a true supporter of the constitution. That is assuming that is accurate. Actually, Do Nothing sound pretty damn good.
  5. Courtney Johnston is challenging Andy Ogles – 5th Congressional District Has anyone spoken with or heard her speak on Second Amendment issues? I know she wrote an open letter to Gov, Lee and I have seen statements she has made where she has used the good ole “I support the Second Amendment, but…” line. I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to get a better idea of where she actually stands. She is a council member in Nashville, so one could maybe hope that she is just playing the game, but she could have just kept her mouth shut / pen down, if that was the case. She has done a damn good job as council person in Nashville (but that is comparing it to other Nashville council members). She is calling out Andy Ogles as being a “do nothing Republican” but from what I have seen, at least he seems to has a good record when it comes to the Second Amendment. Does anyone have any information, opinion on either of these candidates?
  6. Tennessee Firearms Association Nashville Chapter monthly meeting is tomorrow night (Tuesday June 18th) at the Golden Corral in Hermitage. I plan on being there. Guest speaker is Sergeant Larry Hitchcock from TN Homeland Security. It should also be interesting to hear discussion on current rulings. Location: Golden Corral Hermitage 315 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd Hermitage, TN 37076 (615) 874-1313 Guest Speaker and Program starts at 6:30pm - meal/social at starts as early as 5 with meal between 6pm and 6:29pm. Wrap at approx. 7:45pm.
  7. Happy Father's Day back at you and all the other fathers out there. I appreciate all of you being out there as well as you being a part of this community.
  8. This is a link to the ATF document you can download on how it is to be destroyed... for what it is worth as they do not say anything about having to submit documentation of the destruction. I would keep pictures or a video for my own records, though. ATF Document on how to destroy the suppressor is here: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/guide/silencer-destruction-diagram
  9. Very true, a much better timeline now than before. Silencer Shop is showing a median of 101 days for trusts and 3 days for individuals with Silencer Central and the ATF showing similar differences between trusts and individuals. I'll take 3 plus months over 12 plus months but 3 to 10 days would be a big plus in helping people be more willing to purchase used NFA items, at least for me.
  10. Unfortunately, it looks like Trusts are still lagging behind quite a bit.
  11. If I could only do one, it would be the TFA without question. John and the crew work their asses off for us and they are in our yard. ANY one who is even aware of this site and lives in TN should be a member of the TFA and making regular contributions, if possible.
  12. This is another reason I support the TFA, GOA, FPC, 2nd Amendment Foundation. They are fighting the fight and I need to support that but they are also carving us out exemptions/protections while the battle moves on. Federal Court in Texas issues temporary restraining order against ATF to prohibit its enforcement of the "engaged in business" rule against members of TFA, GOA, GOF, VCDL and others. https://tennesseefirearms.com/2024/05/federal-court-enjoins-atf-engaged-in-business-rule/ This is not a national injunction so citizens of Tennessee who are not members of TFA, VCDL, GOA or GOF are not protected by this injunction.
  13. Well, it is the primary firearm used in mass shootings.
  14. Second this. I am sure there are a lot of people hurting it this jacked up BS economy but it only takes a little applied observation to notice the money people are hemorrhaging one stuff they don't actually need or at least more expensive versions of stuff they may need (vehicles, homes, food choices, etc...)


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