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Community Answers

  1. It was a Pacer...nothing is uglier than that
  2. I hope those of us who carry leave the house with similar thoughts in mind instead of complacency. I know I do and I pray any teacher willing to carry a handgun to defend themselves and the children in their care will do the same. If that added burden is the straw that breaks the camel's back for someone to think/worry about, I thank God they aren't carrying a loaded firearm.
  3. I had the 2nd ugliest car in my whole HS. It was a light green 1971 Dodge Coronet that had been wrecked by the PO. It had a white passenger front door, a dark green right fender, and some genius had tried to peel off the white vinyl top, but got lazy and never finished. It only had 1st and 2nd gear (3rd and reverse were both out). I paid $175 for that car and drove the wheels off of it. My friends called it the booger-mobile and I loved that car. It was surprisingly fast with that 318 V8 in it.
  4. Colon cancer, huh? I guess justice actually did catch up to him in the end.
  5. My wife saw one here in La Vergne a few years back near the roundabout on Stones River Blvd. I thought she was off her rocker, but I talked to a TWRA buddy I went to HS with an he confirmed the caught that bear and relocated it.
  6. Seems the parents were worse than most, but nowhere near as bad as some. I've seen zero evidence so far that these parents knew this kid was on the verge of a shooting spree and certainly didn't incite him to commit violence, so I have a hard time agreeing with 15 years.
  7. that made me sad and made me laugh at the same time
  8. The SRO I was talking to was telling me about an altercation that happened recently at a metro school. There were 2 female students fighting in the hallway. A male teacher and the SRO were breaking it up when the SRO somehow lost control of his backup firearm somehow. IIRC, it had been in his cargo pocket, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, one of the girls did gain control of it momentarily, but only very briefly. I'd call that a fluke and estimate it to be somewhat highly unlikely, but it did happen. I don't plan my life around hoofbeats being zebras instead of horses, but it is worthwhile mental exercise to plan for as much as possible. I still favor arming willing, competent, and capable teachers. I just want them prepared for as many scenarios as possible.
  9. Just putting this out there...I was talking about this with a school resource officer last night. I learned that most of them are not in favor of this bill because they're concerned about what might happen if an angry armed teacher has to be fired and if the teacher has to break up a fight in a crowded hallway and loses control of their weapon in the scuffle. I don't lend much credence to the first argument. Carry permit holders on average are typically the model of what being a law-abiding citizen looks like. I can't say I haven't thought about that second argument, especially in a HS scenario, but weapon retention would surely be part of the required training.
  10. I had one of those on the last truck I owned. It was awesome and very convenient. GLWS
  11. The bill wouldn't force anyone to do anything. It would just allow teachers who chose to carry to have an option if properly credentialed and trained.
  12. My favorite place to shoot: Stones River Hunter Education Center 2618 Hobson Pike, Antioch TN For more information call (615) 770-3900 Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Apr.–Oct., Fri.–Sat., 10 am – 6 pm, Nov.–Mar., Fri.–Sat., 10 am – 4:30 pm Cash only or pay online before you go here: https://gooutdoorstennessee.com/
  13. Yep, my littlest one is the same way. He's faster, so he steals the big one's treats all the time. He's even learned to position himself for a rebound when I toss the big one a treat and he doesn't make the catch.
  14. They did something similar to me in the sleep study. As uncomfortable as dozens of electrodes are, I'd be almost asleep and they'd come over the speaker saying if I don't fall asleep, they'd have to give me a sleeping pill and/or reschedule the sleep study. I finally slept 2 hours and they woke me up because they got enough data that quickly to conclude I needed a machine. Once they put the mask on they said I was asleep in under 2 minutes and had zero episodes once they got the settings dialed in. I slept like a baby the rest of the night.
  15. BigK

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all. It is a great day to serve a risen Lord.


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