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  1. I’d like to trade for a new or gently used HK SP5 pistol #81000477 with a minimum of two mags. SP5 with a brace is a plus. I’m offering in return 1. Ed Brown Special Forces .45 1911, zero rounds fired, case and two mags included 2. Sig Sauer Legion P226 SAO, zero rounds fired, two mags, case, coin and I will also throw in a complete unused Sig Sauer RX slide with Romeo One red dot 3. I can add ammo, RMR’s, unused Protech knives for the right deal. *All negotiations will be done via pm, not in this post. I can meet in Memphis, Jackson or Nashville with a we
  2. I picked up my final four suppressors yesterday. Seven stamps received in less than eight months. I’m impressed by the speed considering everything going on. I wasn’t expecting any approvals until September or October. 1. Omega K .45 2. Octane 9mm 3. Octane.45 4. Surefire Socom .556 mini
  3. Forget it! I asked a legitimate question seeking a resolution to an issue that could change lives, and you made it about me. I’ll remove my question. Carry on!
  4. It’s probably corporate policy and it’s ridiculous. It’s like having cashiers and greeters attempting to enforce mask mandates on the general public.
  5. There is always racial garbage to discuss, unless it’s about accountability.
  6. Did I offend the sensitivities of another white, Christian, Bible toting, overly victimized and patriotic white male? Are you clutching your pearls?
  7. Everyone on this board knows what Karen means. There has even been discussion about it. I don’t know if you are male or female, but you’re behaving like a Karen. Leave it alone dude. You can’t back me into a corner. You’re wasting YOUR time.
  8. Dis is fa da troll. As eye ced erlia, da po lease cheef wood knot releese da nayme ov da offisa woo fyred da fate tail shott. Again, simple google search troll.
  9. To the contrary. I’m concerned about what I’m going to do with all this ammo now that I have another interest. Amateur hour
  10. I don’t care what her name is. The police chief wouldn’t name her, but they made sure the name of the deceased was plastered all over the news. You’re a new guy, so it’s obvious that you don’t know who you are dealing with. I can do this all day. They’ve banned better trolls than you.
  11. He’s dead for being stupid. No excuse. Senior officer Karen will probably be facing a manslaughter charge. Many lives ruined over a misdemeanor traffic stop. Very poor behavior by a senior officer. She was already waving her pistol around, never holstered her pistol to get her taser. She could have shot one of her partners. She’s screwed!


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