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  1. M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm First Impressions

    I just ordered the TT holster that you have pictured. I figured I would try something new. I usually use Crossbreed or Milt Sparks. I’m using an old Comp-tac Sig P229 mag holder.
  2. I hope this happens

    Excellent points. This holds true for more Americans than many can imagine.
  3. That’s a beautiful knife.
  4. Las Vegas Shooting

    So you stewed on it the entire time the thread was locked, and that was the best you could come up with in response? We don't agree on something. Move on! Also, you and your cheerleaders can feel free to block me. No need to act like catty little girls every time I post.
  5. Las Vegas Shooting

    And increased the level of inferiority. What’s your obsession with me?
  6. Las Vegas Shooting

    Get a hobby and get over it man. When did I make that comment, several days ago? You gave it a thumbs down, I accepted it as your opinion and went on with my life. Yet, you’re still harping on it. Must have really hit close to home. Have a good day!
  7. Tom Petty died

    I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard “You got lucky”.
  8. Las Vegas Shooting

    Are you using the “I have a black friend” cop out? I can’t stop laughing. If it doesn’t apply to you, no need to explain that you’re a member of the United Nations.
  9. Las Vegas Shooting

    Hang around a while. Someone is always predicting a civil or racial war. It just comes with the territory. Not a lot of optimist chiming in. Lack of diversity in your life and huge doses of Fox News will always have you believing the sky is falling.
  10. Las Vegas Shooting

    It’s a better guess than all the other crap that’s been said. 1.Leftist 2. Obama 3. German news I’m just going to generalize and say white domestic terrorist.
  11. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I really didn't want to comment in this thread, because some of you just don't know when to stop. Your statement caught my eye because it pretty much explains why people are protesting. I'm not going to say that everyone who has a negative interaction with the cops is a law abiding citizen, The protest are occurring because people of color are dying for minor or out right bogus infractions after interactions with law enforcement. Even with video, people of color still don't get the benefit of doubt. As far as athletes go, even their millions don't exempt them from mistreatment. Their money also doesn't isolate their kids and relatives from rouge cops. I don't blame you for being tone deaf. It seems that the majority of the country suffers from the same ailment. The people complaining/protesting have endured this behavior for generations. Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it's not happening. As long as some of you want to pretend that this issue is about the anthem and the flag, you'll be shadow boxing. If you truly believe that all Americans deserve equal protections under the law, you'll help pressure the justice department to actively investigate the mistreatment and killings of minorities at the hands of officers of the state.

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