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  1. I teach on occasion, traditional blacksmithing in a coal fired forge, reclaimed material to completed knife. It's to hot to teach right now, it'll be 115 in the shop with the forge running, but I can do a class this fall if you want. Feel free to PM me and you can see the shop and other work at www.flatwoodsforge.com Sent from behind the anvil
  2. Merry Christmas and Thank you Sent from behind the anvil
  3. That's what the guys on SOA fo. Gotta mantain and "outlaw" image Sent from behind the anvil
  4. RUB = Rich urban biker. Typically seen straddling late model Harley touring bike with 40 total miles at the local bike night. Likes to play outlaw, but gets nervous around motorcycle club patchholders and thinks real outlaws and most MC club members should be in jail. Sent from behind the anvil
  5. Awesome video. It's amazing when you realize that the bowie knife has went from a large butcher knife to a weapon as detailed and specialized as any bladed weapon on the planet. I do love my bowies, that is for sure.
  6. This is what I wanna do. I wanna do 4 clips down the front and 4 down each side with the sides cut out and tightened up at the same time. The guy next to me has his done down the front Sent from behind the anvil
  7. I talked to Biker rags today when I was there. They didn't have any ideas other than possibly the lady who does patch sewing at the swap meets. I'll bring it with me when we come over, hopefully soon. Just don't wanna crowd you with you feeling bad. I think I could punch and install my own eyelets if I had to, I just need a good clean stitch up the sides after cutting so it doesn't separate and fray out. I'll text George a d see what he says. I'll text GjohnsonIV on here and talk to him. A shoe repair might also be good for that. Thank you Sent from behind the anvil
  8. I wear a vest for motorcycle riding and I would like to have it modified. I want to cut a 4" section out of each side and add eyelets and either lacing or double sided snaps. That way I can tighten it up for a better fit. It's currently a little loose for my taste The problem is its a set of club colors so I can't drop them off and leave them. Does anyone know somebody who can cut it, sew the side seams back closed, and punch in eyelets while I wait? Thanks in advance for recommendations Sent from behind the anvil
  9. Yeah I've never understood having anything that is display only. Some things may not be practical but being usable and surviving hard use is a must Sent from behind the anvil
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys. I do believe this piece is gonna stay in my possession, since I have very few of my own things and I love the way it looks and feels Sent from behind the anvil
  11. Being a well rounded individual is gonna be important. I'm a blacksmith, wood worker, logger, ASE mechanic, helicopter mechanic and motorcycle mechanic, and a martial artist. I'm also a draft horse farmer, shooter and I can butcher most game and livestock. The more basic homestead skills you have the better Sent from behind the anvil
  12. After helping out my dad yesterday I had some free time to get in to the forge. So I tapped my inner Viking for this build. The runes are Thurisaz for defense and destruction, Uruz for speed and strength, and Tiwaz for honor and leadership. Handle is 29" of seasoned oak. Mild steel body and 5160 bit. The blade is 3" wide, and the head is 7" from back of eye to the edge of the bit. It will shave hair pretty easily after splitting 4 pieces of seasoned oak firewood. I'm damn proud of this one. Sent from behind the anvil
  13. I have to cancel this weekend due to a personal issue. I will reschedule as soon as possible. Thanks Jordan Sent from behind the anvil
  14. There are men left, you are just looking in the wrong place. I served side by side with many of them in the Marines Corps. They exist in all branches of the military, and still exist in the blue collar world of manual labor, both skilled and unskilled. Though the numbers dwindle, the men are still out there. As for the hero above, I had heard his story before and all I can say is that some men just refuse to die. Sent from behind the anvil
  15. I was a helicopter mechanic. But got pulled to be a space ship door gunner in a very hush hush black ops unit for the moon spider rebellion Sent from behind the anvil


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