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  1. I miss Robert’s post. They were always well thought out and informative. I’m proud to help, but even more proud of the way TGO members didn’t hesitate to step up and help. Great job guys!
  2. That’s awesome. Congratulations and happy birthday!
  3. Sounds like you two are in good spirits. Get well soon!
  4. I’ve been purchasing guns for a long time, and I’ve never had to send one back for warranty work until recently. I wanted to install a Surefire flash hider on my Springfield Armory 300BO pistol. When my gunsmith removed the original flash hider we found the threads were galled and the crush washer looked like it had been welded to the barrel. My second issue was with my Sig P365XL optics ready NRA edition. The screws that hold the optic cover in place were stripped and almost installed sideways. I contacted Springfield and they sent out a return label while we were on the phone, a
  5. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, you wouldn’t believe the videos of some of the local gatherings that I see daily.
  6. I agree with you, but I also think that Biden will attempt to pass a relief bill that will help small businesses and the poor instead of corporations. That’s the right thing to do, but Moscow Mitch may stand in the way as usual. We can keep half assing our efforts against this virus and deal with it for years, or we can put on our big boy pants, bite the bullet and do what see working for various other countries around the world. Steven Mnuchin still won’t tell where a great deal of the last stimulus money went. I have my opinion, but I don’t care to spend my evening arguing.
  7. The world is in new and unknown territory with this virus. Therefore everything we try to fight Covid is trial and error. I would rather go through extremely minor inconveniences until we can contain the virus and come up with a reliable vaccine as opposed to continue denying the lethality of the virus while people suffer, die or have to live with lifelong side effects of having contracted the virus. Wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience. Every time my son complains about something I remind him that young people his age are serving all over the world in conditions that suck. The sm
  8. I trust the subject matter experts. I also trust the doctors and icu nurses who are begging people to wear masks. We give lip service to front line medical workers, but can’t do one simple thing that may make their work lives easier.
  9. Prior to going to the DMV make an appointment online. It will keep you from having to wait in those long lines. The wife and I drove up, there was a long line and people were sitting in lawn chairs. We told the lady at the door that we had appointments for Real ID, she let us in and we were finished in about 15-20 minutes. When we left, the same people were waiting at the door. It feels weird having to have a star on my ID to travel in the states.


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