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  1. wanted

    Thanks! I chose a Liberty safe from Town and Country Safes. The are going to deliver and install in the morning.
  2. I'm looking for a safe to hold about 12 rifles and an equal amount of pistols, insurance papers and passports. Must have decent fire and water rating. Thanks!
  3. This may be comparing apples to oranges, but I spent my time in the military and Gulf War as an MP. Like our civilian counterparts, many soldiers hated our guts. On a daily basis we interacted with guys who could thrash us in the blink of an eye. There are exceptions to every rule, but I believe that our civilian counterparts could stand to learn better interpersonal and communication skills, and require frequent refreshers on the escalation of force. As an MP, knowing that almost everyone that you interact with on a daily basis is as well or better trained to kill forces you to attempt to de-escalate every intervention. Daily I see videos where cops escalate a situation because someone bruises their ego. That being said, whether we like it or not, I feel that it's always best to be in total compliance with the officer even if you feel he is wrong. Fight your battle in the courtroom, not the roadside.
  4. Payment sent for #3.
  5. I only buy from stores and TGO members.
  6. Beautiful!
  7. I've been at the Seabreeze Jazz Fest in Panama City, Florida since Thursday listening to some of the best smooth jazz artist in the world. Right now Candy Dulfer is on the stage playing the hell out of her saxophone. Everyone has done a short tribute to Prince, including a great set by Sheila E last night.
  8. I'll be in with the usual number since it's the last TGO knife.
  9. I recently picked up a Ruger LCR.22 with Crimson Trace laser grips. I'm not very happy with the stock front sight, it will be replaced soon, but the laser was easily sighted in at ten yards. The trigger pull is a bit stiff, but that's a good thing for a pocket or purse pistol.
  10. I always use the charging handle on all rifles out of habit. I rarely, if ever use the bolt release.
  11. I carry a .380 g42 or 9mm g43 when I'm dressed in a suit. All other times it's a g19mm.
  12. I went for my third and final time today. RangeUSA is usually my preference, but as I stated the last time I posted, I live near FedEx HQ, and this range is more convenient. As someone else stated, the young men are always polite, prompt and professional. The father always seems uptight and angry. On my first visit I overlooked the rudeness assuming that he was having a bad day or the stress of running a new business was causing a little tension. I took my wife on my second visit, and she hated the owner. She thought that he was rude as hell and unappreciative of our business and money. Today's visit was more of the same. Polite young man checked me in, checked my weapons and ammunition. I always load my magazines at home with ball practice ammo, and finish my session with my preferred defensive ammo. I shot the old ammo (Critical Defense) out of my edc Glock19, then I shot about seven mags of various ball ammo from my Sig MPX, six mags of ball ammo thru my Sig Legion 226, multiple mags of ball thru both of my Glock19 pistols before loading a MPX mag with Critical Defense ammo. After shooting a few rounds, out of nowhere the owner approached and asked "what are you shooting?", I replied a 9mm rifle. Then he asked about the ammo, and I replied Hornady Critical Defense. The owner then shouts "don't shoot another round, you can't shoot hollow points in here, and I don't know how you got them in here". At that time, I had about ten boxes stacked on the table to shoot. I explained to the owner that I start with ball and finish with defensive ammo, I wasn't sneaking ammo into his place. I unloaded the defensive ammo and started to shoot a Glock fitted with a laser grip so that I could zero the laser. The owner stood behind me the entire time. The laser was shooting low and right. I didn't bother to adjust it. I blew through my last magazine, packed my gear and proceeded to the counter to pay for an additional hour, because I had exceeded my initial time limit. My issue is that the owner is rude. I was not initially told that I couldnt shoot defensive ammo on the range, and if I was sneaking defensive ammunition into the range, why would I have it stacked ten boxes high on the table in plain view? I don't wish ill will on the guy, but he'll never get another penny from me.
  13. I shot mine for the first time today without any issues. I only put about 200 rounds through the rifle, so I will keep an eye out for the issue in the future.

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