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  1. Picked this up today. It’s about the size of my P365XL with fiber optic sights, 22 round mags, optics ready and a threaded barrel. I’m going to suppress it with a Dead Air Mask suppressor.
  2. Chucktshoes is correct. If you’d like, I’d be glad to pm you video of TFG saying otherwise on the date in question. If not let’s stay on topic. I just had a good conversation about a hour ago at my lgs about this new legislation.
  3. Please explain. All of the public testimony has come from TFG staffers, conservatives, family members, cabinet members and people who say that they would vote for TFG again. The only testimony from anyone with no ties to TFG were the two election workers. No democrats testified in the public hearings. I don’t want to argue. I just want to know how we’re being played. What am I not seeing? Thanks!
  4. Now you’re just being negative for fun. People are in a celebrity mood. The things you mentioned are hypothetical situations that did not occur. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the win. If you have ever read any of my prior post over the years, you would have seen that I’ve rarely believed there would be a gun grab. My belief was solidified after Sandy Hook. The republicans needed to keep their base afraid of a gun grab, and the democrats needed people to believe they were coming after the guns. That’s the dog and pony show. Neither side was ever serious about anything but fundraising. The coming weeks will be about pussy hats, school and border security. I’m also willing to bet a coke that Covid makes a big return.
  5. Agreed, with the exception that the Democrats that I’ve heard complaining know that their constituents are not happy with the legislation. They wanted much, much more. The response from the anti gun senators has been “we know it’s not what you wanted, but it’s something “.
  6. The mayor of New York and Laurie Lightfoot mentioned that most of the shootings they are concerned about are small disagreements escalating to the use of guns. I get it, but as mayors, they are going to have to deal with gang problems and low level crime that escalates. Their concerns have nothing to do with law abiding gun owners.
  7. Told y’all nothing was going to happen concerning gun control. Even the bipartisan gun bill before the senate is really nothing when you think about it. I have no problem with making 21 the legal age to purchase a rifle. I don’t like the proposed red flag laws. That’s a law just waiting to be abused. Conservatives have the Supreme Court that they wanted. Robert’s court has consistently shown that it rules in favor of conservative issues. I think the older folks paranoid about the big gun grab can relax for the duration of their lives. Younger individuals are good to go for the foreseeable future. We’re good to go, and the Democrats are happy the SC is letting them off the hook as far as gun control.
  8. It’s already a shyt show. I can’t recall her title, but some female said that they weren’t providing information right now, because the shooter is dead and they need at least six months to investigate. That timeline puts the completion of the investigation after the mid-term elections. They should have a scapegoat by then. Good point about the small team of privates lead by a spec4. They would have cleared the room without breaking a sweat.


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