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  1. Thing changed, putting this one back on the market. S&W Round Butt scandium framed 1911 in .45 acp. Light weight, easy to carry, absolutely fantastic trigger. $1500 for the gun with the factory case and 3 mags. Only trade I would consider at this time is a 2011 style pistol. Meet Local to Knoxville or will travel to facilitate the right deal.
  2. I put out a dozen tomatoes of different types and half a dozen peppers. We planted 2 rows of sweet corn, a row of yellow squash, row of zucchini, 2 rows of peas. I still need to get my beans out, but it wont quit raining long enough to work the rows out. Gotta put out 4 or 5 rows of Jimmy Red corn as well
  3. 8 years might be a record. Gotra be close anyway
  4. I carried a Wave+ at work as a boat builder for years. I went to a MUT 2 years ago for the bigger frame but the Wave + is my favorite medium framed multi tool. Ive broken them in about every way possible through very rough abusive use but they will put up with way more abuse than the smaller models or any gerber Ive ever carried. If you can find one, get one of the older leather style cases and itll carry better than the newer nylon sheath
  5. Would also trade on a 5" 1911, especially a Dan Wesson Valor or a Springfield TRP pr something similar. Half or full rail, can add money to make values match for the right pistol
  6. I do my absolute best to not leave a gun in a vehicle. That said I have a lock box hidden behind my passenger seat with a floor mat over it, bolted to floor in a 2 door car. It doesnt make it 100% fool-proof, but it makes a big difference. Its also the same reason I wont put anything gun or outdoors related stickers on my car to keep it from being a target becauze they think a guns inside
  7. We had rough winds and rain, but Ill agree with the above comment about lightning. That was one if the most impressive electrical storms Ive seen in years. It was one continuous light show for 45 minutes in Roane County and sounded like a field battery was set up behind my house. I know we lost one big poplar to a strike and the barn took a hit that I havent been to check on yet.
  8. I would also be interested in a Glock 45 MOS 7 with ACRO mounted and extra mags


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