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  1. May I ask if you found this beauty locally or on a motorcycle website?
  2. Sorry my man, all the TGO Pro-Tech knives I have left are all keepers for now. I considered offering you a Magic2, but that cool mechanism talked me out of it. Good luck with your search.
  3. I’ve sold a couple. I’ll check to see if there’s anything left I’d like to get rid of when I get a chance later this evening or tomorrow. I started out with #9 and then moved to #3 after the previous holder of the #3 position dropped out.
  4. This is similar to what I’m hearing and reading about the movie. Little political explanation, fewer explanations about the cause of the division and heavily focused on the journalists. That being said, I’ll probably watch it several times on Netflix.
  5. I believe I mentioned earlier that I’m a fan of “3 of 7 Project” on YouTube. I always wondered why I could relate to Chad, even when I had a differing opinion. Here is a short video of Chad and Blake explaining the meaning behind the name. This is the type of ministry I love. It’s positive and optimistic, without the in your face condemnation and judgement. The channel is well worth a follow.
  6. I’m also enjoying “Shogun”. Rest up and get well soon.
  7. I just finished the first season of “3 Body Problem” on Netflix. It’s a very good sci-fi series. I can’t wait for season 2. I love asking questions and discovering or having answers explained, so the pace of the series was fine for me. My wife also ask a lot of questions, but she wants immediate answers, so it was a hard no for her.
  8. I'd like to hear more about the Canadian connection and the related gun sales activity.
  9. Pretty close. Also, if you all remember how crazy inventory and prices started getting out of hand some years back. I started the practice for redundancy and spare parts if things had gotten as bad as some had predicted. I was always the contrary optimist about that situation, but I wasn’t crazy enough to not be prepared. It just became a bad habit. My wife loves to travel, so guns are the most affordable things I can purchase for myself.
  10. It’s not difficult to believe. Lots of guys on here have some serious collections. I don’t think it far fetched that most would be in like new condition. Despite differences that some of us my have, outside of my family and military buddies, these are some of the most honest people I’ve ever met. I normally purchase new, moderately priced guns in pairs. I’ve sold and purchased several that are exactly as described. Some guns get a magazine or two through them, and some don’t. I have some expensive guns in the safe that I just wanted, and they’ve never had a magazine inside them. The most important thing I’ve learned about buying or selling on here is to be honest. A good reputation makes it easy to do both. In most cases, if the sale were local, I’d almost always throw in something (ammo or accessories) for free. Good luck with your future sales or purchases!
  11. We tracked the kids in high school. From the stories the girls tell on him now, it didn’t stop my son from being a sneaky hell raiser. Now, every family member shares their location if traveling out of town alone. My son had a crazy flight this morning from Gainesville to Miami to New Jersey. He checked in each step of the way, and is currently sharing his location until he arrives back in Gainesville next week. There is no daily tracking. That reeks of insecurity. A complimentary notification of destination is all that’s required between me and the wife when leaving home.
  12. I purchased this tire thumper and small felling axe in this color to match the colors on my old side by side. They were usually with me on the trails or under the rear floor mats in my Ram, over the rear floor storage compartments that carried matching color ratchet straps, portable air pump, tow straps, tire plugs and tool bag roll. I could always justify having them with me. I also have a pretty hefty walking stick with a retention strap that I purchased to use when I had jury duty in downtown Memphis. Never a problem with security or the court during the period I served.
  13. GLWS! Just curious, are you going to be replacing this with another unit? I currently own the HP Reverb G2 V2 and I’d like to hear from anyone who has invested in the new Apple product. If I run across anyone looking for a good bargain unit, I’ll pm you their info.


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