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  1. Spots

    30 Super Carry

    How high cap? I currently have an LCP Max in my pocket loaded with 10 + 1 rounds of .380. And they offer a factory 12 round mag for it as well. I can't imagine getting to much more capacity at that size.
  2. East Knoxville is the Ghetto.
  3. Do you have a price range you are wanting to spend or possible trades to list? Just curious, and itll help drum up interest
  4. So let me see if I cam break this down Barney style. You and 2 sons alone in RV due to husbands arrest. You had loaded firearm while actively watching an intruder break in to RV. Find video of kids doing inappropriate acts. Forget all about intruder and yell something at kids then fire a shot into the RV? Now a felon for child endangerment? Why did you fire the shot? Because of your anger at the video? Either way, I highly doubt any judge will expunge that from your record, especially this soon after the incident.
  5. Bump, anybody got one socked back they will part with?
  6. Backup for sale. Found something else I would like to add to the collection.
  7. Looking to add a Springfield SA-35 to the carry rotation when they become more available, and less unobtainaum. Has anyone had their hands on one yet that can give a good review? I have read and watched the reviews online but would prefer a closer to home opinion that I know isn't biased because of a kickback or status.
  8. I bought one in the $400 range. 1975 Winchester 94 with some serious finish issues and a cracked stock that I fixed up. And when I picked it up the guy said he had 30 messages about it in 12 hours. Its a hot market right now and a sellers market.
  9. Well, theres definitely more interest in all firearm types than ever before. And I think a lot of it is my age group, late 20's to early 40's. Most guys in that group have good jobs, are fairly settled, and guns are relatively cheap compared to some other hobbies. Priced a set of golf clubs lately? Or performance car parts? And by the time I hit 30, and most of my peers I know as well, we have all the tacticool we can stand so we start buying stuff that draws our attention. Old school steel, wood, high polish and engraving. Couple that with a restricted supply and prices start to sky rocket.
  10. What he said. Whiskey run off a good pot still by a distiller who knows what he is doing and is running for quality not quantity is a whole different ball game compared to the rotgut sugar head most boys are running off in their basement in a tin pot.
  11. Can confirm. Colt/Cracker Barrel is spot on and they are both my favorites.


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