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  1. Gallatin Gun IDPA will start hosting indoor IDPA matches at Sumner Gun & Supply April 12. We will hold the indoor matches the 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights. Set up starts a 5:00PM with first shots at 6:00PM. We should finish around 9:00PM. I will host these matches until Gallatin Gun Club has a new range built. In the mean time I will train SO's and anybody that wants to part of the Sumner Gun IDPA group to run it's own matches after I resume duties at the new outdoor range. This may take a while, so in the present we will have indoor matches. The first match will have 4 stages, around 70 rounds. Their is a learning curve here as I learn what I can do within the confines of an indoor range. I have limited the first match to 24 guns. I may allow more as we progress. I have opened a entry form on Practiscore; https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-idpa-indoor-match/register Match fee is $20. Discount is available to members of the Sumner Gun Range. Payment is to be may at the sales counter of the Gun Store. I have also bought tablets for scoring that will be posted onto Practiscore. Their is a learning cure here also. Robert
  2. I would like to apologize to all the shooter for the snow and cold rain forecasted for tomorrow. Seems like every time I plan a trip to Dickson this winter it is cold and snowing.
  3. https://practiscore.com/gallatin-gun-club-idpa-match-plus-classifier/register
  4. Start time will be 9:30. I'll get a link on Practiscore tomorrow.
  5. Gallatin Gun Club will host most likely its last IDPA match this Saturday, February 11th. 5 stages, 108 rds. Stages 1-3 will be the IDPA classifier imbedded into the match. Normal match fees of $10 for club members and $20 for non- members. 2017 rules will be used.
  6. Gallatin Gun Club will host a Freestyle pistol match on January 14th. One pistol class plus Pistol caliber carbine. 5 stages, 140 rounds. Any pistol may be used, high cap. magazines allowed. No cover or concealment. You may pre-enter on practiscore. Set up is at 7:00, start around 9:30. Normal match fees of $10 for members and $20 for non-members. If can work as an RO, please sign in on practiscore and check the box. Thanks https://practiscore.com/clubs/gallatin-gun-club
  7. Come on, get your long johns on and come out to the range. It will be 12 wonderful degrees.
  8. Those of you that choose to pre enter, Your score sheets will be ready and waiting on you at the range. Just pay your fees and get your score sheets.
  9. For the December match, Gallatin Gun club will host an IDPA match with Rifle side match on December 10th. Start time is 9:00AM. Set up starts at 7:00. 5 stages about 90 rounds. The IDPA Stages will be reshot with rifle after the IDPA match. Rifle will be under IMG rules. Match fee will be $10 for club members - $20 for Non-members. Current range closure is set for February 13th. I will try to have matches in January and February, weather permitting. Their is currently no arrangements to hold matches until the new range is completed after range closure in February. We may shoot the new IDPA classifier if it becomes part of the new rules book for the February match. I have made a registration page in Practiscore if you would like to register for the match ahead of time. https://practiscore.com/december-idpa-match-with-rifle-side-match/register
  10. It appears that I am missing several scores sheets, I will return back and see if I can find what clip board they are hidden in...........
  11. For December I am looking at an IDPA match and rifle second gun. Possible 2 gun format.
  12. We were out at the Trousdale site yesterday with the survey guy and with good planning and a lot of dozer work, in time, we should be able to get a 100 yard rifle, 400 yard rifle, 8-10 pistol bays and 4 shotgun pits where every body can use them at the same time. Their will also be enough parking to accommodate every body. Their is water service at the highway and a possibility to buy a small home next to the property has a club house. I see very good possibilities with this location. From my home in Hermitage it is 36 miles, takes about 45 mins travel time. We are working with the zoning folks and other officials on any issues that may pop up before making a firm commitment. I can see it taking up to five years to get everything in place on a pay as you go using dues to get their.
  13. Gallatin Gun Club will host a big IDPA Match on November 12th. Start time will be at 9:00 AM. Set up will start Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM and Saturday morning at 7:00 AM. $20 match fee for this match. 126 rounds with 7 stages. this is an IDPA match with all divisions and classifications including NFC. You can preenter on Pracitscore.com or walk up the day of the match. This was suppose to be the last match at this range, a friend of the range got us a 90 day extension from TVA, so we should get 3 more matches in by the February 14th cutoff date. I will be mixing it up some. (rifle, shotgun, freestyle) for the last three matches. Check back here to be sure of the schedule and what type of match. More information later. Robert
  14. I feel your pain. I plan on pushing for a range that has separate shooting locations for pistol, rifle and shotgun and multiple for each. The Gallatin range was never designed for what it evolved to. It is time for us to move on to better things.
  15. The range is still open until November 13th. I have a big IDPA match scheduled on November 12th, Last match at this range. The match today was lite. Folks may have thought it was already closed???
  16. Where is everybody? I am setting up a 6 stage match. No one is here!!!!!! Range is open until Nov. 13
  17. Their is a good possibility that after we secure a site, we will open the membership rolls to secure more funding. Get in on the bottom floor so to speak. It is looking like 40% will drop out, the rest of us are building a new range.


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