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  1. Got a package from TMF today so I'm tossing a few things up. First is a Hogue Monogrip for an S&W N frame round butt. I got this in trade and have no use for it. It appears to be unused. Second is a tango down battlegrip for an AR, this is used but in like new condition.
  2. Yeah, I had those laying around so I tossed them in for comparison purposes.
  3. I still need to take a drive out to a wooded area to get a good feel for how each of these will perform in a more practical environment but here is a photo from further away for now. The colors/patterns from left to right. Woodland, multicam, dark green, apple green, "light" dark green, taupe, and standard UCP. I had high hopes for the taupe, I wish it had turned out a little darker, I may try it again with a small amount of dark brown tossed in. I may also try some more brownish colors, but I've heard it tends to give UCP a pink or orange tint.
  4. I'm not sure, I'll try to get some pics from further away and see how it looks. The dark green initially came out verrrry dark, like you could barely see any pattern at all. It lightened up quite a bit after drying and a few washes. Initially I hated it but I actually kind of like it now. The apple green looks surprising good against the current bright greens of spring. This is the apple green while drying.
  5. I had some old worn out ACU's that weren't serviceable for work anymore so I decided to try my hand at making the UCP not suck so much for this area. Here is the outcome; On concrete Starting and the bottom left and working clockwise the colors are; unaltered UCP (ACU), Apple green (I call this one zombie green), Dark green, dark green again(Less time in the dye), and then taupe. In my weed filled back yard I may try to get some more photos with different backdrops if anyone is interested. Here is the dye I used It can be found at hobby lobby, Walmart, ect. If anyone wants I can describe the method I used to apply the dye.
  6. Don't waste your time. Some people want to act on emotion instead of logic, kind of like libs.
  7. I found out why I don't have power. About a 1/4 mile of power poles snapped like toothpicks. Also there was a metal pole bent in half. This poor person had 15-20 good size trees down in their yard as well as some damage to their barn roof. This was all within a couple of miles from my house.
  8. According to the phone call from my wife our area is still without power. (Just north of Clarksville) I hate being away from home at times like this.
  9. Meh, I'm done. This will be forgotten about in a couple of days. Until the next time they do it.
  10. Of course I don't think they need to built a mount site of that size, they can just use existing urban areas to train in. ;) You do realize they are not training to take down the whole city, right? Taking down a target area in a built up urban area is very different from taking down a target in a rural area. Realistic training means that the approach and departure from the target area need to be as realistic as possible, not just the target itself. (Read up on the way wind moves around large buildings) Not to mention I don't know of any mount sites with a metro rail, which was one of the reported targets. Sorry 'bout your head. Betcha never made that mistake again.
  11. Twenty nine palms and Fort Bragg are not mount sites. Not to mention not one of the sites you mentioned is anywhere near the size of a major city with tall buildings (skyscrapers). You are comparing a tiny mount village with a major urban area, apples and oranges. It is simply not feasable to build a mount site of that magnitude.
  12. I guess I should have laid on the sarcasm a little thicker.
  13. So the military is responsible for fast and furious? Good to know. I don't think anyone is saying that you should have complete trust in the government, god knows I don't. However, people trying to spin normal military training into some government conspiracy come off looking like a bunch of tinfoil hat wearing simpletons. The guys taking part in this training risk their lives every day to protect this country and it's citizens and honestly it's disgusting that some of you want to take away the training they need to come home to their families because it somehow hurts your delicate psyche. Simply pathetic.
  14. Do you have any concept of how much money it would cost to build a replica urban skyline?
  15. So how do they train for operations in other countries city urban populations? In case some of you've forgotten, America isn't the only country with urban areas.

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