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  1. This has been the policy of 'Death to Israel' from Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, and Iran. Israel will now operate on the successful policy of WW2 strategic bombing of cities, industrial, and military targets no matter how small nor whose house they're in. To those who cry, "What about the children?" should remember the Hitler Youth, the indoctrination from infancy, and no matter how young were used in battle to kill Allied soldiers.
  2. Now in Gaza, the 'humanitarian' ambulances with the Red Cross emblem are being used to transport terrorists. Such an honest and peaceful lot of murderers, aren't they?
  3. Often, it takes a wakeup call. Witness the number of guns sold after the race riots in the last three years. People are tired of the lawlessness, rioting, and arson. If the police can't or won't protect you, and they are likely to be 15 minutes away, you are not required to commit suicide by waiting.
  4. I can promise that formally liberal anti-gun Jews are in gun shops today. Two of my Jewish friends have asked for gun advice in the last 24 hours and are taking their Temple and Synagogue protection up three levels to armed congregants at every service and occasion. Their eyes have been opened. Their complacency is over. They will defend themselves and I will help them.
  5. War and terrorism always means innocents will die. The goal is to make sure it's not YOUR innocents who die.
  6. It's only hatred in the eyes of those who are triggered when I call a spade a spade, but that doesn't make me wrong. Those who invaded the Capitol were wrong. Those who did damage should be prosecuted. Anyone who threw fire bombs, if any, should have been shot in the act. The same as the rioters in cities.
  7. I'm not xenophobic at all. The melting pot works. The problem are those who don't melt into the pot. But allowing those who refuse to melt into civilization has always led to the destruction of that civilization. Name me a country in Europe that is better off with tens of thousands of the recent influx of aliens into their civilization. I have friends and acquaintances who are Arabs, Chinese, South Koreans, Ashkenazi Jews, Indians, and others who celebrate their culture. I celebrate with them. They all, however, strive to be good Americans, support the American system of meritocracy, and consider themselves to be Americans in the best sense of the word. A xenophobe I'm not. I am an American who chooses Western Civilization over religious fanaticism, sloth, welfare states, and meaningless handouts to those who choose to wallow in the cesspools they created and are satisfied to remain in them and wanting to drag me into their muck.
  8. You're right. This is exactly why multiculturalism in America has been a terrible mistake. Allowing uncivilized peoples into this country, giving them welfare, and not requiring them to assimilate into the American culture or be deported, has put the enemies of civilization in our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. One only needs to look at housing projects, ghetto areas, junkie and bum camps to see that's happening all over America.
  9. I'll add that Japan has never been more prosperous, more civil, more democratic than it is now. Anyone in Japan who knows history will say they'd rather be alive now than in 1937.
  10. Also think about how you're going to protect them from the terrorists coming through the undefended southern border and the terrorists who riot, loot, and murder in US cities.
  11. The moral consistency is that terrorists must die. I've worked it out in my thoughts. If children are victims, it's because of their family's belief that all Jews must die. If bombs fall on terrorists and innocents people die, that's not on Israel. I'm a hard man, but I want those who commit terrorism to die and if collateral damage occurs, that's acceptable - regrettable, but acceptable.
  12. Check your vision. I wasn't wearing one.
  13. Better the dead children of terrorists and their supporters who use them as shields than the children of Israel.
  14. The terrorists aren't fighting to achieve a peace. They've stated time and again they want the death of every Jew and the destruction of Israel. I believe them. That's the reason they must die and the destruction of that belief must perish for peace to occur. If it takes the death of 10,000 people or 250,000 to achieve, that's fine with me. No mercy to terrorists, foreign or domestic.
  15. Sorry your reading comprehension isn't working. I made it plain. Wipe out the terrorists. Destroy the snake den. Those that stand in the way of removing the terrorists are aiding the terrorists and need to go. I feel the same about dropping the bombs on Japan. I wasn't for the genocide of the Japanese. I was for the utter destruction of their ability to fight. Same here. Make of it what you will. It matters not to me.


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