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  1. I only buy from stores and TGO members.
  2. Beautiful!
  3. My views aren't hypocritical. Pence my be a religious man, but I wouldn't consider him to be a man of faith or compassion. We believers have a bad habit of cherry picking the Bible, and my habit is loving the compassionate Jesus who cared for the least among us. My perception of politicians who claim to be men and women of faith is that they are no better, faithful or compassionate than the so called pastors who teach prosperity ministry while everything in the neighborhood is in decline, and they only address the needs of the needy with a box of food for major holidays. I don't expect the government to save people, but I also don't expect the government to be punitive toward the poor and less fortunate. I've told my story before. Homeless twice, jobless with a broken body, but I've never received aid. I overcame that adversity, have a marriage almost three decades long, and three college educated kids. Because of my situations, I know that sometimes no matter how hard you work, no matter what you sacrifice, life stills happens and people fall short of the American Dream. There are exceptions, but I don't see a bunch of takers when I see the less fortunate. I see PEOPLE who missed out on an opportunity or made a bad decision and are being punished by the government and fellow citizens who were fortunate enough to succeed from their hard work, catch a break that propelled them to success or just got lucky and made it. If you are one of those people like myself, that doesn't make you special. Count your blessings! As far as politicians go, when you become a representative of the people, you represent all of the people, not just the citizens who share your close minded views.
  4. I don't care for politicians, and I dislike those who bring religion into their decision making processes even more. Although I'm a believer, I don't care to have state or federal decisions based upon a persons religious beliefs. Based upon my limited knowledge of Pence, his decisions are based more upon his faith than the law. Finally, he brags about being a Christian first, yet he shows very little compassion for the people that he served/serves. Like most conservatives he strikes me as a person who think the less fortunate are in their situations because they didn't work hard enough or they just want handouts. At the end of the day, I'd rather deal with Pence over Trump. I think that he would at least be consistent. At the end of the day, I don't believe that this country will ever have another real leader who is respected by the majority of the people.
  5. I wondered about that the other day. I would also hate having Pence as POTUS. I don't think that Pence is as clueless as Dump, but I truly believe that he his heartless and evil.
  6. There has been no doubt that I'm agin'm. I'm like many of the members here when Obama was president. I can't wait to see Dump leave office, and I hope it's sooner rather than later.
  7. I was outed as the resident liberal commie years ago. I guess you can't support the Second Amendment, enjoy shooting, expect a functional government and have compassion while participating on a gun forum. The only us against them that I support is the people against both major political parties in a corrupt government. I still dislike Dump, and I'll spend his entire term hoping to see him leave the White House in shame with his hair piece jammed in his pocket.
  8. We're in a constant state of conflict because we can't mind our own business, and think we know what's best for the rest of the world. There are brilliant people all over the world very capable of managing their own affairs. When America can do high speed rail, modern airports, safe bridges, safe highways and schools that actually educate our youth instead of filling their heads with made up history and propaganda, I may worry about the international threats that WE created. Until that time, I'm not falling for the banana in the tail pipe trick.
  9. Being in a constant state of conflict isn't anything to brag about either.
  10. The knucklehead in North Korea isn't doing anything that hasn't worked for his father and grandfather before him. Every American president in my lifetime has had an opportunity to put them in check, and all have failed to do so They misbehave, we talk about conflict, then do nothing. I see North Korea the same way that I view Israel. You have a tiny puppet country supported by a superpower and surrounded by potential threats. Their little nuclear arsenal is all about survival for them(North Korea), but ultimately it will only get them wiped off of the face of the earth. Truthfully I wish every nation had nuclear weapons or nobody had them. Then maybe we would find solutions to disagreements that don't include sending this nations poor citizens off to fight in wars that only benefit a few corporations and power brokers. Lets face it, many on here are excellent shooters, and appear to be pretty brave, but let's face the truth. When the next conflict breaks out, many here, including myself will be sitting on their old behinds watching the fighting on the evening news.
  11. I've spent time in South Korea, and I'm fully aware of the delicate situation there. I'm for bringing troops home from everywhere, using them to really secure our borders, getting out of the Middle East and minding our own business. This country is crumbling while we attempt to place troops all over the world and giving financial aid to countries that could and should be defending themselves. As far as our "interest", I'd be fine with troops in other countries if they were there for the well being of the people, but we all know it's about obtaining resources from our so-called allies and the placing of assets in the event of war.
  12. Who might this benefactor be, and what asses has he or she handed out? I'm not talking about war, there is no doubt in my mind that we will eventually win any and all military conflicts.

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