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  1. The LCR 357 was purchased from one of our top sellers who is known for selling all of his guns in showroom condition. The gun only has the twenty five rounds that the previous owner fired while in his possession, and comes with everything from the factory. My wife and daughter prefer their LCR.22 and LCR.38+P with their little lasers on them, so this must go The only other trades that I will consider are a M&P 2.0 9mm compact with night sights, a Sig P365, a Ruger LCR 9mm or a factory AR15 with no sights. I have several pistols that I can trade to make up the difference on the AR15. Must sign a bill of sale, be able to legally own a firearm and have Tennessee permit or drivers license.
  2. 10th anniversary TGO Knives

    PM sent
  3. Buds has P365 in stock

    Maybe I’m lucky. I purchased an early G42, no problems. Same with my Shield, no problems. I purchased an early G43, no problems, and I’m betting than I won’t have an issue with the P365 either.
  4. Buds has P365 in stock

    Pretty much. $46.99
  5. Buds has P365 in stock

    I got one. I ordered a Crossbreed holster and two twelve round mags last week in anticipation of finding this pistol.
  6. Buds has P365 in stock

    I’m reading nothing but good things about the pistol. I can’t wait to get it in hand.
  7. Buds has P365 in stock

    That’s also my understanding.
  8. Buds has P365 in stock

    $599.00 Team Buds members 45 available as of 9:25 4/11/18
  9. 9mm Carbines- What's The Best? What To Avoid?

    I’m happy with my Sig MPX carbine.
  10. On 'Code-speak'

    I think some of you gentlemen are going to have to recite the Serenity Prayer on this issue. You must except the fact that there are people who simply don’t care for guns. They don’t want to own them or be educated about them. I have no problem with that. At the same time, I know that all of us here feel strongly that they shouldn’t be attempting to strip away our constitutional right to own firearms.
  11. On 'Code-speak'

  12. On 'Code-speak'

  13. On 'Code-speak'

    With all due respect, your opinion about the liberal mindset is one of the reasons that gun owners are getting trounced in the media right now. Pretty much every anti-gun person that I know with the exception of the youth are college educated and gainfully employed members of society. Underestimating them as “takers” is one of the reasons gun owners are getting our behinds handed to us by teenagers and media. There are a lot of smart people with money behind this movement. Just like we raise our kids to appreciate the gun culture, anti-gunners are raising their kids to despise the culture. Never underestimate your adversary!
  14. On 'Code-speak'

    My suggestion would be to constantly engage on a civil level on an ongoing basis. I’ve been watching both sides calling names and being reactionary after every crisis. Try engaging when there is no crisis. Emotions are high right now, and no one wants to hear what the other side has to say. There are people totally opposed to guns, and no amount of fund raising or reasoning is going to change their minds. I’m the forum liberal and I’ve had “friends” mock me about gun ownership. I don’t think it’s anyone that I know on this forum, but when we have supporters of the Second Amendment having rallies and open carrying, which is their right in some places, it terrifies hippies. They don’t want to see anyone with guns except the police and military. My opinion is that if we ever get to that place, we may as well be prepared to surrender all of our rights.
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