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  1. I've been at the Seabreeze Jazz Fest in Panama City, Florida since Thursday listening to some of the best smooth jazz artist in the world. Right now Candy Dulfer is on the stage playing the hell out of her saxophone. Everyone has done a short tribute to Prince, including a great set by Sheila E last night.
  2. Where did you read that? I'm 70% disabled, live every freaking day of my life in pain, I'll work the next four years before my retirement in pain and I don't want any kid fighting in oil wars, mineral wars or wars simply so that defense contractors and investors can improve their bottom line. In my opinion, poor people have been sacrificing their young for lies, regardless who is in the White House. I've made it clear years ago that I'm an isolationist. Until we get our house together, how can we help others get their act together? It's sad that some of you still get a boner by blaming stuff on Obama, but we have a certifiable nut in charge now, and he placed the entire clown academy in his administration.
  3. It's become a comedy routine to me. My only hope is that not another young warrior has to spill a drop of blood for this privileged draft dodger, his cronies and family to continue enriching themselves. That would be tragic.
  4. Long overdue!
  5. I agree. I had to endure that mindset for the last eight years. Ain't no fun when the rabbit has the gun.
  6. That act has been Trumped in two months. I eagerly await daily encores.
  7. I'm not angry at Dump. The people put him in office. It is what it is. Much like the common hood rat, Dump is simply a product of his environment. He's performing like a amateur politician with a childlike understanding of how the world works when you aren't protected by a circle of yes men and hidden behind a wall of privilege from real Americans with expectations that you are going to do what you said you were going to do. I'm still impressed by the con job he pulled off. Masterful!
  8. Yep! Lots of conservatives extremely happy with the ACA. It was that darned Obamacare that was the problem.
  9. I'm in agreement with you. I'm simply surprised at the amount of members who behave as if a revolution for the common man has taken place. All we got was the status quo with less impulse control and a bigger mouth.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the Russian investigation started in July. This entire situation concerning your new president, as well as the early signs of Dump being a criminal and liar has me more concerned for the saps who trusted that this con man would look out for anyone other than other billionaires. The pipeline will be made with Russian steel. The taxpayers, as we all knew from the beginning, will be on the hook for his beloved wall. The healthcare they hated looks like it will insure fewer people and cost more, and just for kicks, Dump is going to eliminate as many regulations as possible, so that some kid in West Virginia can work in a coal mine just like his great grand pappy and die at an early age from lung disease. Education secretary DeVos, the immigrant princess who sleeps in the golden tower, and the expensive weekly golf trips to Florida. Yep, he's off to a great start. That swamp should be drained and dry any day know! Stay great America!
  11. I'll be in with the usual number since it's the last TGO knife.
  12. Great price for a great pistol. I won't be selling mine. It's like having an extremely accurate 9mm 1911.
  13. I recently picked up a Ruger LCR.22 with Crimson Trace laser grips. I'm not very happy with the stock front sight, it will be replaced soon, but the laser was easily sighted in at ten yards. The trigger pull is a bit stiff, but that's a good thing for a pocket or purse pistol.
  14. I always use the charging handle on all rifles out of habit. I rarely, if ever use the bolt release.

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