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  1. Found one, and then some! Ended up with enough tools to actually build a 1911 from ground up... well almost anyway.
  2. Unfortunately, hand muscle/joint issues keep from using small files and stones for extended periods of time, so the patience part might be a bit more than the average individual. Otherwise, I’d love to do it that way.
  3. I’m wondering if anyone around Nashville has the Brownell’s or Wilson lower lug cutter kit they’d be willing to rent? I can get a gunsmith to do this easy enough, but I’d really like this to be a “I did this” project more than a “I paid for this”. I’d rather not buy the tools since this will probably be the only barrel fit I get myself into. Mac
  4. Well, I may or may not have done this... 10.5" AR9. I've since corrected an issue with the muzzle device so now the ASR mount threads and locks on with 1/16th of an inch from the handguard. EDC Tactical Glock 9MM lower, EDC Tactical upper and handguard all cerakoted Titanium, Silencerco ASR .46 Muzzle break, Faxon barrel, MI Extended pistol tube, PA Adv Micro Dot. OAL from end of tube to muzzle (not including muzzle device) is 26.3" in case I decide I want a VFG.
  5. Had an 8000D, loved it, just couldn’t get into the double action only. But the Cougar platform was great. If it hadn’t been DAO, I’d still have it today. Mac
  6. Does my Glock 34 count as a long gun?  That's the longest one I defend the house with.  Everything else is in the safe.   Mac
  7. I have a Brazos Custom 2011 and an RIA Tactical. Enjoy them both, but there is a noticeable difference.   I have a Breitling and a Casio.  Again, enjoy them both, but there is a noticeable difference.   I had a Porsche and a Civic... see where this is going?   There are levels in all things, just depends on how much you're comfortable spending to get your perceived value.   Mac
  8. McAllyn

    Store to avoid

    Complete with "Battle Action Torture Dungeon!"   Mac
  9. If I've decided to sell something, it's because I have plans for the money.  When I post something up, I put the price on it that if I saw it in the Classifieds, I'd contact the seller to do the deal.  I'm not a big negotiator.  As long as the buyer and I both come out feeling like things went fair, all's good in the world.   Mac
  10. Always dug the looks of monolithic uppers, but not a fan of keymod.  Seems like there would never be a comfortable/controllable place to put your hands unless you mounted a rail section to put rail covers on?   As far as price, going apples to apples, a quality name stripped upper, quality hand guard, barrel nut, etc. when added up, gets closer to a mono.   My Noveske Chainsaw upper was $125, Daniel Defense 12" Lite Rail was $375, so there's $500 right off.  Could I (or HAVE I) used lesser expensive pieces and created a functional upper?  Absolutely (to both).   Isn't the AR the Lego Platform for adults?  Do what you want with it.   Mac
  11. I always used 30" for sporting clays and trap, and a 28" for skeet.  However, I was always terrible at all of those sports, so maybe it's a "Do as I DON'T Do" situation.   Mac
  12. For Sporting Clays, I'd do a Citori 625.  For Trap, I'd look at the Cynergy Classic.  In the right hands, a Browning can make some deep-pocketed fellas feel pretty bad.   FWIW, there was a really nice Browning Special Sporting Clays at The Gun Room in Lebanon with a full set of Briley sub-gauge tubes.  Made me regret giving up the clay sports.   Mac
  13. If they produce a Steel I, Combat, or 87T marked Made in TN...  yeah, I'll pick one or more up.  Might even need to buy a standard 92 just as a reason to dig up the SGS comps I have stuck in a box somewhere.   Mac
  14. There is exactly one person's reloads I will use besides mine, and he loads on the same equipment with the same components I use.  And he's probably the only person that is more OCD than I am.   The reason I don't let others use my reloads is simple.  If they malfunction on me and something catastrophic happens, I know I won't sue me.  No matter who it is or what they've said, after the bang, looking down at a mangled bloody stump and twisted hunk of metal tends to get people into "Lawyer-Up" mode real quick.   Mac   FWIW, I used to run a Tanfoglio Gold Custom open class gun in .38 SuperComp.  When I loaded for it, it was 7.2g of VV N350 on a 125g bullet.  The powder ALMOST filled up the case, and seating the bullet created a compressed charge.  This was all done on purpose.  Needless to say, no one shot that thing except for me.  Tell you what, though, flirting with disaster aside, pumping out 1300+fps 9MM rounds with NO recoil was a hoot!
  15. Ahh... the Lorcin.  The fat chick/moped of the gun world.  Congrats, I guess?   Better pull the bullets from those cases before you get itchy to try it out.  God gave you two hands, but there's no reason to waste a perfectly good one just because you're curious about how that thing shoots.   Mac


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