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  1. Best I can tell, ALL politicians care more about themselves than anything else. Now, The Republicans do promise some things. And they are not against it. But, I got no faith in any of them. There are just some that I don't totally hate.
  2. With our Republican majorities, you would think we would have a lot of things. John is right on the money. It's aggravating that there are so many of them that are in the party just to win elections. They are what they call Republicans In Name Only.
  3. The unfortunate thing is that the word won't get to everyone that bought. I wonder how many kabooms are gonna result. Nothing more dangerous than a squib.
  4. I would probably risk getting shot.
  5. That's a problem I haven't thought of.
  6. The new gear is gonna require less skill. A robot can make a great burger, once you buy the robot.
  7. The more sustained the demand, the less risky it is. My point was that if the shortage is really that ugly, somebody's gonna tool up.
  8. Long shortages are going to cause somebody to tool up for bigger production. If they are really seeing a two year shortage, there's some good ROI to increase production.
  9. Your dad needs the shot IMO. He's my age. Bring on the long term effects. There is NO evidence that the shot is more dangerous, or that it ISN'T. Hasn't been around long enough. But one thing's for sure. Most hospital workers are younger than 65. And when it comes to bull####, there's lots to go around. One of the biggest liars in this whole ordeal is your favorite cockwomble. I'm with DeSantis. Focus on the high risk people. If somebody younger like you wants to play it safe, have at it. I probably would too, just to keep the CNN viewers off my back.
  10. It's alarming because it's typical flawed logic. I'm high risk. I'm old, diabetic, and very depressed that a sweet old man has Alzheimer's. Vaccinating me was HIGHLY effective. Vaccinating a twenty-something, that could drink a whole bottle of Covid and go to work the next day, isn't going to have the same result. May even be counter-productive because of long term effects. I have decided to stop being alarmed about anything. The Tide Pods were just the appetizers.
  11. You're talking about politics, which we can't talk about I've had so much smoke blown up my ass that it's effecting my regularity.
  12. I have made LOTS of 300 blackout brass on one of these. Like most things RCBS, it's a tank.


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