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  1. During the filming of Dukes of Hazard they went through a couple hundred cars between destroying them in stunts and keeping spares. A guy where I live owns one of the original screen used General Lee "hero cars". (One of the versions kept in prestine condition) The paint is pretty oxidized, but the body's perfect and it runs. I'd probably give my right arm to have it.
  2. One option, if you can't locate the .357, is picking up a USP 40 & upgrading with a .357 barrel from H&K. Best of luck. I know what it's like to get the "rare find" pistol bug.
  3. Let's face the facts. They were ignorant before their trip & craved social media attention. Now they're no longer ignorant & are getting sociel media attention. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Did they deserve to die? No. Were they temping fate & asking for trouble? Yes. These were grown adults that were posting on social media to get attention. Well, they got it! They wanted to believe the world's a marshmallow, sugarplum place to live & it's clearly not. If you plan to go to one of the most dangerous places in the world & try to pretend it's a park, then bad things are likely to follow. It's not like much of the Middle East is keeping their hatred for the Western world a secret. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.
  5. I took my family to Myrtle Beach a couple years ago. We have a news app on our TV that allows us to watch the "local" news anywhere in the country so I watched the Myrtle Beach local news channel every day for a couple weeks before our vacation. One thing that was mentioned several nights on the news was how many guns were being stolen from cars in hotel parking lots at Myrtle Beach. Some were break-ins & some cars were actually left unlocked. I took two handguns with me on that trip. Neither was ever left unattended in our van.
  6. I've been curious about the Security 9 too, but haven't had the chance to look at one. A friend of mine has the LCPII & loves it. As far as I know he's never had any problems out of it. He says the only issue is the cost of .380 ammo. The LCP & LCPII feel way too small for me so I pocket carry a LC9s & really like it.
  7. I haven't been able to check out the compact version, but my dad picked up a brand new Shield 2.0 sub compact with Crimson Trace laser at Smoky Mountain Guns & Ammo (Smoky Mtn. Knife Works) yesterday for $299. We called this evening & they said they have 174 left in stock at that price so a friend & I are heading over to Sevierville in the morning so he can buy one. After feeling the grip & trigger of the one my dad got, I may be bringing one home too.
  8. That's horrible! It reminds me of the guy in Florida that was swallowed when a sinkhole opened right under his bed in the middle of the night a few years ago.
  9. We have several hundred old coins ranging from the mid 1800's to mid 1900's & online values are all over the board & nobody locally does appraisals. Can anyone suggest a good place to take them? We only live about 1 1/2 hrs from Knoxville if that helps. Now way we're going to trust shipping them anywhere. None of them are gold so they're not highly valuable, but I'd like to know approx. value before we sell them.
  10. I'm a big fan of both H&K & SIG, but if you're going to consider carry at all, I would highly suggest looking at a SIG P229 over the MK25 or a USP Compact over the full size. If just want a range toy then I suggest trying them out if possible & choose the one that feels best. All of these are exceptional quality.
  11. Donate her gun to keep children safe. Good thing, too. After all, it's not like there's a metal object you can purchase to lock it in to keep children "safe"! Obviously didn't get where she is by using her brains. I'd be willing to bet she never shot it & probably doesn't even know how to load it.
  12. It's a little out of the norm. It's a Swiss Absinthe, bottled in 2005. It's an authentic Suisse La Bleue "Clandestine" & I've had it since 2006. This is it... https://www.alandia.de/absinthe-la-bleue-clandestine.html Only 1,000 bottles were produced each of the first two years, but the 2005 batch isn't numbered like the 2004 1st batch. Here's a photo of the actual bottle...
  13. I'm curious; has anyone on here ever sold any of their drink collection & where did you advertise it?
  14. It wasn't an "AK-15", as the jackass of a news reporter first said. According to police, at the time of capture he had a Kimber handgun with him.


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