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Community Answers

  1. The X Bolt Hunter is a great rifle. I have one in .243
  2. I remember in the early days of holding a handgun permit, the open carry threads were much deeper. My reaction to this one was... Nope, don't do it. I live in Kentucky now too. In my younger days here, I never saw anybody wearing a handgun. Concealed was illegal. But, we did it anyway. I have pretty much carried a gun everywhere now, even into Joe's Gun Free Zones. I never have an urge to show my pistol. A gun can add real complications to just about any social interaction. I think it wise to keep it out of sight until you absolutely need it. When it comes to Voldemort, they were finally able to slap that idiot hard enough to make him go away. They should find him and slap him again, just because.
  3. I have timed two of them lately. Seems quicker to me too.
  4. This last round just looks more deadly. The Chinese may suck at drill bits. But, their viruses are top of the line.
  5. That's depressing. At least new cases have started dropping in TN and the US.
  6. I hold my M16 like I hold my goat. Gently, with my arm out like a chicken wing.
  7. Been trying to avoid extra pokes for decades. They always manage to get them in.
  8. I thought the flu was eradicated. Only had 3 cases last year, and they were in Mississippi
  9. Makes you say, where the hell is Enfield?
  10. That permanent crook may make it an even better wiping hand.
  11. There's another old saying. Stupid should hurt.
  12. You should be proud. It's hard to buy any better. It's pretty amazing how little has changed in those tools over the decades, except for the overall quality. Lots of that old Delta stuff is still out there running every day, especially Unisaws.
  13. That's a GREAT shop. Love the jointer. Mine sucks. The biggest improvement in all those tools has been the steel frame bandsaw. Mine has a 13" resaw height. Well, and the Sawstop braking if you're clumsy like me.


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