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  1. My sister inherited a 1998 chevy 3500 with the 7.4L 454 Vortec from a family member fall of 2022. It'd been sitting for 3 plus years. BIL had done the usual stuff to get it drivable tires, new plugs, fuel filter, oil change, 3 cans of seafoam, and a new battery. They have drove it maybe 300 miles in the last year without trouble. About 2 weeks ago they bought 2 medium sized cans of the R134 with the sealer and dye to try and seal the ac or to find the leak to get it working. It ran fine. Yesterday they were going to drive it to eat, they dont drive it daily, but when they started it up it had the loudest ticking noise. They sent me a video and it was clacking pretty loud in video. They had a "mechanic" friend come listen to it and he said it sounded like a lifter. They called the local shop cause they are scared to leave the house with it and they said the 454 was notorious for sticking lifters to put a bottle of ATF fluid in it and run it down the freeway for a 100 mile trip and that would help clear the gook sticking the lifter. Then change the oil again. I AM NOT A MECHANIC so Ive come to ask if anyone here is a mechanic with advice? Anyone with any experience with these engines? It's clacking so loudly my sister is afraid to drive it period ( she thinks the engine will blow) As always I come here for the collective wisdom and thank you for any insight
  2. great price .. wish it was the 9mm! lol glws
  3. how far north are you willing to travel? If you could meet around Murfreesboro or Cookeville dm me....
  4. I love my .357 SIG's Guns and Ammo had an article about dying rounds... my opinion is that its not the round that dies but the manufacturers that kill them. Mid90's early 2000's I could get .40S&W and .357SIG for no more than $2 more than 9mm per 50rds... Check the prices today..... Availabilty and price didctates a calibers oxygen supply. Same with shotgun shells. .410 and .28 gauge is 3x more than 12G... Whos going to do that? Why is 12 and 20 on every shelf but no 16, 28 and .410 gauge??
  5. I am definitely interested in this route. All those that have the education to do this are either too liberal to want to help or too expensive to hire. Did you buy the actual Willmaker software? Quick google search shows I can get it for around $250 but hate to spend that money if I cant figure out what to do next. I have never heard of RTF, does that mean I'm already in over my head? Is there a premade form that I just retitle and add serialed items and beneficiaries? I have a really good notary that works with wills so that should be the easy part. I would appreciate more info and instructions to get this done. I've been wanting to get a trust before buying my first can. Thank you for your time
  6. When you purchase, lets say a suppressor, do you get a book of rules to go with the tax stamp? Ive read people say that they have to ask permission to take to another state or that it has to stay in the owners possession... etc etc... Where do people get all these rules and regulations? A guy I work with, bought a suppressor, and he said he just fingerprinted at a kiosk, filled out a couple sheets of paper like any other gun and now has to wait a year before he picks it up... He never got a laundry list of do's and dont's
  7. if interested in selling the 5 20rounders and scope mount shoot me a price


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