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  1. I will be running the USPSA match this weekend (July 27) at the Eagle Eye Range in Mt. Pleasant TN. 4 stages plus classifier CM 09-14, Eye of the Tiger. Check in time by 8:45AM match start at 9:00. All USPSA classes. Match fee is $25. https://practiscore.com/mcts-uspsa-july-2019-2/register?fbclid=IwAR1U4sBniXKleCzysWV3qmqVpJyQXF_AZXpBhZVD9Ei9KKWm18_BBAKCW6A Robert
  2. The MTSA August IDPA will be August 3rd 2019. 5 Stages, around 100 rounds. Match set up is at 7:00, safety meeting at 8:45, match start at 9:00. Match fees are $10 for club members, $20 for non-members. Second gun is half price. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-august-idpa-match/register Club memberships are open.
  3. Heads up! I and Scott Vee have set up the IDPA safety officer class at the Dead Zero facility at Spencer TN. I will be teaching the class. Class fee is $30 payable in cash day of event. Sign up is on Practiscore. You must be a member of IDPA for at least 6 months and take and pass the IDPA online safety officer test before the class date. I will forward information on the test after you have signed up on practiscore. https://practiscore.com/events/idpa-safety-officer-class-at-dead-zero/participants/create Feel free to pm/email me.
  4. MTSA will host its regular IDPA match on Saturday July 6th. Set up is at 7:00AM, safety meeting at 8:45 and rounds down range by 9:00. 5 stages around 100 rounds. $20 match fee for non-members, $10 for club members. Please pre register on Practiscore. walk ups are welcomed. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-match/register
  5. MTSA will host the IDPA 5x5 classifier after the regular match on July 6th around 12:00 noon. This is for IDPA members still needing a classification or make up from last month. $10 fee. No charge if a make up shoot. Please enter on Practiscore. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-5x5-classifier/register
  6. I will be running the falling steel match for MCTS at Eagle Eye range in Mt. Pleasant TN. It will be a falling steel match with paper options on the harder steel targets. Say instead of engaging the five 2" drop plates, you can engage five paper targets with two required hits each. Shot gun will need a single slug or buckshot hit per paper. https://practiscore.com/mcts-falling-steel-june-2019/register
  7. MTSA (Gallatin Gun Club) will host it's first pistol match in the new pistols bays at he new MTSA range at 319 Dry branch RD in Dixon Springs TN. The range is 5 miles south of Lafayette TN just of highway 10. The match will be the IDPA standard classifier for pistol and PCC. Match starts at 9:00AM. Please be at the range by 8:30. The new pistols bays are at the end of the range road just pasted the rifle shed. Match fees are $20 for non club members, $10 for second gun. Club members are $10., $5 for second gun. https://practiscore.com/mtsa-idpa-classifier-match/register Log in on practiscore for entry form. Walk ups are welcomed. Club memberships are still open. https://www.midtnsportingassociation.com/join-the-mtsa
  8. Not sure, I do know we still have some of those targets in storage. I don't think we have anybody to run that event at the moment. After we are fully open, anything is possible.
  9. You will have to fill out an application. Contact Shawn Dorris for an app. 615-452-5894. NRA membership and clean record required.
  10. Looking good. 42 stations, benches for your stuff with power outlets the length of the shed.
  11. Rifle shed has supports and top ready to install, range is finished graded and grass seed and straw is down. road work is moving ahead. Pistol bay are being roughed in.
  12. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DdukvxuN5kIo%26feature%3Dyoutu.be%26fbclid%3DIwAR0zkHzQ0rsjYJiVHoHzjpxpoO77s6VrMyakfTE7_afvgNWx513rlJdRehQ&h=AT0i5Wy5oAcOJx_XF54rkakBUfadP4Dz_l0ZapjS_Y9outSrSdGvvLbOIPWqDL2ki92oWY0BRHpsQQYmRH9QFsForZ6e6FjFSlfgF2PqrJUsaLjq-eyjW32Oi5EKKvG79b_70xZrmXKEVp1akLAoAIDuCZK7TPgEfzrb45ndrpZeb-PwfIus3JWEgI-pNFstOEGwNOlI_Bm_RQp3cTL2XYMRq5ZQNAN_2mCOXSKNKHrGaAszTp_pjialQPRRgL12r4E1si1FB0rZoRz7GOZ1RoDX-Ksi-HPp4Bcmp6yZTW8j3OkzHmjqZHFsKxjnXJhzaDEDDyoMsoWlQ5XN1fC2ihzYeZ_Vtq7kz3oVOeIYUPnJKMnYWC9L_JC3TIHhTLbWwHneX6keQHs029-CuOqT8SKxupN51POnXFtvRYw1sRHtqh8W-xdh87orHUSqn5YXP5ysUZNuvKlY-E3deh3qqdxJqw1bApja9jNZEuAGTj6vuuWKf5Pv6oQkGrQZZmPMfNQLK6tAjuTEky5y-xj3dpI6W5DLsxM3jADH4nTfPsXBfhN4GXTLO4Cf7xaFSo2oqoLrBZm2oYuJu-rBKguZH-T02vL80OZtRI9cjOIh882gYfdp-Z1ZZSNqNO3rr30 Wow, that is a long link.. YouTube link to the gun range construction.
  13. To the folks looking to get into the club, their are open spots. Contact Shawn Dorris at shawndorris@comcast.net or call 615-452-5894. Mailing address is MTSA, PO Box 8846, Gallatin TN 37066 Road to pistol bay is cut in. Lower is ramp to rifle shed.
  14. latest up date. New range location is 319 Dry Branch RD, Dixon Springs TN 37057. just off highway 10 south of Lafayette. Rifle range should be open by December 2018, pistol and trap ranges by spring 2019. All three ranges are separated as to allow use of all 3 at the same time. Rifle range will have 30+ benches with ranges 100-400 yards. 5 stand alone pistol bays are planned along with 2 trap ranges to start. Archery range is also planned. Memberships are open. A one time fee of $200 to apply along with the $200 first year dues. $200 per year after that each January. Range will be open 7 days a week during daylight hours. open at 12 noon on Sunday. Contact Shawn Dorris at 615-452-5894 or shawndorris@comcast.net Mailing address is Middle Tennessee Sporting Association, PO Box 8846 Gallatin TN 37066 NRA membership and clean record needed.
  15. The old Gallatin Gun Club is now the Middle Tennessee Sporting Association. We have a new location that we own and invite you to join as member of the range. We will have a 30+ bench rifle shed for 100-400 yard ranges, 2 trap stations and starting with 5 pistol bays. All the ranges are separated from each other with no overlap. Rifle ranges are on schedule to be completed by December 2018 with completion of the pistol bays and trap ranges by spring of 2019. IDPA, USPSA, 3-gun, ATA, high power, small bore and bench rest chair persons are planning events. These events will be slow starting at first because of ongoing construction. Stay tune for developments. We are planning on range improvements and adding new facilities in coming years as we grow. Oh yes, an Archery range is also in the works. Dues are a $200 one time application fee and $200 the first time then $200 per year after that. We have open spots, join with us as we grow. NRA membership is required alone with a clean record. ( It is a gun range after all) Contact Shawn Dorris at 615-452-5894 or shawndorris@comcast.net Mailing address is Middle Tennessee Sporting Association, PO Box 8846, Gallatin TN 37066 Range address is 319 Dry Branch RD, Dixon Springs TN 37057. This is just off highway 10 south of Layette TN.
  16. All night long. Their are 18 people who don't know when to get out of the rain. It does wonders for optics.
  17. I will be running an USPSA match at Rattlesnake Ridge just outside Clarksville TN on March 17th. Match start is 9:00AM. 4 stage plus classifier. Pucker Factor, CM09-04. 104 rounds min. $25 entry fee. Open to all. https://practiscore.com/mcts-rattlesnake-ridge-uspsa-march-2018/register
  18. MCTS will host a falling steel match at Eagle Eye Shooting Complex in Mt. Pleasant TN. February 24 starting at 9:00AM. $25 match fee. 5 stages of all steel. All hand guns, PCC and Shotgun.
  19. We will see................. I may come and hobble around.
  20. I plan on being 3 weeks into a new Left knee, otherwise I would make it. New owner of a PCC.
  21. Gallatin Gun Club will host its last indoor match at Sumner Gun and Supply on November 8th. Start time will be 6:00PM, set up at 5:00PM. 70 rounds required. 4 stages, all IDPA rules apply. No match will be held on November 22nd. Steve Murphy will take over for the December 13th match under the Sumner Gun banner. Please give Steve and Doug your same support that you have given me. I want to Thank Sumner Gun for allowing Gallatin Gun IDPA to operate at their range. Gallatin Gun is still looking for land and will most likely reopen as a different Club at an unknown location. I must step down to take care of some health issues for a couple of months. After that I have agreed to take over as match Director over the USPSA matches for MCTS. I will Retire from my job at NES after 38 years on the job on December 1st. I plan on making a full time commitment to the shooting sports sometime next year. Thank you all. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-8/register
  22. Gallatin Gun will host an IDPA match at Sumner Gun and Supply on October 25th. Start time is 6:00PM, set up at 5:00PM. 72 rounds min. No concealment garment required this match. 2 stages will be shot entirely from the kneeing position. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-at-sumner-gun-7/register


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