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  1. Wish you were closer. Good luck with your sale. Bump
  2. I can’t dispute how you feel about this situation or your expectation of a huge racial conflict. I’ll just give my opinion. As mentioned before, everyone involved should be dealt with in the harshest manner according to the law. Secondly, I also believe that media is now committed to the business of making news, regardless the outcome. Bad outcomes are better for media. Finally, I just can’t buy into the race war. People are always doing something that someone believes is going to ignite the powder keg. As I’ve recently gotten away from massive amounts of social media I’m finding that anticipation of a race war is mostly internet driven. Most people are really walking around blissfully ignorant, and they like it that way. At first it bothered me a lot( I still don’t like it), but it’s shown me that not everyone is arming themselves for Armageddon. Do I wish more people would pay attention to national and world events before they effect them, of course I do, but I also like the idea that not everyone is sitting at home soaking up negative and polarizing news while itching for a chance to kill fellow Americans just so they can say I told you it would happen. Good day!
  3. Wow! I had entertained selling a couple of my knives. This video makes me even more proud to be a Protech owner. I only carry one of my Runts and a TR4. I have to start getting the others out of the safe more often.
  4. I enjoyed last nights show, although it was a bit corny.
  5. I sold all of the pistols, but I kept all of the ammo.
  6. I wasn’t having any issues with my wisdom teeth besides the difficulty of cleaning behind them. Last month my dentist suggested that I have them removed, and sent me to the same oral surgeon that my entire family uses. I wasn’t looking forward to the procedure, but it was fast and painless. My mouth stopped bleeding in four hours, and I resumed normal eating the next day. I guess I got lucky. Get yourself checked immediately, and I hope it’s nothing serious.
  7. I’m a little late to this party, but I don’t think this was an accidental shooting. There are reports that the officer had filed several noise complaints against the victim, including one that day. There are also six witnesses that say the the officer was banging on the door and yelling for the victim to open up. I don’t know if it’s valid, but there is also a photo circulating that claims to show the shooter and the victim together. If reports about the noise complaints and photo are true, the shooter knew exactly where she was, and wore her uniform against department policy to intimidate the victim. I’ll wait for more facts, but in the mean time I’ll say that this reminds me of a Dave Chappell’s skit where a veteran cop claims to have seen a case as a rookie where a dead black person was accused of breaking into a home and hanging pictures of his family everywhere. It was the dead man’s home. The cops put drugs on him and left.

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