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  1. No matter how tired you are spend lots of time with your kids. I lost a lot of sleep, spent a lot money supporting activities and put plenty of miles on the road, but it was all worth the time. Do these things so when you are riding in your car and you hear Jim Croce’s “Cats In The Cradle” you’ll tap your feet and sing along instead of having a breakdown at the stoplight. Unless your kids are ungrateful buttholes, you will still get calls and visits even when they are busy. The benefit to you is knowing you are loved and a peace of mind.
  2. I agree. I don’t see any of the democratic candidates beating Trump. With these young people, it’s going to be their guy or screw you. They don’t have enough sense to unify against a common enemy.
  3. Congratulations on your bundle of joy, and heal up soon.
  4. I retired a little over a week ago, so I decided to purchase a few things that I’ve wanted for a while. Sorry for the crappy pictures. 1.Ed Brown Special Forces 2.RX conversion kit for my Sig Legion P226 SAO I think I like the pistol more without the optic. 3.Les Baer TRS I’ve had this one for a short while 4.Remington 870 Marine Magnum with SureFire fore end, Mesa Tactical saddle, Magpul stock and temporary RMR. I’m thinking about a MRO. 5.Springfield Armory Professional
  5. I’m looking for new or gently used Gen5 G19 MOS in West Tennessee for ftf purchase. I have handgun permit and very good feedback on TGO. I already own Gen5 17 & 19 MOS with DPP. I’m looking for another 19 to set up with a RMR that was an impulse purchase during a Memorial Day sale last month. I’ll only deal with well established TGO members. Thanks!
  6. When the government shut down the housing projects and began the gentrification of downtown they gave the former residents of the projects vouchers and relocated them all over Shelby County. Every neighborhood in Shelby County can be reached in 15-20 minutes via I240, I40 and 385. In some cases these clowns are getting into altercations, fleeing towards home via the interstate system, the shootings usually occur during the chase. In other cases, it’s just stupidity and road rage. I’ve been to a lot of places, but I’ve never seen anything like Memphis where the slightest perception of disrespect for the most minor infraction can send a bullet flying in your direction. It’s a mental illness. They don’t consider the repercussions until after they’ve been caught and held accountable for their actions. Street credibility is king in Memphis. As for the loss of innocent lives, they’ll apologize to your family while being lead out of courtroom to prison. It’s summer, so with all of the college kids back home I expect more of the same. That’s another whole story unto itself, the hood rats and gangs versus the kids who choose to attend college or join the military.
  7. I’m carrying the 365 with the ten round mag, and two of the 15 rounds mags will be carried in my double mag pouch.
  8. LINKS2K

    Drone owners

    What does this add to the conversation? No one mentioned flying near anyone’s windows. I’d rather fly it in the parks I want to work on editing nature videos. I believe as long as we stay below 400 feet we should be left alone.
  9. LINKS2K

    Drone owners

    Not yet. I’m live within five miles of the Olive Branch airport, and the edge of Memphis International, so until the updated rules for recreational flyers come out I’ll have to pay $25 per year to fly in Shelby Farms. I believe the new rules should be out before August. From my understanding, the rules will be similar to those who fly for profit.
  10. I’m now the proud owner of a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. It’s my first UAS, but I think I’m going to love it. I’m waiting to see how the FAA is going to handle the LAANC situation concerning recreational flyers. If it’s crap, I plan to go the Part 107 route. What are you guys flying?
  11. LINKS2K

    New Glock

    I practice at home with the iTarget system. The more you practice, the easier it it is to pick up the dot.
  12. I have three 15 round mags on the way, along with a P226 Legion RX conversation kit for my SAO Legion P226. I’ve got Gen5 Glocks 19MOS & 17MOS with DPP on them. Very good pistols, but they don’t excite me like the prospect of 15 + rounds for the P365. The Glocks will definitely be home defense guns now.

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